Authors Note: Welcome to a new Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fiction.

At the time I'm writing this one I'm still doing War Against Smithy my other Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Fiction.

So I won't be updating this as often as War Against Smithy.

This will be more like a test drive for me, I'm trying a new format, this will be a tournament style story unlike War Against Smithy which is more like a journey to safe the world.

Now about the rules, I use the standard TCG rules I won't use the banlists

sometimes I use the anime effect for a card and, I will use anime or manga only cards and sometimes I will use my own created cards.

Now this story takes place after Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's.

In this era there are Xyz monsters, but they are just released.

Now for some legal stuff and disclaimers.

I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh nor the Elder Scrolls franchise.

This story is purely made by a fan of both series, I don't intent to steal any ideas I might use for this story.

Yu-Gi-Oh is owned by Konami.

The Elder Scrolls is owned by Bethesda.

Sometimes you wake up with the feeling something will happen that day, now for me that is one of these days.

The first moment you're in the finals of a local Duel Tournament the next moment you are invited to a tournament where only the best can manage.

Now I won't let you wait, but before I forget my name is Jack William, and this is my story.

Chapter 1.

A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon.

Jack looked around him, he stood in the middle of a random street in New York, there were no cars or other people, Jack was a tall boy of eighteen years old, he wore a black T-shirt with a skull on it, over it he wore a black leather jacket, for the rest he wore black jeans and black boots.

His brown hair was tied in a short pony tail.

'There he is!' Someone shouted and five people ran down the street, for some weird reason they wore full knight armor.

Jack looked behind him and saw the guys gaining on him, he smiled but stood still, he knew what to do, he had this dream many times.

The five men approached him they drew their swords.

'Stop right there criminal scum!' One of the men shouted, Jack sighted he wasn't even moving.

'You have violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence, your stolen goods are now forfeited.' Jack added he looked the man in his eyes.

'I resist arrest.' Jack slowly said. 'Then pay with your blood!' The man shouted and Jack started to run again the men followed him.

Jack ran down the street there he saw the building, the same as always an abandoned building he entered it and ran up the stairs, when he reached the roof he waited until the guards also entered.

This was Jack's favorite part of the dream.

The guard had him surrounded now, Jack looked over the city, he inhaled some air and he shouted: 'Fus Ro Dah!' A huge wall made of pure force hit the five men they flew off the roof down on the street.

Jack looked around, normally he would wake up now but not this time, instead of waking up the sky turned dark.

For some reason Jack now wore a leather armor, he had a heavy helmet on his head with two horns sticking out of it.

'Dovahkiin!' A heavy voice bellowed over the now completely black city Jack looked around and he saw the source of the voice, it was a huge dragon his whole body was covered with small horns, he flew over and landed on a rooftop nearby.

'Him Kos Voth Ahkrin, Nuz Him Kos Ni Dovahkiin!'

The huge dragon said, Jack looked at the dragon is disbelief.

'You don't understand this Zul, this voice, this language?'

Jack cleared his throat. 'Who are you?' Jack asked and the dragon started to laugh.

'I am Alduin, first-born of Akatosh!' The dragon said.

Jack knew this was a nightmare but it seems he couldn't wake up.

'Nu Zu Fent Du Him Sil!' Alduin said he opened his huge mouth and lunged forward meaning to devour Jack whole.

With a scream Jack woke up sweat poured over his face, he felt his head, his hair was short again, he knew he wasn't dreaming anymore.

Jack swung his blanket aside, he only wore sweatpants as pajamas.

'Alduin.' Jack whispered. 'Why did he show up in my dream.' His heart was calming down again.

He stood up and opened the door of his room.

'You having nightmares again?' A small girls who stood before his door asked.

'Go back to bed Jenny.' Jack said to his little sister.

'Mom Jack's been screaming again!' Jenny shouted, clearly she wanted attention.

'So are you.' Jack replied and he pushed his little sister out of the way

he filled a glass with water and slowly drunk it, he looked at the clock and saw it was half past seven.

'Time to eat and prepare my Deck.' Jack muttered.

It was Saturday on the second week of May, the Summer Holiday had just started.

About thousand miles away from New York in Miami a young girl was brushing her long red hair, the girl was eighteen years old she wore a white, sleeveless jacket with blue trimmings a matching blue miniskirt en royal blue boots.

