A/N: All of your kind words inspired me to write a sequel ASAP. This story is going to be structured a little differently than the other one. There will still be lots of fluff, but I was thinking about making the chapters longer and writing two per month instead of just one. :)

January 2nd—it wasn't quite their one-year anniversary, but since January 1st was a holiday and the courthouses were closed it would have to suffice. No more than three hours had passed since they had signed their marriage license and, while most couples have an adjustment period, Jane and Maura already felt married. Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman, Emma's parents and longtime friends of Maura's, had registered her for a service that assists with legally changing a woman's last name after marriage. Since Maura had limited time to spare, the online service was going to be a great help in changing Maura's name from Isles to Rizzoli. Rizzoli didn't flow as nicely with her first name as Isles did, but keeping her last name was out of the question for Maura. She loved knowing Jane was her wife and she loved the fact that having Jane's last name would let everyone else know she was Jane's wife.

The cabin Hannah and Emma had reserved for them was quite a distance from Boston, but Jane and Maura didn't mind the drive. There were so many things for them to discuss about their new life as a married couple and each topic was making the time fly by. When it was possible, Jane drove with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand holding Maura's. Their fingers intertwined so perfectly with each others and Jane knew that was a sign. She didn't know exactly what kind of sign, but she knew it was a sign nonetheless. Maura's hands were so soft and delicate, almost the opposite of hers. So many of Maura's features were the opposite of hers. Maura had full breasts and curves—she was so womanly and so Jane's. Maura was hers to kiss and touch for the rest of their lives.

"Pull over," Maura commanded.

"Why?" Jane asked although she had begun to pull over the moment Maura commanded her to do so.

Once their car had come to a complete stop on the side of a lonely highway, Maura undid her seatbelt and moved in closer to Jane. She began nibbling the spot on Jane's neck that never failed to send shivers throughout her body. "I noticed an almost predatory look in your eyes," Maura said as her hand slowly inched its way up Jane's inner thighs. "I always know what you need when you have that look."

"I can wait until we get to the cabin," Jane insisted, trying not to pay attention to what Maura's skilled hands were doing.

"Take me to the backseat," Maura suggested. "I know neither of us can wait."

"No," Jane told her. "Maura, what if we get caught?"

"I haven't seen another car in over half an hour. We won't get caught on this highway," Maura pointed out. "It's our first time as a married couple. Don't you want to consummate our marriage in the most exciting way possible?"

She had a point, or at least that's what Jane wanted to believe. There was a battle going on between rationality and her libido. Rationality was coming out on top until Maura began unbuttoning her blouse. Just a glimpse of Maura's cleavage brought about the defeat of her rational mind. Jane's libido had won this battle and her prize would be time in the backseat with a very amorous Maura.

The Rizzoli family had taken an immediate liking to Hannah. Jane had told her mom and her brothers that she was planning on adopting Hannah, but no one had actually met her until Jane decided to pull a prank on Frankie and her mom at the station. Hannah had dressed in Jane's favorite outfit from high school and approached Jane's mom and brother pretending to be Jane from 1990. When they asked what was going on and where Jane was, Hannah frantically said, "I am Jane Rizzoli! Why don't you believe me? Something was disrupted in the space-time continuum. My present is your past and your present is my future. This is too much for me! I need to get back to 1990." Hannah's act could have gone on much longer if not for Maura entering the café. Once Frankie and Angela questioned Maura, the joke was over and Jane had to come out from her hiding spot to explain what was happening.

Ever since that day, Hannah was treated like an official member of the Rizzoli family. After school, she'd go straight to the station to do her homework at Maura's desk or in the café. Angela had introduced Hannah to everyone as her granddaughter and just the sound of the words "grandma" and "granddaughter" filled Hannah and Angela with a type of happiness they had never experienced before. Hannah had never known what it was like to have a grandma and Angela had almost given up hope of ever having grandchildren, so when Hannah came into her life she began spoiling her twice as much to make up for all the years she never had a granddaughter and the years Hannah never had a grandma. Jane had told her mom not to spoil Hannah too much, but Angela never paid any attention to Jane's warnings. Hannah was her granddaughter and Angela knew it was her right to spoil her.

