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~~~~~~~~~Hard Rain Café & Mercantile~~~~~~~

"What are you doing here? Or specifically what are you doing here with Edward?" Bella said stomping into the door and going to the aisle where Harry currently was standing looking at a loaf of bread.

"You won't win don't you realize that? Edward is mine, and it would do you well to remember that. Nothing that you do will keep him, I have my ways." Bella said smug that she would soon have Edward back where he needed to be which was by her side.

"Bella" Edward said walking up behind her catching the spiteful words that she was throwing at Harry. Bella face drained of color at hearing Edward's voice. She was in the hot seat now, she hadn't planned on being caught but it seemed that she had. Now she needed to do damage control.

"Edward" Bella said spinning around and plastering on a smile, hoping that Edward would realize that her words were true about Harry. He really had no chance with Edward, once she got some more of the potion that she required. Bella couldn't wait for Saturday to come soon enough, which was only a few hours away.

"Apologize" Edward said crossing his arms across his chest, looking everything that vampires were painted to be. It made Bella hot under the collar, although she didn't know that Edward was in 'alpha vampire mode'. Harry on the other hand was totally embarrassed, he could fight his own battles but it seemed that Edward had different ideas.

"Edward" Bella whined acting as if they were still going out.

"Apologize" Edward said again this time staring directly at Bella, knowing that he was making her very uncomfortable if the flushed face was anything to go by.

"Edward" Bella whined once again, instead of sticking around Harry grabbed two loafs of bread and made his way as quietly as possible away from the scene.

"Apologize" Edward said before pinching the bridge of his nose, a very human movement that he need not do.

"Fine" Bella huffed before turning around and seeing that Harry was no longer in the aisle ahead of her.

"Where'd he go?" Bella said not at all happy with the ways things were going with Edward.

"Harry" Edward called out multiple times before he heard Harry whisper that he didn't want to be close to Bella and to just let her go on her way.

"Well where is he?" Bella asked Edward to which she got glare from Edward that normally wouldn't happen.

"Just go" Edward said attempting to get rid of Bella now that Harry had said he didn't want to be bothered with the girl.

"No, no…I want to apologize" Bella said sneering at Edward, she just didn't see what made Harry special but she knew that she was going have to show both Edward and his family of that fact and once they realized that Harry as nothing special they would welcome her with open arms.

"No, just go"

"Bella" Jessica called from the door. This made Bella want to scream, couldn't things just work out for once in her favor?

"Jessica" Bella said spinning around and giving the girl a fake smile.

"Mike and the rest are going to the beach before the game, you want to come?" Jessica asked, she had stopped into the store to grab a water when she saw Bella standing with her back towards the door with Edward besides her.

"Oh, sure" Bella said knowing that there was no way to get out of going unless she wanted to tell a lie about how her dad was sick or something and she didn't see that happening.

"Oh great then" Jessica said before grabbing a water from the refrigerator case and making her way towards the check out.

"Edward" Bella said while Jessica got her water, only to see where Edward used to stand was nothing but air. Bella stomped her foot, he had gotten away from her before she could even ask him to go to the beach with them.

"Ready?" Jessica asked looking at Bella bit funny. Something was really going with her and for the life of Jessica she could figure out what it was.

"Yeah, yeah. Did you see where Edward went?"

"Nope can't say that I can" Jessica said now standing back at the door waiting for Bella to make her way towards where Jessica now stood.

"Let's get going. Mike has to leave early so do you by any chance have your truck with you?"


"Oh you should bring it to the beach."

"Okay, sure" Bella was not at all happy. First she sees Edward driving Griffin's car, then Griffin ends up disappearing on her before she could say anything more to him and then Edward catches her in the act of cutting Harry down to size, which wasn't very big to begin with and now the thing that made her want to pull her hair out was the fact that she had, had Edward but Jessica seemed to help him disappear.

