Okay, I think a lot of people are rage quitting on this fic because they think Canada isn't in it. Well, I have some news: HE IS! He comes in later on, in chapter four, but I promise little Mattie is here~ How could I forget him?

Anywho, now that that's out of the way, enjoy!

Prussia, France, and Spain were chilling in a certain (very pissed) Brit's living room.

"Why are you lot here again?" England questioned, still unsure as to why three of his least favorite countries were lounging around in his house.

"Angleterre, we told you, we're making a guide to parenting and we want you to be a part of it!"

"Yes, yes, I understand all that rubbish. What I don't understand is why you had to come over and couldn't, oh, I don't know, invite me over to one of your goddamn houses!"

Spain looked injured. "You don't have to be rude, Inglaterra. We came over because your house is the biggest, and there will be more room for the tomates to play~"

"They're children, you git, not tomatoes!" Turning to Prussia, he asked, "Why haven't you said anything?"

As it turned out, the nation had fallen asleep. He woke up with a start and sat up, looking around as if to remember where he was. "Where's West?"

The four senior nations froze when they realized that, amidst all of England's yelling, Romano, Germany, Seychelles, and America had mysteriously disappeared.

"Ay! We lost the tomates!" Spain cried, springing up from the sofa.

France groaned. "My boss is going to murder me!"

Prussia (awesomely) jumped off the armchair where he'd fallen asleep and opened the door to the bathroom, poking his head in to confirm that the kids weren't in there.

He returned to the other three nations and pulled a map of England's house out.

"Why the bloody hell are you carrying around a complete floor plan of my house in your pocket?!"

Ignoring England's question, Prussia uncapped a Sharpie and split the house up into four parts. "Okay, here's the plan. Francey-pants, you take this part of the house." He circled the top left quadrant. "Toni, you take the top right corner." He placed a star in said quadrant. "Eyebrows." England frowned at the nickname, but Prussia didn't notice. "You take the bottom left part. The awesome me will handle the last quadrant."

France studied the map, then laughed creepily. "Ohonhonhon~ I get the quadrant with Angleterre's bedroom~"

Spain kicked him in the shin. "Amigo, you can look through England's personal possessions some other time. Right now, we must find los tomates."

They split up, going to search the parts of the house Prussia had assigned them. They stopped looking when they heard Prussia call from downstairs.


The three of them ran down the stairs, finding an angry Prussia gaping at four flour-covered children in the kitchen. The white stuff was everywhere, and the empty sack was covering Germany's head. Romano was scooping the flour up into piles and kicking it, giggling as it scattered everywhere and repeating the process. Seychelles and America were attempting to make flour-castles. They're like sandcastles, but with flour.

When the four of them (excluding Germany) saw their elder nations come in, they all reacted very differently. Romano cupped some flour in his hands and threw it at Spain's face. Seychelles ran to give France a powdery hug. Germany peeked out from under the sack of flour, but quickly replaced it when he saw Prussia, hoping his older brother wouldn't notice him. America's expression automatically turned to one of guilt, and he ran to hide in the pantry shouting, "Seychelles made me do it!"

"I think," Spain said, shaking flour out of his hair. "That, if only for our own sakes, we should start this guide. NOW."

The other three (even England) nodded in agreement.