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C.C. just stared at him for several seconds, which to Niles felt more like hours, as he anticipated her answer.

Then suddenly she busted out laughing causing Niles to frown in confusion and embarrassment.

" Oh! That is rich!" She said as her own laughter died down. " Good one butler boy. Seriously though, I have work to do."

" Miss Babcock, I'm serious." He said

C.C. looked at him in confusion. " Wait, hold on. Where in the world did you get this crazy idea?"

" Well, Miss Fine and I….."

She cut him off. " Oh, so it was Nanny Fine. Of course; why am I not surprised?"

" Listen Babcock," Niles said, " will you do it or not?"

She thought for a moment. " So… you want me to pretend to be a butlers wife?" She asked sarcastically.

Niles considered what she had just said. He probably should have had everything figured out before he came and asked her something like this. " No…. you wouldn't be a butlers wife. You'd be a….. business mans wife!" He stated proudly.

C.C. did a low giggle. " You know what; I cant believe I'm saying this but yes. I think I'll do it….this ought to be interesting." She said with a sly grin on her face, then turned and walked back to the office cofee in hand.


Later that evening as she walked through the door of her penthouse apartment she noticed the small blinking red light on her home phone so she set down her purse, hung her coat on the rack, and walked over to the phone and pressed the blinking red button.

She immediately recognized that familiar British accent coming from the message.

" Hello Miss Babcock, it's Niles. I didn't get the chance to thank you for doing this for me after our conversation, so thank you. I also wanted to give you the details of the reunion. It will be in two weeks on a Saturday and it will be in England of course. I suppose you and I can talk about the details of flying and everything later on in person….. I must admit, I am actually really looking forward to this…. Well anyway, thank you once again and I will talk to you later…. chicken."

And the message ended.

C.C. couldn't help but smile to herself. Of course he had to throw that in there somewhere. She also really hadn't expected to hear him say he was looking forward to it. But did he mean he was looking forward to the reunion or to spending it with her?


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