Title – Halfway To Anywhere

Summary: Naya's not sure how she ended up in her bathtub; hung-over and with Heather on top of her, but the kink in her neck suggests they slept there. Sequel to Behind Closed Doors. RPF. HeYa.

Disclaimer: Not mine!

A/N: This is my attempt at a sequel. Be warned it's going to be longer than BCD, just because I have a lot to explain. And also, because I want things to seem as real as possible. Also, this is set in season one. So the Brittana storyline hasn't happened yet. I probably should have mentioned that in Behind Closed Doors.


"Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink it Dianna!" Lea shouts from her position at Naya's kitchen table, she's sitting on one of the stools Naya usually uses as a makeshift table and holds a square glass in her right hand.

It's a glass meant for a small amount of alcohol, the kind you use when you're more content swirling your drink around melting ice cubes then actually sipping it. Although in Lea's case it is filled to the rim with a Diamond Martini. Naya doesn't have many cocktail glasses in her apartment so after Chris snatched up the last one earlier in the evening with a frightening possessiveness; Lea was stuck with a simple tumbler.

To Lea's credit though she's rocking the glass and Naya is kind of jealous that she herself is just holding a plastic cup, one that looks like it could belong to a five year old boy who loves dinosaurs, and the colour green. She isn't even sure how or why she's got a kids cup in her apartment. She can't remember buying it or even someone leaving it around her place, but it's large enough to hold her sacred Vodka and orange juice. So she's keeping it.

"Drink Dianna!" Lea screams again, a laugh breaking through her words sharply.

Naya looks away from her drink to focus on her co-star, next to the giggling Lea Michelle stands Dianna. She's smiling from ear to ear and clutching a small shot glass with both her hands, or really her fingers. Cheeks flushed from alcohol and laughing, Dianna downs the shot in one quick motion. She swallows thickly and grinds her teeth together. Lea's laughing amusedly from her stool. She's sort of fading in and out of giggles and slow 'Ahhhahhhs'. Naya knows she's well on her way to waking up with a killer headache and no memory of the night.

Although it is getting on in the evening, most of the Glee cast went home half an hour ago. Naya's pretty sure her once planned quiet get-together has now become the type of get-together that involves too much alcohol, not enough water, and more than one stupid dare being whispered into drunken ears. As it is she's lost track of Kevin and Mark. The last she remembers they were talking about going onto the roof of her apartments building. She hasn't seen them since.

Dianna chokes out a low grunt of displeasure before placing the empty shot glass on the kitchen table, there's bottles of alcohol and used glasses covering it. Naya's eyes look over the bowls of food slowly. She doesn't even know who brought the snacks because she hadn't put anything out. She's buzzing, her whole body feels lighter than normal and she's aware it's from her drink…or multiple drinks. It makes her smile and she grins at Dianna in a daze.

"Don't laugh," Dianna scolds Naya with a huffed laugh, "that stuff burns on the way down."

Naya swirls her drink with a clumsy movement, she's to affected from her buzz to care that some spills down the sides. "Burns on the way up as well."

Dianna pinches her lips together, "I don't plan on bringing it back up." She says simply and Lea nudges her with a hard elbow.

"One more, one more and then – and then it's my turn!"

Dianna's getting a re-filled shot glass handed to her quickly and she takes it with a low laugh, Naya's certain she's laughing at how drunken Lea is though. The Broadway performer is swaying something shocking. Weirdly enough the swaying movements remind Naya of Heather, something about dancing is the connection to that train of thought, however she's too buzzed to connect anything else. Either way she's left looking around the small kitchen for the blonde.

"Where's HeMo?" She asks the room at large around a growing slur.

Dianna shrugs and Lea shuts her eyes tightly. Naya's not sure why but she gathers it means she doesn't know Heather's whereabouts either.

"Don't drink all the Vodka…, or Tequila!" Naya warns. She points lazily at both Dianna and Lea and they nod distractedly, Lea's guzzling her drink like a thirsty sailor on shore leave. "Good, 'cause you touch the last of it and I'll probably cry." She slurs.

