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"Harry, dear...I think it might be best that you return home" Esme Cullen told a coal haired teenage boy that had a look of disbelief on his face. They knew that he HATED being alone, and they also knew of the nightly nightmares he had if not in the company of someone during the night.

"Oh, you mean just for a couple of days?" Harry asked already knowing what the answer would be, he had seen it coming the moment Edward had come home ranting about a girl named Bella Swan and that her blood "sang" to him. He had listened as the vampire ranted and raved about her and what she did to him, which only broke his heart even more. He had been in serious crush mode, and even love with his broody vampire best friend, although he had been spending less and less time with Harry for months and the mere mortal couldn't figure out what he had done or even said that had led to the distancing between the pair of them, and also the rest of the family. Alice had been giddy for weeks about "the new girl" and how they would become the "best of friends" and that their futures were going to be entwined, something that Harry had thought he was to the pixie like vampire, it was then that he had begun to wonder if the Cullens had ever thought of him as part of the family at all.

"No, I mean you should return back to your house on a permanent basis" and it was then that Harry's heart shattered, Bella Swan had won. She had told him that when it came down to picking between the pair of them, she would be the one to win and she was right it seemed. Harry just picked up his book bag that had been laying at his feet up and turn around and walked right out of the house. He never heard Esme calling after him or even notice that Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett all stood at the door of the house watching as the tiny teen marched his way down the wet road that was the driveway for the Cullen residence with pained looks on their faces. Tears sprung up as he walked further and further away from the one place besides Hogwarts that he could call home. As he reached the end of the driveway, he pulled out his iPod, an item he bought himself, stuck in the "Beats" headphones and began to play music to the loudest degree, he had a long hike ahead of him and he in no way wanted anything from the Cullen household, even the car that the family had gotten him since he was forever walking back and forth from his small cottage in the neutral territory between Forks and the La Push Reservation and to the Cullen household, deep within the forest surrounding Forks. Harry had never really gotten the chance to make the small cottage his home, but it seemed that this would be the case now. As Harry made it to the main street; that would lead into town, a sleek Silver Volvo went speeding by in the other direction, never once slowing down or even stopping as they noticed the figure that was making their way into town and then places unknown. It was as Harry neared the edge of town that he heard the roar of a motorcycle coming up behind him over the loud music that was playing in his headphones, which was a major feat in itself since they tended to block out any and every thing, something that Harry thanked the Gods for. In most occasions it blocked out Emmett and his crude language something that Harry had little taste for since he had, had to deal with Seamus on a day to day basis for seven years. Edward on the other hand couldn't get to his thoughts since it seemed that his thoughts were spoken in Parseltongue, a language that drove the broody teenaged vampire nuts.

"Whatever you want Emmett, I don't care" Harry said before the bike revved its engine as if trying to gain his full attention.

"Emmett I said, I don't care. I don't need a caretaker to make it home especially not by you or any of the Cullens. You made your decision, now leave me alone..." at the word home, his voice cracked just a little bit for which he hoped that whoever was behind him wouldn't notice.

"Emmett, I said..." Harry words died on his lips when he turned and saw that it was not in fact not Emmett Cullen but some unknown person, that looked to be from the La Push Reservation if the insignia on their helmet was anything to go by. Harry had been told by the Cullens on multiple occasions to not deal with the 'wet dogs' if he didn't have to. They tended to be a hot headed bunch and accidents could and would occur if you weren't careful around them.

"I'm nobody's Emmett, that's for sure"

"No, sorry about that. I thought you were someone else"

"So I noticed" the man on the motorcycle said almost at ease with straddling the machine that was still running and talking to him as if this was an everyday occurrence for a man on a motorcycle to be talking to a boy that looked to be walking in the rain from some unknown location.

"Where you headed and in this rain, walking no less?"