The girl was done brushing her hair, she picked up her Duel Disk and strapped it to her left arm, then she leaved through her Deck adjusted a few cards and then put it in the Disk, she smiled.

'Juliet!' A female voice shouted. 'Breakfast!'

'Coming mom!' The girl shouted as a reply.

Around the fifteen hundred miles from Miami another young man was Dueling in Iowa, the young man wore a plane black T-shirt, with a blue jacket over the T-Shirt, he wore jeans and black sneakers, he was eighteen years old he had really short black hair.

This boy had only 1200 Life Points left he had three facedown cards on the field one was a concealed monster the boy had only three cards left in his Deck.

His opponent wore a black biker suit this young man had 8000 Life Points left he had a Spirit Reaper on the field, (200 DEF) for the rest he had a Chainsaw Insect on the field, (2400 ATK) a Robbin' Zombie was face up on his field.

'And with that attack Leonard is in real trouble!' An announcer shouted, the stage the Duel was being held on was surrounded by people.

'I just attacked your worthless monster with my Chainsaw Insect now you draw one card.' Leonard was looking hard at the boy in the biker suit, he drew his card.

'Now discard one because of the effect of Robbin' Zombie.' Leonard discarded his card.

'This leaves Leonard with only one card in his Deck!' The announcer shouted. 'Can Leonard defeat Sven? Or will this be all over?'

Leonard frowned he drew his last card.

'Ready to give up?' Sven sneered.

'Like a famous Duelist said once a Duel isn't over until the last card is played.' Leo said.

'I play Pot of Avarice!' Leo shouted and five cards slipped from his Deck they were three Cyber Dragons, Cyber Dragon Zwei and Proto Cyber Dragon.

'Now Sven I Flip summon my defending monster.' Leo said and a black jar appeared it had one eye and a huge mouth. (700 ATK)

'A Morphing Jar?' The announcer shouted.

'Who would expect that?' Both players discarded all their cards and drew five new cards.

'If I am correct Leo now has all three Cyber Dragons in his hand!' The announcer shouted.

'And that is not all.' Leo said. 'I activate my facedown Power Bond!'

Sven gulped, the three Cyber Dragons appeared on the field they swirled together and the ferocious Cyber End Dragon loomed over the field. (4000- 8000 ATK)

'And now my second facedown card Limiter Removal!'

The crowd gasped as the Cyber End Dragon's attack skyrocketed to 16.000.

'Now let's go out with a bang!' Leo shouted and Cyber End Dragon unleashed his mightiest blast blowing Chainsaw Insect apart, the Life Points of Sven dropped all the way to 0, Sven was launched off the podium the crowd caught him.

'And Leo is the champion of this yearly rent-a-Deck Duel tournament!' The announcer shouted and he handed Leo a huge cup and some prize money, Leo thanked the announcer and left the podium.

'Juliet is in real trouble now!' The referee shouted, all students of Duel Academy were watching Juliet Dueling an officiant, because this was Juliet's final Duel test before she could graduate Duel Academy, her opponent had her in a tight spot he had Jinzo (2400 ATK) and Horus the Black Flame Dragon Level 8 (3000 ATK) on the field.

He had 2400 Life Points left.

Juliet had nothing on her field.

'The pressure is getting to Juliet people!' the referee shouted.

'Not quite yet.' Juliet replied and she drew her card, she only had 400 Life Points left.

'This will turn the Duel in my favor.' She said with a smile.

'I summon Doomcaliber Knight!' Juliet shouted and a fiendish knight riding on a black steed came galloping on the field. (1900 ATK)

'And suddenly a change of Style!' The referee shouted.

'Not quite, I did my homework, I knew who I had to Duel so I looked up your Decks, I knew you had different Decks, but I prepared, I fit in some counter strategies for each of your Decks.' Juliet said.

'Now you won't use the effect of your Horus or its goodbye with him thanks to my Doomcaliber Knight.'

Juliet looked over her hand.

'I activate my Spell card Machine Angel Ritual!' Juliet shouted and a bonfire erupted behind her.

'Wait just a second I activate the effect of my Horus!' The officiant shouted and the bonfire stopped.

'Then Doomcaliber Knight destroys himself and Horus!' Juliet shouted and the knight charged in he and Horus disappeared with a bang.

'I still have my Jinzo and you are wide open.' The officiant said.

'But I'm having a second Machine Angel Ritual!' Juliet shouted and the bonfire erupted again.