It's not exactly a forbidding threat but Naya's getting too light headed to care.

With little balance she leaves Dianna and Lea to drink themselves into a coma and walks through the living room, music plays loudly from someone's iPod but no one is actually in the room to listen to it. There is however a pair of jeans draped over the back of the couch that Naya knows belongs to Mark.

"Why is people taking off their clothes!" She yells back to Lea and Dianna. Proper pronunciation seems affected by drink.

She doesn't get an answer, but that's okay she wasn't expecting one, and with her drink still held tightly in her hand Naya makes her way to her bedroom. It's the only other room, apart from the bathroom, in her small apartment. Although she reasons the bathroom is via her room, so she'll check it as well. Just in case Heather's hugging the toilet bowl. Which she doubts is the case. Heather doesn't drink to the point of vomiting all that often.

"HeMo!" She calls. Shuffling into her room, the lights are off but the bathroom one isn't, and it casts a streak of fluorescent light across the carpet.

Naya stumbles into the tiny bathroom without even thinking to knock.

The first thing she sees is a green faced Chris, and not in the sick way. But the legit green way. It makes her jump and she covers her heart slowly.

"What the hell? What is that on your face?" She asks with a frown, Chris looks up from the sink and into the mirror. He catches Naya's eyes through the reflection.

"It's a seaweed facial." He explains.

Naya smirks, "You are too much like Kurt, it's kind of scary sometimes."

Chris shakes his head and smiles. It causes the green cream around his mouth to crack. "It wasn't my idea, Heather suggested it."

"It's true, I did."

Naya grins when she hears Heather's voice, but actually giggles when strong arms wrap around her from behind. Heather rests her chin on Naya's shoulder lightly and tilts her head so that her mouth is right near Naya's ear. She doesn't say anything though. She just stares at Naya's jaw.

"I was looking for you." Naya says softly.

Chris pokes at his face and the drying cream carefully, "Well you found me."

Naya frowns, "I was talking to HeMo, Chris."

He shrugs before tilting his head up and flicking off a dry piece of facial cream, it falls into the sink.

Heather's arms tighten around Naya and she breathes out, her breath tickles Naya's skin. It's clear Heather's chosen drink of the night is the same as Naya's. Vodka and orange juice. As Naya can smell the citrus of the orange and bitterness of the vodka. She smiles lazily and brings her drink up to her lips before taking a sip. Heather makes a sort of humming sound near her ear.

"I was looking for you too." She mumbles quietly.

Heather doesn't sound drunk, tipsy yes, but not drunk. Naya is aware though that Heather drinks slowly, she averages one glass to Naya's three on a good night. To be honest Naya's not sure if Heather's just a really slow drinker or she herself is a little quick to throw back the booze. She guesses it really doesn't matter. It's not like it's important. It's just alcohol.

Naya lets her own hum reach her lips and with her free hand she tickles along the back of Heather's arm, "Miss me?"

Her voice is low. Quiet for the simple purpose of being intimate, she's not worried about Chris hearing her words. They're said casually anyway. Meant casually really.

It's been a week since the trailer incident and neither Naya nor Heather have said anything on the topic. It's not through regret. Naya certainly doesn't regret what happened and Heather from what Naya can tell doesn't either. It's just something they haven't really talked about.

The rest of the cast however bring it up daily, not the whole part about Naya and Heather getting together. As they don't know, that is minus the possible exception of Dianna. But they bring up the fact that both of them were trapped in the stuffy trailer overnight more than they don't.

Heather's still embarrassed about her panic attack and often ends up biting her nails, and Naya laughs off any remarks about her emerging wearing Heather's top. Inside out at that.

It's not awkward between the two of them. They act the same around each other as they did before the trailer incident. The only difference now is that Naya knows what it's like to kiss Heather, touch Heather. She'd be lying if she said she didn't find herself thinking about that every now and then. Mainly at night. When things are quiet.

