Passions of the Blood Moon


Three Wings

Chapter 3: Rulers of the Shadow Realms and Court/Remembrance of Trials

When Seto came to, he noticed that he was in his room and that it was the middle of the night, not only that his collar was off and that his clothes were now folded on his chair. Sitting up, he sensed that he wasn't alone. "Who's there?"

"I am," replied Tara stepping out of the shadow and into the light, "we were worried. You were unconscious for five days and considering what you been though."

"I'm fine," snapped Seto.

"You are not physically but mentally. You are now showing your wear, Icier."

"I have always been fine and I always will."

"Do you really believe that," asked Tara.

"Of course, I do. It had been imbedded into my head for so long."

"Yet, you aren't, not mentally. You can't go on with out some help from others."

"Friendship is only for profitable gain not for one's self."

"That's not true," snapped Tara, rising her voice, "you need friends who you can trust."

"Yet, I do not have friends, I did or at least I thought I did. Trust can grow within a day and be lost in a second but trust to be regained takes more than a lifetime to get."

"Oh whatever. look just change your appearance and don't worry I already saw you naked too many times."

"Fine," replied Seto getting up and push the covers off his body.

He began to chant a spell. Suddenly a black light wrapped around him and burst from the inside out. His hair gradually turned green and his eyes turned brown. His skin, if possible, grew paler than before. His hair then grew until it reached his lower spine before stopping. This wasn't his true form; his true form was much different. This was a spell he had placed on himself before he dueled Yugi just before Duelist Kingdom. The only difference was that his hair was longer.

"Put on some clothes, Icier," said Tara tossing him his clothes.

Seto graciously did so and spoke; "I'm going to the Training Center, now. Later we will tell the others all we know about the Court System so that they know what is going to happen. We can't risk the Reikai Court being destroyed."

"All right, but be careful, no more injuries," agreed Tara.

"I'm not going to promise anything."

"Fine but be careful."

Seto grabbed the rod on his desk and stepped out of the room and into the corridor. Tara stayed in the room. "Did you hear all that you guys," yelled Tara. She knew that the sound recorders were on and that everyone heard their conversation. She, too, left the room but went in the opposite direction that Seto went.


I remember my first love. It was during the time when I was being initiated into the Akuryou Court and tested to see if I was to be part of the Reikai Court. My father was the High Mage of the Akuryou Court and the King of that same court was dying, thus he would need an heir. Usually the heir was someone who had no relation of the Court. I thought I would most likely become my father's heir. My sister would be taking the same test for the Queen's heir or to be the High Priestess's heir.

It was a challenge or trial set by the Gods. A trial to test our powers, strength, logic, and knowledge. The first challenge was the Labyrinth. Second is the Shadow Games. Lastly is the Sphinx's Riddle. Each challenged our worthiness of the title. I didn't want to become the King but I always wanted to win. It was a high that my body and mind loved, I couldn't get enough of it.


"If ya want to talk to him, I'll take ya there. Just one small warning be careful," said Tara, leaning against the wall.

"Of course we want to talk to the baka. Knock some sense into him ya know," replied Joey as the others nodded.

"Okay but first a crash course on the Training Center. It is a section of the Shadow Realm where rejected Duel Monsters of Pegasus's game are discarded. Usually, the Akuryou Court would release them but Icier and I were being reincarnated and the others of the Court were sealed by Pegasus's magic. When Pegasus's magic was destroyed the sealed Youkai were able to live once again in the Shadow Realm in harmony. Over time, the rejects have grown a strong hate against everything thus we can't allow them to join the others in the Shadow Realm. So make sure you have a deck with you at all costs since you guys don't have powers like Icier and me."

"Why do you call Seto 'Icier,'" asked Tea.

"Because that is his name in the Shadow Realm like mine's Illusionist Mage."


"Let's go!"


I stood there as my father spoke of the trials and the risks, I, however, didn't listen. I already knew all of it. I took this time to look around. I had nine opponents, my guess is that after the first trial three or five would fail. One seemed to be a worthy opponent; he had platinum hair and lavender eyes. His name I soon learned was Marcus. He was the son of a Cyber Commander and a Mystical Sand, a full Youkai bred. I was a hybrid of Youkai and a human, so technically he would be stronger than I would.

I began to study those in the audience; seemingly acting I was just barely staring at the audience when in reality I was studying them. One. no. two people had caught my attention. They were the heirs of the King and Queen of the Reikai Court, two males that looked almost alike. One had crimson eyes and the other had amethyst. Both adorned with black hair gradually turning scarlet crowned with blonde locks. They were not brothers, as one would think, they were the same soul in two different bodies and minds.

One shown innocence while the other shown strength. I didn't realize it then but those two were studying me intently, possibly with lust. I was memorized by them, I believe I had fallen in love with them without even realizing it. Before long my father had stopped speaking and I dragged my attention to the now opening gate.


