Jetlag Pt.5

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Bumblebee had easily lost his nerve as Jetfire drifted closer to him with that same dangerous grin he had seen on his older blue doppelganger just cycles ago, as he hovered twisting in the vacuum of space in an attempt to redirect his own aimless sailing. He had been successful, although it barely took the slightest glow from the orange jet's heels to follow him. Suddenly, this whole finding out he could 'fly' in space with his booster pack was a lot less exciting than he had hoped, and he was beginning to wish that he had some nice firm ground under his tires.

"The interesting thing of space-" Jetfire had started with a sly smile, just as there was a clink and a clang behind Bumblebee – the scout had suddenly collided with an unyielding force, and he craned his head around to see Jetstorm grinning down at him in an even more worrisome way.

"-is no one is hearing you scream," The blue twin finished, the scrape of metal vibrating all the way from the exoskeleton of Bumblebee's booster and into his chassis, as Jetstorm handled the nearest booster with deliberate force.

"Uh-" The littler bot had gulped, not entirely sure what was going on, but having some deep inkling. "That- wow, that's nice to know," He had said with a laugh born of pure nervousness as he testily tried to dislodge the limb from his mod. "You know, maybe this flying thing isn't cut out for me-" The smaller Autobot had begun to move forward to try and get away from the ministrations being done to his booster.

"Oh, not to be worrying," Jetfire said smugly as he closed the distance between them just enough to cut off an escape, "We is to be teaching to you all about it!"

"Really!" The yellow compact squeaked at the approaching bot and backed up into the blue twin again, "You really don't need to go to that kind of trouble-"

"Oh, it being- how do you say? PLEASURE to teach you," Jetstorm leered as he kept a solid hold on the nearest booster and took the liberty of giving two 'friendly' pats to that pert yellow aft.

Bumblebee had soon gotten the feeling he really did know where this was going, despite not knowing the exact mechanics or WHY it was even going there. His intakes hitched a little- uselessly, in the vacuum of space- as his boosters clinked against the panel on Jetstorm's chest just klicks before the yellow panel on Jetfire's chest clinked against his roof. Bumblebee made a sort of strained, desperate noise, as he looked about wildly for a way to escape. Despite the two assuring him that any help wouldn't be coming, he couldn't help but to let out a loud, "Help!"

The two jets only laughed at him. Soon an orange hand settling on his upper leg while a dark blue one crept across his roof. He looked around, hoping that there would be some last second reprieve- but his radio signal continued to travel unabated. The stars twinkled unsympathetically in the distance. The storm on Jupiter continued to whirl. Four miles away, a comet continued to burn its way across space, leaving a trail of dust and gases, completely unconcerned with his plight.

Jetfire took his time fingering and groping the bright yellow thigh while his other hand snaked up and around Bumblebee's waist to discourage him from bolting away. His blue twin fingered the edging and design of the younger scout's roof, sending light vibrations through the frame and causing the trapped little bot to jump and try to back away from the invading hand. Only to pressed up against Jetstorm all the more and exposed his unprotected protoform midriff to his orange counterpart. To which the amber opticed bot eagerly began to assault with his glossia and mouth.

Panicking, Bumblebee had suddenly buckled and trashed in between the two in an attempt at putting enough space between them to activate his turbo boosters to fly out of there. The action had caught the jets off guard just enough for it to work and off the yellow bot flew off like a shooting star in a completely random direction. Laughing at the concept of a chase, the Jets took off after their bright colored prey with a roar of turbine engines. However, wanting to prolong the fun, they kept their speed in check. The little scout had actually managed to fly straight and with nothing in his immediate way, he began to push his mods to the limit in order to stay ahead. However, he didn't have the slightest clue as to where he was going and could only hope that he was heading back towards the ship. The bright color of their armor made their flight streak like a shooting star across the darkness of space followed by two larger comets as the three flew.

'What's with those two?!' Not being able to resist, Bumblebee had glanced over his shoulder to see if he was getting far enough away to try and lose his pursuers only to find that it was only Jetfire chasing him. 'Where's Jetstorm?!' The terrified scout had instantly look upward thinking of an aerial attack, when out of the corner of his optics his saw something coming down in front of him!