"Home" Harry said, his tongue having a hard time saying the word when the cottage that was legally where he lived was nothing but an empty shell that he had never personalized, even though the goblins made sure that he had adequate living quarters, which meant the place may not look like much on the outside but on the inside every room in the house had all been painted white, a "blank slate" the goblins had told him this was a chance for him to live the way that he wanted to live, to pick his favorite colors and not what was expected of him, like the famous Gryffindor red and gold, colors that wore on nerves he didn't know he had. And since he didn't need to use his wand he wouldn't have to worry about Dumbledore or Voldemort coming to find him, at least quickly or easily. Now the Cullens tossed him to the side because Edward had found himself a life mate or so he thought. He was now finally getting a chance to decorate the place, something that Harry both loved and hated the idea of. He loved the idea of putting his stamp on something that was his now, not something that had been handed down to him broken by his Aunt or Uncle or even worse by some totally random person that he had never met and all for defeating a man that was very much alive and very much active in the takeover of the magical world, there was now also a bitterness to it because that meant that Edward and the Cullens had chosen their next member and it wasn't him, as he had thought it would have been, as he had been told by the Sire himself but now instead it was Bella Swan. A girl that presented herself at being the most plain, boring and whinny, when she wanted to be which was pretty much all time, and also at the present moment had no idea that she was dating a vampire and that she was spending time with a werewolf due to the lineage that the boy came from, and to add insult to injury Bella had even partially began to stay over the Cullen household since she had used the "she had didn't have nightmares with Edward nearby her" card to which almost every vampire in the household fell for. The lie had clearly worked much better than she had probably planned for since Harry had been kicked out of the room that he lived since he had befriended the odd family. Instead Harry stuff was now packed up and placed in an unused room over the garage, almost as if he meant nothing or had been a novelty to the Cullen Coven, something to play with and throw away when they tired of him and his issues, which he clearly had.

"And home would be?" The guy asked eyeing the small teen and wondering who would dare leave someone like Harry alone on a long strip of vacant road where a lot could go wrong. This may be Forks, but things could still happen, even with a coven of vampires and werewolves patrolling the surrounding area.

"The Seam" Harry had found out the place that where he lived was called the Seam it was where neutral area between the territory the vampires claimed as their and the shape-shifting werewolves that patrolled the area that they claimed as theirs was located.

"You live there?" The guy on the motorcycle asked his helmet now sitting on the not running motorcycle.

"Yeah, I've not lived there for very long."

"So you're the newbie on the block, Welcome to Forks" the unknown man said to Harry very sarcastically, he didn't seem to think that Harry was best "hoofin' it" all the way to who knew where.

"Something like that. I think that if you were to welcome someone in it would be Isabella Swan." Harry said bitterly, there was nothing like the bitter taste that he had in his mouth for Isabella Swan and her amazing acting job. She seemed a boring person but she wasn't she on the sly talked to Jessica about how great it is to have a boyfriend with money, he, himself was unsure of how the vampires never noticed; but that was no longer his concern.

"So do you want a ride, you have quite a ways to go and then there is the walk from town to the Seam." In all reality he noticed the bitter sound of the small teens voice and wanted to change the subject as quickly as possible.

"Uh, um,"

"I don't bite"

"Much" the pair of them said at the same time.

"Sure, I'm quite over with being a broody teenager, what's happened, happened and they will reap what they sow"

"That so cool coming from you, it's gotta be the accent. All formal and stuff" the man said in a horrible imitation of British accents. Harry laughed and then spoke,



"Well nice to meeting you Paul, I would be delighted to get a ride with you." Harry said just for the comment that Paul has just said.

"See! See! If I were try that on the girls around the reservation, I be getting somewhere, but alas it is not to be; so get on and hold on" Paul said before Harry made his way over to the motorcycle and waited to be directed of further instruction.

"Get on behind me, okay?" Paul asked/told Harry as he swung his leg over the bike and started it back up. It was then that Harry got on and they rode away; there was no one not even a vampire that watched the trek from their starting point and if Harry actually would make it to his home in the Seam. The ride was uneventful and Paul dropped Harry off at the only house that lay in the Seam, "the small cabin in the woods."

"Thank you"

"Not a problem, you seem about high school age, you got any wheels to get you back and forth? Then again, how old are you?" Harry let out a sigh, he was tiny and that was saying something since Alice loved dressing him up each and every morning, he was her grown doll, Harry guessed that would be Bella's new position in life.

"I'm eighteen"

"Quit trying to lie your way out of this one, how old are you?"

"Eighteen, my Aunt and Uncle didn't like me much so this is what you get spend eighteen bloody years with them." Harry summed up, he was in no way wanted to discuss the abuse that he received from his Aunt and Uncle and he certainly didn't know if Paul was a shape-shifting werewolf or not. Saying you went to a magical boarding school just wouldn't fly with normal people.