Seto walked down the large cave like tunnel until he reached his destination. It was a large open area with a shrine to the god Hades, the god of the underworld and dead, his master. Today was the day he would either die or sacrifice something to his master. He summoned a ruby dragon, not the Red Eyes Black Dragon but the Rubeous Dragon with an attack power of 3000 and the defense power of 2500. This dragon could rival the Blue Eyes but the Blue Eyes had an advantage of flight unlike this ground dragon. On a mountain terrain, it wouldn't get a field bonus like the Blue Eyes.

Red scales glimmered in the faint moonlight descended upon the two opponents. Yellow eyes glared at the green hair man, who calmly took out his twin pistols from under his coat and aimed at the now advancing dragon.

Smirking, Seto spoke, "Let's rock!'

He jumped into the air and started firing.


The Labyrinth was easy, too easy, and not much of a challenge except avoiding and causing traps for my opponents. That trial couldn't be any easier, with a Minotaur and a chimera even a Queen of Autumn Leaves could defeat them. I was right about there being about three or five dropping out, actually four, thus leaving six people left.

My father had given my first Shadow deck at the age of four so I knew how to use it and work out strategies with even the lowest attack power of cards. My pride and joy was my three Blues Eyes White Dragons with an attack strength of 3000 and a defense of 2500. However, the best card that I don't have. excuse me. best cards that I don't have are my sister's summon card and my own summon card but I can't summon myself.

The only way someone could summon me is if I give that card to the one(s) that I love, hint the plural. Right then the only ones to I would have considered giving it to is the two that caught my attention.

Since there is a total of six players, there will be two divisions, an east and a west division. I was placed at the east division with the ones I know I could defeat. The only one I can't truly be sure was Marcus.


They walked down the same tunnel Seto had, cautiously and fearfully for the Youkai in the tunnel were more powerful than the Flaming Swordsman and Cyber Commander combined. A sudden noise behind them caused everyone minus Tara to jump about ten feet into the air. Behind them was a Marionette, a puppet like monster controlled by evil strings. Though it looks very easy to defeat, it can be very nimble and throw projectiles and slash at enemies.

Tara turned to the group. "Everyone summon your most powerful monster to fight. We'll need them. If any of you don't have any good monsters then build up our defenses."

They nodded and took out their cards. "Dark Magician."

"Millennium Shield."

"Red Eyes Black Dragon."

"Swamp Battleguard and Lava Battleguard."

"Harpy's Pet Dragon."

"Summoned Skull."

"Queen of Autumn Leaves."

"Mystical Sand."

"Nekogal # 2."

Tara faced the Marionettes and held up her Spiritual Rod. "Monster Summon. Gaia the Fierce Knight!!!" In his glory, Gaia came riding through and attacked the Marionettes and charged.


Like I said, my opponents were easy to defeat and the real challenge was the third and final trial, the Sphinx's Riddle. My only opponent was Marcus, whose actual name now is Malik. We both glared at each other and stepped in front of the final gate and faced the Sphinx. Unlike the usual sphinx, this one had green hair and a blue coat. Her voice was smooth and calming but no less deceitful.

"In six millennia from now, a hero shall rise Though dark in form and spirit yet good in heart He will conquer the merging Realms and bring to dark the light Through the Medusa's curse he will suffer By the light of midnight he will be revive with love Who is this dark demon knight? Angel or demon, Youkai or human. On his shoulders' the world will bear down In his heart fatigue will rule Answer me this. is he you. Even when the darkness rules and light weakens The hero will conquer all and be blessed by the trinity And be loved by the two Only that of two combined bloods could the hero be the one Though he will suffer though much anguish, he will prevail. Answer me this. is he you?"

This was no riddle, it was a test of one's self. To know if you could suffer all through what the Sphinx had said if you agreed. Was I able to deal with all that?


"Tsunami Barricade," yelled Tara, spreading out her arms to create a shield of water to surround her friends and her self.

Sin Scythes started to ambush the group after the Marionettes were defeated. Sin Scythes were grim reaper like creatures that decapitate living beings. So far half of the force has been defeated. Only the Battleguards and Queen of Autumn Leaves were the only casualties. The group has been running away from the enemy as the dragons covered them.

They could hear bullet shots near the end of the tunnel where the light was and ran to it, not caring what was there. As soon as they reached the open area, they froze.

Seto jumped from wall to wall, firing his pistols while his own blood was dripping down his arms. Facing him was a large lizard with gigantic claws. Bullets hit their target, yet the lizard wasn't injured or shown any wounds. By the looks of things it was futile. Suddenly the lizard turned to the shocked group.


"Yes, I am," said Marcus, nodding.

"And you Icier Magician," asked the Sphinx, looking at me with her hollow eyes.

"I do not know but I will try my best. I think I can live through that," I replied calmly.

Sphinx turned to Marcus, hissing. "You have too much of a dark heart to be the hero while Icier Magician has a pure heart. You have failed Marcus of Autumn. Yet, you Icier have succeeded in this test but one more test is needed of you, you will know the time and place when it happens. For now you are now the heir of the King of Akuryou Court and the new Heir of the High Mage of Reikai Court. Your power is strong enough to hold that position. Go and find your destiny."

