He woke.

He lay in bed for a few minutes, taking in its warmth as he felt the blankets tickle and sooth his toes… the sound of his alarm going and he smiled.

Norman rose up on his bed and just looked around his room.

The sun was shining softly, a golden light casting life and renewal into another day and he got up out of bed, preparing for school.

Often on his walks to school he used to be looked at… people looking at him with fear… judgement… of what he was but now people only looked at him with smiles, waving to him as he passed.

Both the living… and the dead.

Hey Norman,

Good seeing you again,

The ghosts with greetings going about their unfinished business while people on the street also waved saying,

"Tell granny I'll visit her grave later,"

"Say hi to my mum,"

He just smiled, replying,

"Say hi to her yourself, she is always listening,"

People just smiled at him with love as he walked passed them and continued on his way, the day warming up; heat bringing back the life of spring,

The life of the new.

The boy walked on, happy in his step… hope replacing his old melancholy but in the distance a figure watched him in silence.

Watching the boy walking into his future.