Disclaimer: I don't own South Park or any of its affiliates, I just play with the characters

Yo, just a quick little one-shot, no couples (for once), no real plot line, just a look into a different way of portraying a character, one that I don't think I've seen many times before.
Let me know what you think, and enjoy,
-Amy xx

Her hips swayed as she walked, emphasising her famous curves and drawing the eye of every boy lining the hallway. She herself walked straight down the middle because, as head cheerleader, she decided she had the authority to do so. Tossing her blonde curls over her shoulder, she winked at one of the gawping boys –she thinks it's Clyde, but double-checking would make it look as though she was doubting herself, which is near enough forbidden for someone like herself. Confidence is key in the world of Bebe Stevens. She must be confident enough with her figure to draw attention to it as she does, today wearing a low-cut white tee and a scandalously short red skirt; she must be confident in her teammates, in that she knows they won't let her fall.

Life is good. Life is perfect.
She has a perfect figure, perfect face, perfect friends, perfect home, perfect boyfriend...
Who's currently talking to his best friend, and said best friend's girlfriend. But Wendy Testaburger is a nobody, a scrawny, opinionated, under-developed nothing of a girl who takes schoolwork too seriously and dragged her boyfriend's potential down. Bebe pities Stan for putting up with her for so long, when he had the genes and confidence that would have allowed him to succeed at football if he'd so wanted to, rather than busying himself with math and debate clubs. Bebe's nose, decorated with cute little freckles, wrinkles as she grabs Kyle's hand. Kyle, unlike Stan, took the routes to popularity with her by joining and setting new school records for track and basketball.
'Bebe' a flat voice rips her from her thoughts. Wendy is speaking to her. 'I thought you got kicked off the team for failing again'
Bebe giggles sarcastically 'Yeah, Coach Jones was really going to lose her star cheerleader for failing one teeny-tiny exam'
Wendy snorts, pulling on Stan's hand as he sighs and shrugs to his best friend. Kyle smiles and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, pulling her close.
'I love you Bebe'
His voice saying her name sounds wrong, it's too high pitched, too stern. Too... teacher-ly.
'Bebe Stevens! Are you listening to me?'

Bebe snapped her head up off her desk, spitting a cloud of frizzy yellow hair from her mouth and flushing slightly
'Yes Miss, x is equal to point-two-eight' she mumbled, pushing her glasses back up her nose.
She could hear a voice mimicking her correct answer and, without even looking, she knew who it was. Wendy. With her sheet of midnight hair, deep violet eyes, and sassily confident attitude, she was easily the most popular girl in school – Head cheerleader, with the quarterback boyfriend and the to-die-for life.
And she was just Bebe Stevens. Head of debate team, with no friends but a glowing future, she'd not yet grown out of her awkward pubescent body. She was a mess of hormones and frizzy hair, geeky glasses and a disproportionate figure, book smarts and no social skills, with a huge crush on Park High School's star basketball player. One day though, she mused, doodling KB in a heart on a scrap of spare paper, one day the roles would be reversed and she'd be the envy of everyone, rather than the butt of everyone's jokes. Until then though... Until then, a girl could still dream.