The time went by quickly after the proposal. Erica sported a pretty big diamond on her finger for a pair of college students, and she was glowing, more than usual. They had pack dinners every other week and this week they were headed to Derek's house. It wasn't more than the second Erica put her foot through the door that Lydia ran up to her to look at her ring, then everyone followed suit. They were about to have dessert when Isaac blurted out that Erica was pregnant and the girls squealed and the boys high-fived Boyd, while Derek just brooded at the head of the table.

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"When are you due?"

"Way to go, Boyd!"

They just smiled at each other, happy that they had a support system.

They had to tell Erica's parents still. The Reyeses didn't speak much English besides what Mr. Reyes had to say to his construction staff. Erica's brother, Alex, didn't know either until the two walked in the door. "You fucked my sister?" The fifteen-year-old pushed Boyd unsuccessfully, and tried to punch him. "You fucking prick, you fucked my sister!" Boyd let out a barely audible growl, slowly growing agitated with the teenager.

"Alex, leave him alone," Erica whipped around and flicked her brother in the head. She put her hand on Boyd's chest and could feel him calm down. "Are Mom and Dad here?" Alex held his ear and pointed upstairs before walking away and grumbling in Spanish, as though Boyd hadn't been dating Erica for four years and didn't know every Spanish curse in the language. He gritted his teeth, still angry, but Erica kissed him and… what was he mad about again? He was still reeling on the kiss when Erica said, "Mom, Dad, come down stairs, please?"

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. They're coming downstairs and Boyd can hear their feet shuffling across the floor and he got their daughter pregnant and he proposed to her and it's taking everything in him to not scream and run out the door because, let's face it, Erica's parents are scary and then she's kissing him again, and… what was wrong?

He stood there with his hands in his pockets, feeling Alex's eyes on his arm and he looked over and sure enough, the boy was glaring. Boyd snarled quickly, but Erica grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He smiled at his future parents-in-law as they made their way downstairs. Her mother barreled down the stairs to see her mija preciosa, and her father shook Boyd's free hand firmly. Boyd wondered if Mr. Reyes' mustache was actually made up of the hair that was no longer on the top of his head.

Erica and Boyd sat on one side of the dining room table, and her parents sat on the other. First, she told them they were engaged, and her mother clapped and her father nodded and Boyd was just happy he didn't shit himself. Then, she told them she was pregnant, and they were silent.

"Are you happy?" Her mother questioned in Spanish. Erica nodded ferociously, a smile plastered onto her face.

"Very. I couldn't be happier."

Boyd grinned. He took enough Spanish classes to know what was being said. Mr. Reyes just nodded, got up from the table and gave his daughter a kiss before going back upstairs. Mrs. Reyes gave her and Boyd a kiss, and left clutching the Rosary around her neck, twisting the cross around.

"Could've gone worse," Boyd admitted that night as they crawled into bed. Erica agreed softly and fell asleep as soon as he started playing with her hair.

The next time they visited Deaton, it was in the dead of night and they were finding out the sex of the baby so they could finally pick a name. Boyd kissed Erica on the forehead as she lay on the table with Deaton trying to find the baby's parts. "What names do you guys have picked out already?"

Erica looked up at Boyd and he cleared his throat. "She likes Leah, Adalia, or Caterina for a girl. Adrian, Leighton, or Cameron for a boy."

"And you?"

"I dunno. I like Jordan or Tristan for a boy. Destiny or Kiara for a girl." Erica visibly rolled her eyes and Boyd stuck his tongue out at her.

"Any middle names?"

"Vincent, after my older brother who died, and Anastacia, after her mom."

Deaton nodded, smiling at the screen. He looked over at the two of them, then back to the screen, and back to them again. "Well, whatever name you pick, I'm sure it'll go well with Anastacia." Boyd's jaw dropped and Erica's eyes lit up. "There's a 99.9% chance you'll have a beautiful baby girl in about two months." Boyd was speechless, while Erica covered her mouth with her hands.