Meanwhile Harry and Edward hung out in a back corner of the store making sure that Jessica and especially Bella didn't see them. He hadn't thought that while out he would run into the possibility of having to deal with Bella, Harry had just plain forgotten if he was honest. It was so nice being with Edward that he had forgotten the situation at hand. Harry had forgotten that he wasn't a normal teen in Forks that had normal things to deal with, no he had two men out for his blood while a godfather that wanted him to be a good little 'James Jr.' and follow in his father's footsteps.

"You okay?" Edward asked Harry, he could tell that his mate was shaken up but for some reason he couldn't seem to figure out what it was that had made his mate change so drastically.

"No, no I'm not." Harry told Edward honestly, he wasn't okay. It would only take one person to bring down the whole mirage that he had painted for the town of being an orphaned yet rich and of age teenager that felt that he needed to finish his education in the U.S. instead of in the United Kingdom. The town's people had lapped it up when he had sold the story and for one of 'them' as he began calling them to come and disassemble the whole spider wed of tales about his time while at Hogwarts and his time in primary school, with no mention of the lack thereof a parental figure in his past. His web looked more like that of a fishing net of thin yet flexible fishing line more than that of a real spider web. The hat may have wanted to put him in Slytherin but there were some things that he would never be good at and one of them would be falsifying certain information that should people ask for he would be unable to produce. He sadly was no Lucius Malfoy and had no Ministry Officials at his beck-and-call to make papers should he require them. People were bound to ask and he knew that if too many did at one time his net could and would fall apart or worse yet have the two meet each other something that Harry didn't think anyone would benefit from that be that wizard, vampire, or muggle alike.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked as he heard Bella heavy breathing as if she was waiting for him to show up for some reason. Edward didn't plan to show his face until he could calm Harry down and he didn't see that happening within the next few minute which is what Bella was probably hoping would happen.

"One wrong move, just one and everything could be gone. You. Me. Everything. Gone."

"Harry you have to know that my family and I will fight until the death to make sure that you are protected from those that seek to do you harm even if that is Bella Swann and/or the wizards that are looking for you." Edward told his mate. He knew that pretty words would do nothing to alleviate the fears that Harry had against Wizarding Great Britain coming and finding him and sending him back out into a battle and onto a battlefield that he was wholly unprepared for but it was nice to see that Edward truly did seem to care.

"They'll take you too and think nothing of it. Once they find out that you and the rest of your family have powers they will use you all in any way possible to get what they want and if that if that means me defeating the Dark Lord then so be it." Edward just stared at Harry, how these people could stoop so low as to try and get Harry to do their bidding just by promising hardships to those that he cared about?


"No, you don't understand. I can't let them do that to you, I won't allow them to do that to you. They will use you until you aren't of value anymore and they will make sure you aren't of value as soon as possible." Harry worried what the old man and the Order would do to the vampires once they had been found out. He didn't think that the old man would be as lenient as he had been with Lupin, but that was because he was a student at the time.

"Well they won't win, not this time and not ever" Edward said a determined look on his face, there was just no way that he was going to let go of his mate now that he had him, even with Bella and her scheme's.

"Edward there are only a couple of a different ways to make sure that I am protected against them and none of them I see you or your family being able to do."

"Harry…." Edward was cut off by Bella it seemed that the girl had gotten tired of waiting for him and so she had begun to call out his name with the hope that Edward wouldn't like the attention that she was no doubt bringing to the vampire that was in the small store.

"Edward" Bella called out again and then waited as if expecting Edward to come at the call of his name but instead Edward sighed at the voice that was calling out his name. It was like the pair of them could never get a break it seemed, but Edward had a plan and he was certain that Carlisle along with the rest of the coven would be willing to go along with the plan, but the major sticking point would be the wolves but Edward figured after some explaining to the pack they would allow for this one exception.

