Sorry for the delay, I have suffered depression while trying to write down this story. Im still suffering it but im quite surprised I actually managed to force myself to finish the next chapter. This took me about a total of 92 working hours (1 and a half month of depression). I am still having some suicidal thoughts but I am still on the safe zone.

As long as I know that Kotonoha is safe. So will I. And so are you


My Day with Kotonoha

The alleyways sparkled and glistened as the suns rays skimmed the clear frost that has gently coated the world and spread its dominion. Frozen crisp and barren of its green flowery crown, the branches of the trees stubbornly raises its reach, denying its lost to the season. Upon their leafless boughs, fine white snow has been caught and piled up as the signature of the winter. In name and in beauty, the pavement was alluring as a genuine winter wonderland

Upon that landscape of crystalline mirrors, a couple walked through the lonely path. One was a girl in lacquered black jacket, the other was a contradictory of a fluffy white sweater. Two maidens of youth exchanging words in a defenseless smile. The tranquil breeze brushes through their skin, invoking a deep communication between the two.

Their idle chatter came to an end when they reached the gates of a big house . Both of them has never expected the road to be so short

"Were here" Kotonaha, the girl in a black sweater announced. Then she pushed the doorbell

After the bell sounded, a child's voice rose from the speakers "Who is it? If you are looking for my sister, she's not here."

"Its me Kokoro," Kotonaha informed the child then the line went dead.

After a few idle seconds, a little girl bursted out of the door, screaming "Onee-chan!" like theres no tomorrow. Light as she was, she hurriedly jumped out of the gate and into Kotonahas arms who caught her leap.

"Onee-chan, I missed you so much!" the girl cried, burrowing deep into her skirt. "Why didn't you told me you were going to spend Christmas in a different house?"

"Eh?" Kotonaha was taken aback and she turned to the girl beside her, looking for an answer. She remember nothing about informing her parents about her location.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you" the girl in white apologized, her face was awkward "…I kinda used your cellphone to inform your parents that you will be spending time with me."

Kotonaha smiled, ensuring a pardon "Its cold here, why don't you come inside for tea?"

Kokoro released her grip from her sister to look at the new playmate. Overflowing with a child's entusiam, she said:"Yeah, let play inside! We can have cakes and chocolate!"

In an attempt to conceal her shame, she bowed down to Kotonaha and her sister "Im sorry" she asked their forgiveness "Im sorry but I am going to transfer to your school tomorrow. I have to fix my things today"

"Transfer…" Kotonaha's thoughts was lost as she had time understanding the words "…to our school?"

"Yes!" the girl confirmed an affirmative "I am going to be with you in school starting tommorow"

Then she turned her back to her "Well then, ill be taking my leave , Senpai"


(Fyn, Florentine)

Anticipation pilling up and excitement overflowing, I stood patiently infront of the school gate. My uniform felt thin and short as the breeze effortlessly brushes through my thighs. My school bag was heavy as I carried them with my two hands. All alone in that single immovable position, students after students turned their heads to me as they passed by, staring intensely from head to toe

"Hey, isn't she cute?" I heard a girlish whisper. Followed by more gossips and statements from males

I know what I look like and I do not like the attention. Ignoring reality, I maintained my stance, my eyes locked into the horizon where I expect Kotonaha to arrive. My concentration was cut when a group of girls approached me.

"Excuse me…" a voice called. I looked and saw that they are a small sorority of four. Led by a girl with stern determine eyes and a brown hair tied into a ponytail. "We haven't seen you before, could it be that your new?"

Returning their polite and friendly greeting, I replied "Yes, I just transferred here."

"My name is "Otome Katou" she introduced herself. Followed by her circle of friends

"Minami Ibuchi" said the girl with a peculiar triangular hairstyle.

"Natsumi Koizumi" said by the girl with a long spiky hair which is in the shade of a dark purple

"Kumi Morri" said by the girl with a maple colored hair with noble curls and a white headband

"Let see…" calculating their names on my fingers, I repeated them "Otome, Minami, Natsumi and Kumi, right? Nice to meet you all."

I do not really plan to befriend them so quickly. But they seem persistent and provided another topic to talk about

"Hey, im just wondering" said Otome "You've been in here for awhile now, what are you waiting for?"