'Now I discard my Cyber Gymnast.' Juliet said discarding her monster.

'I Ritual Summon Cyber Angel Benten!'

The bonfire ceased and a beautiful woman stood on the field, she had long black hair, she wore a black and white skin-tight suit with red boots and gloves, she also held a fan on a chain as a weapon. (1800 ATK)

Now several catcalls came from the public Juliet sighted and shook her head. 'Guys.' She muttered. 'Now I equip Benten with Ritual Weapon because she is Level six she now gains 1500 extra attack points.'

The attack score of Benten rose to 3300.

'Now Benten attacks Jinzo!' Juliet shouted Benten threw her fan it cut Jinzo in half the Life Points of the officiant dropped to 1500.

'I'm not done yet.' The officiant said.

'I believe you are.' Juliet replied. 'When Benten destroys an opponent's monster by battle you take damage equal to the defense of that monster.'

The officiant looked behind him only to see the fan flying at him he tried to duck but was too late, his Life Points dropped to 0.

The crowd erupted in wild applause Juliet sighted from relieve, she had made it, now Juliet could enjoy her holiday full swing.

Jack stood across his opponent who was a girl with long black hair, she wore a harems girl outfit, on her side of the field she had Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon, (1200- 2700 ATK)

Harpie Lady 1, (1300- 1600 ATK) Harpy Lady 2 (1300- 1600 ATK) and Harpie Lady 3. (1300- 1600 ATK)

Harpie's Pet baby Dragon was equipped with Mist Body, the girl had only 2300 Life Points left.

Jack's field currently existed of two reversed monsters and a facedown card, he had 900 Life Points left.

'I'll finish you off this round.' The girl said.

'The former champion Melissa has the challenger Jack in her grasp, what will Jack do?' The announcer shouted.

'I use the effect of my Baby Dragon to destroy that one facedown card you control.' Melissa said.

'Then I activate it before you destroy it, Threatening Roar!' A loud roar bellowed over the field.

'Fine then, you saved yourself another turn.' Melissa scowled.

Jack quickly drew his card, he looked over his hand. 'I guess it's just over for you.' He said. 'I flip Summon my two monsters.' Jack said, the first one was Trojan Horse, a huge horse made from wood. (1600 ATK)

The second was Gene-Warped Warwolf a ferocious beast with white fur and four arms. (2000 ATK)

'Now I sacrifice these two so I can summon...' Jack started the two monsters disappeared. 'Beast King Barbaros!' The crowd held its breath as a huge creature landed on the field with a roar, it had the upper body of a man the lower body of a great lion, at the end of its tail it had a stinger, in its hands it held a lance and a shield. (3000 ATK)

Melissa laughed. 'So what? it's stronger than my Dragon, my dragon is protected by Mist Body and you can only attack my Dragon, I just destroy Barbaros in the next round and then I win.'

Jack chuckled. 'Seems you don't get it, The Trojan Horse counts as two sacrifices when summoning an Earth monsters, so in fact I just used three sacrifices...'

Then it hit Melissa. 'No way...' She muttered. 'Yes way.' Jack replied.

'Barbaros clear her field!' Jack shouted and Barbaros let out a war cry all monsters scattered in pixels. 'And now Direct attack!' Jack shouted Melissa ducked for cover as the lance hit her, her Life Points dropped to 0.

'That's it!' The announcer shouted. 'The Duel is over Jack William is the new champion!'

Suddenly a man entered the stage he was clapping, he whispered something into the ear of the announcer.

'Seems we have a new challenger, this man wants to challenge the fresh champion to a Duel!' The announcer shouted, Jack didn't knew why the man would do that.

'I accept!' He shouted and the man entered the Duel podium, he wore robes and a hood, he lowered his hood the man was around the fifty years old.

He smiled. 'Okay Mr. William this is just a small... test.' The man said.

'Who are you?' Jack asked but the man only replied by activating his Duel Disk.

'Okay then.' The man said. 'I shall start this off.'

(?: 8000) - (Jack: 8000)

The man drew his card, he looked over his hand he sighted.

'One facedown card.' He said and the card appeared.

'I give the turn to you.' The man said.

Jack quickly drew his card.

I summon Gene-Warped Warwolf!' He shouted and the ferocious savage appeared on the field. (2000 ATK)

'Attack him directly!' Jack shouted and the beast charged in, the man staggered but hold his footing.

