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Cato P.O.V

"Mom?" I manage to choke out as I meet the blue eyes of my mother who's laying down on the hospital bed.

"Oh look how handsome you've gotten," she manages to get out before coughing. Burn's and scars cover my mothers face.

"T-they told me you were dead," I say after a while. "Ten years! You've been alive for ten years and you didn't bother to call me, or text me, or even write a letter to let me know that you were alive!"

"I- I have a rare type of cancer. I was so very sick and I thought it would be best for everyone to think I was dead," she says.

"Well then why did you tell Amy to talk to me today?" I ask angrily. It wasn't fair for her to be alive ten years and not tell anyone that she was alive.

"I'm dying Cato, slowly. I wanted to be able to see you and your father before I died," she coughs for about a minute and then catches her breath before continuing, "But obviously he's not here and had better things to do. Can you give him this for me?" she asks handing me a folded up piece of paper. I nod, my anger disappearing. "I also have one for you, now don't read it until I'm dead," she says handing me another folded piece of paper.

I blinked away tears and I knew it was the right thing to forgive her."I love you, mom," I whisper as I hug her.

I can hear the smile in her voice as she says, "I love you too Cato."

When I let go of her she looks at me and says, "Now tell me what I've missed."

So I told her everything. When I get to the part about Clove and I dating she says, "I knew you two would end up together and get married."

I smiled and after about three hours her eyes slowly close.

"Mom," I whisper. There's no response. "MOM!" I yell as I shake her shoulder. I grasp her hand and squeeze it, not wanting to let go. Tears fall from my face. Doctors come rushing in and rip me apart from her.

"Time of death, 19:42pm."


Third person P.O.V

Clove walked into the hospital room and took Cato's face in her hands. "Shh, everything's going to be okay," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked into her boyfriends eyes- that were red and puffy from crying- and wiped the tears off of his face, "Come on, lets go home."

Clove took his hand and led him out to her mom's car, she pulled him into the backseat and he rested his head on Clove's shoulder and fell asleep as she attempted to comfort him.

When Cato comes back to his senses, he's in his bed and his arms are wrapped around Clove's waist. She's staring at him, concerned on how he's doing. "You're actually awake before me," Cato teased, trying to cheer himself up and get Clove to stop worrying about him.

"I couldn't sleep until I knew you were okay," she said, still worried about him.

"Hey, don't worry about me I'll be fine," he says pulling his girlfriend closer to him.

She snuggles against his chest and slowly falls asleep. Cato doesn't go back to sleep until he's sure that Clove is asleep.

"Aww look at the two love birds," a half-asleep Cato hears a male voice say.

"They look so peaceful, can we wake them up?" another male voice says.

"Marvel, he just lost his mother... Again, I think he deserves to sleep!" someone scolds.

"I'll wake them up," a female voice says.

"I'll help," another says.

Cato smirks in his "sleep" as the two girls hop onto his bed. He feels one of them poke his face and he laughs as he yells, "Rawr!" and lets go of his grip of Clove and pins down the little girl who "woke him up."

Prim giggles as Cato tickles her. "Hey let go of her!" Rue scolds as she hops onto Cato's back and tries to help save Prim.

"Could you guys be any louder?" Clove complains.

"Yup," Marvel says as he screams a very girly scream as loud as he can. Clove moans and tries to block out the girls giggles with a pillow.

Cato stand up with Rue clinging to his back and tries to walk out of the room when Prim jumps on his back too. He stumbles but when he regains his balance again he walks to the kitchen with Marvel, Katniss, and Foxy behind him.


~A couple days later at Cato's mom's funeral~

"My ex wife was a beautiful woman who I immediate fell in love with, we dated all throughout high school and when we were twenty-three I proposed," Walter Hadley begins, "I fell in love with her beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was nice to everyone and I loved every little thing about her. Two years later she gave birth to our son Cato who looked so much like her. Now I didn't plan on giving a speach today, I mean I already have to give one at her first funeral which was hard on me but it seemed respectful to give another one today. She wished to see my son and I as her dying wish but unfortunately I was out when Amy told Cato and I was unable to see her when she was on her death-bed. I wish I would have been able to be there, to be able to see her beautiful face again, maybe even hear her laugh, see her beautiful smile. I know I'm married again but I still loved her, as a friend of course," he said as an afterthought for the sake of Matilda, "Like I said over ten years ago, she will be missed by many, friends and family, and will always be in our hearts," he finishes.

Cato then starts his speech, "Like my father, I wasn't going to speak today but my girlfriend made me," the crowd laughs, "She even wrote me these cards," he says holding up some flash-cards. He flashes Clove a smile before continuing, "My mother was a great person, and when she 'died' in that car accident it affected everyone who knew her. I was a little angry with her when I found out she was alive but I forgave her. Being at her second funeral, its like her dying all over again, so you can only imagine how hard it is on me for my mother to die a 'second time.' I wish I would have gotten more time with her but I guess I can't complain about the little I got to spend with her, even if she was on her death-bed for part of it. I'm going to miss her greatly," he finishes. He turns to the coffin where his mother lies. She looked peaceful and as if she was going to wake up at any second and tell Cato that she's not dead and he still has more time with her. "Goodbye mom," he whispers as he presses three fingers to his lips and holds them out. Everyone else does the same and Cato's mother is lowered into the ground.