Shyly, I answered, "Im just worried that I might get lost if I just entered without a guide"

"Oh if that's the case then we would be pleased to take you around" Natsumi appealed without hesitation.

Respectfully, I rejected their assistance "Sorry but my guide was already here.". Out in the distance, I saw her walking. Her long flaxen hair matches perfectly with her diligent smile. A smile that has mastered the art of finding beauty in everything. Excitedly, I rushed to her side. The presence of other people was lost. All but me and her exists.

"Morning Kotonaha" I addressed her playfully.

"Morning" She complied to my presence with an equal joy. With the sun rays brimming its shine on us, I already know that my day has started.


Haramihama High has a population of over 2000 students. All of them are now inside the covered court, sitting idly on their appointed chairs. Pretending to be listening at the principal who was talking in the stage right in front of them.

"…and our school does not strive to be the greatest of all. But we all aim to take care of the greatest minds who shall give birth to the greatest generation…" the principal continued his speech.

Below the stage, by its side, Kotonoha and I stood side by side. "Hey Kotonoha" I murmured. Despite the microphones volume she managed to hear me.

"What is it?"

"How long will this last?" I asked and she giggled

"Mr. Principal ensures that we will hear everything that he wanted us to learn, he is a bit old so I guess that's understandable"

"A bit old?" I silently bursted. She was right. The principal was indeed past his prime. He got my sympathy alright but… "If no one will stop him yet, it is us who will get old"

She longer entertained that and we just listened more to the principal. Luckily, it didn't lasted that long "…and to give you all a model to imitate, allow me to introduce to you the highest scorers in our Entrance Exams."

The principal finally announced the climax of the morning ceremony which was immediately followed by a tireless applaud of uncountable pairs of hands. Their claps roared like thunders throughout as the big hall, drumming loud in our ears as Kotonoha and I climbed up through the stairs. The sea of people look upon us with admiration.

''I present to you, our schools top student- Kotonoha Katsura and the first student ever to score a 100% in our entrance exa-"

Before the principal could even finish presenting my name, behind me, Kotonoha slipped her legs and tripped. Her uncontrolled hands flailed for support. And the last thing I felt was the flawless flow of fabric that descended from its clutches to my waist. My eyes narrowed in fright as the whole world stopped spinning. If only I had known this was coming…

Every single noise was stopped, sudden gasps has caught fire in an instant. And the my body felt the chill when I finally came to realize everything

Kotonoha has slipped, and by accident, her hands caught my skirt. Pulling it down to let the world see what must not.

Stunned with the unexpected phenomenon, I flew away from sight. Not knowing where to go, my sight was blinded by my obvious cry

I locked myself in the confinements of the infirmary. Wrapping myself in the thin white blanket, desperate for the least of sign comfort. Like a baby crying as it was taken away from his comfortable womb, I too wept endlessly on my bed. Clogging my ears with my palm, blocking the memories from further drowning me, begging the unknown to end it all.

"I wanna die" I said within the darkness provided by the curtains.

Without any hint of energy, I fixed my position. I threw away the blanket and lay my back still on the mattress. Nothing but a deep sigh escaping through my lips. My eyes fixed on the ceiling, I stared at it without seeing anything.

"To think that my first day can also be my last…" after hours of isolation, I just found within me the ability to find the humor in my situation. I lifted my arms to wipe the sweat that piled on my brow "I do not want to go back anymore but im sure shes taking this harder than I am"

I then started to picture the girl who brought me to this mess. She must be welling up her emotions as I speak. Everyone knows that its not her fault but im sure she must be blaming herself for everything. She must be crying right now, believing that I am now her enemy and forgiveness will never be granted to her. I sighed Just why does she have to be so nice?

Everyone would understand if I never came back to school and be expelled for the absences. But to my surprise, my legs jumped out of the bed. My eyes flaring in determination as shame turned to pride and weakness into strength.

"I have decided" I announced, my fist clenched tightly. "I do not care what other might think. But I cannot leave her like this."

What awaits me after facing my fears, I do not know. But im sure this is better.

As the bell sound the alarm and announce the end of the day, students after students rushed out of their respective classrooms. Their bags in hand, their loud farewell chit chats was in full energy. Except for one.