(?: 6000) - (Jack: 8000)

'And Jack just took the lead!' The announcer shouted.

'I just leave it with that.' Jack said.

The man drew his card, he frowned.

'I activate my facedown card.' He said and it spun around immediately a huge golden pyramid rose behind him.

'But that is...' The announcer started.

'The Pyramid of Light, the very thing Anubis used against Yugi many years ago.' The man said.

'Where did you get it?' Jack asked.

'Come come Mr. William, we are all fair Duelists, I have my sources to get my cards, and so you can tell it's not illegal because my Duel Disk, I borrowed here by the way, did recognize it.'

Gary started to sweat. 'I now sacrifice thousand of my Life Points.' The man said. 'To Special Summon Sphinx Teleia and Andro Sphinx.'

First a female creature appeared, she had the body of a huge cat and the head of a woman, she was beautiful in a twisted way. (2500 ATK) Then a manly creature appeared, it had the upper body of a man with huge claws for fingers and manes instead of normal hair, his lower body was that of a lion. (3000 ATK)

'Since I just Summoned them they cannot attack for now, so I set this...' The man said and a reversed card appeared.

'...and end my turn.'

(?: 5000) - (Jack: 8000)

Jack drew his card he was frightened.

Dimensional Prison. He thought. 'I set this.' He said and the reversed Dimensional Prison appeared.

'Then I change my Gene-Warped Warwolf to defense.' He said and the Warwolf crouched down covering itself with its four arms. (100 DEF)

'Next I set this and end my turn.' A concealed monster appeared next to Gene-Warped Warwolf.

The man quickly swiped a card from his Deck.

'First I'll use Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your mystery card.' The man said and Dimensional Prison scattered.

'Now my Teleia destroy his mystery monster, and remember when Teleia destroys a defending monster you lose half of its defense points as Life Points.' The man explained.

Teleia charged in the monster was Ape Fighter a huge muscular gorilla, it wore trousers and boots. (1200 DEF)

Teleia crushed it with her mighty claw, then she swiped at Jack.

(?: 5000) - (Jack: 7400)

'Now Andro destroy his Warwolf, and Andro has the same effect as Teleia only for attack scores.' The man said and Andro Sphinx charged in the same way destroying Gene-Warped Warwolf he swiped at Jack who landed on his back.

(?: 5000) - (Jack: 6400)

Jack wanted to stand up. 'Stay down please Mr. William.' The man said.

'Because I reveal my facedown card Raigeki Break.'

He discarded a card and lightning blew away The Pyramid of Light, with a huge roar both Sphinx Teleia and Andro Sphinx disappeared.

'Now,' the man said. 'I pay 500 Life Points to Summon Theinen the Great Sphinx!'

With a huge bellow a much larger Sphinx appeared, it had the upper body of Andro Sphinx, the lower body of Sphinx Teleia and the head of Andro Sphinx with the head of Sphinx Teleia on the back of his head. (3500 ATK)

'Now I pay another 500 Life Points...' The man said and the attack of Theinen skyrocketed to 6500.

'Attack.' The man said and Jack closed his eyes as the savage beast pondered on him.

(?: 4000) - (Jack: 0)

The man looked at Jack for one moment then he turned around and walked away.

Juliet had just a similar experience against a guy who used Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord, she had lost in six turns, her opponent had all his Life Points left at the end.

Leo also faced a rather strong Duelist he had used the three Sacred Beasts that Jaden Yuki had fought, he was sure these cards were nowhere on Earth anymore and yet he had used them, now Leo was closest to beating his opponent if he hadn't summoned Armityle he would have won.

A dark figure stood in the center of a dark room, he was watching three screens, he held his hands behind his back.

'Hmm.' He mumbled. 'It seems it is beginning.' He mumbled.

On another location another figure stood in a dark room, he was looking through something that could be best described as a huge portal.

'Seems they are in top condition.' The man said.

'The champions.' A hissing voice sounded through the room.

'My lord.' The man said and he knelt.

'They have survived their first encounters, it seems they are worthy.' The man said.

'Heh heh heh heh.' The hissing voice laughed.

'I shall send the invitations.' The man said.

'I shall open the gate then.' The hissing voice said.

'Why won't we charge in?' The man asked.

'You doubt me?' The hissing voice said.

'I've provided your men with cards that are considered illegal, it took me a lot of power to create those cards.'

'I think we can wait a little longer then.' The man said.

