Authors Note: I just watched School Days and I came there because I saw the ending first and was interested to see how the Characters came to be. Starry eyed and carrying so much expectations that I am about to see a story that will give great things to learn about human nature, I was totally astonished as the disapointment that I got!

The plot was ridiculously frustrating, annoying and painful. Plot twists are illogical and paranormally waking up the demon inside of me. Whispering to punch my computer (and make my mother proud) . Also, almost every single character are dumbasses! The majority of the girls are sluts and bitches, the guys are…well, theres only 2 guys in the story. One was in full bloom, the other barely existed. The military should quit in the Chinese Torture Chambers, this anime has made a breakthrough and the art of inducing pain.

The way the story was laid out was an insult to the art of storywriting. And though the Ending was creative, it is far from being satisfying for the authors sacrificed the girls life! (both physical and mental)

However, despite how horrendously disoriented the plot and cast of the story, there is still a shinning beacon of light that was left. Persecuted and dying, it was my duty to save it. Some few Reminder though:

Your character would be a girl because… *teehee~*

You will see some Original Character, she wont matter much but she is an OC's alright

In my standards, this is a soft kind of torture. But if you have a weak stomach, then I shall have fun savoring your tears.

This is the improved Episode 11


Story _ Start!

Solemnly walking through the bitter cold of the December snow, she gripped her jacket tighter. Cocooning herself in a warmth of withered smiles. The sounds of her footsteps was lost on the sea of lies, spoken in a symphony that muted her disgust. Christmas Lights sparkled gloriously in beautiful colors. Colors of unyeilding passion for a world that will never be worthy of redemption.

Underneat the star-studded sky, every citizen has a special someone whom they are beside with tonight. Different couples enjoying the night of unrighteous delight. Taking pleasures as they drown within the promises of an unholy vow, they are flower thieves prowling in plain sight, preying upon their own demise. Singing lullabies, they are animals who sung with false love. Such a disgusting world I am in,

"It would be a good idea if we spent Christmas on a yacht" she heard a voice said. A voice of a gentle tune that echoed out of the blanket of the noisy crowd. A voice that was stained in the syllables of tears denied. A voice that made her stop in her tracks

"Do you know?" her soft voice was heard again. she could hear it all, the litany of prayers unanswered. Soulless words tempered in the flames of purgatory. She heard no voice from a human, but from a flower never allowed to bloom.

"Amongst the blue ocean where no one can disturb us;". She trailed the vague clues of the existence buried in a shallow grave. Until when she saw her. The girl who was toyed by a nightmare that she cannot escape. The powdery snow piled up on her black school uniform.

"…sinking into the horizon, the sunset you can see is…" Held by hands that was freezing blue, she spoke with her lips of the same lifeless hue. Her eyes once full of life and vigor, has been stolen and left her as an empty shell.

Tears rolling down her eyes, and her mouth gapping in disbelief. she strech out her shivering arms and wrapped her within her embrace. She didn't even responded at all. Her obsidian eyes was still locked in nothingness as she finished picturing her world with a few more words "…is very pretty"

In hated breath, she swore that the twisted dream that sealed her in her distorted world. She shall end it for her.


~Torturing Makoto~

Inside a spacious room lined with a few frames of seascape paintings, the girl slept on the soft bed. Her school uniform that was soaked with the snow has already been removed and I gave her one of my pajamas. Hearing how calm her breathing was a sign of a very deep sleep but I better not let my guard down,

Sitting beside Kotonaha was a woman just about the age of 20. Wearing a white long sleeve polo and her long black hair was tied to a ponytail, she plugged her ears with a stethoscope and scrutinized the girls young body, inspecting all signs of damage that the winter has dealt.

Sitting uncomfortably. I called her for the results "Genevieve, how is she?".

The woman sighed before answering "Shes in a bad state. She was thin and light, as if she was not eating in days, her eyes are also swelling from lack of sleep. Her hands are rigid and badly damaged by the frostbite but we can still fix it. We should cover it with bandages so once she woke up, we should spoon feed her with warm liquids."