A single student sat still on her chair. The orange rays of the dying sun filtered through the window panes and into her face. Katsura Kotonoha carries the expression of mourning. She was the last student to leave the room but it seemed nothing to her. Her mind was lost in the thought as the whispers of everyone echoed through her ears,

"I heard that she was still in the infirmary crying all day"

"It cant be helped, if I were her I would probably transfer school by tomorrow."

An hour has already passed and the hallway was already silent when Kotonoha remembered who she is and what must be done. She slowly stood and slowly made her way out. But before she could even escape the premise, a group of girls blocked her way.

"Oh speak of the devil" Minami exclaimed when she saw Kotonoha

"Careful, she might pull your skirt as well" Kumi cautioned and they all laughed

"Excuse me but I have to go..." Kotonoha pardoned her way out and tried to pry her escape through them but suddenly, she was pushed on to the wall. Otome's hand pinned her shoulders against the concrete.

"You did it on purpose did you?" Otome asked her. Her mouth curve into a benevolent smile.

"Did what?" Katsura asked, both of her hands folded, trying to cover a protection. Otome answered her by slapping her cheek.

"Don't play coy with me! I know that you did it on purpose, you shamed the new student so that no one will compete with you in the honor role, right?"

"No, your wrong, that wa-"

"Oh look, she was even denying it" Natsumi threw at her.

"Just admit it already" Kumi said "Just admit that it was all on your plans."

"Just looking at you disgusts me" Otome spit at her and let go of her grasp. Their words struck so much pain to her that upon the release, her weight slide down onto the floor. Tears started to flood on her eyes. "You humiliated a transferee on her very first day and you did nothing."

Unable to do anything, Kotonoha pulled her legs close and curled herself into a ball. In a voice of helpless misery, she replied; "Yes, I deserve this"

"Hey!" Otome gawked at her once more "Don't give us that look. Havent your mother taught you that actions speaks louder than words?"

"Then what should I do?"

"Its pretty simple" Otome planted her feet onto Kotonoha's face, literally stomping her. Her shoes digging into her cheeks. Otome had always enjoyed bullying Kotonoha but this was just the first that she went physical. Nevertheless, Kotonoha didn't even budged against the abuse. "They say an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Wouldn't it be fair if you humiliated yourself as well?"

Then she pulled off her feet. The mud caked on Kotonohas cheeks, tarnishing her fair skin. Lifeless, her head hung down.

Then, out of nowhere, a white image charged through them. Blazing a trail of anger as it roughly yelled the name "OTOME!". Grabbing Otome by the collar, it waited not a single moment to strike. Throwing her first into the ground , the element of surprise with her side. Otome was already dismantled. The image before her unnerved them all.

Her teeth gritting and skin shaking in wrath. Her gaze was that of a murderous beast. But instead of leaping to strike once more. She averted her eyes from them and raised Kotonoha back to her feet. "Come on Kotonoha, Lets go home"

Holding her by the wrist, they walked away from them without even sparing them a second look. The girls were too stunned to even weave a coherence.


"That Otome!" I scowled. My infuriation cannot be hidden as I dragged Kotonoha with me "If only you were not there, I could have slashed their throats one by one. Think they could do things they way they wanted to, eh? Well then, ill give them their first and only warning before morning."

With only that sight of Otome and her crime to be punished buzzing on my head, I never noticed where I am going.

Our little walk came to an end after we reached the backyard of the school. I only wanted to take her somewhere we can be alone and talk without anyone seeing us. Never expected that my feet can be a better guide than my eyes. The luxuriant foliage of the trees isolated us from the civilization. The dying sun set a dark tangerine overcast, stretching our shadows long, blending with the trees and hiding our presence. Urging her to do the same, we sat in a nearby bench

I pulled a handkerchief and urged her to get near. Taking liberty, I used the cloth to wipe the mud out of her face. All done, I said "Kotonoha, your so cute, you should take better care of yourself, the beauty of youth comes only once, yah know."

"…that's cruel" I heard a whisper came out of her.

"Excuse me, but did you say something?"

"…your cruel" It came unexpected to me when she slapped my hand, as if disgusted. My heart skipped a beat when she yelled words that struck at chord: "How can you insult me like this?!"