Naya feels Heather adjust her chin on her shoulder, "I always miss you." Heather whispers.

Chris continues picking at the dry cream on his face. He has his cocktail glass sitting on the floor by his feet, a pink liquid fills it.

"Who made cocktails?" Naya asks. She's talking to Heather but Chris spins around quickly.

"I thought you did?" He says. Naya shakes her head with a frown. "Oh, that's strange. I could have sworn it was you who was using the blender earlier." He pops his lips, "must have been Lea."

"Can she even mix a drink?" Heather questions. Naya smiles when she is squeezed tighter. Heather's body is warm against her own.

"Makes a delicious Martini." Chris answers.

Naya hums, "That's what she's drinking now." She states, "I think."

Chris swoops down to pick up his cocktail glass quickly, holding it loosely. The pink alcohol hits the sides precariously and Naya worries he'll spill it over her bathroom floor. Although she reasons it's better than it being spilled on her carpet. It's pale so it would show the stain. She shouldn't care so much about a drink anyway! But she's getting drunk, her mind is becoming simplified in the sense it's taken her this long to register that Chris is drinking in the bathroom!

"That's a little gross, Chris." She says around another mouthful of Vodka.

Chris pats his chin and then cheek bone, "It's a facial cream mask. It doesn't need to look pretty so long as it makes me look pretty." He says around a quick grin.

Naya shakes her head, "No, not that. I meant the fact you're drinking in the bathroom."

Chris looks thoughtful as he glances to the drink in his hand, after a long second he nods. "You're a little right. So I'm just going to go back into the kitchen with Di and Lea and get a refill." He smiles again, large and bordering on tipsy.

"Don't drink all the Tequila or Vodka," Naya cautions.

Chris just saunters past and out the room with a soft; "I wouldn't drink it if my life depended upon it, Naya."

"I think he's gunna drink it." Naya says lowly.

Heather's breathes out a laugh before unwrapping her arms from around Naya and walking past her towards the sink, she bumps their shoulders together on the way and Naya grins.

"Paranoid, much?" Heather quips.

Naya shrugs, watching as Heather picks up the small tub of facial cream. Chris must have brought it with him, because she didn't own it. It was either his or Lea's.

"Nobody touches my gold." Naya states with a mock gruff tone. It makes Heather grin and in the process causes Naya to feels weirdly validated.

Heather holds up the tub of cream to her nose, Naya thinks she might be smelling it. "Vanilla, I think." She says confirming Naya's thoughts. "And I've been drinking your 'gold' all night." Heather adds, air quoting the word gold.

"You're my girl, you're allowed."

"You're possessive over your alcohol, you know that right?" Heather says lightly, dipping her finger into the cream. Naya grimaces at the green goo before taking another sip of her drink.

"Only a little." She says through a swallow, it only hits her now that she is also drinking in the bathroom. "I'm drinking in the bathroom." Her words slur slightly.

Heather looks up from the cream, "Hypocrite."

"I feel dirty." She means it simply, said in relation to her sipping her drink near the toilet but Heather's eyes immediately find the floor, and a blush crawls up her neck.

It's not easy to make Heather Morris blush. So Naya takes a certain amount of pride that her innocently meant words have done just that. Amongst the pride however is also curiosity, since the trailer they've been nothing but friendly with one another. And by friendly Naya means just plain and simple friendly. Hands in safe zones, touches quick, looks even quicker.

Heather's once hands-on approach to Naya has become more restrained over the week and although it's not due to them regretting anything, Naya's certain it has something to do with the hesitation both have shown each other since.

Not a bad hesitation. More like when you know a secret and your friend says they know it as well, but you can't be sure, so you're careful to say anything even if said friend actually does know the secret simply because you think the secret you know isn't the one they know. Well, something like that. When she's not drunk, Naya can make more sense of Heather and hers subtle avoidance dance.

