Transformers Animated


{This is written for DeviantArt member MeiCailya with a little help from Knightzheaven92. This is my very first attempt at writing smut; so go easy on me please. }

Even before he heard his brother's whimpering and moaning in recharge, he knew it had been coming. Since the last solar cycle, he had felt the intense heat building steadily, deep within his own circuitry as well. He had sensed more than felt his twin shifting uneasily on his side of the berth. It had always affected orange and white jet the most out of the two for some reason. Perhaps it had been because of his fire-powers that it caused this odd raise in core temperature to be that much more unbearable for him. Or perhaps the blue jet simply had a better tolerance for it than his sibling. Either way the fact of the matter was that it was happening again.

Jetstorm had soon reached out and gently began to rub at his twin's lower back and waist where his black protoform was exposed and already heated to the touch. As always the heat, for reasons they never knew, made their sensory grid highly alert and sensitive to even the most minor of sensation. Jetfire had awaken instantly at the light action and mewled as he arched into his sibling's palm like a cat wanting to savor the attention. He always could depend on his brother to help him with this. Their regular playful antics when it came to things of this nature were one thing, but this heat that tended to sneak up on them along with their normal urges was still something of a mystery. They were not sure what kept causing it, only that it began about a deca cycle after they've had been upgraded into flyers and had joined the elite guard.

Still there had been an upside to this strange occurrence. It had made their private time all the more special and endearing. The orange and white twin, much like a cat, shifted and snuggled into and under his brother's arm so as to crawl under him completely. There was no need to discuss whom the submissive one would be this time around, the fire brother was so hot and sensitive right now he would not had been able to wrestle his sibling for the dominant position anyway. Which suited Jetstorm just fine since he tended to be more in control with his heated urges due to his wind powers and besides it give him a slightly twisted high to see his twin looking weak and submissive underneath him. With his brother willingly moving onto his belly, the blue twin had crawled over his sibling and pushed himself to sit up so that he was straddling those long white plated legs. He lent forward and began massaging the full white plated shoulders and back in front of him, digging into seams and gently running his slim digits through wires so as not to unhook them.

The visor wearing jet would always tease his brother like this, deliberately playing with his sensitive sensory grid so that he'd squirm shifted wantonly beneath him. The action would cause his aft to rub up against wind brother's lap, which only heated up the blue robot even more and had him growling approvingly in his twin's audio. Jetfire, whimpering, panting and fans whirling, nuzzled his brother's helm pleading for him to stop all this teasing. He had been overheating from the start and the ministrations he had been receiving, although enjoyable, were torture to him for they banked the flames of arousal all the more and made his entire system scream for a connection. Enjoying the needy sounds, but not wanting to accidently have his brother flare up by heating him up further, Jetstorm grabbed a hold of his sibling's chin and held him so that he's stayed facing him as he captured his lip component in a domineering kiss to keep him quiet. He then wrapped his free servo around his orange counter part's waist to keep him from shifting his hips anywhere except where he wanted them to shift. He began to give his sibling a hard but playful bump to signal him to open his panel-

"Jetstorm! Jetfire!" The loud booming voice of their commander's voice over the intercom had started the twins greatly and had caused the blue and yellow one to topple over when his brother bucked in surprise. "Get your afts down to the engine room, now! Turbine 6 is acting up again!"

Groaning from the fall and growling in annoyance, Jetstorm shook his helm to clear it of some minor static as he sat up and leaned against the berth. Whimpering in horrifically uncomfortable and wanting dismay at being interrupted, the brightly colored flyer scooted closer to the edge of the berth and rapped his servos around his brother before he could stand up. The blue bot turned to face his wanton brother and almost immediately had his lip components captured in a kiss that scream desperation. He even went as far as sticking his glossia in there so to urge him further.

