Living life, just what another average person would think is the best thing in the world. Making friends, accomplishing tasks, and just being the best you can be. Well for me, that doesn't role as much as a normal person. I'm 15 years old, and I'm in high school. But, you know, with drama and all, I tend to keep everything to myself. My musical ability, my secrets, and pretty much anything else. Especially, me being a brony. There is absolutely no one who likes my little pony that goes to high school. So I keep it usually on the downlow. No problem to me in that case, I just live life on the present, not the past, nor the future. Yeah, YOLO? More like NONO. That stuff isn't for me. But you know, just gotta live with it.

It was a normal day, school day that is. I got up at 6 to get ready for the day. I had an awesome dream last night too. I traveled to ponyville and had an awesome day there, playing music, living in the beauty and calm, non dramatic lifestyle. Man, I miss that. My parents divorced a year ago and were underway moving. Life's been a living hell ever since that day. I never want to remember it.

Anyway, getting to school at 7 AM does have its benefits, looking at the beautiful sunrise over the blue sky, it reminds me of Rainbow Dash's mane. So beautiful and calm, listening to my music put a smile on my face. So many peaceful thoughts of having no problems was incredible. I was deep in thought when my sister said,

"Hey dude, c'mon we gotta go!"

"Alright." I responded. Opening the car door into the cool September air gave me a slight chill, but I got over it soon. As I close the door and put my book bag over my shoulder, taking one last look at Rainbow Dashes mane themed sky, gave me another smile. As I walked into our 60 year old high school, I felt as if something...different was going to happen. So just in case, I prepared for the day, and took a step closer to the school.


hey y'all! This is my first fanfic. I have an awesome story planned out for y'all. This story does though have a little bit of slower plot, but trust me, Ill turn it with some jaw dropping awesomeness! Haha! Thanks guys! Keep me posted! New chapters are to be added at least a few days ahead!:)