It was a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning in the nosy, busy town of Tokyo. The pink sakura fell gracefully with the early morning breeze. The sakura breeze flowed through a street filled with modern-built houses. It was a peaceful morning, until...

BEEP BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP! A small electric alarm clock went off at 5:30 A.M. in the morning. A young girl turned off the alarm and removed the white covers from her tired body. She yawned loudly as she put on her slippers and snail-paced her way to the bathroom. She closed the door, turned on the lights, rubbed her eyes, and gasped. Right in the middle of her forehead, was a zit so big, so red, so shiny, it looked like Rudolph's nose.

"Oh, crap." she said. No big deal. I can do this...

The girl opened the mirror cabinet door and pulled out a tube of zit cream. She twist the cap open, squeezed out a small amount and dabbed it on the zit. She then closed the tube and placed it back in the cabinet.

"Okay, world" the girl smiled to herself. "Here I come!"

The girl cheerfully hopped down the stairs. She was wearing her school uniform; a white shirt with a dark blue
sailor collar with a matching skirt that almost went down to her ankles, and a red scarf. She use her bangs to hide the zit from her family. She found her family in the kitchen. Her mother, Nina, was making breakfast. Her father, Zero, was reading the daily news. And her 15-year-old brother, Tomoki, was forced to study on the table since he slacked off... again.

"Good morning, Mina." Nina said.

"Morning." Mina said. She sat down on the table, and was eager to eat and leave.

"You really are an early bird, Mina" Zero said, flipping through the papers. " That's not usual."

"Must be a full moon." Tomoki joked, but no one laughed. "What?"

"It's not funny when you say it," Mina said in a serious tone.

"Anyway," Tomoki glared at Mina. "Did 'cha tell Mom yet?"

"About what?" Mina didn't have a clue about the the heck he was talking about. Tomoki raised an eyebrow and, with his finger, he tapped the center of his forehead.

"Oh..." Mina gulped down hard. She realized that Tomoki saw her Rudolph zit, and now, he's going to tell Mom and Dad!

Nina looked puzzled. She turned to her daughter and crossed her arms.

"Mina..." She said in a strong tone. "What is he talking about?"

"Nothing!" It was the only word that blurted out of Mina's mouth. She looked at the clock that was above her father's head.

"Well, what do you know," Mina lied in a cheery voice. "I got to go, I'm gonna be late." She turned her chair to the door and dashed off, but Nina stopped her by grabbing her arm.

"I'm serious, Mina," her mother said. She looked her daughter right in the eye and lifted her bangs to reveal the big red zit.

"Oh my God!" Nina gasped.

She let go of her, and at that moment, Mina raced to the mirror behind her and screamed. The zit was even bigger than last time.