A conversation between Alex and Dave Brewer about Alex becoming engaged...

"Hey Brewer." Alex calls as he exits his Ute.

Dave looks up and replies" Hey Big Fella where have you been? We've missed you?"

Alex laughs as he moves towards Dave and says "Oh I'm touched mate you missed me."

They both laugh.


"So Brewer I've got some big news for ya."

Dave stops what he's doing and waits for Alex to continue.

"I'm engaged mate." Alex says with a big smile on his face.

Dave laughs and shakes Alex's hand and says "Oh that's fantastic mate I'm thrilled for you."

Alex smiles and says "Yeah it's all happened pretty quick but when you know you know."

Dave agrees and says. "Well it was obvious to all of us that she was in love with you. You're just a bit slow aren't ya big fella."

Alex is looking at Dave with a bewildered expression on his face.

"Brewer what are you talking about?" Alex enquires.

The two men stand for a moment looking at each other.


Dave looks at his friend and offers. "Stevie?"

Alex laughs " Bloody hell Dave. Stevie and I are just mates. I'm engaged to Fiona. You've got to stop hanging around with the girls you're starting to fantasize."

Dave says "How long have you known Fiona?"

"Five fantastic days." Alex answers grinning.

Dave just shakes his head and says "You idiot, that's just one date over 5 nights."

Alex looks at Dave and says "That's not the reaction I wanted Dave."

"Well I'm sorry Alex but that's all I've got." Dave says angrily as he continues working.

Alex stands for awhile deep in thought and then enquires. "Why did you think I was engaged to Stevie?"

Dave looks at him and says. "Listen mate I've got work to do . You're engaged that's great! So it doesn't matter Ok. "

Alex looks angry and says. " Listen Brewer I've obviously missed something and Stevie's my friend so I'd like to know what you're on about.'

Dave looks at him and offers" Alex I'm really good at stuffing things up by saying things when I shouldn't. So I'd rather not say anymore alright."

Alex looks at him and says "Please Dave tell me what you know or think you know?"

Dave stops, takes off his gloves and looks at Alex. "The day of the fire when you took off. I was here when Stevie arrived looking for you and she was really rattled. She had searched everywhere, the pub, Kilarney and Drover's she even rang the hospital."

Dave continues. "She said she was alright but I could see she wasn't, I tried to get her to stay for a chat but she left."

Alex grins and says "She's feisty and when she gets something in her head you can't make her change her mind."

Dave looks at him and says "About twenty minutes later I came outside for wood and noticed her car was still here."

Alex looks at Dave waiting for the rest of the story and says "Well what was she doing?"

Dave takes a deep breath and says "She was crying mate and by the look of her she'd been crying a long time."

Alex's is clearly shocked by Dave's words.

"Why was she crying?" Alex says.

Dave looks at his mate and says "You're really not very quick are you?"

Alex still looks puzzled and Dave continues. " Follow me Alex. Stevie is your best friend she knows everything about you. She's stunning but chooses to remain single? She rescues you from a fire and then you run away somewhere . She searches for you everywhere and finally comes here and I tell her you've packed up and gone. She tries to call you and there's no answer and I find her crying in her car."

Alex wipes his face nervously and inhales deeply. "So you think Stevie's in love with me?"

Dave says crossly. "I don't think Alex I know and so does everyone else. It's so obvious."

"Bloody hell." Is all Alex says.