I broke in a cold sweat as I came to see a different Kotonoha Katsura. She was often reserved and tends to harbor only words of kindness. This event came unexpected. "But I haven't done anythi-"

Hatred was revealed in its foul frame when she leaped into her feet. "I shamed you infront of everyone. You are supposed to hate me and give me what I deserve. But what are you doing?" . Her actions were ruined her casual image but strangely, it didn't seem out of place

Then she bowed, the traditional Japanese way of begging for an apology. "It pains me to see your forcing an emotion that isn't yours. Please hate me as much as you want. I will accept any punishment that you wanted to give me."

I grimaced in the awkward moment. I should have expected this early.

Treat it like a bomb. Mistakes can be deadly

How did this….

The bubbly water spilled out of the porcelain tub as she curled her alabaster legs out of the foam and gracefully scrubbed it with the fragrant soap. The aromatic essence of her femininity set my pulses racing as I sagged my shoulders lower and forbid myself from staring more at her.

Our bathroom was above average in size. The tub can accommodate 2 without much of a fuss in space. I am in a bath together with Kotonoha but…. How did this happened?! I demanded an answer.

Asher long hair danced through the water in an elegant farce, she calmly cleansed her chest. Her lips curved into a worried look when she asked me without any malice; "Why don't you join me?"

"No, im fine. Ill join you soon enough " I replied and turned the shower on, spraying a cold imitation of rain. My mind was hazy as the steam that clocked the room in a thick fog, I know the story well but I do not know how to consume it. It took me off guard when Kotonoha step out of the tub and her warm palms came in contact with my spine.

"Ill wash you back for you." She said and I only managed to nod in submission. I have no right to resist her charms.


As she scrubbed my back, I concentrated my senses into knowing the past. I pictured it all, the vague memories was made out of my careless mistakes:

The moment she bowed down to ask for a punishment, I was totally wrecked to found myself answering her without even thinking. "Spend a night with me, then"

Naturally, she looked at me in surprise. "You see…I live on my own and I kinda get lonely once in a while. Ive always wanted to have some company. Like a slumber party, you know."

It was half the truth, I like my privacy and I enjoy isolation. But she took it seriously. She informed her parents that she wont be coming home tonight. And now…

"Amazing, your hair is so fine its like it will never tangle" Kotonoha flattered my hair as she brushed it.

Though the water was cold, my body was above the normal heat. Trying to hide my emotions, I said: "I don't really like mine. Being white means its easy to be dirtied and being fine means its easy to fall."

I peered a gaze to her and saw how she picked up a handful and smelled it "Your hair is also fragrant this makes me so jealous."

I flustered in an instant. My face turning red and my body rigging on guard. This is wrong, we are both of the same gender but why am I acting like this? Im acting like a stereotype male. I feel different… "Are you alright? Your getting red. "

"I-i-Im fine" I assured her. The tension of moment started to take me under pressure. A pressure that broke loose when she placed her palm onto my forehead. The blood started to coil as my heart drummed louder as if it will burst out of my ribs, What is wrong with me? Since when did I found it so hard to breathe?

"You sure are hot." Kotonoha remarked.

"Perhaps your right" I laughed it off but her face showed further worry. Unable to take it further, I just used that as an excuse. "It must be because im tired. Ill go on ahead of you then."

Rude as it seems but I cannot help it, I sprinted out of the bath without even looking back. My vision was distorted and vague from the heat that was getting into my head. Next thing I know was that I am back at my room. There was nothing to cover my body at all. My hair was soaked and dripping, puddles of water marked my trail. Letting out a deep sigh, I closed the door and leaned my back upon it. My head hung down in a mourning way.

My house was of a luxurious class, marbled tiles glistens clean, decorations are rare, even plants are chosen by designers. So many people have wished for this life of mine. But they only saw what the box looks like. All but vacant space are here, no different to hollow cages of gold. Since when…

As if the life was lost, my weary body slide down. Since when have I become so afraid of her?

I just thought of getting dressed when I noticed something infront of me. A black cloth thrown on the floor like a used rag. Curiously, I took it and I cant be wrong. It was Kotonoha's uniform. Her skirt to be exact. So she was this kind of person, huh? A princesses who shows no grace in her unclean clothes

I held the mantle closer to me, brushing its interwoven threads to my cheek. I cherished the lovely scent of her womanhood deep into my lungs. A feeling of ecstasy filled me as the air left. It came first as an itchy spot on my crotch. My response came first as a scratch but soon it turned into more. My fingers moved on their own, digging deeper into that place.