While eating bunny pancakes, Hannah's new favorite food for breakfast and dinner, she began to ask Angela about Jane. Now that she knew Jane was in a car with Maura on the way to the cabin and there was no chance of her popping in, she knew there was actually time to hear stories about Jane without Jane telling her mom to stop talking about her.

"How did my mom come out?" Hannah asked Angela when they were seated at the kitchen table.

"She didn't," Angela responded. "I had to tell her instead of her telling me."

Hannah couldn't help laughing. "So, you were okay with it?"

"All I wanted was for her to be happy. I had known since she was a little girl, but your mom insisted on dating guys in high school. There was one bad date after another until I sat her down and had a talk with her when she was eighteen. There was no other way to put it, so I said, 'Janie, I think you're a lesbian.' You should have seen the look on her face. She looked like she was going to have a heart attack."

"What did she say?" Hannah asked, her mouth full of pancakes. She knew it was impolite to talk with her mouth full, but she just couldn't resist getting more of the story.

"She had nothing to say," Angela responded. "She just cried. My tough little Janie was actually crying, so I made sure she knew I was okay with it and that I'm still going to be there for her no matter who she falls in love with. Looking back, I wish I never would have said that."

"Why?" Hannah asked. "You love my mom."

"I do love your mom," Angela said. She couldn't help but laugh. "But you should have seen one of the girls she brought home for me to meet. I imagined her bringing home nice college girls who wore jeans and school sweatshirts and, later on, girls who she was in the academy with. Instead, her first girlfriend was a girl named Trish. Trish might have been a sweet girl deep down, but I just couldn't get past the pink hair and the nose ring. Not to mention, the way she would casually use the F-word in conversation. She broke Jane's heart, though. Trish thought Jane was too square because she wanted to be a cop. My little Janie was only nineteen and she already had enough sense not to get involved with what this girl was doing. I said good riddance to that one. Her next girlfriend was Jenny. I thought it was so cute—Janie and Jenny. Jenny was a preschool teacher and one of the sweetest girls I had ever met. Those two were together for seven years and I thought she was the one for Jane, but a few days before Janie's twenty-eighth birthday, she catches Jenny kissing some other woman. She apologized, but Jane wasn't going to put up with that and I'm glad she didn't take her back. She may have been twenty-eight, but she was crying to me again and I held her just as I did when she was crying over Trish. She was too devastated to date after that—until Maura came along. Maura was all she talked about, but she didn't have the nerve to ask her out, so when I found out that Maura had asked her out, I was thrilled. The first time I saw them together, I knew my daughter was with the woman she'd eventually marry. I could see it in the way they look at each other. Those two were meant to be together. I've never seen Jane this happy before and I know it's because of Maura and because of you."

"I make her happy?" Hannah asked hopefully.

"Yes," Angela said as she straightened the bill of Hannah's Red Sox cap. "You're her pride and joy."

When they arrived at the cabin, Jane began the tedious job of hauling their luggage from the car to the cabin. She had brought only one overnight bag, but Maura brought three suitcases filled to their maximum capacity.

"Three suitcases? Really?" Jane asked sarcastically.

Maura looked confused. "I only brought my necessities."

"What necessities?" Jane asked. "Maura, we're in a cabin in a secluded area. No one is going to judge you for not dressing like you belong on a runway or for not having immaculate hair. And it's our wedding night. You have no need for clothes."

"What about lingerie?" Maura asked.

"No," Jane insisted. "After what we did in the car, I'm far too horny to take lingerie off of you."

"Jane—" Maura began.

"No," Jane interrupted. "You. Naked. In bed. Now."

Maura tried removing her clothes as quickly as possible. "Cavewoman Jane is back. I love her. She's almost feral."

"Enjoy her while she lasts," Jane said as she started taking off her own clothes. "After her, you're getting Loving Wife Jane."

"Was she the one I was in the backseat with?" Maura asked. "The one who held me afterward?"

