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Chapter 21:

Finnick parked his RV in front of the Everdeen house hold where Clove, Cato, Peeta, Marvel and Katniss sat on the wet morning grass. Thresh, Jo, Annie, and Foxy were already in the back. "Get in losers!" Foxy yelled sticking her head out of the window.

They all stuffed their stuff into the trunk and got in. "Ok first ground rules. Number 1: follow the driving schedule to the minuet. I don't want someone falling asleep on the wheel then we all die. Number 2: no throwing up and we'll stop when someone has to take a shit because the bathroom on this thing sucks. Number 3: no complaining about meals." Finnick said. "Questions?"

"What about showers?" Annie asked.

"There is one, its not very good, but good enough to keep us not smelling like hobos" Finnick replied.

"What about sleeping arrangements?" Jo asked. She did not want to be in the same room as Marvel.

"There's two bedrooms with four beds each so I thought boys in one girls in the other then Cato and Clove on the couch" Finnick said.

"Why are we even going to New York?" Jo asked after Finn took his place behind the wheel and drove onto the interstate.

"It was Foxy's idea" Marvel said. They all looked at Foxy who was staring intently at her hot chocolate, avoiding eye contact. "Foxy?"

"Our dad lives there" Foxy said quietly.

"What?!" They all screeched.

"He wouldn't come out here. He wouldn't even talk to us, so I thought we should go there, but the only way to get out there was a road trip" Foxy explained.

"Something I learned in 17 years is that dads suck" Clove said leaning back against the wall. She hit a button and a flat screen TV dropped in front of a picture of Finn and his family.

"Does anyone have a movie we can watch?" Peeta asked.

"I brought The Hunger Games" Thresh said pulling it out of his pack. Peeta popped it in the player and they all sat back watching 24 children killing each other.

Clove opened her eyes, knowing she wasn't going to fall asleep. She threw the light blanket off her and stood up, grabbing onto the counter to maintain her balance. She walked slowly to the front of the vehicle. She saw Cato slouched back in the drivers seat, coffee in hand, and eyes on the road.

"Hey" she said flopping into the passengers seat.

"Hey" he replied not taking his eyes off the road for a second. "Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"Couldn't" she said taking his coffee and taking a sip. "Where are we?"

"Somewhere in Nevada" Cato said.

"Remember when we were nine and your dad and Thresh's parents took us, Thresh, and Foxy skiing?" Clove asked. Cato shock his head. "How can you not remember?!"

"I don't know. Just don't" Cato shrugged.

"Well, they forgot us at the hotel and we were sitting in the lobby and your coat set fire" Clove giggled. "When I was trying to put it out you caught Thresh's hair on fire. That was when he had the really long hair."

"Oh God, I remember that" Cato laughed. "He still can barely look me in the eye."

"We had a lot of wacky times" Clove sighed.

"Plenty of stories to tell our kids" Cato smiled while taking Clove's hand.

"I have a feeling your sending me some sort of hint" Clove smiled.

"I wonder why" Cato said mischievously.

"It's my turn to drive" Marvel said coming from the back. Cato pulled over and they switched seats.

Cato and Clove laid down on the pull-out couch. Clove wrested her head on Cato's chest and finally found sleep.

"Peeta! I have to take a piss!" Jo yelled in Peeta's ear. He was currently driving.

"Just use the bathroom" Peeta said.

"I can't. Annie and Finn are showering and I really don't want to see that!" She yelled.

"The next exit is in a mile and a half. Can you hold it that long?" He asked.

"Yes! Just hurry the fuck up!" Jo yelled. Peeta pulled into a parking lot and Jo jumped out of the RV and ran into the closest building, a 60's style dinner.

"Are we FINALLY stopping for dinner? I thought you were going to starve us Peet" Foxy said placing her hand over her stomach as it made a weird gurgling noise.

"I guess" Peeta said and they all- except for Annie and Finn who were still in the shower- went into the dinner. They found a table and sat down. Johanna walked out of the bathroom and joined them at the table, going on about how nice the soap smelled.

