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Jade was lying on the bed when she sensed another pain in her heart more intense than the previous one. That machine made a stupid noise that made Jade want to tap her ears. But she couldn't even move. She didn't have the strength. She felt her senses slowly fade away and dark came to accompany her. The last thing she heard before she passed out were quick step and doctors yelling outside her door.

"Another person that God decided to take his life" Jade thought and then she fell into the dark passages of death. Or so she thought. Because suddenly she heard Cat by her side telling her to not give up and live for her. She was begging her to give a sign that she was alive but Jade couldn't. She had neither the voice nor the strength. She wanted to yell that she was alive and she wanted to live and that no one could take her life from her hands but a deep voice – the doctor's- stated the obvious.

"This is the end" she heard him say and then she felt like she was moving. Was it the end? Was it really the end of everything? The machine stopped its disturbing noise. When? Jade lost truck of time. Her senses started to fade again like a drug got into her veins and took them from her.

"No I want them back. I want to live" she shouted inside her mind but she felt dazzled. So she gave up and let her soul out of her body.

Meanwhile three hours had passed since Liz's last call and Beck started to get worried. A conversation with her parents never took more than an hour. He had already called her three times but she didn't answer. That's when his phone rang and he saw Liz's number.

"Thank God" he thought and then answered "Babe? Why did it take so long?"

"I'm sorry are you Beck?" Beck heard a deep voice. It was a man's voice.

"Hello? Who is it?"

"I'm… you must be Miss Elizabeth's friend right?"

"Her future husband. What is going on?

"Oh I'm Mrs. Elizabeth had an accident…." Silence "Did I listen well?" thought Beck "Liz? My Liz had an accident?"

"Mr. Beck I'm sure you are shocked now but-"

"Where is she?" Beck interrupted him shouting "Where is my Liz?"

By the time Beck got in the hospital he ran to the reception to ask where Liz was and then to the corridor. They didn't let him in. He couldn't go by her side and hold her hand. With his head in his hands he cursed the fact that the minute she needed him the most he couldn't be with her. He felt helpless, insignificant, and useless. Then he decided to call Tori and Andre. They were by his side in a matter of time. So did Liz's parents. They all waited and waited. Time flew by but no one came out. Tori started crying harder and Andre hugged her and tried to stop her sobs. Beck couldn't cry. He couldn't leave her yet. She was the love of his life. The reason to live. How could this happen to them? And only a couple of days before getting married. Before starting a life together and forever. No she was strong she could do it. He believed in her so much. She would survive and in a couple of days she would be officially Mrs. Oliver. Nothing could stop that. That was when a doctor came out of the room. No his face wasn't happy not even serious. It was sad and devastated.

"Bad news isn't it?" thought Beck but asked him "How is she?"

"I'm very sorry we did everything we could do. But we couldn't save her"

Silence. Shock. Disappointment. Cry. Devastation.

Beck could hear the loud cries beside him but couldn't believe what he heard.

"You… can't. You of all people. You… our last chance… can't save her" tears started filling his eyes and then he started shouting "YOU CAN'T SAVE THE ONLY REASON I'M LIVING? THIS IS WHAT YOU TELL ME? "

"Please don't shout I know it's hard for you-"

"HARD? HARD? SHE MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME! AND YOU CAN'T BRING HER BACK" he started crying again. Four hands started hugging him and crying in the same time. Tori and Andre. He got away from their grip and started speaking again.

"Go back inside and save her. Go and get her. I want her alive" he murmured anger and tears both flowing in his face.

"Sir you have to understand that we can't do anything. The battle is lost. She can't live anymore. She is… dead" the word came out of the doctor's mouth making Beck inconsolable. Liz… dead. The doctor started speaking again but Beck couldn't hear him. Oh god his Liz was dead. He wouldn't see her anymore. It was the end. Everything was lost. His life was nothing without her. He was dead among with her. His soul was dead.

"Mr.? Do you hear me?" asked the doctor.

