The moonlit teacher's chapter 2 party's are a drag!

Nero and Negi look at the people who saw Negi's magic! Chizuru and Ayaka…let god spare the two brothers or at least keep their innocence intact! While try to grab a gun in his pants the bookworm started to wake up. "Damn!" Nero garbs Ayaka and Chizuru waists and ran with Negi on his trail!

In a forest

Nero dropped the girls and began his questioning. "All right me… what did you saw and how much of it?"

Chizuru answer that. "All of it from Nodoka falling to here." And suddenly Nero started to break down.

"AW SHIT! We are soooo fuck! Negi's going to be turn into an animal, while I'm going to die! Well, isn't this best fucking day ever!?" he yelled as he began to cry.

Chizuru slowly walks towards him and hold him. Nero stiffen at the hug but, started cry again in Chizuru's bosom. "Negi-sensei, please tells us what's wrong." Ayaka pleaded at hearing what Nero said.

Negi look at his brother. 'Nero-nii hasn't cry this much since SHE betrayed us.' He looks at them. "All right girls I'll explain what's going on." Negi explain what was going to happen to him if he let the secret of magic out, and why is he here. "And so that's why we're here or at least me."

Ayaka in her life was amazed that her teachers were magicians. "But, what do you mean 'at least me?'"

Nero who stops crying stood up from the ground and out of Chizuru's grip. "I'm not a magus like Negi here. I'm a throne guardian."

The girls had blank looks on their faces. Nero chuckles. "A throne guardian is-"he stopped then was stuck with an idea. "Do you know any kind of epic legend?"

Chizuru had a thoughtful look etch on her face. "Do you mean like Robin Hood, or Joan of arc?"

Nero nods. "When epic legends die they go to special heaven for them. But, sometimes people try to go there and take their powers and sometimes try to take over the world. So a team of protectors are there to stop them. A.K.A. Throne guardians are that team we're basically guardians who are neutral and want to keep the heaven of heroes safe and never open to anyone."

The girl's jaws dropped Heroes who die are actually alive and in place that can be enter and gain their powers! "But, your punishment is death isn't it?" Ayaka said with a heavy heart. Nero nods without explain why because he knows the girls will understand how big is this secret.

"Please don't tell anyone! I took the chance for the throne guardians but, If Negi magic gets know he'll be turn into an animal!" the assistant begged his two students!

Both girls smiled at each other and nodded. "We swear to keep a secret!"

Nero bows at them. "thank you!" but, his stomach growled at the world. "uhhh…Lion?"

The girl giggled at his weak attempted to hide his hunger.

Ayaka smiled, "Come on boys we know where to get some food." She and Chizuru led the two back to the school.

As they headed toward the cafeteria Negi and Nero opened the doors revealing a dark room until the lights flung on.



Negi and Nero literally jumped back at the shout of all of his students, who were holding party poppers and noise makers. The room had been decorated with streamers and a large banner saying "Welcome, Negi Springfield and Nero Knight." All around were the students of 2A, Takahata, and Shizuna. Around several tables were a widespread of food and drinks.

"Why what's all this?" Negi asked.

"It's a welcome party silly." Makie giggled.

"A welcome party?" Nero looked around in confusion.

"Yeah we figured since you guys are new around here and far from your homes we should give you a proper welcoming." Yuna explained.

"I sure feel welcomed." Nero said as did Negi.

Ayaka though against her will nudged the two brothers to they students. "c'mon sensei's go meet the rest of your students."

They were both immediately joined the party but, Nero was attacked by the girls questions and Negi was suddenly approached by Nodoka. "I-I-I w-wanted to say t-t-thank you S-sensei and this!" the shy girl handed the young teacher coupons. "Their coupons from the labary island, their good for the year!"

Negi smile at the welcome/thanks-for-saving me present. "thank you! I love to read."

Nero smiled at the girl who was smitten with his brother.

"Wow coupons from honya-chan, that's first base." Kakizaki joked as the girls giggled much to the shy librarian's embarrassment.

Takahata smiled at this, 'I've never seen Nodoka-san do that before. Already, the boys are making an impact on their students.' He then noticed Asuna watching the boys enjoy themselves while frowning and crossing her arms.

"All this for brats." She muttered while looking away.

Takahata sighed and spoke, "They're still your teachers Asuna. And let me say they're both doing a far better job than I did when I started your class."

"What Takahata-sensei you don't have to be modest."

"I am serious. Just give it time, who knows you may grow to like them."

"How do you know so much about them anyway sensei?" the heterochromia girl asked.

