Big Sister Rainbow

By Nova Force

Chapter 1

"Alright my little ponies!" Cheerilee began at her students, "Remember that this weekend is the annual Sisterhooves Social sponsored by the Apple Family!"

Sitting at their desks in the front were the three Cutie Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. "I can't wait for this year's social! Last year was so fun!" Apple Bloom said to Sweetie Belle.

"Yeah, but this year will be even better because Rarity and I are gonna win the competition." Sweetie Belle said.

Cheerilee went on with her announcement before school was over for the day. "Remember everypony, the Sisterhooves Social is meant to celebrate the wonders of sisterhood. For some of you Fillies who don't have a sister, it's perfectly acceptable for you to bring a friend along who acts like a sister."

Scootaloo whispered to her friends, "Guys, I'm thinking about asking Rainbow Dash to come with me to the social."

Sweetie Belle whispered back, "That would be fun for you two."

"Are you kidding? It would be way more than 'fun'! Rainbow Dash is the coolest pony ever! She's not afraid of anypony. I'm going to ask her later this afternoon when we all meet up at Apple Bloom's farm."

Apple Bloom leaned into the conversation, "Yeah, my sister and her friends will be there to enjoy some new cider that ole Granny's worked up with Big Mac. I'm pretty sure Raindow Dash would love to go with you."

Cheerilee noticed the Cutie Mark Crusaders were off in the own world. She decided to cut in and bring them back to Equestria. "Girls, please stay focused. I'm about to give you homework from our lesson today about honeytrees."

Despite hearing Cheerilee speak words, Scootaloo was not listening to a single thing she was saying. The thought of spending time with Rainbow Dash was enough to block out her surroundings. Scootaloo has looked up to Rainbow Dash for as long as she can remember. Never having a sister herself, Scootaloo would sometimes be envious toward Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle since they both had older sisters – both whom were close friends with Rainbow Dash.

Last year Scootaloo did not participate at the Sisterhooves Social because she didn't think to ask anypony, let alone Rainbow Dash, to go with her. She didn't even know that was allowed. Now that ponies were allowed to ask sister-like friends to the social, Scootaloo couldn't contain herself at the prospect of having Rainbow Dash act as her sister, even for just one day.

Even though Cheerilee's explanation for the honeytree assignment was well under way, Scootaloo simply looked out the window, up into the clouds, thinking about her favorite Pegasus. She closed her eyes and smiled in excitement. I can't wait to see Rainbow Dash!