Heather's avoidance and safe-zone approach, Naya notes, is selective. As proven by Heather's earlier embrace. She doesn't mind too much, she lets Heather come to her more than she goes to Heather. Mainly because when she tries Heather is quick to shrug off any contact with a kind smile and witty joke. Naya doesn't take offense, simply because in a way there's none to take. It's not her place to go groping Heather whenever she wants, not that she does, but if she did Heather would have every right to correct her actions.

Naya's almost ninety-five percent sure Heather wouldn't though.

But she's not yet ready to test the five-percent that says otherwise.

"Dirty for drinking in my bathroom," Naya clarifies with a slow smile. Heather doesn't see it though because she's still staring at her feet. "Not that my bathrooms unclean or anything, cause it's not. I clean it a lot. Well, not a lot because that'd be weird. I don't have an obsession with cleaning it or anything…. But it is clean. Like spotless. Minus Chris' flakes of dried cream in the sink." Naya stops when Heather looks up, "that sounded dirtier than I meant…" Naya breathes.

She's starting to ramble. It's something she does when she's drunk. She either talks about strange unrelated topics or she starts making weird animal noises.

She's not proud of either of them.

"I just meant, I feel dirty for drinking in the bathroom." She adds on with a shrug.

Heather smiles and places the tub of cream back on the sink precariously, "stops saying dirty," she laughs. She wiggles her index finger in front of her face, staring at the cream.

Naya's quick to step forward, sloshing her cup around recklessly. Her main goal is to stir her drink and get the Vodka mixed in properly but some of the orange coloured drink spills over the sides. She scuffs the small drop of liquid with the toe of her shoe and Heather chuckles.

"Nice cup, dinosaurs is it?"

Looking to her kids' cup, Naya nods. "It doesn't belong to me. I don't know why it's in my apartment. I think it's Cory's."

"I lost my drink about an hour ago, I sat it down on the stool in your kitchen and it disappeared." Heather informs casually. Her blush is gone now.

Naya smiles, "Lea probably drank it," she holds out her own drink, offering it. "It's strong, so careful."

Heather grabs the offered drink and takes a hesitant sip; her hand that has the cream on it is held motionless in the air. The sight makes Naya grin.

With a thick swallow that has Heather shutting her eyes, she breathes out roughly. "You weren't kidding."

Naya grins even wider and when Heather chokes out a cough she takes back the drink, "I like my drink strong." Naya states, before adding a quick; "you alright?"

"That was really strong. Did you mix Vodka and Tequila?"

"No, it's exactly what you were drinking." Naya says around a smile.

"It's like gasoline."


"Bite your tongue."

Naya does. Clamping her teeth down quickly and earning herself a laugh from Heather. It's light and easy and Naya's heart quickens at the mere sound.

"Someone's iPod is playing in the living room," Naya adds randomly. "I think Jenna left it here."

"It's mine." Heather says, her voice sounds strained from the drink still. Naya's starting to think she swallowed the wrong way.

With a quick nod that makes the room spin slightly, Naya steps forward again. "I'm confused…." She starts.

Heather talks over the rest of her sentence, "It's my iPod, not Jenna's."

"Not about that, HeMo." Naya chuckles. "I meant I'm confused as to why you and Chris were…," she points to the cream on Heather's finger, "…, with the cream and all."

"The facials?"


Heather shrugs, "thought it'd be fun."

"Random." Naya says lowly, taking another step forward. "You could have hung around me y'know, instead of disappearing." Heather's watching her kindly so Naya continues, "I mean, I sat around watching Lea and Di for the better half on an hour discuss what was a better choice, lemon or lime."

"Lime." Heather confirms abruptly.

Naya nods, "no question about it." She looks to her cup and then Heather again, "I just feel like you sort of disappeared into the shadows tonight, I missed you, and I'm way more fun to be around then Chris." She jokes.

Chris was actually a really funny person when drunk, sober as well. But get him tipsy and he would have the whole room in stitches. Naya wasn't so much funny as she was lame when drunk, her jokes fell flat quite often but she made up for it with impressions. Heather was the only one who got them half the time, but that was okay, Naya only really did them for Heather anyway.