Kotonohas face was stuck to my head, her enchanting voice flying to my ears. Her cloth placed closer to my nose. Literally masking my face.

"Kotonoha…" I called her name as my fingers travelled through me. My vagina clenching it in synchronized pulses as it got more flooded. My juices leaking out of my insides, warm and carries a strange arousing scent which blends perfectly with Katsura's

"Kotonoha… Katsura…" her name came as moans of pleasure. I raised my hips as my desire for her intensified. Feeling something taking form within my bladder "im…gonna…cum"

My fingers started to rock my hips. My body reaching the height of a heat possible only in a summer day. My head became unable to think further than that girl. Her body, her warmth, her voice, everything. I had fallen prey to indecency. Her image was the only thing that managed to last as my body became numb and trembled as I reached orgasm. My spine arching with the intoxication of the climax.

My endurance was sucked out of me. Wasted, I lay on the ground motionless, panting in heavy breaths.

"I cant believe I have done it again" realizing my actions, my voice went out of its own "This is the third time ive done it…today."

How many consecutive days have I done it? I do not want to know They say that men has a stronger sex drive than women. But what is happening to me? Why am I such a pervert? My body will break down if this continued. Throwing the worries away, I pulled myself together and get ready for bed.

I lay on the bed hugging a fluffy pillow between me as I waited for Kotonoha to finished preparing herself. She sat on a chair infront of a mirror as she brushed her hair thoroughly. She was wearing a soft colored pink night dress while I am in a simple oversized polo with only panties underneath.

"May I ask something, Kotonoha?" I started a conversation and she turned a curious gaze "Your really infront of me, right?"

"Just why would you ask that?"

I was a slip of a tongue which I regretted saying "Nothing really" I said turning my eyes away.

"I know how you feel" her soft voice was heard which piqued a sudden interest. She returned the brush on the table before sitting down on the bed, right beside me. Her smile was as pure and innocent as it has always been. Even the darkest of moments will lighten infront of that smile "So many things happened in this day alone. Both of us cannot believe that we are not dreaming"


She lay her head on the pillow. Both of her hands on her chest "So much adventure. It feels like the world is giving us more than what we deserve. "


"It started with you keeping me in your home to last the winter. you transferring to our school, me doing that to you…you ordering me to stay the night here once more..." she sighed in a refreshing way. "This is just too much"


"Especially when I saw you masturbating while calling my name- " she almost spoke but it was cut

"Agre-" I almost gave an automatic agreement when we realized that Kotonoha has just dropped the BOMB

A silence was exchanged as we played the staring game.

"You saw?" my voice was alarmingly haunting. Dark and threatening, just as my eyes that was now being filled with an emotion I cannot even fully point a finger.

"umm…" Kotonoha's all graceful image was corrupted with fear.

"You…you saw…."

With a gulp, she replied: "…yes…I pried open the door and took a peek"

"Kotonoha…has seen me…." My voice trailed off with the shock that filled me in

And then. The bomb exploded. Blowing my logic to a horrendously proportioned EEs, FFs and WTFs. My sense of reason was shattered so fecal to the point-of-no-return.

"NOOOO!" I screamed. My legs jumping out alive and in frenzy. Throwing myself out of the bed "She has seen me, shehasseenme!"

"No it's a misunderstanding." In an attempt to pacify me, Kotonoha tried to correct the mistake "…I did not brand you as a pervert or anything"

But her words added insult to injury

"Ive been ousted!" I screamed, both arms on my head "Im been ousted as a pervert. A pervert, A pervert, A PERVERT!"

When I suffered humiliation infront of thousands, I easily recovered. But to be seen and judge by a single person. My reality spiraled down the drain of the 4th dimension of batshit logic. Now that she has seen my secret, all are lost. I have nothing of value anymore but I can at least give myself a good ending.

"Now that it has come to this." My eyes turned hostile and voice became firm. I blindly reached for any instrument on my table. "In order to keep my dignity intact…."

"I will have to kill you and then myself!" I declared, aiming the weapon to her. I will make this quick and painless. Her lovely figure shall not be tarnished, that I shall assure.