"And her fever?" I asked impatiently

"Its still pretty high. Lets hope she wont fall into coma" With the results said, she took her tools out of the mattress and placed them on the study table. Followed by her removing her wire framed glasses and facing me curiously "You said that you are going to save a poor soul but you brought 2 people inside your house. What exactly is this supposed to mean?"

"Her name is Kotonaha Kotsura. She's a very sweet girl who was treated like a toy and thrown away when her lover had all his fun." I answered as straight forward as possible.

My honesty carved a sign of pain in her face, showing sympathy for the abused girl. "And the man below?"

Her careless question made my lips rattle in anger. My whole body shivered with resentment and too late, I scorned at her with a ferocious tone "Don't call him a man!"

Her eyes rose from the unexpected anger that I just showed. Before everything can dive to a misunderstanding, I immediately apologized "Im sorry."

Then I stood out of my chair, the loose white robe that I wore wavered softly as I let my legs walk slowly to the bed. Protectively, I loomed above her fragile body. In her slumber, she is safe but when she woke up, reality may take its toll again. I lifted my cold hands and placed them to her cheeks, softly caressing her fair skin,

"You have suffered so much. Maltreated and abused" My voice haunted the air in a sweet decay. "But even to the last moment, you never bear them a grudge. Your sad voice is full of forgiveness."

"Your such a fool" Unknown to me, small drops of my tears flowed down, dropping on her face, defiling it. "Your so foolish you remind me of myself"

"You may hate me for what I will do tonight but if it meant ending your nightmare…" My voice dissolved into a knowing smile as I turned away to walk out of the door. Speaking to no one, I whispered in the darkness"…then I have saved myself as well"

Walking through the same stone pavement road that I tread. His face was troubled and seeking comfort even for just a few minutes to be taken out of his current state. So with a cellphone in hand, he dialed the number of someone he played with his love. "Otome…" he spoke her name but the response was a mechanical message "The person you are currently calling cannot answer the phone"

With an annoyed "tch!" he dialed another of his victims "Hikari…" but what he received was the same answering machine. His anger growing, he dialed as many numbers as he can but in the end, he just received what was previously given.

"What is wrong with everyone?" he cursed "Why wont anyone answer the phone?"

On his next step, he slipped. His rear falling directly on the hard floor. "Damn it! Why do I have to go through all this?!" he cursed, denying every sin that he has done. Denying the existence that there is a price for everything.

Frustrated, he sat on the bench "Not too long ago everything was going so well…" he described the past that was now lost "But then…Why?!". Again, he used his celphone, browsing through all his contact lists. Knowing full well that no one wanted him anymore. Until when he saw the last number on the list

"Kotonoha…" his words was of bitter nostalgia as he remembered her love that he denied.

"Makoto-kun…" a sweet feminine voice caught his attention. "Im so glad you came"

Looking up, he was stunned at the image before him. A girl of pure flawless white. Her flowing white hair, brilliantly sways with the affectionate wind. Diffusing a sweet fragrance that laments the soul. Wrapped in a pristine white coat, its feathery frills, luxiriously echos in the foliage of snow. Blending so perfectly she's the a fairy roaming the night as she questioned the season .

Her eyes in the color of a serene blue, she made a visual contact with the unworthy being that stoods infront of her. With her lenient voice, her soft tender lips said: "Ive been waiting for you"

I walked towards a separate room, far from the masters bedroom where I kept Kotonaha. With a big inhale of breathe, I opened the door. This is the room reserved for special guests. Hanged in random patters, are framed white butterflies hanging on the white washed walls to induce an elegant atmosphere. A color that matches the white bed where the "special guest" had been waiting for me.

Makoto Itou, the man who caused all this, sat on the bed. Smiling lewdly at my body, totally unassuming of the reason why I left him for a while moreless having any idea of what I have in mind.

"Sorry to keep you waiting" I apologized

"Its not much a wait" he replied, his smile reaching ear to ear. His left hand patting the soft mattress, urging me to sit beside him.

Returning his false smile, I took my robe off and let her see what I have underneath- A white lingerie, softly laced with cream colored ribbons. Alluring undergarments, of innumerable threads of pure silk precisely interwoven amongst each other.