"I was around," Heather replies simply.

Naya shrugs, "Not around me."

With a soft smile Heather walks forward, stopping directly in front of Naya she raises her finger. The dark green goo is wiggled in front of Naya's face.

"We can hang out now." Heather states before dotting the cream unexpectedly upon Naya's chin, it's cold and she's quick to step back, Heather however attempts to touch her again and Naya's fast to poke the blonde in the shoulder.

"Don't!" She breathes over an amused chuckle. "If you even t-" Heather's finger lands on Naya's cheek this time, smearing lotion messily. Naya jerks back again. "HeMo! Don't you dare!"

Pushing Heather on the shoulder lightly, Naya steps back again. Heather moves forward, her finger held out threateningly.

"My drink, Heather." Naya says around another chuckle, Heather tries to poke her again and Naya stumbles to her right. "I'll spill my drink you dork!"

"That's what you're worried about?"

Dodging another attempt from Heather, Naya lamely sidesteps the dancer. Backing her way towards the sink and inevitably the facial cream.

Heather cottons on though and grabs for Naya's wrist with her clean hand, her cheeks are flushed from the alcohol and from holding back laughter.

Drunken Heather was energetic Heather, which in turn lead to playful Heather. Naya deduced that Heather had a lot of sides to her when drunk. Or at the very least tipsy. More than once Naya had found herself injured or sore after Heather suggested something totally random, of course in Naya's alcohol influenced state she always agreed. This time, although a lot tamer considering some of the things they had done, Naya wasn't about to be the one coming up short.

Dipping two fingers into the cold cream while resisting Heather's strong tug and also managing to hold her drink in her other hand, Naya faces Heather. Heather has her wrist in a death grip and even though Naya's trying her hardest to move the cream in Heather's direction, the blondes hold is too strong. She's fighting a useless battle. But either way the two of them stay in that position.

"Seriously, I'm going to spill my drink." Naya states, she smiles despite herself.

Heather holds her grip. "Your face looks funny right now."

Pushing her arm forward a little more Naya vainly tries to swipe Heather's nose, she fails when Heather pushes her arm back towards her own face causing the cream on Naya's fingers to hit her own cheek forcefully. It's cold and feels wet and Naya's shuts her eyes from the sudden movement. Her drink spills sloppily out of her cup and then Heather's letting her go.

"Sorry," she steps back a few feet, watching Naya wipe her face with her sleeve. "I didn't think I'd be able to move your arm so easily." Heather defends. She's smiling despite her guilty gaze.

Bending over clumsily to place what is left of her drink onto the ground, Naya grins. Placating Heather's slight worry. "You are so annoying. I'm going to look like the hulk or something…. Seriously, I think I deserve to at least get you once."

Heather blinks, "it's good for your skin."

Shaking her head and dipping her fingers back into the cream, Naya advances upon Heather. "Hold still, imma paint a picture on that pretty face of yours." She slurs.

Heather's lips twitch upwards, "that sounds really creepy and I'm not sure why."

"It's not creepy 'cause it's me." Naya replies. Heather doesn't move back or look like she's going to so with a slight alcohol induced shake, Naya holds her arm up and swipes a line of cream across Heather's forehead, the dark avocado colour stands out against her skin and Heather bites her bottom lip; hard by the looks of it.

Pulling back Naya examines her work, the thick streak across Heather's forehead doesn't stay as her focus for long however, and Naya finds her eyes drifting lower to Heather's lips. It's not a subtle action because of her current intoxicated state and Heather notices immediately.

"We should…we should, um…." Heather starts in a whisper but Naya's quick to step back.

"We're cool," she says in a tone that suggests Heather is overreacting. It's not the case. She just doesn't want anything to become uncomfortable. Even with multiple drinks coursing through her body Naya's aware that she's still standing intimately close to Heather. And also that the atmosphere around them has changed drastically, it's become a more intimate moment than Naya had banked on, but with them that always seemed to be the case. "We can go back to the kitchen if you want?" She suggests.