"Mmm, Brother…" He had managed to pull away from his advancing sibling somewhat as he tried to reason with him. "Brother we can not…" Pulling his head back exposed his neck, which the orange bot attacked by sucking and kissing at it. Trying his best to stir his counter part into finishing what they started. "We is needing to go…"

"Hmm…" Dejected and feeling rejected, Jetfire released his sibling and began to straighten out on the berth. "Of course brother…"

Feeling his sibling's disappointment, Jetstorm nuzzled his slightly younger brother in comfort. "No worriment." Using their bond to send calming waves to help calm his sibling's urges down, the slightly older brother manage to bring down his brother internal temperature somewhat. "We continue soon afterwards being." The orange and white robot nuzzled back in appreciation. "Promising."

Having to deal with these urges enough times to know how bad they'll grow, the brothers deciding that it would be best to take a short trip to their personal wash rack to cool off further. Being the inseparable siblings that they were, it was common for them to share things and help one another with things, such as basic maintenance, it came as little surprise that they shared showers. Wanting to cool off as soon a possible, Jetfire automatically jumped underneath the facet and turned on the spray full blast. The harsh hissing sound of evaporating solvent had filled the air the second the liquid hit his metal body. Jetstorm watched him with a sympathetic smile as he dug up a cleaning rag from a nearby compartment and joined his sibling. Cleaning and polishing each other's armor had been a favorite bonding time the two shared every since they were young and continue to do so every time they were off duty. It always helped to calm and sooth them after a practically hard mission or simply brought a much need comfort to their wary sparks and bodies.

However, the small enclose space also allowed the least affected brother to feel the heat coming off he's sibling's frame. Allowed him to see the brighter colored jet through the raising steam clouds as he moved almost sensually so as to allow the solvent to get into the hard to reach places of his armor. What liquid hadn't evaporated had run down his sleek and slender frame, and glistened off his armor and drew attention downward. The slight acoustics of the wash-rack enhanced the soft, uncomfortable needy whines, sighs, and groans coming from his twin's vocal processor. The blue jet could barely suppress a groan of arousal himself when his sibling bent forward and leaned up against the wall under the facet so that the solvent could under his back plating and unintentionally gave a perfect view of the length of his back and firm aft.

"And just to make sure you two won't screw up again, I'm sending one of the repair bots over to make sure you do it right!" Sentinel had screeched once again over the intercom, interrupting their quality time and forcing the twins to begin to prepare to leave before they were fully ready.

"Uuhh…" Jetfire had groaned under the cool spray on the miniature wash rack while steam continued to literally rose from his still scorching frame as he turned the flow off. Without the cold liquid to soak in, his system had heated up again almost instantly and demanded release from the pent up urges. "I is hoping heating will not being distraction to much..." He had soon turned to get out of the wash rack and jumped in startled surprise to find that Jetstorm hadn't move. In fact he had actually gotten closer until he had his brother cornered against the wall with a most lecherous grin on his faceplate.

Still feeling the heat coming off his sibling's frame and the neediness through their bond while he watched the solvent run down the orange and white frame and had revved his engine again approvingly. "Perhaps if we is making the quickie…" The wind twin continued to grin wickedly as he began to trace downward spirals on his brother's mid-drift and down. Since they had been so close, the tickling sensation had made the fire twin bucked up and twitching against his sibling. "We is not being distracted later?" As an extra precaution to get his brother to submit, the wind twin had then started to nuzzle his, once again, overheating counter part and revved his engine so that the vibration would stimulate his sensory grid all the more.

The orange and white flyer returned the affectionate gesture as he recognized that the glitch that his brother tended to have due to this abnormality of their programming had been activated somehow. Nothing to worry about, really. "Hee-hee, very wise brother." The fire twin giggled at the touch before his twin grabbed at his hips and began to position him into one of their favorite stances.