We left. well I left unharmed. Marcus stayed and was burned for his false answer, to say the least we held an unsteady hatred between us and we still do. Once outside, my father and sister, who had passed the trials and is the heir of the Queen of Akuryou Court and the High Priestess of Reikai Court, embraced me. She quickly asked what had happened; I didn't tell her I was too deep in thought. What was my final trial and was I able to face it?


"Fresh meat, human meat," hissed Rubeous Dragon, facing the group.

The Dark Magician and Summoned Skull quickly stood before them as the dragon crawled toward them, claws extended. Heedless of the still firing bullets, the dragon inched closer and closer. With a flick of his tail he pinned Seto against the wall. "Brother," yelled Mokuba, trying to running toward his fallen brother.

".Brother." Seto couldn't believe that Mokuba still thinks of him as a brother. With brand new motives, he quickly began to start firing again, drawing the dragon's attention to him once again.

"You insolent pest," hissed Rubeous Dragon.

"I would think not but how about this," replied Seto pulling out his rod, "ICE SCYTHE!!!"

Suddenly the rod grew until it was about twice his height and an ice scythe formed. Smirking, he tossed the scythe at the dragon, the blade glittering in the moonlight. It decapitated the dragon, which squirmed and struggled before falling onto the ground. The blood spattered on Seto's face, leaving two trails under his eyes like blood tears. Then a gray light began to shine from the shrine.


I stood in the corner watching and hiding myself from the guests. I didn't want to draw attention, I hated public events but sometimes I can't get myself away from them like now. This celebration was for me for becoming heir to the King of Akuryou Court and the High Mage of Reikai Court. Cautiously I stayed in my corner, working my illusion spell to their limits, my sister was better with this than I but she wasn't here now.

Earlier I mingled with everyone, thanking them for coming and for their grateful gifts. Everyone from the Akuryou Court, Hikari Court, and Reikai Court and their heirs were here as well as my father and mother's friends. I continued my study of the crowd from earlier and soon my study came across heirs of the King and Queen of the Reikai Court, the ones who soon be my superiors.

They were dancing together too closely, showing that they were each other's lover to the crowd. I envy them for it wasn't unusual for those who have the same soul to love each other. I heard stories that it was common that the two would have a third lover but the threesome itself will not last very long. Yet I wish that third lover would be me but most likely they knew little of me and didn't give a damn either, yet I longed.

As soon as the music stopped the two sat down at my hidden table. At first I thought my illusions didn't work but they didn't act like they saw me. Yet, they did the worst punishment anyone could think of to an unrequited lover, they made out right in front of me. It took all my willpower not to make a sound. I bit my lip so hard fresh blood was on my lips. Luckily it didn't last long because my father was calling out to me.


A large gate appeared, stone snakes curled on the sides of the gate, fangs revealed. A black mist was coming from the bottom of it. The doors had a gothic look to them with strange white crosses on each side of the doors. Gradually the doors opened and revealed a hooded black figure with bat-like wings, Hades. Black flames surrounded his body as he stepped toward the fallen dragon.

"A worthy sacrifice from my prized servant, Icier Magician.but what is this? Humans in this Realm, why didn't you sacrifice them," asked Hades in his booming voice.

"Of course, master," replied Seto bowing, arm outstretched, "but first." he took out his pistols and aimed at Hades's head. ".You die."

He fired swiftly at Hades, who dodged the shots as a cat dodging snails. Hades didn't pull out a weapon but set his sights on the group, heedless of their looks of shock. He knew of Seto's weakness for them and that he could use this to his advantage. "Do you truly think that when this is over they will accept you for you?"

"It doesn't matter to me now but I vowed I would protect them as Seto Kaiba and Icier Magician, King of the Akuryou Court," yelled Seto, rapidly firing at the demon. A dark silver flame sprouted near his feet and grew until it devoured Seto.

The flames intensified and nearly reached the sky in a tall slim column. When the flames diminished, a figure, not Seto but Icier Magician stood in his place. This figure had steel blue striped with silver shoulder length hair and the darkest sapphire eyes. He wore silver metal shin and arm guards over a thin black loose shirt and pants. He also wore a left shoulder guard that was connected to a small metal torso plate.

Hades didn't flinch at the sight of the magician or gasped like the others, all he did was narrow his eyes. Though he had heard the rumors and stories of the magician in his true form, he had never gazed on that form. Hades's own masters, the Court of Warui, had suffer greatly from this mere.hybrid. Icier Magician's powers were radiating off him as the brightly as the sun on midsummer's day. He didn't ponder if his own powers were greater that the magician or the fact that he might lose. His orders were to destroy the magician, to weaken the Reikai Court. Only two others were more powerful that the magician and they did not know of their powers, in fact the newly reincarnated Reikai Court minus the High Mage and High Priestess didn't know they were past of that court.

Icier lunged toward Hades, not making a sound and punched at the demon. Hades moved out of the way and fired a stream of lightning, not toward Icier but at the group. Icier disappeared and reappeared in front of the group and took the blow. This time Hades didn't shot another stream of lightning but took out a dark bladed sword and pivoted toward Mokuba and slashed downwards.