In the next few years, things changed drastically in the lives of the Grimer and the Kirlia.

Doku slid out from behind the alley-way's dumpster, silently sludging about in the night. It was late, and few humans were out at the time, but it didn't hurt to not take chances. After making sure that no one was watching him, he made his way towards his target.

Located in downtown Celadon City was the Rainbow Pizza Parlor, a small restaurant that sold pizza at reasonable prices. Well... Pizza was a bit generous of a description in regards to what they sold there. Rainbow Pizza pizzas were essentially semi-solid chunks of carbohydrates and calories. And by semi-solid, I mean: if you try to pull off a piece of pizza, chances are the cheese will remain stuck to the rest of it while you pull the crust out from underneath it. To make matters worse, they were practically saturated in grease before they were sold, and any condiments that were placed on top of it soaked up the grease like a sponge. Why and how the place stayed in business is beyond me.

Doku slid up the wall of the pizza parlor. As usual, the owner had left the window partially open (as he was too cheap for air conditioning). The opening wasn't too large, but for a creature who was mostly liquid it was a piece of cake.

Doku easily squeezed through the opening and into the dark kitchen. As usual, the place was closed - and, as usual, the cook had left several pizzas, in their boxes, on the counter, saving them for whatever poor soul was stupid enough to call them and order a pizza. Once again, I'd like to stress that I have no idea how this place stayed open. Doku grinned as he leaped down from the window, made his way to the counter, and picked up the pizzas. Sure, you could call it stealing, but, hey, he was keeping these day old (or possibly older) pizzas from being ingested by and poisoning innocent civilians. He was doing a public service, really.

Just like he had done so many times before now, he peeked inside the pizzas, made sure to pick one that was more or less slightly less greasy than all the others, and put it in a pile with the regular greasy ones. Then, with a silly grin, he pushed the boxes through the window, slid out with them, and quickly made his way home.

He had hungry mouths to feed.

Rose happily reclined in her large bean bag (liberated from the Celadon City junkyard) gently pulling a blanket over her weary body and giving a yawn. Finally. Finally after the long, agonizing process, she was done. Time for a little rest and relaxation... She closed her eyes, got comfortable, and



Rose's eyes shot open. "Again...?" she moaned weakly, hopping off of her bean bag and making her way to the cardboard box on the side of the cave.

A lot had changed since that day, two years ago. She and Doku were still living in the sewers, but they had moved further down the system, to the very end, where the sewer let out into a small river in the middle of a large forest. Though the sewer pipe drained the filthy water into the river, Doku had set to work the moment that he arrived in the neighborhood, devouring the majority of the filth with the help of Sumuggo. The local Pokemon greatly appreciated Doku's odd yet very beneficial choice in his diet, and gladly welcomed the two into the forest without much of a scene. Sure, it was a bit of a jog to get back into Celadon City, but, hey, that was no place to raise a kid - or two.

Yeah, you heard right. Kids.

Rose sighed as she picked up the two screaming Ralts, cradling them as best as she could in her tiny arms. Every time she seemed to have them calmed down, they started crying again. The Kirlia had found a new sense of respect for her own matter, wherever she might be: if she had to put up with this when Rose was a baby, she was a real hero. Then again, Rose had been fortunate enough to have twins.

"Shh, shh, shh..." she whispered to her Ralts twins, rubbing their backs as they whined unhappily. "Calm down..." she half-begged, really hoping that they would. She sent a few telepathic messages of calmness and kindness, as the Ralts line was prone to do. Mercifully, the Ralts calmed down, rubbing their eyes and going silent, staring up at their mother with their eyes wide, wondering when dinner was going to arrive.

They were both girls, mercifully. If one of them had been a boy, he would have had a tough upbringing - yes, yes, there was a male-only evolution of Ralts, but Rose had no idea how to access it. Girls could probably live with being such a feminine-looking species.

The older one (who hatched first) was named Lily (because Rose just liked flowers, and couldn't think of a better name), and the younger one was named Murasaki (after Doku's own mother). Telling them apart was a bit difficult, but it was made a bit easier by the fact that Lily had pure black irises like Doku's and Murasaki had red ones like her mother - also, Lily was an inch or so taller than her sister. Neither could speak yet, but both were very loud when they were unhappy - just like both of their parents, I suppose.

