Zero's POV:

I stood beside Headmaster Cross as the Night Students began arriving. Their eyes flashed red as they took me in, most of them all ready knowing who I was. I followed the Headmaster and Yagari into the Moon Dorm. The vampires stood around chatting quietly and looking at their schedules and room assignments.

A student walked into me and instantly bared his fangs at me. I pulled out my gun and the other vampires stood ready to fight. They all watched what I would do.

"What, Hunter? Do you think you can just walk into people and it'd be okay?" the vampire spat.

"Watch where you're going, vampire." I said in a dangerous voice.

"Dai..." a small female vampire said moving to his side, "Let it go."

"No, he'll pay." he moved to lunge, but then he instantly froze, his eyes opening wide in fear.

"What's going on here?" a calm, quiet voice said from behind me. There was an undertone to her voice that instantly had all the vampires moving back in fear.

I watched as they all bowed.

"Lady Kane, I'm sorry." the vampire, Dai, said bowing low.

"Chi, you will respect the rules of this academy while you are here."

I turned to see Kane Kuran, standing in all her glory with six others behind her. She didn't spare me a glance, her eyes were now focused on the vampires in the room watching her in awe.

"Learn from Dai Chi's mistake." she said addressing the vampires, "While you are here you will follow academy rules. Anyone who is not in accordance with the rules will deal with me. Am I understood?"

They bowed and as one answered, "Yes, Dorm President Kuran."

This felt so surreal. Like I was living in another dimension. This was just like it had been years ago except instead of a male Kuran Dorm President it was a female. But, I could see the quiet strength with which Kanema had run his vampires in her.

"Go to your rooms. And remember, whilst you are here you will respect the Disciplinary Committee as you would respect me."

She pointed toward me and the five students who stood behind me.

"Now, on your way." Fumio Ichijo said with a smile.

The vampires walked away heading to their rooms. The one that had been chastised by the Kuran princess didn't even look at me as he hurried away.

"Lady Kane, do you need anything else?" a perfect little blood asked from her place beside Kane.

"No, Katsumi. But, thank you." Kane said pleasantly.

The girl bowed her head to the side and stepped back slightly.

"Kane!" Headmaster Cross addressed her happily hugging her.

Kane hugged back, "Hello, Grandfather."

Cross's face lit up at hearing her address him as such.

"Kane Kuran, this is the Disciplinary Committee..." he said addressing my students, "This is Haru Orikasa, Keiji Shingaki, Junko Kegeyama, Kyo Shindo, Minori Wakaba, and their leader, Zero Kiryu."

I watched as all the eyes shot wide at my name. But, Kane Kuran had no reaction whatsoever. She gave us all a polite nod. The Disciplinary Committee watched them wide-eyed. They'd been briefed on what the seven of them and the rest of the Night Class was.

"Thank you for taking the time to guard us, Disciplinary Committee. I am Kane Kuran, Dorm President of the Moon Dorm." She pointed to each of her small group in turn, "Fumio Ichijo, Dorm Vice-President. Raiden Shiki, my cousin. Miyako and Katsu, the Kain twins. Katsumi Aido. And Youichi Kurenai. We look forward to being here and seeing you all."

I took the time to take each of them in, comparing them each to their parents. Ichijo, almost identical to his father, except his hair is a bit paler. Shiki, curly shoulder length mahogany hair and cerulean blue eyes reminded me both of Senri and Rido with only the slightest bit of Rima. The Kain twins, Miyako with her straight strawberry-blonde hair and brown eyes, her brother with his wavy disarrayed pale brown hair and amber eyes. Aido, looked identical to her father in every aspect, except , with his grayish-purple hair and eyes, unlike Maria he was quite tall. And then there was Kane Kuran herself. Her hair reached down to her waist semi-curly and semi-wavy, her garnet eyes the sharpest feature she owned. She looked like Kaname, simply with softened features.

I nodded, "Keep your vampires in line."

"I will, Zero Kiryu." she said calmly with that same undertone her eyes narrowing, "If you will excuse us." she said motioning to the door.

The vampires with her walked up the stairs to their rooms. She followed them a hooded figure instantly stepping to her side. She didn't introduce this vampire and he made no motion to introduce himself. I waved my Disciplinary Committee before me. I'd find out who this vampire was sooner or later.

"Oh! Kane! Don't forget! Dinner!" Cross called after the pureblood.

She turned and smiled, "Of course, Grandfather."

With that the vampires disappeared from sight. I walked out with the rest of the disciplinary committee. I didn't want to be around any of these vampires, especially as memories flooded me. As soon as I dropped off my students I began running. From what? I had no idea.

Kane's POV:

"You are ashamed of me?" my bodyguard asked.

"Of course not," I replied turning to look at him.

"Then why not introduce me as well, my lady?" he asked stepping toward me.

"You heard my father. It is important to keep you a secret for now."

"Because I am a Level D?"

"No, because of the secrets we hold." I replied caressing his cheek.

"So, you aren't afraid that I will lapse into Level E?"

"I won't let that happen." I said fiercely, "Once I learn my father's game. And once I make certain that I have my own pawns in place I will make sure my father completes your salvation."

He nodded back at my words leaning into my hand.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you, too." he replied, "I should let you sleep. Goodnight, Lady

He walked from the room and I shut my eyes, pained. I really wished I would stop hurting him. I continued unpacking when a knock caught my attention.

"Come in, Kain." I commanded.

Katsu looked at me, "How are you feeling?"

He'd always cared so much for how I was feeling. I smiled up at him.

"I'm fine, Kain."

"The others were shocked by how respectfully you spoke to Zero Kiryu." he remarked lightly.

"The have no need to be. My father believes in this school. And I believe in my father. And if that means I must get along with a Hunter I will."

"You sure you aren't just being sympathetic because he's a vampire?"

"No." I said putting as much force into those two words as possible, "Sympathy, as you well know, is not in my vocabulary."

"What about trust?" he said, a doubled tone to his light question.

I looked at him with questioning eyes and he motioned to the door.

"Trust...I believe in. But, only to some extent. I trust only a handful of people. And not by their words, but by their actions. And in time, I always find out who is worthy of the trust I hand them." I replied.

We both knew what was happening. Neither of us trusted Ichijo ever since he came back from the his trip a few months ago. There was something about him that wasn't right.

"I'll see you in the morning." he said leaning down to kiss my cheek.

I smiled, "You're the only person besides my father that I let do that, Kain."

"Because I'm your big brother, Kuran." he replied playfully, "Have a goodnight, Lady Kane."

"Good night, Katsu."

He walked out of the room, leaving me alone. Alone with my thoughts. I sighed. So many secrets, so many plots. Did being a vampire ever get any easier?