"Just go, I'll finish up here and we can meet up at the car in about thirty minutes or so" Harry knew that Bella wouldn't give up until she had her time with Edward even if it was only to hear from Edward once again that they were no longer together she would take it.

"No that is exactly what she wants to happen. I show up alone and she will assume that I have ditched you to be with her and then she will figure that I am going to the beach with them, even though I don't plan on it and can't since it is in La Push territory." Edward looked at Harry and realized that he was actually right; Bella would do nearly anything to make it look like they were back together.

"Edward" Bella called out one more time, she only had a limited amount of time to get Edward to show up and be on her arm before they made their way to the beach. She so didn't want to go but she figured that she could get some alone time with Edward, it would make for the perfect rumor mill material. Edward and Bella, back on? This would be perfect material to set her plan into motion. She would meet with the old lady tomorrow and get the trinkets and from there she would start to dose Edward and soon things would be the way that they should have been to begin with. That being; she on Edward's arm and Harry Griffin back out of the picture as he should have been in the first place.

"Bella are you coming?" Jessica asked from the doorway, she had figured that Bella was right behind her when she had left the store but it seemed she had been incorrect in that assumption.

"Yeah, yeah….right behind you" Bella said her eyes doing one final sweep of the small store to see if she could find Edward or at the very least Harry since that meant that meant that Edward wouldn't be far behind.

"Well come on!" Jessica said knowing that Mike would leave her if she didn't hurry up, although if Mike knew that Bella was coming he would wait all day, something that bothered her to no end. They were always on again, off again but if it ever came down to it she knew that Mike would in the end choose Bella over her any day of the week.

"Okay, okay…..here I come" Bella said finally giving up on trying to get a chance to talk to Edward before heading off to the beach with Jessica and the rest of the crew.

"She and Jessica are gone" Edwards said once the smell of Jessica's low-quality perfume along with Bella's heavy breathing left the shop.

"Will she ever give up?" Harry asked, he already knew the answer but had hoped that at some point in time Bella would give up the idea of she and that she and Edward a give up the perfect couple in Forks.

"You already know the answer to that Harry" Edward said before peeking out of the window and watching as Bella's truck followed Jessica's car and Mike's truck.

"Harry, let's get you and these groceries home before Jessica or Bella see you and or me going back to your house." Edward said before they had their way to the checkout and then outdoors to where the old women of Forks were seated watching the town for any new rumors that they could start.

"Young Cullen? Is that you? I thought you'd be at the beach with Bella?"

"No I hadn't planned on going to the beach with Bella."

"She seemed almost certain that you would be going to the beach with them."

"Rest assured I will not be going to the beach with them."

"Why not?"

"Edward" Harry whispered, he wasn't too sure on why Edward was spending his time explaining why he was or wasn't going to the beach with Bella to the old women of Forks but he really didn't see the need for Edward to as nice as he was being.

"If you'll excuse us" Edward said as he took a step back and guided Harry along to where his mini was parked waiting for the pair of them to load up the groceries that had been purchased just moments before.

"Oh my look at the time. I hadn't realized how late it had become, I have bridge club to get ready for."

"Then please let us not delayed any further" Edward said to the group of women that were sitting outside watching the town.

"Edward" Harry said he wasn't really sure what was going on but it seemed almost as if the women of the town were looking for some sort of information about Bella and Edward's relationship or lack thereof one.

"Just get in the car Harry please" Edward said to Harry as he finished loading up the groceries in the trunk of the car, Edward made his way to the driver side of the car. The old women watched as Edward backed up the car and took off out of town towards where Harry lived, it was noticeable that the women were watching as they had all stood up and were watching the car as it sped off as usual when Edward was driving.

"It seems as if Bella has the whole town wrapped around her little finger. What I don't seem to understand is why she continues her quest of being the next Mrs. Cullen."

