Dear Princess Celestia,

Instead of learning about the magic of friendship, I learned about the magic of sisterhood.

I assure you that this wasn't easy for me. To be honest, I never really thought about having a sister before, even though I'm the only one of my friends besides Fluttershy who doesn't have a sibling. This hasn't bothered me, though, because that's just the way it's always been. My guess is that I've always spent my free time daydreaming about being a Wonderbolt. This past weekend, however, I got the opportunity to think differently.

While we don't share the same parents, I'm happy to tell you that Scootaloo is my new little sister! Apparently, the little squirt has looked up to me for some time now. We've always been friends, but I took her friendship for granted. For whatever reason, I just couldn't see how much she thought of me a sister. I was very flattered, for sure, but I was also nervous. Sisterhood is something I have no experience in whatsoever. Being a loyal friend is one thing, but the kind of connection sisters have goes deeper than that.

This leads me to a confession I have to make. Scootaloo actually invited me to be her big sister for this year's Sisterhooves Social. I told her "yes," but as soon as an invitation to train with the Wonderbolts came my way, I accepted that one too! I later canceled on Scootaloo and instead went with the Wonderbolts. Deep down I felt guilty about my decision, but it wasn't until Twilight showed me what I had done when I realized just how badly I messed up. I must say, I really have a true friend in Twilight. Without her, I probably would have forever damaged my relationship with Scootaloo, if not ended it altogether. I feel so lucky and grateful that she is even giving me a second chance.

Perhaps most importantly, I now understand that we are all searching for a feeling of connectedness. Everypony wants to feel like he or she belongs to something. I abandoned Scootaloo and the Sisterhooves Social because I was searching for that connectedness with the Wonderbolts. I looked up to them the same way Scootaloo did to me. So many of the actions we take in life represent our pursuit of this bond with each other. If we can be aware of our need for closeness, we can save ourselves a lot of heartache because sometimes the things that we think will bring us that sense of belonging can actually leave us penniless, isolated, and unhappy.

From now on, I will go forward each day understanding the importance of closeness. Whether it's helping out at summer flight camp, enjoying Granny Smith's cider with my friends, or spending sister-time with Scootaloo, I will be aware and thankful for the bonds I have.

I'd love to write more, but I have to get going. Today I'm giving Scootaloo her first flying lesson!

Respectfully yours,

Rainbow Dash