He turned only in time to register that the missing blue flyer had overshot him somehow and had cut him off. Caught off guard, Bee had shut down his boosters and frail wildly in a desperate attempt to slow down, however the inertia kept him a collision course with the readied plane. Braced for the impact, Jetstorm shifted just enough so that the force wouldn't damage either of them and rode the inertia with the minibot. Twisting them both into a spin to keep his prey off balanced; the Junior Elite Guard had slipped a pair of stasis cuffs he kept in his subspace compartment out. Considering the amount of danger that came with the job, carrying such things had been mandatory in case they ever had to subdue an opponent. A safety regulation that had proven to be very useful now.

With one servo holding onto the yellow bot, the other had been free to snap the cuffs on one servo, activating the paralyzing discharge, and allowing the jet to take control of their flight path without any resistance. It had been a simple matter of sticking his ped out in front of them and activating his own boosters to push against the force that was keeping them mobile. It had been at this time that Jetfire caught up with them and aided his twin in slowing down their path. In the process they took the stunned scout's other servo and secured it in the vacant cuff behind his back so they wouldn't get in the way. With that, the game was officially over. The two had won.

"Ho-ho-ho, relaxing Yellow Bumble." Jetstorm leered at the trembling bot between them as he watched them warily. "We is wanting only to play." The blue twin had begun rubbing at those adorable little horns, which caused the sensitivity of their nature to have the minibot twitch and flush up.

Since his brother had taken the dominant position at the front, Jetfire had positioned himself behind the smaller Autobot and began rubbing at his hips and waist. "And is you not saying you is wanting to have 'good bang up time'?"

Bumblebee was scared out of his processor. 'This isn't happening…!' He couldn't escape. Not like this, and especially not with his entire motion relay short-circuited by the stasis cuffs. 'This just can't be happening!' This shouldn't even be happening. No bot had ever looked at him with such intentions. He knew he wasn't a prime choice for this type of activity, for it was pretty much drilled into him all his function. The only words that have been associated with him when it came to this were: annoying, brash, loud mouth, obnoxious, pathetic, beneath standards, too young and inexperienced- How is it that he suddenly gain the attention of two bots, two Elite Guardsmen of all machines, and driven them to this?! Sandwiched between the two jets he could feel the intense heat coming from both of them; more from Jetfire at his back than anything else. He could feel two roaming metal hands groping and feeling around his waist, fingering the edges and linings of his pelvic armor until- 'chink, chink'

He had gasped as he felt the two pieces of his pelvic armor being peeled off his lower region with the sound of metal being snapped. Jetfire had never fully welded the pieces completely! He had only welded small sections so that the pieces would hold until they could be torn apart again. They must have planned this from the beginning! That had to be it! They had pretended to buddy up to him the whole time in order to get him alone! 'Why-?' They must have known he'd follow them after being snubbed back on the ship. They had to have counted on that, for now they were miles from the ship, with no way of contacting the crew until the appointed time. 'Why is this happening-?' Now he was at their mercy and there was nothing he could possibly do about it. They'd most likely just toss him side once they get what they want… What was worse, no one would believe him if he told… It would be his word against theirs… And the word of a lowly repair bot compared to that of an Elite Guard was worthless. 'What did I ever do to deserve this-?!'

At last. The game was over. They had their prize and it was time to collect their reward. With that pesky pelvic armor out of the way neither would have any trouble getting to those nice tight little valve and port. Jetstorm wasted no time in positioning him in between those yellow thighs, while his twin pressed firmly against the exposed aft. Although the dominate program had now overcome them both, the difference in their ages left clear sighs on whom will penetrate the scout first. Which suited the younger of the two just fine so long as he got his own satisfaction in the process. It wasn't long before the two began to explore the yellow and black frame they were determine to share, but first they were going to make sure their new toy was properly prepared for the game. No sense in playing if their third wound up getting hurt in the process. He may not want to play again if that were to happen. So the two planes had decided to map out every curve and plate in search of any sensitive spots that would spark the heat of arousal in the scout. The shivers that came from the smaller frame between them, encouraged that they were doing an excellent job of revving up their chosen third. His sweet whimpers of pleasure ring in their audios and had them trembling against the yellow chassis in anticipated bliss. It hadn't been too long before the two bold junior guards began using their digits to prepare their new favorite toy for the real fun. The started gasped and involuntary bulking had the brothers looking down on their shorter companion in order to see what their touches were doing to him.