Her response was to just look at me with puzzlement. "I don't know what you are planning but you cant kill anyone with a stapler"

That sent me taking a second glance on what I got. On my hands was a mere toy of stainless steel and plastic. How on Earth can I make a swift kill with this? Unable to keep deny it further, I admitted defeat. My knees lose their strength and collapsed. The bitter feeling of being heart broken consumed me. Then I cried loudly

"I do not want to live anymore!" I wailed. The image that I held so perfectly infront of her was no longer in existence. Here lies the image of an immature brat who cries her eye out. "Nobody wants to stick with a pervert. Now im going to be hated by Kotonoha"

"No, I will never such a thing!" she claimed. And my tears stop flowing for a minute.

"Really?" I asked, my voice still dropped

"Really!" she swear.

"You don't feel disgusted at me at all?"

"Not in the least"

Blind of the consequences, I said: "Then prove it"


"I don't know." I admitted, it is beyond me to understand what I am saying right now. "Have sex with me, make it even, balance the humiliation. I don't know! "

Wait, what did I just said?

"I understand" her firmed voice gave an affirmative. With a smooth flow, she swept the lace of her night dress. Allow it to descend from her elbows to let herself open. Topless, she turned her gaze away, as she raised one of her arms to cover her breasts. She was afraid and it was obvious. "This is my first time, so please be gentle with me"

I was still stunned at the unfolding reality and was unable to face her. Seeing that fearful expression of her torments me. This is my desire by I do not want her to force herself.

"Forgive me Kotonoha…" I apologized as I stood up and gathered the lost fragments of myself. My shoulders was sagged and head was gloomy "Lets just forget about this night and I will sleep on the other room."

I turned my back to her and in heavy steps, I started to walk out. However, just when I was about to open the door, she grasp my hand and called my attention

"No you cant" she said. "One must not run away from problems. "

She had me seduced by her willingness but I wont let my guard down. "Are you sure about this?"

She does not even know what she was asking. But she showed me her faultless smile "Yes"

A man who rejects a woman's advances has been shamed. She is my only honor…but…

Kotonoha rested her back and though her will was strong, it was not enough to mask the fear that glows beyond her eyes. A fear which grew when I loomed above her in a dangerous way. Then I whispered to her. "Before we start, I just want you to know that I take no responsibility if ever you regretted this."

She just gave me a wry smile. "Do as what youd like."

I gave no chance of second thoughts. With her permission, I brought my lips to hers, taking away her purity. Our tongues lashes inside our mouths. The warm sweet taste of her saliva filled me with the riddles of lust. Frolicking through and fro, like a child at play, the sensation excited the moment. The moment she broke free, she knows full well that she was about to fell from grace.

"I just gave you my first kiss" she informed me

"Its was my first as well" I returned to her.

"Be gentle"

"Leave it to me" I assured her even though im still a virgin.

Then I took my lips to the nape of her neck. My hot breath brushed through her sensitive skin. Such a delightful sight it was to see her shaking as my tongue tickled her, taking it up to the back of her neck. Her hair smells sweetly of strawberry.

Taking it further, I took my hand down to her private part and making her yelp with the unexpected contact. I stimulated her labia without any stop, tickling it at first which gradually gained speed as she kept on lubricating the surface with her own juices. I saw how from a constant shiver, she started to moan as she soon tasted the delight of a new experience.

From the neck, my lips found their way to her nipples, my tongue played with those pink blobs till they hardened like rubber erasers. Flicking and licking it, indulging myself in the taste of her. At the same time, amusing myself with the sound of her moans and pants. I decreased my pace on her vagina but still enough to keep her at edge. Then, I took my other hand to her left breast. I clamped her nipple between my thumb and pointer finger. She moaned and buckled with every of my action, igniting her temperature aflame.

I have never been so good at multitasking but for her I am willing to take things further. Taking advantage of her, I focused back to her vagina. From mere rubbing, I penetrated her with middle and pointer finger. She was so wet that I just slide in without any efforts. She felt the thundering shock of the tightness being rammed that in order to keep her calm, she placed her palm to her mouth, desperate to keep her noises from coming out.

