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Chapter 1: meeting yuri

*one mile from jade palace*

I hate coming here but I have no choice he is out of control two huge powers going at each other is insane a figure thought as walked to the palace.

When he made it to the valley he everyone was scared he wore a long coat and a Russian hat with fuzz on the inside and outside of the hat it had a sickle and hammer on it inside a red star and he wore winter boots he was an orange Siberian tiger.

When he made it to the jade palace he walked inside the hall of heroes and looked around.

Tigress was behind him and he didn't know it.

How is he and what is he looking for tigress thought.

He turned around and smiled he walked up to her.

Tigress kicked his face but he didn't move he tilted his head strait and kept walking, she kicked him again but this time he caught her kick and jumped over her then walked towards shifu then stopped.

"how are you and why are you here" shifu said.

He smiled then spoke in Russian accent "my name is yuri and I am from Russia and I am here to warn you about a lunatic."

Tigress felt guilty for assaulting him.

Yuri didn't pay attention and spoke "it's a mountain cat named victor and he going to attack china."

Shifu nodded then spoke "yuri does your family know you're here."

Yuri looked sad and looked to the floor "they are dead never had a chance to escape our house when it was lit on fire" he said.

"Well your welcome to stay here" tigress said getting of her guilty mood.

Yuri smiled then walked outside and sat down and looked at the clouds for a while.

When he came in he was introduced to the rest of the five and po.

"so yuri how old are you" tigress said.

"I am thirteen" yuri said.

"your thirteen I thought you were like seventeen" po said kind of shocked.

"I know I am very tall for my age but I like being tall it's fun" yuri said.

"well do you know kung fu" monkey said.

"no I don't know kung fu but when I was training to be soldier I was trained in knife combat and I was very good at it" yuri said.

"well maybe after lunch you can show us" shifu said.

"I don't know it can get very dangerous" yuri said.

"COME ON SHOW US" they all yelled.

"fine but I need a partner to help me" he said.

"I'll do it beside I owe you for trying to hurt you" tigress said.

When they finished tigress and yuri got up tigress got a knife then got ready to fight.

Tigress charged yuri just walked up to her, he grabbed the arm with knife and twisted and she dropped the knife and he picked it up and let her go she tried to get it back but he made a quick slash she dodged but he grabbed her right arm and brought the knife to her neck then let her go.

"that was AWESOME" po screamed.

"that was impressive yuri you have to show us how you did that" tigress said.

"I will but only if you teach me kung fu because a knife can only do so much" yuri said.

Tigress nodded in agreement and she got up and left for the training hall.

"yuri why don't you take off your coat and hat" po said reaching to grab his coat.

Yuri took out the knife and put it at his face and said "don't touch my coat or hat it's all I have left of my father."

Po backed up then yuri walked out to and climbed on the roof and just looked at the clouds until it was dark he jumped off then walked to the student barracks then tigress showed him his room and he walked in and went to sleep.

Everyone woke up but yuri they knew why he was probably was awake all day before he got to the palace.

But when tigress walked in his stuff was gone and so was he.

"yuri he is missing" she shouted.

They all took off trying to find him but when they got to the forest they saw him walking there.

"yuri why are you out here" tigress said.

"I have to go back to Russia I must try and stop victor even if I must give my life to stop him" he said.

"well I am coming with you no matter what you say you still need to learn kung fu" tigress said.

"fine but I can only take you because there aren't any cranes, monkeys, snakes, mantis', or panda were I live there is really only tigers" yuri said.

They all nodded but seemed sad to see them leave.

*Russia's border*

Yuri and tigress walked into Russia tigress quickly started shiver yuri gave her his coat.

He didn't shiver he even wasn't the slightest bit cold.

They walked to his old village and right when he got there he heard a voice he wish he never heard again.

"we'll if it isn't my favorite punching dummy" a wolf said as he walked from behind a building.

"get out of my face or I will cut it" yuri said.

"yuri who is this" tigress said.

"some jerk how thinks he is so cool because his dad is the police chief" yuri said.

"who is this your mom o that's right yours is dead" the wolf said laughing.

"THAT'S IT YOU DIE NOW" yuri said.

He pulled out his knife and slit the wolfs throught.

"anyone else want to push their luck" yuri said.

They all ran away from him "come on I just need to grab another coat then we will head for the capital" yuri said.

Yuri walked into a house and came out with a coat that looked like his and they walked to the capital.

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