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Chapter 1

Clove was asleep laying her head in her boyfriend's lap. Cato was playing with Clove's hair not paying any attention to the movie they were watching, Finding Nemo. Cato heard the door open and shut. His father was home. He comes home like once a month and only for a day or two. He is always on business. Cato didn't care though he had Clove that was enough for the 14 year old.

"Cato! I'm home!" Walter yelled.

"In here!" Cato said. Walter walked into the media room and saw the couple.

"Still together I see" Walter said.

"Yea. I thought you weren't coming home till Thursday" Cato said. His father never came home early except when both Cato and Clove's mothers died in a car accident when they were four.

"I have some business I have to attend to here" Walter explained. "We're hosting an important dinner tomorrow. Both you and Clove have to be there." Walter always thought of Clove as his daughter, so Of coarse she had to be their.

"Ok" Cato said.

Walter yawned "I'm going to bed. Is Clove sleeping over?" Cato nodded. Clove usually slept over. She had her own room in the humongous Hadley house hold. "Ok. Goodnight." Walter walked out of the room.

After the movie Cato carried Clove to her room and placed her on the bed. He then crawled under the covers next to her and wrapped his arms around her. He often slept with Clove. Walter and Topaz, the lady who cleaned the house and cooked Cato and Clove's meals, don't care. Cato soon fell into a dreamless sleep.

Clove walked into Cato's room wearing a simple wight dress with wight flats. "Need help?" she asked laughing at her boyfriends attempt to tie his tie.

"Haha. So funny" Cato said in a sarcastic tone as Clove tied his tie. "how can you do that?"

Clove laughed again. "You'll never know" Clove said.

"You look beautiful Clover" Cato said. Clove smiled and kissed him. Cato and Clove loved each other since they met, but didn't admit it to each other in till they were 13. They've been together ever since.

The doorbell rang. Clive and Cato walked down the stairs hand in hand. They walked into the living room to see a middle aged woman and a boy about 14. The woman was tall and skinny. She had blond hair and hazel eyes. The boy was average height and has sky blue eyes with the same color hair as the woman.

"Matilda this is my son Cato and his girlfriend Clove. Cato, Clove this is Matilda and her son Peeta" Walter said.

"It's so nice to finally meet you" Matilda said. Her voice was high pitched and annoying.

"Let's eat" Topaz said.

Dinner went well. "Children we have an announcement" Walter said and took Matilda's hand in his. "Matilda and I are engaged."

"What!" Clove yelled. Peeta and Cato were sitting there shocked.

"Silly girl. Weren't you listening? Walter and I are getting married." Matilda said.

"When did this happen?" Peeta asked.

"Last week. We are going to be moving here Peeta Isn't that wonderful!" Matilda explained.

"The wedding will be at the end of next month and Peeta and Matilda will be moving in tomorrow. Evrything is all figured out" Walter said.

Clove grabbed Cato's hand under the table and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

For the rest of dinner Matilda and Walter chatted nonstop about the wedding while Cato and Peeta kept giving each other awkward glances. Clove just stuffed her face with Topaz's delicious chocolate cake.

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