But her efforts was in vain when my fingers dug dipper, I raised her legs abit to make the opening wider. Just wide enough for me to touch that rough little bean inside of her. Then she dropped the moans and she screamed. This is the G-spot. The one of the most sensitive place of a woman. It was enough to drive a girl enough ecstasy to get addicted to it. That is if the partner knows how to find it. As for me, I was thankful that all those masturbations gave me an education.

"I-I-I-I-Im…." Kotonoha stuttered. She was about to cum and I wanted to provide her with the most ecstasy as possible.

From a mere suckle, my ministrations on her nipple became rougher to the point that I literally bit her sensitive place. To bite the nipple of a woman, especially those whose sensitive to it, has a chilling effect and often gives a good result. And just as what I expect, when the sensation of orgasm finally closed the gap and her body started to numb, she losed control and violently kicked her legs in the air. Letting it suspended, outstretched without any chances of hurting me. Her back arched high and bent like a stick.

Then she screamed at the top of her voice when her orgasm erupted in multiple spasms. So pleasant it sounded in my ears, the knowledge of satisfying her.

"Did it felt good?"

Weary, she replied "…yes"

I was glad that my service was done well but she pushed me down. This time, she was at the lead. Looking down upon me, she said, "But its unfair if im the only one"

With her above me, it made me feel so vulnerable, as if I am powerless. But she leaned on and kissed me deeply. Powerless as I might be, she made me feel that I am not alone. I tasted her loyalty and I give in to her with no protest. I was still clothed and I gave her the freedom to undress me.

She started to unbutton my polo, she knows that I am not wearing any bra and that left me unprotected. Then I closed my eyes when she reached to my crotch and pulled my panty away. It was already soaking wet with my lewdness. The wind was felt openly by my skin.

"Don't look at it like that. Its too embarrassing"

The was no reply. Instead, she brought her face close and kissed it. Her hot breath entering me from below. Then she used her tongue to lick my vagina, she penetrated me deeply with that slippery thing. I moaned from the mind searing sensation that I held on her scalp, urging her to go deeper. "More…go deeper"

She did as what I asked, she lapped on my juices, licking it on all angles. Then just as what I did on her, she inserted her finger into my slit, squeezing through the valley and into my G-spot. I had always did it by myself, never expected that it that the feeling could be so different. My boiling blood pulsated in waves after waves of a pleasure alien to me. Not being contented, while she fingered me, she used her tongue to flick my clit.

That little bud in the shade of pink, she toyed with it without any idea of how fragile that spot was. It is the most delicate part of a girl. To touch it so carelessly like that felt as what it could expect. My mind went blank, and a drool leaked out of my open cheek. My eyes dilated and was now me who was bent then soon enough, I bursted in orgasms. My legs trembled and shook as I let it out .

I had always thought that my experience will teach Kotonoha a little something but it seems more like it was she who taught me a lesson. My breath was rough and unstable as I lay flat on the bed all my energy was sucked out and my eyes was already dropped.

"How did it felt?"

My breathing was rugged but I got to reply "You surprised me that you know such a way."

She just held on to that smile as she stare at my now wasted body. I took that as an insult that I cannot allow. Though my legs was weakened, it was still within my ability to sit up. "But there is still something I want to try"

I took her by surprise when I lifted her thighs and pushing her down. Then I spread her legs out. "W-w-what are you doing?"

My eyes was full of mischief. "I just want us to come together."

Her legs up in the air, I placed mine above her then placed hers below the other. Our legs intertwined so close, our private parts was touching each other. Our sticky fluids being mixed together as one and the scorching temperature of our skins was just too intoxicating. Upon securing that our clits was in contact, I started to move my hips and rubbing ourselves together. It was called "Scissoring" and just as its name, we were like a pair of scissors trying to snip each other. In this case however, our only intent was to provide for the other.

Our skins, stroked each others delicate part. Lubricated by our own juices, no harm was done as we scrape our little roses. Rather, the feeling even grew steady and fast. The energy that we once lost returned even more intense with every single swipe. Then our breathing became rugged once more. Taking it to a next level, I leaned close to her till our nipples met their counterparts. They were both rock hard and though my breast was not as big as Kotonoha's, it was a piece of cake to maintain our rhythm.

Our moans and squeals was in pair of every passing beat. Synchronized like a performance in an orchestra. From there, I took my face closer and without even stopping, I link my lips to her. I muted her voice which I adore so much, but the sensation of having both of our bodies locked together with all the love was worth it.

