Zero's POV:

Disgusting. The way they mill around like they're real people rather than the beast they truly are. With one look the Day Class moves away from the door. They've always done that in my presence, even more so now that they can sense the evil beast that resides within me. Humans. They sense danger, but do not stay away from it. They're drawn to it like a flame.

"BACK UP AND STAY BACK!" Shindo yelled to the Day Class as the gates to the Moon Dorms opened.

I looked back at them and almost snorted. They looked like ridiculous models as they stood together in different positions of waiting. Kane didn't move. She stood still as the others moved forward around her. She kept her eyes focused on the group of students who walked past her making eye contact with a few of them. She kept Kain and Ichijo beside her as she silently surveyed them.

As was expected the Day Class girls stood there screaming and fawning over the Night Class. At least this Aido was female and the others were more reserved. Not that Aido was nothing, but vain. I stood against the Moon Dorms keeping an eye on everything. Finally when most of the Night Class had disappeared toward the school Kane moved forward. Her small group of six moved with her and I could hear someone in the trees.

My eyes narrowed. I knew Kuran wouldn't send his eldest daughter anywhere without a bodyguard, but why hadn't I been informed? And why was he/she/it hiding in the trees? When I looked back down Kane Kuran's eyes were on me a small smile playing on her lips. Her eyes went back up to where I assumed her bodyguard was. Then she turned from me and continued walking.

I waited until I was sure they had all made it into the school before turning back to the rest of the Day Class students.

"GET TO YOUR DORMS!" I barked and they instantly turned hurrying away grumbling.

I sent two of the Disciplinary Committee to make sure the Day Class students got back to the Sun Dorm and I sent the rest to the school. I went to go see Headmaster Cross.

"Who is he?" I demanded walking in without knocking.

"KIRYU!" Cross said happily, "It's great to see you."

"Who is he, old man?" I asked again testily.

"Who?" he asked, drawing a blank.

"The secret bodyguard Kuran has trailing behind her."

Cross sighed, "I don't know to be perfectly honest."

"What! You're telling me that they're is an unaccounted vampire here we know nothing about!" I yelled.

"No, I knew he would be here with her. And I also knew he wouldn't be attending as a student. This is just as a precaution, Zero. To protect her."

"Protect her from what?" I snapped.

"I don't know. But, we'll see."

I growled and walked out. I need to patrol.

Kane's POV:

I sat in my seat watching the Night Class as the professor droned on and on. I took notes and studied like a good student. I was being the example. Why did it have to be so boring?

My bodyguard stood behind my seat and I turned to smile up at him. I could see the smile from under his hood. He winked at me.

"Ugh, I'm so bored." Katsumi groaned from her seat twirling a blonde lock around her finger.

I didn't respond. I was basically invisible in this moment and the class knew that.

"All these tablets are disgusting." Raiden complained sounding extremely bored, "When can we have real blood?"

One of the other nobles, Raiden's distant cousin on his mother's side, Rei Toya, handed him a chocolate-covered Pocky stick. My lips twitched at that. If not for Raiden's slight differences I could almost mistaken him for Senri, they were so alike. Rei smiled up at Raiden who tousled her hair playfully.

"None of the Day Class even smell all that great to be honest." Miyako chimed in quietly staring out the window.

"I hate being under the watchful eye of that disgusting Level D." Youichi growled, "I want to take down a human just to piss him off and get that smug look off his face."

"KURENAI!" Miyako exclaimed rising to her feet.

The professor looked up at the corner slightly then looked away and stopped speaking.

"What? We all want to do it!" Youichi said annoyed.

I sighed looking out the window.

"Do you see the way he looks at Lady Kane? He has no respect!"

"Lady Kane doesn't want us to hurt him. Just like Lady Yuki doesn't want us to hurt him." Katsu said quietly.

"Yeah, what's up with that, Dorm President Kuran?" Rei asked sounding slightly more interested then she usually did. Which was usually barely.

I tipped my head slightly so that I was looking at her and the rest of the Night Class that had turned to look at me.

"Because he saved Yuki once." I replied.

I rose from my seat and walked over to the window and looked out watching Zero Kiryu as he walked below us. I needed to get this class back on topic.

"We own this night. As we own all nights." I turned back to the class, "The moon marks our ownership. As the shape marks our fangs. This is our night. We are vampires."

Eyes around me glowed red.

"We are the élite. We are the strong. But, we are also wild and formidable. We are beasts. Never forget that. Because once you forget do the humans. That is why we cannot live in peace. Our elders and ancestors saw both races as predator and prey. We are the wave of change."

"Our mission is to show all that we can live together. I think we can do. Right, guys?" Ichijo said happily from his place.

The room filled with nods and I smiled.

I began to walk, "See you all back at the dorm."

Everyone bowed again as I walked out, my shadow trailing behind me.

Zero's POV:

I could see the two Day Class students talking with the Night Class ones.

"I just want a nibble." the small girl from the other night said bringing the girl's hand to her face, against her palm smelling the blood that pulsed through her.

The Chi boy rolled his eyes, "Nao, leave it alone."

"Oh, come on, Dai!"

I watched as she nipped the girl's finger and the smell of blood filled the air.

I headed toward them as Minori dropped down, her sword drawn.

"BACK AWAY!" she yelled swinging the blunt end at her.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT!" the vampire called lunging at her, ready to slap her.

But, before I could draw my Bloody Rose a formidable presence seemed to freeze the area around us. Ice formed on the trees around us as three bodies entered the clearing. A delicate hand was wrapped around the vampire's arm preventing her from hitting Minori. The one called Nao turned looking terrified. And there in all her glory stood Kuran with her bodyguard and Ichijo. And just like that Kaito emerged from the trees.

"I'm sorry for her rough treatment of your Disciplinary Committee, Kiryu and Takamiya." Kuran said politely, "I'll deal with her punishment."

Kaito looked at me and I shrugged. She nodded politely handing the vampire girl to her bodyguard who gripping her. Kuran turned away and began walking, but then stopped turning slightly.

"Chi, you are also in trouble for not doing anything." she said in her double toned voice.

Ichijo nodded, "You heard the woman. Walk."

Chi sighed and began walking.

"What was that?" Kaito asked looking at me, confusion written all over his face.

"The oddest form of déjà vu I've had in a week." I mumbled, "You better carry those two to the headmaster."

"What about their memories?" he asked.

"They'll be fine."

I'd seen Kuran wipe their memories.

I stayed in the trees following the vampires back to the Moon Dorms. None of the spoke as they entered, but Kuran turned and looked directly into my direction and through my mind a words ran...

You know, you really need to stop spying on me from the trees. If you want to ask your questions then come and ask, Kiryu.

With that she was gone. What was going on here? There must be something going on that is much more than I understand. I'd get to the bottom of this. If it was the last thing I ever did.