What they saw, was a terrified yellow minibot, clicking slightly, with his optics offline so as not to see what was going to be done to him. At the sight of their friend literally scared out of his processor of their action, their consciousness had managed to break through the haze of lust. 'Yellow Bumble…' What were they doing? What have they done?! They had completely lost control of themselves and were now literally nanoseconds away from forcing themselves on one of the few friends they had. Ashamed and utterly disappointed for their lack of self-control, the two brothers, in perfect synchronization, released their captive. Feeling that he was suddenly free, the minibot had risked onlining his optics to see what had happened.

What he found were the twins floating in front on him, helms bowed down in shame, and with an air of utter defeat around them. "We is sorry-" No soon had the words escaped their mouths, the jets had all at once cried out in pain as their frames suddenly came alive with harsh electrical discharges. Sparks flew from their joints, and literally currents could be seen slithering around them like crooked worms. The force of it all had the two curling into themselves as if the action would quail the pain somehow.

"W-wha-?" Bumblebee couldn't believe he had just seen. It was as if the two twin guards were suffering some kind of internal attack. A malfunction? Meltdown? "What's wrong with you two?!"

"Hoooooot-" Jetfire whined as he curled tighter into himself while small electrical currents ran all over is frame. "It is being- so hot- not thinking so well-" His voice was so weak and laced with pain, that it had caused his twin to fight through the waves of agony that were hitting him through the bond and fly over to his brother to help. Although he, himself, was just as in need of release, this pain he had been feeling belonged to his slightly younger sibling and had carried through to his spark.

"Heating is really bad…" The blue flyer had explained as he quickly began to loosen his younger brother's armor in order to allow some of the heat to vent out and keep his systems from overheating any further. "But we is not wanting to hurt our friend. That is reasoning for trying the ditching." Jetstorm held his beloved sibling close in order to comfort him with a close proximity bond. "It was being protection for you." Judging from the intensity of the wavelengths, the fire plane was in serious risk of a total system's shut down is this continued any longer.

"Heat?" The dumbfounded yellow bot parroted, not understanding anything that was going on, but knowing that the two in front of him were in serious pain for some unknown reason. "What heat?" Could this had been the cause of their uncharacteristic behavior up until now? Some kind of corrupted programming in their network? "What are you talking about?"

"W-we…" Weak, amber optics tried to lock onto soft blue as the brighter colored plane tried to give a coherent answer. "We is not knowing…"

"Hush brother." The older of the two had soon reached up his brother's chest plate and carefully fondled the heated spark chamber. Hopefully the contact will soon allow some of that pent up energy to spasm out and ease the pain. "Heating is starting shortly after we be upgraded for flying." Jetstorm tried his best to explain while desperately trying to ignore that fact that he had a hot and willing bot in his servos practically begging to be ravished, and a cute little pure spark floating within reach. "It making our sensory gird very much sensitive to contacts." However, at this advance stage, he could only go against the glitch for so long. It hadn't been long until the blue plane had slowly looked up at the scout with that same look in his optics. "Making us crave it…" In an instant, a blue servo shot out and grabbed a hold of a yellow ped. The minibot hadn't been able to help the surprised cry that left his vocals as he had been pulled back in between the two. However, this time Jetstorm had managed to keep a tight hold on his control so that the glitch wouldn't interfere. "In usual-ment I would to be relieving brother." Instead of taking the dominant front position, the slightly older flyer had the scout facing his twin and pressed his helm to the heated chassis, so that he could hear for himself how his brother was suffering. "But now I is thinking I alone be not enough."

The Autobot plane could read his twin's waves clearly at this close distance. Jetfire's systems were too taxed to take much more of this stress. He had to release his urges into another bot in order to satisfied them. His brother knew this all too well from that one time they were having this exact problem with the heat. It had hit his sibling hard, making him highly needy and impatient, while Jetstorm was left almost completely unaffected. He had tried to help his brother then, but he just couldn't get himself aroused enough to keep up with Jetfire's level. It had been when he was rubbing at his brother's aching wires and plates that he had realized something. At the time, for once, he hadn't been dueling with the glitch. He had the heat pooling inside of him, but it was like it wasn't fully active. The Junior Guard had also realized then that Jetfire had been acting almost like he did whenever he was glitching. It had been then that the jet concluded that, at that odd time, his twin being made to 'take it' hadn't been enough. It had been that thought that gave him an idea. He had changed the rules of the game and had allowed his twin to dominate him for once. The results were astonishing. Ever since that time, Jetstorm had learned that his beloved twin had his own glitch that tended to stay dormant unless he wasn't getting the physical satisfaction it needed from time to time. Right now, with the blue brother's own glitch working at high gear, there was no possible way his hidden programming would allow him to submit to that. This time, they both had needed to lead. They needed a third partner.