"Edward, you're perfect in every way, you're what every girl wants, and what every guy wants to be. You know that, your whole family knows that you all are perfect. Vampires you may be but you still are what humans consider the perfect person." Harry said to Edward blushing bright red as he spoke, he knew that Edward would probably make fun of him later for his words but he knew that they needed to have been said. Bella would never stop in this plan that she had in her mind that she and Edward were to be together, the perfect couple living the perfect life.

"Perfect?" Edward said giving Harry a sidelong glance. Did his mate actually think he was perfect? Edward knew better than to push Harry. The small teen was very shy about the words that he spoke when he did speak. Edward got no response from his mate, which answered the question that he had just asked. The rest of the ride was made with idle chitchat about either school and/or the going ons in the town.

Edward pulled into the covered parking spot, and then began to unload the trunk of the car of the groceries that had been purchased in town. Harry on the other hand stood there and watched in wonder, how Edward could do such a human thing and yet not needing one item inside the bags that he carried.

"Well come on this stuff up put itself away" Edward said to Harry, this got Harry moving to the inside of the house and into the kitchen. Once inside Harry made quick work of emptying the bags and Edward watched his mate move about the kitchen in an efficient manner.

Edward wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day with his mate, but there are plans to be made and details to be ironed out. Edward had a feeling that the magical world was coming to find his mate a lot sooner than either he or his mate thought.

"You have to go?" Harry to Edward, he could see and the vampire's eyes he had business to attend to and it wasn't at his home.

"Yes, but only for a short while." Edward told Harry, Edward hated to leave Harry alone especially without one of the shape shifting werewolves nearby for protection. After all Harry was still a mortal, even if he did have magic.

"If you have to go, go. I'll be fine on my own" Harry told Edward, there was no need for the vampire to worry so much about whether or not he was protected. In Harry's mind he was far enough away from England and the fight with Voldemort that he need not any more protection than what he could do himself.

"So you say, but trouble has a way of finding you no matter what" Edward told Harry with a laugh, it was true enough. Harry always seemed to find trouble where no trouble had been before even before his move to Forks, his years at Hogwarts left little to the imagination of what a child could do and would do for the thought of being part of something.

"So it does" Harry agreed with Edward.

"Are you running back or are you taking my car?" Harry asked, and a grin lit up Edward's face at the idea of running through the forest back to his home.

"Running" Edward said before making his way over to Harry and pulling his mate into a kiss of promise. When the pair pulled away, Harry's face was flush while Edward's eyes sparkled in amber color that hadn't been seen before in the vampire's eyes.

"I shall see you later" Edward said before leaving out the door of Harry's house to the forest that lay behind Harry's home. Harry watched as Edward ran into the forest, Harry wondered if there would ever be a chance at being by Edward's side for eternity. Fate always had a way of messing with his life, creating more havoc than normal and something like this would be par for the course in his life. Harry shook himself out of the daze that he had been in and made his way into the living room where the keys to his car sat waiting for him. He had promised the medicine man that he would go and help figure out what exactly was on the trinkets that had been given to Edward from Bella and how to destroy them if there was a way to even do that with the magic that may be on the items.

"I'm sure he won't mind if I'm gone for just a little while" Harry said to the empty house as he made his way back outside to where his car sat waiting for him. Harry made quick work of making his way to the La Push Reservation, Harry was welcomed with smiles and waves as he made his way towards the medicine man's home. It seems that the whole reservation had brightened in some manner by the little bit of help that he had given to them already.

"Harry" the medicine man greeted the young teen, he had been waiting for the other to show up but was uncertain on if the vampires would allow Harry to venture onto the reservation land or not.

"Jonathan" Harry greeted the old man with, he had felt uncomfortable with calling the man by his first name due to his age but the other man would have it no other way. The older man felt that Harry was his equal when dealing with magics.

"May we get started?" Jonathan asked Harry, he had spent the better part of the day trying to figure out what it was that Mora and her daughters had done to these trinkets that made them as powerful as they were but had come up with nothing, it seemed that whatever it was that Mora was dealing with was outside of his scope magic that he knew.