"Well I was a close friend of their family. I would normally come out and visit them whenever I could, Negi sort of looks to me like an uncle. Nero on the other hand doesn't seem to like very much but, in a good way." He chuckled.

Asuna listened to his words and reluctantly decided to let things be as they were. Negi and Nero continued enjoying the party by sampling (for Nero inhaling) some special food prepared by Chao and Satsuki. Suddenly a Chinese gong was banged and swinging in was Ku Fei who started putting on a martial arts performance with Chao.

"Whoa, that's amazing." Negi gasped.

"Aren't they? Ku and Chao are both members of the Chinese Martial Arts club." Ayaka explained.

"Chinese martial arts huh?" Nero watched astounded, but had an idea.

"Hey girls!" Chao and Ku look at their sensei. "how a small spare against me?"

every girl there mouths dropped as Chizuru walk to Nero. "I don't think that's a good idea Nero-kun! Ku Fei doesn't know how to hold back."

Nero just grins. "that's even better!" Negi waved him arms to get his brothers attention. "NERO!" negi cutely pouted. "today just relaxed ok?"

Nero sigh as he complain not having some fun. "fine ,but I want match girls!" He said while getting approving nods.

Soon other students started showing off their talents such as Makie Sasaki showing off her rhythmic gymnastics talent with a ribbon. Natsumi Murakami was showing off her talent as an actress, the cheerleading trio of Sakurako, Madoka, and Kakizaki were showing off their cheer skills leaving Nero looking slightly more impressed than Negi, Zazie Rainyday was putting on a few magic performances along with juggling a few objects, even Kasuga Misora was leading a choir with some of the other girls.

When the choir was finished Negi and Dustin clapped, "Bravo, good show." Negi applauded

"indeed! I say that this class has great potential in it's future!" Nero smiled.

And the rest of the time Nero and Negi continued to party until…

Nero fell towards the floor! Negi and Takahata ran to Nero who started to cough violently. "Negi! Did Nero packed his pills!?" the old asked in a hurry.

The red-head pulls out a container that held dark-red pills. Takahata takes 2 and makes Nero shallow them. He stop coughing but, looks a little pale. "sorry about that girls." he apologized

Ako who was the first to recovered that little shock spell since she is a part time nurse. "what was that Nero-sensei? I don't think I heard or seen anything like that."

Nero shrugged. "if only I know Ako-san. No doctor was able to figure out what I got. They say it's high level of depress- I mean stress but, nothing life-threaten or anything I just get really weak." The throne guardian uses Negi's shoulder for a bit. "sorry to ask ,but I need to rest can someone let me bunk with them?" little did he know that was the wrong to say.

"WE WILL!" all the girls suddenly screamed!

Takahata chuckles at Nero and Negi reaction because the seer volume made them both fall to the ground. "Zazie-chan can you take him to your room for now? We'll talk later if, you want this pernament o.k.?"

The girl said. "…" and took Nero's arm and walk to her room. "…"

Nero shook his head. "Actually I should say that miss Rainyday." "…" " s-sorry Zazie thank you."

The two left while everyone including Takahata and Shizune had their mouths dropped by this fact 'HE COULD UNDERSTAND HER!?'

After the party

Negi was walking with his students until Chizuru and Ayaka asked a question.

"If you don't mind me asking, where're you going to live sensei?" Chizuru asked.

"Will you be in a faculty residence, or are you planning on staying in your own private apartment off campus?" The Satomi girl asked.

"Well I was hoping that Zazie will let me stay at her room, but I know Nero needs his rest. So, I don't know." the two girls nodded at that.

"if you want sensei you can stay with us. Our room is actually for more then three people so it wouldn't be any trouble."

Negi nodded at that and went with while the rest of the girls cry at lost treasure.

With Nero and Zazie.

The guradian was in bed while Zazie was looking at him. "…"

Nero open one eye. "I'm sorry but, I can't remember."

"…?" "nope still can't"

"…?" "still nada"

Nero closed his eye and turn around. Zazie still needed to say it. "Nero-kun…I…missed…you…so much."

With Negi and Ayaka, Chizuru, and Natsumi

Everyone was asleep until Ayaka felt something behind her. "Negi-sensei!?" she almost blurted out. Also her nose was running red liquid at a fast rate.

"Nee-san" Negi mumbled in his bleeding nose halted as she put her arms around Negi and pull the sheets to covered the two. "good Negi-kun."

Well that's good so far! Negi staying with Ayaka and her roommates. But, how does Zazie know Nero? Hmmm… hopefully the next chapter can fill your hunger for your question!