So I felt bad for not really ending this fic officially. Here is the OFFICIAL ending.

Enjoy, guys, and I just want to let you all know that you're amazing people for getting through forty-six chapters of my insanity. I love you all.

Just like that, France, Spain, Prussia, China, and Hungary found themselves back at England's house, exactly where they had started all those chapters ago. The kids were playing upstairs, and the six of them were enjoying some tea.

"You know," Spain started, "this was really fun, no?"

"Is it really over so soon?" France asked wistfully. Prussia sniffled and wiped a tear. Hungary put an arm on shoulder.

"Idióta, are you crying?"

"Hell no!" Prussia exclaimed, pulling his bangs down over his eyes. "The awesome can't cry! I'm just...proud that West is all grown up now."

China did a spit take. "When did they grow up?!"

"Just look at them, China," England said sadly. "They're starting to stand on their own. They're not going to need us around for much longer. They'll grow up to be just as great, if not greater than us."

Prussia scoffed. "Impossible. I'm awesome."

"Angleterre is right, though. And I hate that I have to say that. We have had some fun times together, though, while they were young. We have taught them all we know."

"Which isn't much," Hungary pointed out.

"Still, though," China sighed. "I'm going to miss all of us doing crazy things together. I wonder what will happen in the future?"

England snorted. "Watch Russia grow up to be some great superpower."

They all burst out laughing.

"And...and..." Spain said between laughs. "England and I have some big sea war and I LOSE."

This time, England didn't join in the laughter.

"And what if Prussia becomes a part of Germany?" Hungary giggled. "That would be so embarrassing!"

"Imagine little Japan and Germany and Veneziano waging a huge war!" France chortled. "That would be something, non?"

"How about if the British Empire falls?" Prussia grinned. "That would be something to celebrate."

"All of you can go to Hell," England commented.

"Oh, oh, oh! What if we invent some sort of ultimate weapon?" Hungary asked with a sadistic smile that made Prussia wince.

"You mean, something better than cannons?" England questioned. Hungary nodded.

"Something that could take out entire cities in one go."

The five males stared at her.

"Hungary, should we be scared?" China asked.

"Probably," answered Prussia. "But you know what hasn't happened yet? America hasn't rebelled. I was awesomely expecting that."

"Shut it, you git!" England hissed. "He'll hear you, and then I'll be fucked!"

"Hey, no fucking unless I'm involved somehow!" France ordered. England shuddered.

"Anyway. Don't talk so loud."

The Bad Touch Trio blinked, then all three of them grinned.

"We'd be his main supporters, you know," France said nonchalantly.

"Sí, I would be more than willing to assist him~"

"Kid needs some training, kesesesese~ I could do it."

England's eyes widened. "Don't you dare. I'll get Hungary to castrate all of you."

Just then, the doorbell rang. England went to answer it, and in walked Poland and Lithuania.

"Like, hey you guys! Where're we, like, going next?"

"Nowhere, Poland," England state firmly. Poland tilted his head questioningly.

"Like, what do you mean? Let's go, like, bowling or something cool like that! Get the little kids and, like, let's go!"

"We're DONE, Poland," Hungary told him. Poland pouted, tears coming to his eyes.

"Well, that, like, sucks," he sniffled. "Come on Liet, let's, like, get out of here."

Just as the door shut behind him, "Riot" began blasting through the house, and the children all ran down the stairs with a battle-cry, riding broomsticks instead of horses.

"LET'S START A RIOT!" America shouted, holding up the kitchen spoon he was using as a sword.

"A RIOT!" the others echoed, and they proceeded to pounce on their guardians and hit them with various kitchenware. When they had managed to land quite a few bruises on them, they all immediately fell asleep.

"Can that be considered a revolution?" Hungary asked, straightening out her apron.

"I suppose so..." Spain answered, sniffing and blowing his nose with his handkerchief.

Then, for the last time, the six older nations watched their little children sleep before they let them go.

"You know," England smiled through his silent tears. "The kids are alright."

And all of them agreed.


The end.