After diner the everyone went inside the cramped RV while Finn and Annie ate their diner, but Cato and Clove sat in the middle of the parking lot taking in the summer sun.

"What happens when a car comes?" Katniss asked.

Peeta turned on his side, propping his head up with his hand. "We die" he stated, quoting the Notebook. Clove giggled.

"C'mon people! We have to get moving!" Finnick called walking out of the dinner and into the RV, Annie on his heels. Peeta stood up, pulling Katniss with him.

"Hey" a guy said. He was leaning against the dinner. "I'm Darius and I want to take you out."

Katniss started to laugh. "You should be a comedian!" She laughed.

"I was serious" he said which made Katniss stop laughing.

"Then you are pretty stupid because I have a boyfriend, like two minuets ago we were basically making out and you still have the nerve to ask me out" she said.

"I know you'll leave him for me" he said arrogantly.

"If you want your face to stay that way I'd get out off here" Peeta said his fist clenching. Peeta would never punch someone unless they really deserved it, but he was still quite terrifying.

Darius scowled. He climed on his motorcycle and drove off. "You were so brave" Katniss teased while they walked into the RV.

Foxy raised her fist to knock on door #322, but quickly dropped it. "You do it" she said to Finnick. It was just the two of them, the rest of the gang went to see the Statue of Liberty.

"Me?" Finnick asked. "Your the brave one!"

"I just…I just can't" she said and hurried her head in her hands.

Finnick pulled Foxy's hands away from her face and tilted it upward so their eyes met. "Finch, you were the one who persuaded all off our parents that going on a road trip WITHOUT supervision would be a great idea. You were the one who tracked down both our parents. You were the one who found out we were siblings. You can knock on that door" Finnick said.

Foxy took Finnick's hand. "Together?" She asked. He smelled and nodded. They both raised a fist to the door and knocked twice.

The door swung open to reveal a short chubby man with strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. "Sorry kids I don't want any cookies" he said and tried to shut the door.

Finnick stopped the door with his hand and said "we're not selling cookies." He and Foxy exchanged looks. "We're looking for a Chaff Calfin" Finnick said.

The man frowned. "I'm sorry he died about two months ago." Foxy and Finnick were shocked. "Can I help you in any way?" He asked.

"No, no" Foxy said coming back to earth. "Thank you for your time" she smiled and dragged the shell shocked Finnick towards the elevator.

"Don't you find it ironic that we just spent the last two weeks trapped in a motor home together and now were hanging out?" Clove asked sitting down on the bench by the road.

"I guess" Katniss shrugged. After they had gotten home the day before Clove and Katniss decided that they should get ice cream.

Clove licked her chocolate ice cream, deep in thought. "We're going to be seniors" she said.

"Yeah…" Katniss trailed off. "It seemed just last week we were in kindergarten sitting at the time-out table."

Clove laughed at the memory. "He deserved it."

"Yep, Emily Sara really deserved getting her head glued to a desk" Katniss said sarcastically.

"She was flirting with ma man" Clove defended. "I never did find out why you were placed there."

"I stuck Plato up Rodney Haring's nose because he ate my cookie." Katniss sighed. "We wouldn't be friends if it weren't for that table."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Clove asked laughing. Katniss held back a smile and bumped Clove with her shoulder.

Just then a white van pulled up in front of them. The door swung open to reveal a man holding a gun, pointing right at them. "Put your hands up and no one will get hurt" the man said. Both girls dropped their ice cream cones and put their hands up.

"You, in the van" the man said gesturing to Clove with the gun. Clove got up and stepped into the van, looking at the gun. The familiar silver pistol. "You keep your mouth shut" he said pointing the gun at Katniss. "Or else."

Katniss nodded vigorously. The man shut door and the car sped away, but not before Katniss took a picture of the license plate. "We'll find you, Clover" Katniss whispered to herself before running the opposite direction towards her house.

"We'll find you, Clover."

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