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Jade West and Beck Oliver never knew each other. Jade is a girl with a heart disease and Beck Oliver is a beginner actor who's about to get married with a beautiful girl, Elizabeth Brown. What happens when those two different worlds collide because of a fatal car accident?

A 22- year- old, Jade West was lying peacefully on her hospital bed, waiting for her death. It may sound weird, but not for her. She used to be a normal girl, who had dreams before she was diagnosed with a fatal disease. The only way she could survive was heart transplantation. It was a dangerous and pricey surgery but money wasn't the problem. She sold her apartment to pay for it. The problem was that the hospital didn't have any hearts available. They tried hard to find one but sadly, they couldn't. They had some hearts but they weren't the right size and the nearest hospital didn't have hearts at all. Sadly, she had only some days left before her heart stops beating and ordering a heart from other countries was a two-week journey at least. So the only solution was… to let Jade die. Only a miracle could save her. She was staring at the white walls for days now. She refused to eat, to drink, to talk, to do anything. She wanted to die already, but something was holding her back. Someone to be exact. It was her only friend, Cat Valentine. She was her only friend because Jade was never accepted to the world. Her parents kicked her out of her house when she was 15 because they never believed in her dreams, people thought that she was a freak and boys never wanted to date her. Cat was the only one who was by her side. They were best friends since childhood. She was always there for her. Maybe they were friends because both of them weren't accepted by the world. Cat was so loyal to her that she even offered her heart to Jade, but of course, Jade didn't accept it. Cat had a loving family, a loving boyfriend, and Jade who needed her. Jade would never forgive herself if she let something bad happen to her. So the only thing she did was waiting. Waiting for her death. Waiting for the end of all this. She felt tears filling her eyes again and she tried to not let them fall. She had cried too many times about her future-death and she had promised herself to never show any weakness again. To anyone, not even Cat. There was no solution found for her problem so she had to be strong and cope with it. Apparently, despite her tries she always managed to get depressed. She would never get married nor have children. She would never manage to be famous and have a career as an actress. In some days, she wouldn't be able to even sing. She wouldn't speak, she wouldn't breath. She wouldn't exist in the word. She felt her sobs getting bigger so she tried to calm down before anyone could hear her. After several minutes, she heard the door of her room open and a nurse came in.

"Hello" she greeted her with a smile.

"Hi" answered Jade in a low voice.

"How are you feeling?" the nurse asked politely.

"Except the fact that I'm dying good" she accepted a look of sympathy from the nurse and then decided to ask "So any news? Someone willing to give a heart?" she questioned reluctantly already knowing the answer.

"No sweetie. But don't loose hope" she answered after a brief second.

"Sure" replied Jade and turned her head away from the nurse's gaze. After two minutes, she was alone. Again. Cat had promised to visit her today but she hadn't still appeared. God loneliness could kill. It made the situation even more unbearable. She looked the ceiling for the millionth time these days. White, blank, cold ceiling. Even she would never admit it, the only thing she needed was a warm hug. A person to lean on. A sun to light up her life. Still the only thing she could hear was steps outside her room. Steps that faded while Jade's eyes started to close and the dark came to take place in her vision. She always loved dark. Many people could think she is a freak. But she just loved dark. She found something warm in it. She could make pictures in her head, she could remember her most favorite times in her life, and she could concentrate without being distracted. Yeah dark was warm and both the only advantage of her future situation.

"At least I will have a friend," she thought and let sleep take her away from her thoughts.

Meanwhile only a few blocks away a young woman, Elizabeth Brown was picking a wedding dress for her wedding with a young man, Beck Oliver. He was an actor, he wasn't so well known but he still had fans. They were dating since high school and they waited for their wedding to happen since then. Elizabeth was the girl everyone liked. She was nice, polite, sweet, kind, loyal… She had so many warmth inside her. She was everything Beck could wish for. Her friends were waiting outside the dressing room while Elizabeth was trying on the dress that she thought it was the perfect one. That was the reason they came there after all.

"I'll take this one" She said to the lady who worked there, while she spun around to take a look at the back side. The lady smiled widely and nodded, before leaving.

"You look amazing!"


"He will love it!" Her best friends were with her. In a couple of days she would be officially called Mrs. Oliver. She was more that excited. It was the day she waited the most. She was going to spend her whole life with Beck. The guy who loved her more that his own life. And of course she loved him back too. He was the person who was always by her side. She would do anything for him. Anything to make him happy. He made her believe in things she never did. Like love with first sight. Or that your boyfriend can be your best friend as well. She was perfect for him and he was perfect for her. He was everything she could dream for. After paying, Elizabeth and her friends exited the store with big smiles. As they left, they went for a coffee. She then had scheduled to meet Beck. Only a few more days before they would marry and she loved him so much. So did Beck. He had told her so many times. Beck knew that this girl was the love of his life. He had never felt like this before. That's why he decided to marry her. His best friends Tori and Andre would be their maid of honor and groomsman. And while he was lying on his bed waiting for his girl to call him and thinking about their future, back in the hospital, Jade suddenly woke up with a terrible pain in her chest, like her heart was about to blow like a balloon. She groaned loudly which made Cat, who had come a couple of hours ago to visit her, jump from her sleep, and wake up.

"Someone call a doctor," Cat yelled seeing Jade in such pain. Then she ran out of the room, screaming. In seconds, the doctors came in and took Jade away. Jade was screaming in pain. It was the worst pain anyone could imagine. Death seemed like paradise to her that second. Cat sat in the corridor waiting for her friend to come back, crying. She was almost drawling in her tears. She hoped that this would not be the last time she saw her. She played with her finger and silently prayed that Jade was ok. She couldn't lose her, she was her best friend actually her only real friend! She loved her. She was a best friend but also she was like a sister. She was the person she trusted her deepest secrets to. She was the person who always helped her get ready to school. She was the person who's shoulder she was crying into when she had her first break up. She was more than a best friend. So she wished that Jade was strong enough so that she would survive and come back to hug her. Liz on the other hand was very happy. Beck was on his way to the café and her friends left. That meant more free time for her and Beck. She looked around searching for him before checking the time again. He was late for 5 minutes. Suddenly she felt someone's strong hands close her eyes softly.

"Guess who?" He said with his sweet voice. She took his hands of her eyes smiling, turned to face him and placed a big kiss on his lips. After they broke their sweet kiss, he sat down.

"How was the audition?" she asked while she took a sip of her coffee.

"I don't know. They said they will call me" He said.

"I'm sure you'll get that part. You're the best actor ever!" She said sweetly. Beck smiled in response. Soon a waiter approached the table.

"Would you like anything Sir?" He asked Beck.

"Yeah. I will have a cappuccino" The waiter nodded before he left.

"I'm so excited baby!" She said all of the sudden.

"I know" He replied chuckling.

"In two days I'll become Mrs. Oliver!" He smiled.

"Then we will have baby Olivers!" She exclaimed happily. He was just 23, he wasn't ready for kids yet, but he loved her so much that he didn't care. He felt like she was the one and only. He would do anything for her. Including kids. She loved kids and if that was what she wanted she would get that. Back in the hospital, Cat was rocking back and forth praying quietly for Jade to be ok. She looked at the doors once in a while to check if her doctor was coming out. Suddenly the doors opened and Jade's doctor approached Cat with a serious look on his face. This was never good. She could feel it. Something bad was going to happen. Something really bad.

"Cat Valentine?" He asked. She nodded.

"Is Jadey ok?" She mumbled as she looked in his eyes. He looked serious and sad. Cat knew that it wasn't a good sign. It was never a good sign.

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