So this chapter was written by the amazing FinnickOdair-Will-Live-Forver. She had a lot of great stories so go read them. I have and they are really good so... Yeah.

Instead of a kiss from Clove, it was the shrill sounds a mobile phone that woke up Cato at eight o'clock in the morning.

"Turn it off." Clove groaned, rolling away from him. She pulled a pillow over her head and moaned into it.

"Sorry." Cato smirked. He patted her hand before answering his phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Cato Hadley?" The voice at the end of the line sounded tinny, but it was recognizably female.

"Yeah. Sorry, who's calling?" Cato asked, ignoring Clove as she complained about how early it was.

"My name is Maddie Howell. I work at Panem Hospital." The lady replied. Cato frowned and sat up in bed, the sheets pooling around his middle.

"Why are you calling?" His family were with him, and if one of his friends were hurt he was sure that they would have called themselves.

"You just need to get down here immediately." Maddie said, before hanging up.

"What's up?" Clove asked, peeking out from underneath the pillow. "Can I go back to sleep?"

"That was the hospital. They want me down there now." Cato explained, heading towards the bathroom to shower. Clove sat up, something Cato hadn't expected her to do for another four hours at least.

"Is someone sick?" She frowned.

"I'm not sure." Cato shrugged, pulling a towel from a cabinet.

"Didn't they say?"

"No, but it sounded pretty urgent."

"Do you need me there?" Clove asked.

"Yes. You're my rock." He answered truthfully before ducking through the doorway to the bathroom.


"God I hate hospitals." Clove muttered as Cato pulled her by the hand through the doorway.

"Yeah, I don't blame you." Cato squeezed her hand reassuringly before leading her over to the reception desk.

"My name's Cato Hadley. Um, I got a call about thirty minutes ago saying that I should come down here." He tapped his hands nervously against the desk.

"Yes, that was me." The receptionist smiled, her white teeth practically twinkling under the dull yellow lights. Her platinum blonde hair was in a tight bun, and all of the buttons on her white blouse were done up.

"What's going on?" Clove demanded. "It's eight thirty and I get cranky in the morning, so you had better start explaining."

"We've had a cancer patient admitted here for about eight months now. The cancer started in her left lung, but has slowly spread all over the body. Her name is Ava Hadley, and she's asked to see you." Maddie explained, sighing. Cato froze, his hand going rigid in Clove's.

"Wait, wait, wait. That can't be possible. She died when we were four years old." Clove's forehead furrowed in confusion.

"Well, she's on Ward C in bed number ten. You can identify her for yourself, but as she's in the last stages of her cancer we thought that contacting you would be the right thing to do." Maddie handed them a paper fold-up map of the hospital.

"Are you okay?" Clove whispered in Cato's ear as they shuffled past patients on their way to Cato's mother's ward.

"Yes." He lied.

"Bull." She snorted.

"Of course I'm not okay. I thought she was dead. All these years…Why didn't she come and see me?" Cato asked, shoving his free hand in his pocket.

"Just hear her out, okay? I'm sure she has a great reason. You're kind of hard to leave, after all." Clove smiled reassuringly at him as they arrived on the ward.

"Thanks." Cato smiled back, and found the right room. "Come in with me."

He pushed the door open, and they walked inside.

"Cato?" The woman in the bed sat up slowly, the tubes in her arms and nose moving with her. Her eyes were the same blue as Cato's, and a soft layer of blonde hair covered the top of her head.

"Mom." Cato sounded like he was being strangled as he ran to her and embraced her.

"I'm so sorry…For everything." She cried into Cato's shoulder as they hugged.

"Remember Clove?" Cato asked when he pulled back.

"Of course! Come here, my darling." Ava held out her arms, and Clove hugged her too.

"Please tell me you two got together." She smiled, winking at the both of them.

"Of course." Cato grinned.

"Clove, dear, do you mind giving us a moment? I have a lot to explain, and not a lot of time."

"Of course, Mrs Hadley." Clove nodded politely at her.

"What have I told you about calling me that? It's Ava to you, my darling." Ava corrected Clove as she left the room.

"What happened, mom? Why have you lied to me all these years? I thought you were dead, we all did. Dad remarried." Cato wiped a stray tear from just under his eye.

"I wanted to tell you Cato, I really did. I couldn't. The agency…They were against it." Ava's voice was weak, and the burn scars on her arms rippled as she reached for her son's hand.

"The agency? What are you talking about?" Cato frowned, sitting down on the edge of her bed.

"Clove's mother and I- we weren't always honest with you." Ava's heart machine showed her heart rate rising slightly.

"Tell me the truth, mom." Cato pleaded.

"Cato, I was CIA for ten years. So was Clove's mother, she was my partner. When you and Clove were four we faked our deaths so that we could go abroad to work a terrorism case undercover. I wanted to come back and tell you everything, but I couldn't. I had a duty to my country. I left the CIA two months after I was diagnosed, and Amy left too. We're both sorry." Ava explained. She squeezed Cato's hand, but he was quick to pull it away.