A lothario he maybe, but I will not agree for him to take the lead. Seductively, I walked closer and locked my lips with his, our tongues lewdly played inside our mouths. Digging deeper and deeper into the darkness of lust, the heat of the scene almost carried me away. Sensitive to his touch, I yelp when his hand reached to my sensitive area.

Quick to my responses, I pushed him on the bed. My weight too light to keep him in his position, I hurriedly set my plans into action and underneath the pillow, I reached for the first tool. Makotos eyes was bewildered when he saw what I just did. His left hand was immediately tied to the bed's headboard using a metal handcuff that I hid well.

"What is this supposed to mean?" his interest was piqued

"I just wanted to make sure that you will this until the end" I said with an extra smile, pulling out another handcuff and restrained his right arm on the headboard of the bed. He showed no sign of resistance.

"I am a man of honor, it is the girl whom I serve." He giggled softly at the promise of a new experience. And so was I. My heart pumping profusely, and my breath getting shorter and shorter with the rising tension, I tried to control my feelings by biting my lips. He saw it as a weakness and it pleased him

Cleverly hidden behind my white corset, I pulled 2 more handcuffs and using those, I restrained Makotos feet on the footboard. Disabling all his chances of escape. He was so blinded by his lust, he is now like a cloistered being, knowing nothing else in the world.

Now that he was all for me, I trailed my fingers from his thighs, passionately teasing him with a tickle, running my hands over his average built body, I rose to mount him on the chest. In a featherlike grace, I lowered my head on his chest. Till I heard the echoing symphony of a sinner's heart.

"Hey," With all the serene benevolence of my voice, I spoke softly "Do you know that for me, this is a dream come true?"


"Though we just met each other tonight, I had always watched you from afar…" I admitted, Embarrassed by my confessions, I hid my face and my fingers run amok his chest, shyly circling his skin. "I have known a lot about you since the start. I know where you live, where you sit, what is your preferences in food, music and entertainment"

"ehh…so your like a talker?" Makoto laughed

"well, yeah you could say that" The syllables accented out in shame of the naked truth "And as a stalker, I am also well aware of all the girls that you violated, of how unfaithful you are for every partner that you've met, of how you impregnated Sekai Saionji, and of how you treated their love for you as disposable"

I felt like I hit a nerve there that he was unable to speak.

A dark smile manifested itself on my face. The essence of my effeminate artifice suddenly indulged in the poison of a disfigured intent. "Say," my voice dropping an octave "Do you remember Kotonaha Katsura?"

"Who?" I could feel it, his heartbeat faster as the visceral chill of the past gripped his senses

"Kotohana Katsura, you girlfriend" I reiterated, my heart jumping in joy as I savor the bitterness that shot through him. "The girl whom you played with and left rejected. Do you where she is now?"

It took him some time to answer and when he did, I was astonished; "I don't care about her" he honestly replied in an angry tone. From that, my blood boiled and I rose my head up, my eyes stared at him with an indespicable wrath.

"DON'T CARE ABOUT HER?!" I screamed. "Do you even have the slightest idea of how much she love you?!"

My mentality was lost at that, swiftly, I pulled a dagger underneath my corset. Followed by a quick slash of silver that whistled as it sliced the wind in its sharp glimmer. Halting abruptly when I managed to have a grip back to reality.

Makotos eyes was emblazoned in fear as it stare directly at the shining blade right between his eyes. He used to be so full of himself but now all the colors was drained out of him as he broke into a cold sweat. His vision was shaking tremendously, matching the rhythm of my body that was quivering wildly in rage

So long I hold it in, then it all poured down, forsaken tears cascaded freely on my cheeks. Letting the forgotten memories free from their chains of the fake courage. I used both of my palm to cover my face, my blood stirring hot, as the grudge manifested itself above my limits.

"She love you so much," I cried, my voice was unstable "But you only cared about your own happiness. All her life, she was waiting, preparing for the one who can understand her. When you came to her, she was so happy and she gave all her best just so she can be the girl that you will never be ashamed of. I expected that you will do the same. I trusted her life to you. But what did you do?"