'You do and think about the cards I will provide you with, the most lethal card ever created.' The hissing voice said.

'The most lethal and probably the most broken.' The man sighted.

Jack came home, his sister Jenny was waiting for him.

'And how did it go? Seeing your face you've lost.'

'I've won the championship.' He said showing the trophy and the prize money. 'But I've lost to some weird guy using the Pyramid of Light.'

'You are champion that's what counts.' Jenny said.

Two days later Jack received a letter it looked like an official envelope he opened it.

Dear Mr. William.

I am happy to tell you that you are hereby selected

for the Elder Scrolls Duel Tournament.

This tournament will be held on a secret location,

next week a boat shall depart from Marina Bay.

A list of things you need is enclosed in this envelope.

the rules and use of the scroll and cards will be explained on the secret location.

The boat shall depart on Saturday the eighteened in May, on 12 o' clock noon.

I'll hope to see you next week.


James Black.

Jack read the letter three times.

'A tournament, why not? Heck I join.' Jack was sounding exited.

He shook the envelope and a few more things fell out, one of them was some kind of a scroll, Jack opened it and two smaller cards fell out, the scroll was decorated with complicated symbols.

For the rest two pieces of paper fell out one of them contained a ticket for a ferry who would bring him to an island, the other one was a list of things he needed.

Leo returned home with all of the cards he had bought with his price money, he looked through his own Deck.

'Could use these cards.' He said with a grin, then he noticed the envelope, it was the same envelope Jack received only with his name on it.

'Elder Scrolls Tournament?' He muttered.

'I shall give it a shot.' He said with a grin.

Juliet just had got the diploma from her school, she was so glad she had graduated, now she could enter the pro league.

Now Juliet didn't wore her school uniform anymore, she wore a black, short-sleeved leather jacket, under it she wore a skin-tight white halter top, she also wore black leather shorts and black leather knee-high boots.

Juliet entered her home and picked up the mail, then she noticed the envelope she read through it and smiled.

'This tournament, it is a good start for my pro league adventure.' She said happily.

The man who was watching the three screens sighted and he turned the screens off.

'Jill.' The man said a small door opened and a girl with long brown hair, wearing a blue Chinese dress decorated with flowers entered the room.

'Yes Mr. Greybeard, what can I do for you?' The girl asked.

'The tournament will start next week.'

Jill scratched her chin. 'You really think that special one will be on board that ship?'

Mr. Greybeard nodded. 'I am quite sure of it, now if you want I have a mission for you, you're the newest member in this organization, so you must feel honored that I send you on a class one assignment, normally only senior members will be allowed to do that but sending an old guy on a cruise ship full of young Duelist is rather suspicious, you on the other hand won't draw attention, you need to Duel this guy.'

Mr. Greybeard said he showed Jill a picture of Jack.

'He looks tough and my Deck isn't really all that great...' Jill started.

'That's why you use this Deck.' Mr. Greybeard said handing Jill over a Deck case, Jill took it turned around and left the room.

'O I hope I am right about the boy if not some terrible things could happen.' Mr. Greybeard muttered.

Next time:

The past week went by the three Duelists are now on board a cruise ship, they stay there for three days, but what evil lurks aboard the ship?

And what is it with that Casino Challenge everyone on the boat talks about? Well Leo shall find that out soon in the next chapter I call 'Double Summon.'

Card Details

Cyber Angel Benten

Type: Fairy/Ritual/Effect

Attribute: Light

level: 6

ATK: 1800

DEF: 1500

This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, "Machine Angel Ritual". If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed monster's DEF.

Machine Angel Ritual

Ritual Spell card

This card is used to Ritual Summon any "Cyber Angel" Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from the field or your hand whose total Levels equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you are attempting to Ritual Summon.

Note: The above two cards were used by Alexis Rhodes several times during the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime they were first seen in episode 47 Chazz-anova, all credits goes to the creative writer of that episode.

Dragon language:

Here a translation for the Dragon language.

Fus Ro Dah - A shout in Skyrim which literally means Force Balance Push.

Dovahkiin - Means Dragonborn. 'Dovah' is dragon, 'kiin' is born.

Him Kos Voth Ahkrin, Nuz Him Kos Ni Dovahkiin - You are with courage, but you are not Dragonborn.

Zul - Voice

Nu Zu Fent Du Him Sil - Now I shall devour your soul.