"I thought you were dead. Did I not mean enough to you for you to tell me?" Cato asked, his voice raising.

"You mean the world to me! Of course I wanted you to know. We both did, but we didn't want to put you in any danger." Ava replied, somewhat desperately.

"I'm trying to understand mom. I really am, and I think that with time I can get there." Cato admitted, but he didn't get a reply. Ava's heart machine showed her heart rate slowing down at a fast speed.

"Help!" He yelled. "My mother needs a doctor!"

Two doctors rushed into the room with Clove close behind them. Ava's heart rate continued to slow down.

"It's time." One of the doctors said gravely.

"We're so sorry." The other added.

"So you're not even going to try to save her?" Cato demanded to know.

"Cato." Clove rested her small hand on his arm. "She has cancer. There's nothing they can do for her now."

The doctors left the room at the same time the light left Ava's eyes.

"But I loved her." Cato whispered. "She's my mom."

And then he let the tears fall.

This chapter was written by mycampnameisclove. She doesn't have any stories but has great taste (she reads mine after all. Hahahahdhaiahabamoaihha. Ok, not funny. Tuff crowd). Hope you people like it and yeah.

Clove's pov

When I hear her say that she is my mother my mind flashes back to the day it happened.


Cato and I are going to the museum for a field trip. Cato's mom was going really slow because it had rained a lot that day, and the guy on the radio told her to. The car in front of us was skidding to the left and right a lot. Then the car suddenly stopped. Cato's mom tries to stop the car, but the roads were to slick and wet. The car just slowed down then we crashed into the car in front of us. After that I blacked out.

*end of flashback*

Amy's pov

When I see my daughter I go over in tears and try to hug her, but she smacked me away. "What's wrong sweetheart?" I ask.

"Sweetheart? SWEETHEART! Do you think you can walk back in here after over a decade and expect me to pretend like nothing happened!" she yelled in reply.

That's when Walter came down the stairs. "What on earth is going on down here?"


"Your mom? The doctor told me she was dead. What are you talking about?"

"I told him to tell you that!" I yelled cutting off anything they were about to say.

"Why would you do that? I was four. Do you know how many nightmares I had? How many nights I just sat down and cried? Having to deal with the fact my mom is dead and never coming back, and my dad beat me and blamed me for your death? I still have the scars to remind me of that every single day." By the time she's done I'm crying. Her father blamed her for my death? He'd beat her? She was all she had let of me and did that to her?

Cato comes over and asked why I didn't come back. I told them that the doctor told me he expected me to fall into a coma after a surgery that I needed to be put under or else I would really die. I told the doctor that I wanted him to tell my family that I died. I thought it would put to much strain on Clove to understand what a coma was, and I knew that I could have brain damage when when I woke up. When woke up I I had minimal brain damage, but rehabilitation took a lot years.

When I was done explaining Cato asked where his mon was. I told him she was the hospital, and in and out of consciousness. I also told him that the last thing she said to me before I left to find them was that she wanted to see him and Walter. When Walter heard that he tensed up.

Walter pov

My first wife is alive and she wants to see me? How is she going to react when she finds out that I'm remarried? Amy asks me what is wrong, and Cato answers for for me telling her that it remarried. Then she asked Clove if her father remarried. Clove said no but that her father and had a baby with another woman. When Amy hears this she lets a couple tears roll face, but that's it. How could Harold and I? We thought our wives were dead, but none the less I would be happy to see her again. I grab my keys and lead Amy, Cato, and Clove to my car. I'm going to see my wife.

Amy's pov

On the way to the hospital I think about Harold. I don't blame him for loving someone else, but how could he do that to Clove? She was all she had left of me and he hurt her. Then my mind turns to Anna. How is she going to react waking up and seeing that her husband is married to someone else? Will it be too much stress? Will ever get over him? Will he divorce her? I don't know. After all, I'm not Anna. When we arrive at the hospital I keep Clove at my side as if I am her anchor and if I let go she'll float away. We reach Anna's room, she's awake.

Anna's pov

I hear the door open so I turn my head to see my husband, son, friend, and her daughter. I almost didn't recognize Cato. He grew so much, which makes me wonder how much I've missed. I see Cato's and Clove's hands intertwined.

"Are you guys dating?" I ask.

"Yes," Cato replies, "we've been together for a while now." I smile. Then I turn to Walter who seems nervous.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" I ask. This seems to just make him even more tense. I take his hand in my own and after a secound, he pulls away.

"Anna, I'm married someone else." My heart breaks. He's married to someone else? I know he thinks I've been dead for over ten years, but we've been together for fifteen before the accident.

"Well can I meet her?"

"Of course," he replies. That when it starts to happen.

Cato's pov(finally)

After my dad pulls out his phone to talk to Matilda, my mom starts to have a seizure. A nurse runs in, tells us to get out. I tried to stay with my mom, but they sedated me. And it's the last time I saw her.