"You is being so kindly to us…" The fire twin couldn't help himself anymore. He had to rub up against the little bot. He had to stimulate a response from the frame in front of him. He had to have some kind of contact to satisfy his aching systems. "We is wanting you to join us…"

"We all be having much good fun if you is with willingness to join us." Jetstorm had whispered huskily as he had slowly began to lose his battle with the glitch and started to pay some special attention to those little horns. They were rapidly becoming his favorite part of their potential third. They were easily stimulated and turned their owner into a limp and willing mass of arousal.

"Please to be joining us…" Jetfire had practically begged as he nuzzled the minibot's helm in a rather familiar way. "We is wanting to keep you…" The amber optic bot had actually nuzzled his way underneath the scout's chin and softly kissed his neck.

It had been all the yellow minibot could do to keep aware through the haze the ministrations were causing. "You…" The kiss… His horns… Those caressing touches… That warmth… This feeling… "You really… want me?" Bee gasped as he felt a digit teasingly traced a 'y' where his pelvic plate would normally be. "Like that?" He knew this feeling… It was the feeling of being wanted, for once. Of actually being desired by another. He had remembered this feeling from the off cycle before when they were sharing cubes together.

"Yes." There had been a moment of silence after that response, where neither of them moved and simply waited for Bumblebee to answer.

The scout's own systems had been aching from the familiar ministrations. His body had already begun responding to the advances before he could really approve of anything, but he still didn't show any signs of giving consent. He had to think! One the one servo he was about to be used as a means of stress relief, in the most physical and personal way he could imagine. On the other, it was clear that the two were facing some serious internal system failure if they didn't use him in that manner. If he refused, they could most likely use each other to quail whatever is was that was propelling them to do this, but then he'd be stuck waiting for them to finish, and he wasn't sure how long that would take or if he'd like being a witness. However, considering the fact that he was being held in between them with the indication they may snap at any nano and ravish him anyway, was a high probability as well. Yet at the same time, he found himself, for once, enjoying the feeling of being trapped and unable to move; so long as those caresses didn't stop. He still had his doubts… His inner insecurities were still there even if the Jets did seemed to be sincere… But maybe… For once in his life stream… He could actually be wanted for something. And if it turned out to be another devastating, spark wrenching mistake… He'll at least have the recorded memory of having two Elite Guards as his first. Not many could say that, right?

Finally, after what had felt like an eternity, the twins felt their third relax in their arms and open himself up to them. Bumblebee had soon felt both of his openings being pressed against by those twin hot, and hard, members. The sensors in the general area reacted and the inner walls clenched a little from the unknown touch. Both of the Jets jolted somewhat from the unexpected movement and then gave approving growls for the unintended tease. With his circuits screaming for more of the contact, Jetfire began to press forward and into the warm lubricated opening. In a reflex motion to being probed in such a private and sensitive area, the yellow minibot buck up and away from the invading member only to back into and take in Jetstorm half way up his backside. The scout had let out a cry of shock and awareness, and instinctively arched away to avoid being impaled any further, only for the orange jet in front to intercept the movement with a well-timed trust; penetrating the trapped bot fully. The forward motion had rocked the receiving hips back and up, practically holding Bumblebee's hips in place with his back port hovering teasingly around the tip of the blue jet's member. Soon the twin in front had begun to pull out, which in doing so lowered the pert little aft down until it had been filled by the twin in the back with a well-timed trust of his own.

It hadn't been long until the brothers had figure out the arousing opportunity they had on servo and had taken full advantage of the situation presented to them. They had easily fell into a perpetual rhythm as they pounded into their new plaything, moaning and mewling in pure bliss that their urges were finally being satisfied. The yellow Autobot had screamed during the penetration, moaned during the trusting, groaned as he was rapidly reaching his peak and panted hard as he was overwhelmed with sensation after sensation. The continuing motion from both his front valve and his back port had forced his hips to rock in order to meet each thrust. The friction between all of them had been building rapidly and had his basic programming craving more and more still. Nothing like what he heard what the first experience was supposed to be like could even begin to amount to this. His systems were doing all they could to keep up with the pace, and regulating his core temperature from the heat being pumped into him.