"Did you find anything?" Harry asked, he knew that the medicine man would only know so much and if Mora truly was the creator of these trinkets, she knew much more than just Native American magic she knew a dark magic that many would say was dead or forgotten, only rising up for those that knew how to call it and had the proper payment for the benefit that they would get from the magic.

"Not anything of value" Jonathan said as the pair of them walked into the house, Jonathan's wife on the other hand was busy in the kitchen making dinner for the pair of them. As the pair of them made their way through the home Harry began to feel more and more ill at ease; it must have something to do with the trinkets and their powers. Jonathan opened the door to his work room and the feeling only intensified as Harry got closer to the trinkets.

"I think destruction is the best course of action for these items." Jonathan told Harry, he had spent a good portion of his day and night trying to figure out how Mora wove her spells and potions together to create the items that she had given to Bella for Edward, but he had been unable to figure anything out. This was magic beyond anything that he had ever seen or dealt with. So he had hoped that Harry would come and together they would be able to destroy the trinkets with little to no backlash from the magic that had created the items.

"I must agree" Harry said, and it was then that he had gotten close enough to the table where the trinkets lay in a ray of sunshine looking like items that any person could pick up at a garage sale, swap meet and/or yard sale; no one knowing the true power that these items had besides their Creator, their giver, their receiver, and finally their destroyers.

"Do you have any ideas on how to destroy them?" Jonathan asked Harry, the old man couldn't figure out a way to destroy the trinkets without invoking some sort of wrath from the magic that Mora worked with of that much he knew. Jonathan could tell that the magic that lay on the trinket was old magic, magic that only a few probably had the ability to deal with it properly and he knew that Mora wasn't one of them. It would only be a matter of time before the magic came calling to collect from the woman herself for the amount of dealing she had been doing with the magic.

"I have a few ideas" Harry said, he had spent most of his day at school thinking of ways of destroying the items that Bella had given Edward. Many of his ideas required the use of his wand an item that he wanted to use as little as possible; after all he did have two people after him and he knew that if he used his wand it would alert the Ministry of Magic along with Dumbledore and probably Voldemort to his current location. That was why he tried to use wandless magic as much as he could.

"Well we better get started then" Jonathan told Harry and it was then that the door closed to the shop and the destruction of the trinkets began. Hours later the pair surface with smiles on their face and the intense Magix that had filled the air before had cleared. It was almost as if a cloud that had been obscuring the sun had now vanished and in its place was the bright sun shining down with its full power.

"Stay for dinner?" Jonathan asked Harry, he knew his wife had cooked more than enough for the pair of them.

"No, a better head home; another time though" Harry said looking at the time and realizing how late it was, he hadn't meant to spend that much time at the reservation but it seemed that once you started destroying the trinkets there was no stopping it.

"I understand" Jonathan said to Harry, he knew what Harry wasn't saying and that was that Edward and probably a few vampires would be in the area in and around Harry's house. It was then that Harry got into his car and began rethinking all that they had to do to destroy the trinkets that Bella had given to Edward. Some serious Magix was at play and Harry wasn't too sure that he would be able to continue to destroy the items without the Magix taking notice of it. Harry pulled up to his house to see Edward's Volvo sitting in the driveway while the lights were on in the house. It brought a smile to Harry's face, he knew that Edward would probably be livid with him, but he had to know what he was up against in the fight to keep Edward and that was what it would boil down to, a fight between him and his magic and Bella and the magic that she bought from Mora.

No sooner had Harry stepped out of the car did the door open and Edward made his way towards Harry a look of worry on his face.

"Where….." Edward need not finish his sentence since the smell of wolf was coming off of Harry.

"You could have called" Edward chastised Harry, he had been planning with the rest of the coven when Alice stated that Harry had gone from her vision, which meant that he had gone into La Push territory.