His brother's talented fingers snaked from his hips, to running down his aft so that their waists bump against each other, and moved down his thighs. The metal hands made their way between his legs so that they spread and forced him to squat a little. Seeing where this was going the orange and white rapped his servos around his brother's shoulders and allowed him to pull those thighs up and around the blue plane's narrow waist. Their pelvises were soon grinding against each other and their panels had opened simultaneously. Jetstorm took a moment to brace his sibling's back against the wall and relish in the feel of their intimate parts meeting. Basking in the heated warmth, before pressing harder against his brother and slowly began to unsheathed his plug right into-

"HEY YOU GUYS!" They both froze, spike barely teasing the inner walls of the valve, as a younger sounding voice yelled from outside of their private quarters. "ARE YOU IN THERE?!" Said voice was recognized as belonging to their repair bot friend, Bumblebee. He and his team had been accompanying them to the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy to help collect asteroid samples for the Elite Guard science division back in Iacon. "YOU STILL ONLINING OR DID YA ALREADY LEFT?!"

Whimpering that they couldn't finish their game the brighter colored twin had loosen his grip on his brother, expecting to be put down. However, instead the blue jet had growled agitatedly before gripping at his twin's hips harder and began to trust abruptly. "We can not be playing now Yellow Bumble!" Jetstorm yelled angrily over towards the door. It wasn't that he didn't like the yellow scout. It was just that he had just started to connect with his beloved sibling and he really did NOT want to stop just now.

"WHAT?!" Came the reply from the outside as the orange jet gave a startled cry at being unexpectedly impaled at a slight rough pace his sibling had suddenly set. "LOOK, SENTINEL SAID I'M SUPPOSE WORK WITH YOU IN THE ENGINE ROOM!" Every room on the ship had a level of soundproofing for privacy, so as to avoid disturbing those resting in recharge. Obviously the scout knew this, hence the yelling.

Jetfire gritted his dentures against the stinging from his brother's rough actions. Whenever he was in heat, the wind sibling tended to develop a glitch and become a bit domineering when aroused. "P-please to wAITing for sm-mall TIMe!" He knew his twin wasn't trying to hurt him. He was just frustrated with being interrupted all the time, especially now after coming this far. "W-we are to be LEAving now!" The fire twin all but screeched as he tried to stall for time while his counter part shifted so that he could get in deeper and hit the hidden sweet spot sooner. Jetstorm wanted to hear him scream his release and until he did he wasn't going to put him down. "W-we is in n-needing OoOnly of few cyCLES!"

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Bumblebee called while pressing his audio to the door. He could barely make out what sounded like movement of sorts and muffled voices through the thick door. "I DIDN'T HEAR IT VERY WELL!" Inside the blue brother growled once again in his annoyance, realizing that the disturbance won't end until they've taken care of their chore. "BETWEEN THE DOOR AND YOUR ACCENTS I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT-" The door opened to reveal Jetstorm looking down on him with a servo on his hip and a frown on his faceplate. "-you're saying." Jetfire had made his appearance shortly after, just behind his brother and had looked warily at the minibot in front of them. "Hey guys."

"Hello, Yellow Bumble…" The brothers replied in unison; one with a tight agitated tone, and the other with a tiered and slight strain to it.

The smaller bot tilted his helm to the side as he studied his fellow Autobots. Something was obviously off with them. "Guess you two were in a stasis nap when Loud Mouth Prime comm., ya huh?" Jetstorm had looked pretty irritated as if he was seriously considering hurting someone and Jetfire had looked awfully flushed around his optics and drained like he wanted to just collapses where he was standing. Classic sighs of not getting properly recharged. He should know since he tended to suffer both traits at the same time when awaken too early. "Yeech, I can't tell you how many times that's happen to me! It's so annoying!"

'I is not thinking it being more annoying than having interruption.' The blue and yellow twin stated through his bond as the little chatterbox continued his end of the unknown one-sided conversation.

'Agreement Brother...' The orange and white twin answered with a small smile. The little Autobot hadn't known about their game, so the amber optic jet harbored no agitation for him. 'Still… he is only be trying to be the friendly by understanding.' He understood that the scout was only following orders and wanted to make sure he had found them so that they could work together like they were suppose to.