Tightly gripping the handle, I slashed the knife in the air once again and screamed as I pinpoint the tip to his eyes: "WHAT DID YOU DO!"

Too overwhelmed with the sudden change of atmosphere, Makoto squirmed frantically in the bed and tried desperately to get out. It was then that he realized the situation he was currently in. Every single tick of the clock drowned his sanity deeper into paranoia. The Horror of his deeds was now about to take its toll.

"That's right" I began to laugh, giggling hearty like an innocent child "Only those who are ready to accept pain are the ones worthy to inflict it, correct?"

Contradictory to how he was now being consumed by fear, my eyes however saw nothing but a beautiful sight of a grotesque justice. I spun the dagger on my palm as once again, I laid my body on his chest. "Hey, you said that you are a man of honor, right?". I held his jaw with my cold fingers "And you said that you serve girls, right?"

"If that's the case, then you will give Kotonoha the justice that she deserves right?" I asked, then I pointed the tip of the dagger to his left cheek.

As if, speaking a story for a child, I spoke the magic spell:

This mouth that has spoken so many untruthful vows

Delightful promises that you only fed to the crows

In order for you not to say anymore lies

You must taste bitterness twice

After having enough of Makotos terrified look, I plunged the dagger to his cheek. The sharp metal pierced through his jaw and penetrated out to the other side. Skewering his mouth. His vermillion blood flowed in a strong current, flooding his esophagus. The sight excited me so much and I was unable to help it. Laughing tremendously, I pulled the dagger horizontally towards me, slicing his cheeks open. Ripping the flesh walls apart like a loose strand of cloth.

His mouth, was now gapping wider and as his head frantically squirmed, so did his mouth swayed loose and broken. His blood and saliva mixing together as he gargled them on his throat. The music of him drowning on his own copious blood was priceless but I have no intention of stopping there.

I fixed my wrist first then just as swift as how the wind, I launched the knife to his mouth once again. I set the strike down from her chin. Goring him from the cavity in the lower jaw, skewering up to the roofs of his upper jaw, impaling his tongue in the process. As I saw how the small slab of pink meat was no longer moving about, I pulled the knife back to me. Ensuring that the throat will not be damaged at all.

His wrists was now bleeding from the force of his frenzied attempts of breaking the steel handcuffs. Held captivated by the sight of justice being served, I stopped my laughing for while to amuse myself. Blushing red like a maiden in love, I raised my clean hand to my rosy cheeks. Smilling innocently, I asked him: "It hurts does it? But that's nothing compared to all the lies that you said to Kotonaha."

Then with a warm glow of lust, I let my fingers blindly trace his crotch till I made contact with that disgraceful thing. "Hey, you know what Makoto Itou?" I asked his attention. His eyes was dazzled with prevailing plaque of pandemonium when he saw where my hand is. "No matter how much I hate you, I still cant deny how grateful I am that you hurt Kotonoha without defiling her first"

"However, you are already well aware of your actions but…" without any thoughts of mercy I let the knife dive deep into his skin like a falcon to his prey. The metal tool ringing loud as it crush through the bones in a brilliant tandem with Makoto's muffled screams. The sadistic duet of a passionate death pulled a smile on my face.

"…but did you remedy them?" I asked Makoto who was now rocking the whole bed from the mind searing pain. Amazed, I excitedly pulled out the knife, splashing a deep red spray into my hair. Then I let it plummet back at full force precisely targeting the kidneys, expelling a sickening sound, unleashing no longer blood but also muscular tissues. Greedily, I pushed my wrist deeper, carving the pathetic flesh deeply . Reaping the pungent sow.

From there, I repeated the process, striking the fangs of judgement at random intervals. Feasting on his filthy flesh, devouring his insides. Showering a rain of my frenzied laughter, letting him be the guest as I unveiled how his interior self was not one bit better than who he is.

I took a sudden pause to look at my masterpiece. His lower body has been mutilated with my stabbings, its like a the petals of a red marigold. Freshly picked and groomed, it bleeds out its fragrant juices. Soaking the mattress sheet in a thick coat of stinking red.