"I didn't think it would take as long as it did, Swan has no idea what she is messing with of that much I do know. She may think these harmless yet effective charms to get and keep your affection and attention but the magic wrapped around those items is something that is darker then the magic than even the Dark Lord is dealing with." Harry told Edward, he hadn't wanted to play hero and try to save people from their own stupidity but it seemed that Fate had dealt her hand and that was to be Harry's role in one way or another.

"But did you get rid of them?" Edward asked, he hoped that Harry and the medicine man on the reservation had destroyed that items that way Harry wouldn't need to go back to the reservation for the duration of the weekend after all a good portion of the plan he had in place depended on Harry spending the weekend with them and not at the reservation. Esme and the rest were busy at the house now putting his plans into effect all he needed to do was bring his mate back home and the plan could begin.

"Yeah, we got rid of them but it isn't something I want to do all that often that is for sure. It was so….." Harry was uncertain on what to say about the Magix that he had dealt with while destroying the trinkets. It was almost like dealing with a thick tar that hindered your every move, it was something that Harry hadn't enjoyed dealing with for the time that he had dealt with it.

Harry noticed that Edward's eyes seemed to hold some secret that he knew he wouldn't be able to get out of the vampire.

"So what have you been doing dear?" Harry asked as he made his way into the house to notice that it seemed that Edward had been reading while waiting for Harry to arrive home.

"And how many times have you read that particular book?" Harry asked as he saw the title of the book that Edward was reading.

"A few times" Edward said while laughing, the truth was that he along with the rest of the coven had probably a vast majority of the books that had been released during their years of a coven.

"What are you up to?" Harry finally asked, he had promised himself that he wouldn't ask any questions but now he couldn't take it anymore and he had to know what it was that Edward and probably the rest of the coven were up to.


"You lie" Harry said a smile on his face, he had missed this. He had thought a few times that he was letting the vampires back into his heart too quickly but there was just something that the vampires had that made him want them to be a part of his life. He could only hope that the decision that he had made to include them into his life wouldn't blow up in his face.

"Okay, okay, you got me. I have something for you but it isn't ready yet" Edward told Harry, he wasn't sure their plan would even work if the wolves didn't agree.

"You don't have to do anything" Harry said always self-conscious of the fact that there were people out there that actually cared about him and wanted to do things for him with no hidden agenda.

"I don't have to, but I want to" Edward said to Harry before pulling him into a quick kiss. He was glad that his mate was home and safe, when he had arrived to the house to see that no lights were on and Harry's car was gone he had worried that something had happened to his mate but then rational thought had won out and he realized that Harry had probably made his way to La Push to try and destroy the trinkets that Bella had given to him, and so he had entered the house and turned on a few lights to make the house feel much homier than it had before.

"So when shall I find out about this great plan you have cooked up?" Harry asked, he knew that whatever Edward had planned the rest of the coven knew about and were probably helping him in any way that they could.

"Soon enough" Edward said hoping that things would go smoothly at least until a certain point in the plan. Harry mumbled under breath about vampires and their secrets while smile the whole time.

"Dinner?" Edward asked Harry, he was all for taking his small mate out for a quiet dinner just the pair of them. Bella along with the rest of the students were probably at the last home football game of the season so that left the shops into town slow and quiet, just the way that Edward wanted things.

"Oh yeah, I didn't get a chance to eat since I figured you may already be back"

"Then to dinner we go. What do you want?" Harry had to think about the question. It was always hard for Edward and the coven to go out to eat as they never ate any of the food that they ordered but Harry figured if he ordered light he could eat both his and Edward's meal, or at least give it a try.

The rest of the evening for Harry and Edward was spent together just being in each other's company, something that both felt was very much needed at this point in time. Both knew that it would only be a matter of time before they began fighting with Bella and for Harry the British Wizarding World to come calling for their savior to do what he was born to do, defeat the Dark Lord. What they didn't know was how soon it really was going to be.