Parents... Rose chuckled to herself as she settled down again, both of the babies playing with her hair. She hadn't really ever planned on taking a mate - much less a mate like Doku. To be honest, it wasn't his looks (obviously) nor was it his smell (though it wasn't so bad when you got used to it) but his personality. Yes, he was rough around the metaphorical edges (very rough at times) and he was temperamental (then again, so was Rose) but... Well... It was hard for Rose to put into words.

It was that one moment where he actually held out his hand for hers, maybe. That moment where he had shown her more kindness than anyone else had in her entire life, just holding an umbrella over her head, that little ray of sunshine that destroyed the darkness that clouded her heart, that was when she finally realized that she had a friend.

It just sort of developed from there.

A familiar humming sound began to echo through the tunnels, signalling the return of the man of the family. The Kirlia and her Ralts looked to the entrance of their cave. Doku slid in, waving happily with one hand and balancing a leaning tower of pizzas with the other one. "Heya!" he greeted.

"Dah!" Lily shouted.

"Deey!" Murasaki cried happily.

"You took your time," Rose observed with pseudo-snideness as the babies crawled from her arms and over to their father. Neither of them were bothered by Doku's stench - must have had something to do with the genetic make-up.

Doku scooped up the two with his free arm. "Well," he said, "excuse me for gettin' dinner, tootsie pop."

"Rainbow Pizza?" Rose chuckled, hopping off of her bean bag. "You know that stuff is practically toxic, right?"

"In case you haven't noticed, I am toxic," Doku said, putting his adoring daughters on the ground and popping open the first pizza box. "Here ya go, girls, eat up!"

"Pizzzah!" both Ralts cheered, eagerly sinking their freshly developed teeth into the least greasy pizza.

Rose wrapped her arms around her husbands... er... neck. "How was it out there?" she asked, knowing that it had been a while since he had gone to Celadon."

"Not bad," Doku said. "It's gettin' colder, though," he said; the only reason he had gone for pizza was because it was getting harder to find food for the non-sludge eaters in the little family. Winter was starting to grip the Kanto Region, and while it never got as cold as it did in Sinnoh or Unova, it did get cold enough to chill most of the fruit bearing trees to the point of barrenness. As such, it drove Doku into stealin... Ahem. Removing hazardous pizzas from the hands of the easily queasy humans and into the hands of family, who had a much higher tolerance to such a meal.

Not that Rose really minded - the pizza was half-rancid, yes, but starving was worse. She had learned that the hard way. Besides, Doku did pick out the least greasy one for her and the kids - which both Lily and Murasaki were currently hiding underneath.

Rose groaned. "Girls!" she scolded, picking up the sauce-covered duo up. "Look at you two..."

"Maah!" Murasaki cooed.

"Muuh!" Lily giggled.

Rose groaned. "I'm going to give them a bath," she lamented. "Again."

Doku chuckled. "Let me do it," he offered.

Rose raised an eyebrow, and Doku remembered that he was a Grimer. "Oh. Right. Carry on."

Rose walked off with her daughters, leaving Doku to hop onto the bean bag with a box of pizza in his hands. "Home sweet home," he said aloud.

Somehow, the two finally managed to put the babies to sleep. It seemed almost magical, the silence that filled the tiny cave, broken only by the quiet, almost ghostly howl of the wind that drifted outside.

Rose joined Doku on the bean bag that they shared. It still felt weird, sleeping so close to him. Not as weird as before, but still...

Doku yawned. "Better get some sleep," he advised. "Big day tomorrow."

Rose pulled the blanket over her body. "No bigger than usual."

"Well, here's the thing," Doku said. "I asked Sumuggo to watch the kiddos tomorrow. I thought we could... you know..."


"Go on a walk or somethin'..."

Rose smiled. "I'd like that," she said. She could use a break.

"Good, good." Doku pulled on some more of the blanket onto him. "I love kids," he said.

"Me too..."

"Wanna have some more?"


"Oww! What was that for?!"

Rose grinned. "Love you, too, Doku."

Author's Note:

And so it ends: the story of a emphatic ballerina falling in love with a pile of sapient slime, named after a Tim Curry song from a movie I don't even like. Weird, isn't it?

Well, I hope you liked it! I might do some follow-ups and sequels if I get enough requests, so be sure to toss a review my way!

Doku and Rose: "Review, everyone!"

...Oh, and on a side note, Murasaki is the Japanese word for Purple. Oddly enough, google spellcheck doesn't say it's not a word, even though every other Japanese word I've entered it has.