"I mean how's a bot suppose to sneak a quick recharge with every bot calling on them?" At first they had waited for a chance to suggest getting to the engine room while talking, but couldn't find a pause long enough to politely interrupt their friend. So instead they figured if they began walking, he'd follow them. However, the smaller Autobot had actually continued on his mini rant without realizing that the brothers had begun moving around him and down the hall.

'How can he be understanding if-' Just as the blue flyer was about to argue; he had felt a quiver in the bond he shared with his beloved sibling. 'B-brother-?' His annoyance and irritation had melted when he noticed his brother limping slightly and winching at ever other step. 'You is alright?' He asked has he stopped his brother by holding onto his shoulder armor and to strengthen their bond through physical contact so that he could help ease the discomfort plaguing the orange flyer.

The slightly younger jet smiled to his brother in an attempt not to worry him so. 'Umm-hmm…' However, his outward appearance couldn't fool the slightly older jet and the look he had received had told him not to lie. 'Just a little soreness… and hot…' The confession made the slightly older brother remember the incident back in their room had him basking in guilt. He had gotten too rough and had hurt his dear brother. His side of the bound pulsed with apology and self-loathing as he embraced his sibling and tried to quail the minor pain. In returned he had received a returning hug and waves of forgiveness and love.

"Seriously it's like—Hmm?" Bumblebee had finally opened his optic and found that the twins had disappeared. The minibot had quickly looked around and had found his friends, having missed the hugging, walking a short distances away down the hallway. "HEY WAIT UP!" The smaller yellow bot skated over on his heel wheels to catch up.

'I is not understanding why Sentinel Prime sir is thinking we is needed help with turbine repairment.' Jetstorm wondered through their twin telepathy as the made their way towards the engine room.

"So what's the deal with this turbine?" Bumblebee asked once he had managed to catch up with the flying brothers. "Why does it keep breaking down?"

Jetfire hadn't heard the spoken question has he had been trying to think up of an answer for his brother. 'Perhaps he is thinking with help, we would not get in arguments?'

"Hello?" The little scout called over to the retreating backs of the taller mechaniods.

'We is not getting in arguing last time we is fixing turbine.' Jetstorm answered back as he tracked back in his memory banks to the last time they had to fix the engine.

"Hellooo?" The minibot called a little louder when he still had neglected to get a verbal response from the junior guard bots.

The orange twin had at that moment also been going through his memory banks to the last time he and his sibling had been called to repair the turbines What he remembered was a rather interesting mega-cycle trapped in a open space inside the turbine. 'True. But we did be having the time of play…'

"Are you guys even listening?" Bumblebee asked in aggravation the back of the retreating bots as they continued to walk.

'You is speaking of time of play that Sentinel Prime was think it match of wrestle?' The blue twin grinned as he sensed his brother's heat rising at the memory. Their commander had heard them banging and clanking around inside the open space engine and had thought they had gotten themselves stuck within it. All things considered it had been a very fun mega-cycle.

They were ignoring him! The two fancy plate Elite Guard jets were actually ignoring him! "HEY!" If there was one thing he wouldn't tolerate in his function is being ignored.

'Hee-hee, yes. To bad we can not being doing it this time with-' "AaAck!" All at once something had jumped on and attached to Jetfire's back, nearly knocking the jet right down to the ground. In an effort to stay standing, the orange twin frail his arms, bending his waist forward and back, and trying to stay balanced on his peds.

"I'm talking to you!" Bumblebee's voice rang loudly in his audios as the jet planted his peds with the help of his brother latching onto his arm for support. "Quick ignoring me!" The minibot had ridden him much like an expert broncobuster and had stayed firmly attached to his back thought out the whole balancing act. "Geez you try to ask a question and-" Just the little bot had been about to start a rant; something under his servos had caught his attention. "What?" His sensory grid detected that what he was holding onto had a serious increase in temperature in the last few nanos. "Jetfire are you alright?" In order to get a better grip, the minibot hopped up a few times until his legs were firmly rapped around the flier's waist. Once he was sure he wouldn't slip off, the short bot placed his servos around jet's chest plate in a way that made it looked like he was hugging him in a teasing way. "You're overheating." With Cybertronians, temperatures had to be checked by feeling the upper chassis since that was where their life force was located on their bodies.

