(Continue with Flo Rida for mood)

More ponies looked over and at us and said, "Welcome Lonestar!" The words that left their mouths made me feel so much joy. People acually liked and cared for me, for once. Its been awhile since people have cared for me. A look of happiness and sillyness came across my blue pony-like face, and my stomach was doing backflips like the wonderbolts I have watched on my phone, man they were cool.

Speaking of the wonderbolts, Twi and Pinkie walked up to one of their biggest fans, a cyan pegasus, with a rainbow mane and tail, looking confident, fierce, and yet caring...

The one and only, Rainbow Dash.

She was talking to another pony, with a cup of cyder in her hand, smiling and laughing. She was beautiful. I was always a big fan of Dashie from the other fanfics I had read and the episodes I watched. She was one of my two favorite ponies too, so I hope I get to know her soon. Good timing too, because as soon as we walked up to Rainbow, the other pony had walked off, looking for someone to dance with. Rainbow said her goodbye to the other pony and turned toward us.

"Hello Rainbow, this is Lonestar. He is new to Ponyville, I thought I should introduce him to everyone." Twi said.

Rainbows pretty reddish eyes studied me like I was studying for a test. Her eyes had that regular Rainbow Dash look, coolness and confident. She looked at me as if Ive been her friend for ages.

"Hey Lonestar, good to meetcha!" said Rainbow. Her tomboyish tone of voice gave me a grin.

"HEY DASHIE! DO YOU LIKE THE PARTY SO FAR, HUH? HUH?!" exclamied Pinkie to Rainbow.

"Yeah, yeah pinkie. Its cool," she turned to me again, "Welcome to Ponyville Lonestar, we should hang sometime."

Disbelief, the fastist flyer of all Equestria wanted to hang out with me?! Aw yea-

"Do you fly?" Rainbow had added, eyeing my folded blue pegasus wings. As she said that, I remebered when I first had arrived, I feel on my pony face and basiclly skid a mile. It was humiliating to think about, but I did need the help. Maybe Dashie can give me a lesson or two...

I finally said, "Oh uh, n-no. I try to but I couldnt lift myself off the ground. Ive never really flown before, It would be so awesome though if I could though."

"What?! You cant? With wings like that you could be as fast as me someday! Tell ya what, Ill give ya some pointers if you want, let me know when you want to practice." She said with a confident, fierce smile.

"That would be awesome Rainbow, thanks!" I said with happiness.

"Oh, hey guys. I see Fluttershy over there," Said Twi, pointing again. "Lets go introduce Lonestar to the best singer in all of Equestria."

"Ok." said Rainbow.

"OKAY!" said Pinkie.

We walked over to the cream colored pegasus with a bright pink curly mane. She was with someother pony, a white pony with a horn and purple mane. She looked as she was going to meet Luna and Celestia herself, as her party dress was extreamly clean and pretty. It was Rarity. Ive seen 5 of the 6 main ponies! This was the best day of my life, by far!

"FLUTTERSHY! RARITY! COME MEET LONESTARR!" hollered Pinkie across the dance floor. Rainbow and Twi rolled their eyes in a sarcastic annoyance while I laughed, again. The two ponies turned and saw their friends, and me. They made their way over to us with grins and laughs, at least Rarity did. Fluttershy was being Fluttershy, and not talking. Only had a shy smile on her face.

"Well hello darling, Its quite nice to finally meet you." Said Rarity in her accent. She was dressed for success, I guess was a good way to put it.

"Um, h-hi there. Good to m-meet you." Fluttershy peeped. She never looked at me directly, she stared at the ground, which I found a little silly.

"Its good to meet y'all! Thanks for coming to the party!" I answered with a delighted tone. The two smiled and began talking to their friends behind me. A question though did run though the conversation, a question of confusion and wonderness. When I heard the question, I also thought the same as the ponies. Confusion and wonderness went though me as well.

"Wait," Twilight said suddenly. "...wheres Applejack..?"