"Sorry for bringing it up and I believe you now"

"Thank you, well I'm going to head in. I have a lot of work to do"

"Yeah, I should probably make it the rest of the way to La Push before they send out the search party." Harry wasn't sure on if the saying had a double meaning or if he was joking around.

"I appreciate the ride" Harry said before he went into the cottage and surveyed the true work of Magic. The goblins had been so used to being called nasty things and treated the same way, that Harry was a gem not to be forgotten, and so they had done everything possible to get him out of the way of two warlords that never battled while he was at Hogwarts. Instead the goblins took him out of the whole situation and placed him here, where you had a tribe of shape-shifting werewolves and a coven of vampires. Harry leaned his cold, wet body on the front door and finally began to cry in earnest, there was no one to hear him cry so he did so with abandonment. It felt like he was the problem and no one wanted him, first his parents die and then Dumbledore ships him to a loveless home, where he is beaten and starved for days on in, only to go to Hogwarts and battle with Voldemort on a yearly basis and then being told that his godfather Sirius Black needed some time to get over his stay on Azkaban. Then add in the fact that people had started to demand that he strike the final blow to someone he never really even knew. So who he thought were his best friends, were the ones agreeing with that the masses were saying, "Boy-Who-Lived" over and over and over again. It was then that the goblins came and literally swept him and his trunk off their feet, and gave him this one last chance of being a normal person, if one can say they are normal by using magic.

"Never again, never again" Harry began to bang his head on the door, numbing the heartache he felt with real pain. There was no use in crying anymore, the Cullens would reap what they sowed and he wasn't going to buy anything from them that was for sure. When his body began to shake he realized he was cold and wet and there was no need for him to stay that way, the shower alone could up Draco Malfoy and his Manor. So Harry got up and made his way around the cottage, remembering days of Edward coming over to help with his sleep, so some of it had already been personalize but it oddly felt like Edward and Alice and that would have to fixed as soon as possible, the furniture going to a women's shelter or something. He certainly didn't it if he felt that way about the furniture. In Harry's room was the one room that he hadn't let Edward try and touch. He asked as many times as he was over, no this was his sanctuary not the cover of some magazines that Alice and Esme were always poring over. The room was grand but the items in it seemed so small compared to the room. He had owled the goblins as soon as he could to thank them and they only replied that "We protect our own, and he need not thank them it was only something they did so happily."

"Shower then clothes" Harry said to the empty room as he left a trail of clothing as he went to the bathroom that was as grand as the bedroom. It has been hard to try to explain to Edward what all the handles did in the shower one day when he went in there to get a towel for drying out of a heavy rainstorm they were having. He did eventually did tell the Cullens about his magical abilities, Emmett had bugged him for days for him to do something only to get what he wanted. He was no longer needed a wand, he thought it was all that time that spent locked up at his Aunt and Uncle incanting spells to see if he could remember all of the spells he could. It would seem Fate allowed him this one boon and he was lifting a piece of paper up in the air. Now he knew better to tell this little fact so he kept it his little secret.

Once in the bathroom did Harry turn handles and then stepped into the shower that would relieve him of his stress. So the Cullens wanted Bella they could have her, but when they truly learn why she was with Edward, he wouldn't accept an apology, no he would just turn the other way like they had done to him. After his shower Harry made his way to the walk-in closet that had clothing from very prominent designer and he got them from the goblins, no less! He found a pair of sweatpants and a Slytherin t-shirt that he loved to wear around the house and to school. He had started some sort of kick that most of the girls took up to make shirts that had no meaning; only in his case it was true. Now he was happy that the goblins did not leave any of the other Hogwarts houses, just his private stash of what he had and he figured if he had a stash of Slytherin t-shirt then the goblin were a powerful bunch and people need not metal in their realm. After getting dressed Harry made this way back to the living room to make some phone calls, he was getting rid of all things Cullen and that meant the furniture had to go and soon. Who would care if he didn't make it to school tomorrow, he had better and more important things to do. He would drive to Port Angels and check out what they had there and if not Port Angels he would go on to Seattle proper and hope that he wouldn't be recognized and turned in. It was worth a shot, after that he found his keys to start his drive an owl came for him and it was carrying what looked like a heavy box full something. Harry ran to the window and opened it for the snowy white owl, he had to leave Hedwig back in Britain but it seems the goblins can do many a great thing for you if you didn't judge them by their surly exterior.