The smell of freshly baked chocolate cake dominates the air as two pairs of hands shiver excitedly.

In rapid movements a slender hand took the cake off the pan. Followed by sturdy hands cutting the brown perfection into equal proportion.

"It smells so good" whispered the coal-haired Kazehaya. His ravenous hands tries to reach for the cake but was slapped by the slender hands of Misaki.

"Kazehaya-kun, don't touch the cake!" she yelled. "Wash your hands first"

Running towards the sink, he washed his hands thoroughly. Desperate to take a bite from the cake they both caked. It was the first time they've spend time together. Since both have been so busy with projects and exams

"Ss-awako, Itakdakimas" bowing his head with his hands clamped together in a prayer-gesture.

"Eat well Kazehaya-kun, itadakimas"