The two were still stunned as they left the office. They sat in the car for a long time, only because Boyd was still in shock. Erica sent texts to Lydia and Allison and didn't wait for a reply, considering it was 3am. She leaned over and gave Boyd a deep kiss, to which he finally responded. He kissed her back, his hand on her cheek. "We're gonna be parents," he huffed. She nodded. "We're gonna have a little girl." She nodded again. "We need to get ready."

When the texts were read, there was a lot of squealing and phone calls and Lydia and Allison buying things and oh my god they had to get the cherry crib, but the white one was so nice and obviously they needed the best baby monitor and they couldn't live without a onesie from every designer in Europe and then there was a massive baby shower and everyone who's anyone was gonna be there and Boyd just sat in the kitchen with the boys drinking beers and bitching about all the bills when Jackson just laughed and handed him a blank check while saying, "I got this."

Then, everything kind of… calmed down. There were three weeks left before Erica was due, and she was complaining constantly about how uncomfortable she was and how swollen her feet were and how gross she felt. But Boyd didn't mind. He didn't mind kissing her all the time or giving her foot or back massages or constantly having to tell her she's beautiful because it was true. She stopped going to classes because it was just too tiring for her and Boyd had to get another job so they had some money coming in because, shit, baby stuff was expensive. "So, did you decide what her name'll be?" Boyd was in the middle of rubbing Erica's feet and she was enjoying it oh, so much.

"Destiny." And with that, she continued to enjoy the massage she was receiving while Boyd grinned.

That was on Sunday. On Thursday, she called him, crying from the amount of pain she was in, and Boyd dropped everything to take her to Deaton. He called Isaac in the car and told him to call everyone and tell them to go to Deaton and not the hospital because, "It's a werewolf baby, idiot!"

He could hear her crying out in pain from a mile away and it hurt him, knowing he was so close but still not there. She couldn't move by the time he got into the apartment and thank God he constantly worked out or she would've had the baby on their floor. He effortlessly picked her up and she clung to his neck, burying her head into his shoulder so she could cry some more. Isaac was standing outside of their door, in shock, and got the elevator open for them. "I can drive," he said, grabbing the keys from Boyd's pocket and sitting in the driver's seat of his Jeep. Boyd sat in the back with Erica, stroking her hair and kissing her and telling her it'll be over soon. He was scared out of his mind, but she was scared enough for the two of them.

Everyone else was already there when they got there, and Boyd and Erica resumed their positions. Deaton had cleared out the hospital for them and Boyd followed him into the back room. The rest of the pack bit their nails and fidgeted and squabbled over who'd be a better uncle and Isaac is obviously the godfather.

In about an hour, Boyd reappeared, staring down at the floor. Everyone sat on the edges of their seats except Derek, who promptly stepped up to him and embraced him. Boyd's face crumpled and he cried into his Alpha's shoulder. "Wh-What's going on?" Isaac moved forward this time.

"The baby, she's beautiful." They all breathed a sigh of relief, and Boyd's grin stretched across his face. "I'm a dad." The girls squealed and the boys all gave him pats on the back. They all followed him back to where Erica was smiling down at the tiny bundle. Boyd took the baby into his arms gently and smiled when she yawned. "This is Destiny. And she's perfect."

They started clamoring over who would hold her first, and, naturally, Isaac got to. "She looks just like you, man," he directed at Boyd without looking up. "Hey, pretty girl. I'm your Uncle Isaac and I'll be your favorite uncle, I promise." His statement was followed by groans and pleads to hold the baby. She was passed down the line of aunts and uncles and responses included, "She totally looks like Boyd!" and "When are we having a baby?" and even a smile from Derek. They processed out, couple by couple, and only Boyd, Erica, and the baby were left.

"She's so quiet."

"Just like her daddy."

Boyd smiled and gave Erica a kiss. He took the baby from her arms and walked around with her. If you asked him five years ago what he'd be doing, you can guarantee it would have nothing to do with being a father and holding a newborn baby girl. But, that's what he was doing. And he was smiling at the tiny thing in his arms, and singing to her softly because not even Erica knew he liked to sing. That's a lie. She knew he could sing, she just chose not to say anything.

It felt right. He was happy to finally have a family of his own, one he could protect and keep from harm. They took the baby (and Isaac) home the day after that.