Never before had the Jettwins ever felt so ecstatic… so energized… so unbearably aroused! Many times before when this strange heat had built up within them in the past they have had to relieved themselves, either alone or with each other, but this was the first time it had come up so hard. At the sight of an outsider from their personal circle no less! The two junior elite guards were almost wild with lust as they further quickened their speed to the point their thrust began to synchronize. Bumblebee cried out in white-hot ecstasy as his deeply hidden sensory nubs and wires had been hit over and over again simultaneously. The friction and heat between the three had rose faster and harder with every gasp and moan until finally all three metal bodies had practically exploded in a virtual show of showering sparks of electricity, blinding optical lights, and wailing cries.

The Asteroid Belt

Time has no reference in outer space. There was no way to tell how long they had been left floating around in stasis. Least not while in recharge. The last thing the Jets had remembered was pulling out of a crashed Bumblebee and aiming themselves towards a large nearby asteroid. They remembered that they had fallen into a blissful stasis shortly after landing with their new toy, still cuffed, laying in between them. Later, after an unknown amount of time, Jetfire had online with a feeling of utter most satisfaction in his core. Although he could feel that the heat was still there, it had been dulled down into a most pleasant ache that had been recognized as the usual side effect of their unique anatomy. Yet even though he had been a little surprised by this, at the same time he found that he hadn't mind in the least and had been rather glad for it.

"Mmm- Brother?" Jetfire called rather sleepily to his sibling once he had woken up enough to propped himself on his side with his head supported on his servo.

"Hmm- Yes Brother-?" Jetstorm had answered after a click and soon mirrored his twin's exact position on the other side of the resting minibot.

The orange and white flyer had soon begun tracing circles on their new love interest's chassis with his free servo as he spoke. "I is still with heating-"

"I is still with heating too-" The blue and yellow flyer had confirmed the unasked question as he had begun to grope the scout's mid drift with his own free servo.

The orange jet had then hugged the resetting Autobot close and then sat up so that he was holding their little 'prisoner' like a huge plush toy. "We go again, yes?" He asked hopefully as he nuzzled Bumblebee's helm in affection. After seeing how much his brother had enjoyed it, he really wanted to try out that pert little aft for himself.

Seeing that his twin was offering him the chance to pound the front side of their new toy, the visor-wearing sibling sat up like his brother and sandwiched the minibot between them as they nuzzled helms. "Yes. We go again."

Sharing and taking turns was something that had always came naturally to twins and these two were no different. For them, it was the absolute best way they showed their love, affection, and thoughtfulness towards their family and made sure they both had their fair share of things. Having been moved and cuddled for a cycle had slowly brought the yellow minibot back online. His optics lit dimly with exhausted confusion and had soon found himself sitting upright and facing Jetstorm. Whom, at the moment, had been on his knee joints, bent slightly forward, and stroking and groping the bright yellow thighs in front of him.

When the junior elite guard had noticed that their plaything was once again conscious and watching him, he had smiled devilishly and reached to caress the yellow bot's grey cheek. "We be going again now." The blue jet stated it as a matter of fact, as he spread the little robot's legs so that they had wrapped around his twin's lap and kept his valve opened for him to play with. "Okie-for-dokie, Yellow Bumble?"

Instead of waiting for a coherent response from the still dazed minibot the jet had lowered himself down to Bee's exposed opening and began his oral assault. The action had caused the little scout to jump and squirm around with the sensation of his inner walls being stimulated once again. His movements cause him to grind against Jetfire in an unintended lap dance that had the orange flyer mewling in his content and had him licking and sucking at the smaller robot's sensory horns. Stunned by the fact that these two were already ready and willingly to go again so soon and far too exhausted to even resist, the compact did the only thing his tiered system would allow him to do. Submit to their advances.

'…Oh well', Bumblebee decided as he was soon positioned and prepared for another bout of synchronized thrusting. 'There are probably worse things than getting molested by jets in outer space.'