"Im gonna…" Kotonoha moaned, her eyes closed and her chin rested into my shoulder. "cum…"

Using my hand, I embraced her and deeper within each other we go. She returned it by embracing me as well.

"Me too…" I panted, the feeling manifested inside my gut. My body undergo another spasm, nulling my senses and turning my mind and vision into a clean white. Unable to think anymore, we just went further in the glaze. Holding each others wistful memories, our body was fueled with the lust. Unknown to me, my fingernails dug itself on her back, holding on till the climax reached its peak.

"Kotonoha…" I panted her name "…ilove you Katsura, I love…you"

Our voices together as one, our scream came out lovely like a ballad of the mermaids call. We came in multitudes of thundering orgasms.

Then our bodies collapsed on the bed. Our joy was immeasurable. Knowing that the time was limited, before our consciousness came to rest, we reach for another kiss to bade each other a peaceful goodnight. It was the image of our beatific smiles that we last saw before we fall asleep.

I love you Kotonoha


Deep within the silence of the night, the two maidens lay peacefully in their bed. They sleep ever so peacefully in their dreamland. The grandfathers clock ticked its chime endlessly. Undisturbed by nothing but the sincere tranquility of the night, one of them stood out of the mattress. It was the girl in white who disrupt the stillness. The moon bloomed a cascade of its silver tear through the window panes, showering their images like profound adolations to a goddess. Looming above Kotonoha, the girl in white leaned close to her ear then kissed her; "Ill be out for a while"

No movement was wasted as she dressed up without making the faintest of sound. Before the clock could even chime to announce the coming of the midnight, she was already out of the premise.

Wearing the same white jacket, she gracefully stride through the cobble stone alleyways. The lamps that used to guide a path in an ambient yellow, was suffocated by vines that crawled up like vile creatures carrying a hidden poison. Their leaves that concealed the light, stretched a shadow like the haunting memories lost in twisted game of the heart. A lambent glimmer came from the brilliance of the moon, flickered the glisten of her weapon.

With a demented smile peeking through her hair, she carried a staple on her hand and a small bag, pack with items that does not move. Her eyes adorned with the light of a demonic joy, it shone brighter as her reality fades.

This will be a long night



HOLY SHIT! Was I really the one who wrote this? I mean as far as I can remember, I am depressed and was planning to commit suicide but seriously? Was I really this lonely that I turned my urges towards sex? Goddamn it! Does loneliness equates to horniness?

Due to the sex scene, I can bet that everyone here are eager to find out the next chapter, am I right? Hate to disappoint you but I am not really taking this story seriously. I am not willing to update this story, but I might if ever I got bored. But for now, I will focus on some of my other works.

When I read this story of mine, I came into the conclusion that: Women does not need a man to pleasure with each other. But Butt Faggots howeveris a different topic. Blame the society for its double standards

Q: Is it just me or Kotonoha Katsura does not seem to remember Makoto?

I don't know if I will still continue this so allow me to spoil the secrets. I already told you that the main character here is "me" and not an original character that will represent me, right? (which is what most fanfictionists does). Well the ending here is that after I killed everyone who has wronged Katsura, she will find out that I am not from her world. I erased her painful memories and our relationship was just fabricated. I am still undecided about the ending, though.

If you are a fan of Yanderes, you will know how everything will end.

Q: What happened at the end?

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Q: What does a woman's cum looks like?

Teehee~! Glad you asked. Unlike males who cums visibly after reaching orgasm, women has 2 kinds of orgasm-the clitoral and the vaginal. Most of the time, its just the clitoral. When a woman orgasms, she releases a white fluid will leak out of her vagina (Its not sperm mind you). Most of the time its just in average quantities and slowly leaks out. That's the woman's cum- its boring to most but simply beautiful for others.

There is also something called "squirting" where the woman violently erupts a spray of clear liquid. Its like pee because it comes out of the urethra but trust me, it isn't. It carries a different smell, color Female orgasm and squirting are 2 different things.

Also, while women has a weaker sex drive than men, their orgasms however is far stronger. It is so strong that they say, if a girl had too much of it, she could lose her mind and become insane. Question is, how much is "too much"?