Unfortunately for the orange jet, the friction that had been made between their bodies by the hopping and accidentally caressing had been sending his sensory grid into a heated frenzy. "O-oh it is no thing so large." Perhaps it would best to inform his little friend about his condition so as to avoid any potential awkward moments. "I am only in-"

"Slag, you're hot." The little bot had shifted and twisted around until he had climbed around the flyer and onto his front, legs still rapped around the taller bot's waist and servos around his shoulders for support. The shift in weight had the junior guard holding onto the minibot's thighs, which accidently had their waist leveled with each other's. "Seriously, do you want to stop by the med bay first?" Bumblebee innocently asked in concern for his friend, not at all aware of their positions, or of the effect his actions were having on the flyer.

"You is very much kindly for consideration, but I promising this is very much normal."

"It is being true." Jetstorm seconded with an amused grin. He had found it entertaining at how the little yellow robot rode his out of balanced brother earlier. Although he didn't mush care for the scout fingering his sibling's chassis, the sight of the minibot climbing and crawling into that familiar position in front of the orange jet had the blue jet briefly wondering why he enjoyed the image so much. "Other times like this, he is much very much hotter." He smirked to twin and himself at the subtle joke he had implied. His orange and white counter part smirked back in understanding along with a telepathic jab back since his servos were full at the click. "We apologizing for not speaking before. Brother and I were wondering about turbine and-"

"Oooh I get it!" The yellow youngling grinned up at the blue twin once he figured out what he had meant. "You were talking through your twin bond." At this the two jets nodded in confirmation at the claim. "Okay then, cool." Satisfied that he hadn't truly been ignored, the smaller Autobot released his grip and slid down the length of the orange flyer's front. Unknowingly stimulating the heated sensory and delivering a rather sudden but highly pleasant jolt through Jetfire's system, which also carried through the bond and hit his brother. Stunned by the occurrence yet liking the tingling sensation, the two junior elite guards decide that they had liked the unexpected jolt. "Hey you guys wanna race to the engine room?"

"Sure!" The twins replied after shaking off the goofy grins they had on their faceplates. It was a grand idea; they could have a little fun, burn off some extra energy and suppress the urges enough to finish their work.

"Yay!" The smaller bot cheered and soon had them all crouching down on the floor in preparation for the race. "Alright then. Ready… Set… GO!" Hoping to compete with their longer leg strive, Bumblebee had activated his wheels on heels and began to skate down the hallway. "C'mon! Last one there's a slowpoke!" All at once there were the sounds of roaring engines and soon enough two figures flew pass on either side of the little speed bot. "HEY! No fair flying!"

"You was not saying we could not!" The two flyers laughed in perfect union as they whizzed through the air down the hall in their race. Within cycles the twins had made it to the engine room, landed, and gave each other a victory high five. "We win!" A moment afterwards the yellow sub-compact came to a stop just in front of them with a screech of tiers, nearly tripping over his peds and cycling air heavily. "You is being poked slow!"

"It's 'Slowpoke' and you two cheated!" The minibot snapped at the flyers through his deep cycling. He had to lean over and support himself with his servos braced on his knees. "I want a rematch!" The scout demanded, not realizing the stares he had been receiving as he unintentionally gave the flying Autobots a decent view of his full back and pert aft.

Jetstorm had to shake his helm a little to remove a stray line of code involving the imagined image of the minibot deliberately shaking that nice round rear invitingly at them for no particular reason, before answering the stated challenge. "Oki-fo-doki, but only after we is finishing with repairments."