As I think back of when I was a kid it seems like a long lost dream. Now it's hard to imagine us as kids after all the things we've been through. Back then we were care free, trouble makers, goody goodies or liars. Things were much simpler; we thought it would take forever for us to grow up. Though here we are, we're adults with a complicated life. Now we're fighters, hunters, or prophets.

Childhood now seems like melted snow it seems like fantasy though we know it did happen but it can never be relived. To relive childhood, to relive the moments when we didn't have to fight, to relive the moments we spent playing and getting into trouble together, if only life could always be that kind.


So to get started the prologue is basically Oki thinking about his childhood along with Samickle, Kai, Lika and the other Oina tribe. I'm going to write them in their wolf form because I feel more comfortable doing that.