Edited as of September 21 2012.

Dang... I wish I could print out the old copy and kill it with fire. Seriously. But sadly, that's a waste of paper and ink, both of which I'm heavily lacking right now. And the printer itself is broken. And I'm afraid I might set my own house on fire, being the pyro I am.

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Something other kids my age have, but not me.

It never lasted, shattered a long time ago.

I have to save the world.

Sometimes I just wish that I didn't have such a responsibility.

I wish I could just toss it away, fling it out the window without a second thought.

Run away and play in the woods whenever I felt like.

Camp out with my dad without anyone attacking us.

Not worrying about when the next enemy will strike.

I've watched my friends die at the age of five.

Not just because of disease, but because they were murdered.

I've seen my father lose his temper, something I never saw him do.

I've seen hundreds of thousands of people killed mercilessly.

I've fought in battles.

Not just simple little battles against other little boys my age, but real ones.

The kind that weren't just sparring anymore, but a real fight against real enemies.

The kind that you had to fight to the death, the kind that if you didn't win, you'll be killed.

The kind that if you didn't try your hardest, not only was your life in danger, but so were the ones that you loved the most.

You were forced to fight because you didn't want your loved ones to suffer.

Was this really something a little five year old should face?

I don't think so.

But it's too late to turn back.

The damage is done, irreversible.

The innocence is gone.

Will it ever come back?

I hope.

Hope you all enjoyed the updated version. It's completely fresh and new.