Hello dear readers, sooooooooooooo i have been obsessively watching iron man 2 and i really just wanted to do an added scene to the scene we have all named, the roof scene. So it starts at right after their first kiss and Tony says run that by me again. I hope you all like this.

From the Roof to the Room

"I think it's weird. You guys look like two seals fighting over a grape." Came the voice breaking Tony and Pepper's reverie.

"Uh…"Tony said at a loss of words for the second time in his life.

"I had just quit so-". Pepper stumbled trying to form coherent words to justify their electrifying kiss to their friend.

"You don't have to do that. I heard the whole thing." Rhodey replied feeling only a twinge guilty for interrupting their, ten year overdue, kiss. Granted Tony had been an ass but Pepper, helped change him and he wasn't an ass as much anymore.

"You should get lost." Tony said pointing to him more than a little annoyed that Rhodey ruined his moment with Pepper. He glanced at Pepper then turned his body to Rhodey and wrapped his arm protectively and securely around Pepper placing his hand on her shoulder. As he felt her arm wrap around his waist he couldn't help but beam internally as his heart beat a little faster at her touch.

"I was here first. Get a roof." Rhodey defensively replied masking the happiness he felt for his friends. Tony laughed and answered him with a snide comment.

"I thought you were out of one liners." Tony replied smugly his arm still wrapped around Pepper.

"That's the last one." Rhodey responded.

"You kicked ass back there by the way." Tony said not hiding just how impressed he was with Rhodey's fighting.

"Thank you, you too." Rhodey said not denying the man in front of him and his best friend that not only saved their lives but also the world's, the props he deserved. "Listen , my car got taken out in the explosion, soo I'm gonna have to hang on to your suit for a minute, okay." Rhodey said not really wanting to depart with the suit quite yet.

"Not okay, not okay with that." Tony said shaking his head and pursing his lips with a displeasing tone in his voice.

"It wasn't a question." Rhodey replied standing up and blasting off into the sky.

As soon as Rhodey was gone Tony turned his full attention to Pepper and took her hands in his playfully asking," How are you gonna resign? I don't accept." Pepper laughed a laughed that made Tony's heart beat faster and closed the remaining distance between their lips until they were together again. She wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him longer and sweeter this time and most importantly without interruption from anyone.

As Pepper pulled back she leaned her forehead against his trying to catch her breath. "Don't think just because I kissed you doesn't mean you're off the hook for not telling me that you were dying or that I'm not mad that Natalie knew and not me."

"You mean Natasha. Why don't we talk back at home. I promise to have a glass of your favorite apple cider heated up for you." Tony said softly brushing his lips against hers.

"Don't think for one second that you can seduce me with hot apple cider." Pepper said.

"You want it don't you." Tony said smugly upon seeing the look that suddenly crossed her face when he mentioned cider, hunger.

"No." She said trying to remain stoic and not give in to Tony's bribe.

"Admit it." Tony sing sang kissing her lips briefly unable to get enough of the pleasnt sensation he felt every time her lips met his.

"Maybe." She relented shifting her feet and raising an eyebrow.

"Well then hang on Ms. Potts, we have a ways to travel to get to Malibu.."

"How about Cipriani." She said with a smile. "Let's just skip Malibu and go straight to Venice." She repeated this time placing a lingering kiss on his lips.

"Yeah but we need to stop and pack clothes." He said.

"Who said anything about leaving the room?" Pepper asked raising an eyebrow with a smile and placing another kiss on his lips that continued to entice her.

"Ms. Potts, what a dirty mind you have." Tony said playfully.

"Please MR. Stark you can't say you weren't thinking the same thing." Pepper said with a small laugh.

"I plead the fifth." He said with a smile.

"You can't plead the fifth this isn't a trial." Pepper said laughing light heartedly again. Right here with Tony she felt delirious. It was something she hadn't ever been able to say she felt with anyone else. When Tony came back from captivity she felt deliriously happy.

"I can't say anything else without my lawyer present."

"Which you won't get because I'm always the one who hires your lawyer.

"Well okay… fine then. What were we talking about again?" He asked confused.

"You wouldn't be able to last a day without me, Mr. Stark."

"You're right." He said softly placing his hand on her cheek. "I wouldn't be able to last a day without you by my side Pepper. I'd be completely lost without you to keep me on track and in line." He grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together and kissed her knuckles. He could see her heart flutter through her eyes. "Come on, let's blow this town up." He said softly nodding his head towards the direction of Venice.

"Well you already did that." She said with a smile still lost in thought at his stamen and the look that she had seen in her eyes. It wasn't something she had never seen in Tony before, love. Tony laughed and put his helmet back on. Tony wrapped his arms around Pepper's waist and locked eyes with her through the helmet. As the thrusters lifted the couple into the night sky off of the roof and toward Europe Tony could only think how things with Pepper were only going to get so much better.

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