"That'd be her."

Maura playfully kissed Jane on the cheek. "I think I like her the most."

That night, Jane held on to an exhausted but satisfied Maura. "Why is sex even better now that we're married?" Maura had asked her, but Jane didn't have a definitive answer for her. As far as Jane was concerned, everything was better now that they were married. Their night ended with the two of them talking about Baby Rizzoli. Jane and Maura had only been married less than twelve hours, but they knew they were ready for him or her.

It was after two in the morning when Hannah grabbed her phone and decided to call Emma. She had thought about sending her a text message, but texting Emma wasn't as easy as texting her friends. There were no abbreviations or text-speak in Emma's messages and many of them turned out to be over a paragraph long, so Hannah knew calling her would be more effective. Please be awake. Please be awake, Hannah told herself as the phone rang.

Emma picked up after the second ring. "My darling Hannah!''

"I was hoping you'd be awake," Hannah said excitedly.

"How could I sleep?" Emma asked in her usual dramatic tone of voice. "There are so many miles between us and I have longed to hear the sound of your voice. My dearest Hannah, I have missed you so."

"Missed you, too," Hannah told her. "How is Connecticut?"

"Dreadful," Emma responded. "I love my grandmother, but I can't stand the…element…she associates with. Her friends are so elitist. Just by hearing their conversations, I've noticed that certain families marry other families from the same area. I think they marry for the sake of alliances rather than marrying for love. I thought it was horrid, so while eating dinner with my grandmother and her friends, I asked if they had ever worried about inbreeding due to the amount of marriages happening between a select few families."

"You didn't?" Hannah asked in disbelief.

"I did," Emma responded. "And then I was banished from the table. Maura had let me borrow some of the journals she subscribes to so I could have something to read while I'm over here and I'm glad I kept one of them in my purse. While my cousins were playing video games and talking about girls, I just read Maura's copy of the Journal of Molecular Biology. The journal is extremely fascinating, but I couldn't help noticing how my male cousins brag about being able to get any girl they want, yet I'm the only one who actually has a girlfriend. I know it was impolite of me, but I had to point that out. They have no right to talk about girls in such a disrespectful manner. I ended up being banished from the living room as well after saying that. I really don't fit in here, Hannah. Then again, I really don't fit in anywhere."

"You fit in with me," Hannah told her. "We'll always have each other and I'm so proud of you for speaking your mind."

"I rarely spoke my mind until I became your girlfriend," Emma admitted. "You've made me a much stronger person. Girls at school don't make fun of me anymore because of you and the things you told me I should say to them. I'm never going to be popular, but at least I'm left alone."

"You'll never get teased again," Hannah promised. "You have all of the girl jocks on your side now. I'm on the basketball team and the softball team. Have you seen some of the girls on my teams? I may be skinny, but they're intimidating and they all know you're my girlfriend so there's no way Madison and her little band of mean girls will ever pick on you again now that my teammates are on the lookout."



"I can't wait to go home to you," Emma told her. "I hate being so far away. Now that I know what it's like to fall asleep next to you and wake up still in your loving arms, I can't bear to spend my nights not being under the same roof as you are. I can't wait until we graduate and we can be married like Jane and Maura are."

"Just three and a half years and I'll give you everything you have ever wanted," Hannah said. "Can you do something for me?"

"Yes, darling."

"Get on Skype," Hannah insisted. "Let's keep talking to each other until we fall asleep. If we fall asleep with the webcams on, it'll be like we're falling asleep next to each other."

"Oh, Hannah," Emma said softly. "You're the sweetest girlfriend to ever exist on this earth"

Hannah was glad the cameras weren't on yet so Emma couldn't see how much she was blushing. "You inspire me to be a good girlfriend because you're the best girlfriend and you're so beautiful."

Miles away from the cabin where the newly-married Jane and Maura fell asleep in each other's arms, their daughter talked to her girlfriend well into the night. She was now feeling something far more intense for Emma than she had ever felt before. It was a feeling she couldn't quite understand and she couldn't wait to talk to her moms about it.