"No I can't. I lost my girl. My whole life" Beck murmured.

"I understand but please try to understand me too. This girl needs help"

"What girl? What are you talking about?"

"There's a girl that is dying. Actually she has 1 or less hour and her heart is going to stop. All this time we're searching for heart but we couldn't find one suitable. But your girlfriend's heart is not damaged and it's the size we need. Are you willing to give her heart to save one life?"

"WHAT are you talking about? I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna get her back to life and you want to give her heart to another person?" he shouted again but then he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Liz's mother. Caroline Brown.

"Beck calm down. Please" she said her eyes red from crying then she murmured to the doctor "is this girl really in that danger?"

"Yes Mrs. She is in great danger and she might die in any second" the doctor had a serious look on his face now.

"Beck you know that Liz wanted to give one of her organs to people that needed them"

"What do you suggest Mrs. Brown? You want me to let him take another part from her? He took her life! You want her heart too?" Beck said to the doctor now.

"Beck you should think clear. It wasn't him that took her life. He indeed tried to save her. But there are times that we can't help even if we try our best to" Mrs. Brown whispered with both her hands on Beck's face. That seemed to calm him down.

"Doctor I'm sorry for my… outburst. So there is no chance that my girl will survive?" he asked one more time.

"I'm afraid no. I'm very sorry" the doctor said in a sad face.

"Then take it. Take her heart and give it to the girl that needs it" he said trying to stop himself from crying.

"This is one of the most courageous decisions a man could do mister. You made a great act today. Also you have to sign these papers" He signed them, his hand trembling and him trying not to collapse right on the doctor's shoulder.

"Yeah at least one can be saved" Beck said and when the doctor got away he collapsed on the floor. He cried and cried so much. He hit the floor with his fist not caring who will see him. He never cried in public but right now, he didn't care. He lost the love of his life. His reason to live. He didn't know what would happen next. From all his crying and screaming the doctors had to inject him a special medicine to make him sleep. At first it made him angrier but soon he felt dizzy before his eyes started to close. His head seemed so heavy. He felt like the floor was pulling him closer. But in real it was just the medicine. He was falling asleep. The last thing he felt was someone lifting him before his world went black. When he woke up he saw the doctor who told him the bad news next to him.

"Can I see her one last time?" was the first thing he asked. Doctor shook his head sadly.

"Please? It's the last thing I want to do" He asked. The doctor gave up.

"Fine. You can see her after the surgery. And only for five minutes" he said.

"Thanks doc" The doctor nodded and exited the room. He turned to the other side to look out of the window. It was raining heavily.

"Even the sky is crying" He said to himself. Suddenly the door opened and his best friends came in.

"Hey man. Feeling any better?" Andre asked.

"Do I look better?" He snapped.

"Beck, I know you're crashed now but you don't have to be so arrogant to us" Tori tried to relax him.

"I'm not crushed Tori! I'm devastated! She was the love of my life! She was everything that I wanted! Now go! Leave me alone! Leave me die!" He shouted. They exchanged a look and got out of the room quietly. He stood from his bed and went to look outside the window. The sky was grey and it was raining hard. He saw a small kid on the road passing the street and a car almost hit him but the driver stopped. Then his mother run into the road to catch him as the driver got out checking if the kid was hurt. That reminded him Liz again. If she died in the car accident, so there has be another driver, he thought. As he thought that there was another driver, he wanted to kill him if he wasn't already dead. Why did he not stop? Why did he have to kill her? He felt tears forming in his eyes. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't fold them back. He started crying hysterically with no stop. Soon the doctor came in and Beck turned to face him.

"You can go and see her but remember only for 5 minutes" the doctor reminded him. Beck nodded and got up. As soon as he went to the corridor he saw his friends and Liz's parents. They gave him a nod. He took a deep breath and opened the door. There was lying Liz. His Liz. But she wasn't as he wanted to see her. She was different. Pale. Dead.

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