Much as a scenery it was, its not yet finished. From his lower torso, I returned my gaze to his face. His body was no longer moving about but he is still breathing alright. The pain just numbed him shut. His wrists was bleeding steadily for he has deeply wounded himself from his attempts to escape. His eyes was enchantingly locked dead into the blank space. Emotionless tears cascading gently from those lifeless spheres, sliding to his wide gapping mouth.

"Hey now Makoto, don't cry" I comforted him soothingly. Moving my hands to fix his hair that obstructed his vision. "Everything was a result of your own actions anyway"

"Kotonoha is the only beauty let in this forsaken world. The way you treated the woman I love was unforgivable. But ofcourse, you cannot see what I do because all you focus on is the thing that leads all fools to what they deserve. And as thanks for your cooperation for tonight." I giggled heartly as I present my humble reward. "I have decided to remove the very cause of your sins."

Slowly, I lifted my light fingers into both of his eyes. Smiling innocently, I teased him "Here Makoto, say ahh…"

Then with my fingers, I stabbed his eyes, deep.


In the living room, the fire in the fireplace merrily crackled, as sticks and woods are consumed by its cold humor. The edges of its brick frame are lined with ornamented socks filled with obligatory goodies meant for no one. Before it, she sat in a chair, comfortably enjoying the warmth as she savor her tea. For her house to be so silent in the season of joy. It was her denial of her loneliness that kept her alive for so long.

All this walls that cloistered around her carries all the broken dreams that she held from the past. In this darkness, the miracle of doubt will not even shine. She stared at the flickering shadow of the fire as it produced an interlude of happy tragedies and a gentle slaughter. Until when a loud crash of steel plates falling against fragile glass boomed throughout the empty house.

Fearing the worst, she jumped out of her seat and swiftly flew her feet through the staircase. Blending through the darkness, she saw the silouhoute of the a girl.

"Kotonoha?" Dimly lighted by non existant lights, she confirmed it. Kotonoha, the girl that was supposed to still be at bed was now at the hallway. Her body tilted to the wall to support the weight that her legs cannot. A vase has fallen from its place.

With her pulse racing, she rushed to hold Kotonoha's fragile body. On the slightest contact, Kotonaha collapsed on her chest, finding solace underneath the fragrant warmth of her bosom. As their bodies shivered in their own deathly fright, there was no denying that they are 2 hearts beating as one.

As Kotonoha started to cry on her chest, she gripped her white robe tighter. Then on her weak voice, she spoke: "Im scared"

Welcoming her to a new found sanctuary. She returned her embrace, wrapping her inside her protective veil "Its alright, the nightmare was over"

For a few seconds, their eyes caught glimpse of each other, peering through the window of the soul. Then she lean over to give her a kiss.



Phew! That was a one hell of writing that I made. A whole 18 hours well spent (5 days).

Q: What kind of thinking do you have?

The question is not what I am, but how I came to be. Need is the father of all inventions. Need is the power of all ambitions. Need for a proper judgement is what made me write this story.

Q: Will you continue this?

Doubt it, I am currently working on a Novel for myself. This is just me taking a break from it. I will be busy with it. But if ever I did continued this murderous story, I might resume it with me being a lesbian yandere girlfriend of Kotonaha. Where I will start the story softly nursing Kotonaha's mental health back to recovery, then I will transfer to her school….then I will kill every single person who oppressed her.

Should I start by feeding the 4 bullies with their own intestines? Oh wait, how bout if I hanged Sekai Saionji (the bitch) upside down then I will use an axe to saw her in half, starting from the pelvic bones? OH I KNOW!, I think it would be better if I blackmail the four bullies to kill each other, then I will use Makotos cellphone to trick Sekai into eating her own fetus, then Setsuna Kiyoura will frantically visit Sekai's funeral where I am waiting for her to come! :D

Q: Why didn't you cut Makotos Dick and force feed it to him?

You are a one sick bastard to think of such a disgusting thing. :(

My only regret is to why I didn't carve Makoto's heart. You know, something like: "His heart was stolen, litterally"

Q: Who's Genevieve?

A character in my novel. I wont tell you the title of my book though. I have my personal reasons