Heather shakes her head.

Naya doesn't want to over step her boundaries, but at the same time her drunken mind is reasoning with any conscious thought she might have and it's bringing up a few good points. Namely the fact that she's kissed Heather before and Heather's kissed her back. If she were to do it now she has no doubt Heather would respond, and she kind of really wants to kiss Heather.

Call it drunken intuition or stupidity, Naya shrugs away her doubt. With her hand not covered in Chris' vanilla scented facial cream, she moves to cup the back of Heather's neck. It's done clumsily but Heather doesn't move away, in fact she's quick to close what little room there is between their bodies. Pushing flush against Naya.

"I haven't stopped thinking about this." Naya rasps. She feels like Heather should know, or at least the drunken side of her does. To be honest she'd probably not say that if she were sober, but either way Heather's own hands are running up her waist lightly. Grazing if anything and it reassures Naya enough for her to close the gap.

She crashes her lips against Heather's in a fashion born from desperation and Heather replies instantly, her hands becoming firmer and pulling Naya impossibly close.

Heather's lips taste like orange juice more than tequila and also raspberries which Naya's thinks could actually be correct as Lea had brought over a bowl earlier in the evening, why she brought fruit to the get-together, Naya isn't sure. But the taste has her humming against Heather's mouth and in response Heather's smiles. Keeping her hand on the back of Heather's neck, Naya forces Heather back a few steps, guiding her recklessly into the bathroom wall.

Heather's head knocks the wall hard, and although Naya's super alert to the noise she doesn't pull back from the kiss.

She knows she should pull back. She knows they're making things complicated by doing this…again. But to hell with those thoughts, she is kissing Heather. After a week of hesitant moves and watched words, they were falling towards each other again. In a tangle of limbs and kisses and unsaid words. Naya thinks it could start getting messy, but if she really thinks about it she works well in a messy environment.

Heather's hands find their way into Naya's hair, and she tugs on the dark locks gently. It forces Naya to break the heated kiss and both of them end up staring at each other, out of breath and with flushed cheeks.

"Sorry." Naya mumbles around a slur. Her tongue feels heavy.

Heather's shaking her head again, and her hands loosen their hold. "It's fine. I didn't hit my head all that hard." She explains.

It's not what Naya had been apologizing for. But the fact that Heather thinks it is makes Naya's heart swell, because Heather obviously doesn't think their kiss needs an apology. She isn't sure why that makes her so happy, or relieved, but it does.

With a wide smile, Naya leans forward tryingly. Heather responds to the gesture straightaway moving her head from the wall and tilting it slightly.

It's an open signal for Naya to kiss her again and she does just that, softer this time, it's less frantic. More relaxed, and Heather's hum vibrates across Naya's lips enticingly. She swallows the sound by deepening the kiss, her tongue pushes past Heather's teeth knowingly and teasingly she meets Heather's own tongue. There's another soft hum from Heather and with one hand still on the blondes' neck Naya slides her other to the small of Heather's back, pulling her forward and closer.

The action has them pushing up against each other warmly and although still heated, Naya's hands are careful. Soft. It's tentative in the way they hold each other yet it's also familiar. The kind of familiar that comes with knowing someone personally; on an intimate level. And they're friends, best friends. A week ago they were friends-with-benefits, lovers? Naya isn't sure what she would categorise it as.

But their embrace is knowing and controlled and she loves the feeling of having Heather so close to her.

Tilting her head, Naya pushes forward. Heather hits the wall again and their teeth actually clink together from the force of Naya's action. Heather's arms wrap around Naya's neck a moment later, hugging her tightly to her body and Naya's own hands find a permanent position on Heather's hips.

Naya's sure she could kiss Heather forever, like legit forever, the kind that never ends. And although it's probably just the alcohol giving her those thoughts, she's eager to test her theory. To just keep kissing, keep touching, and keep holding Heather.

She probably would as well, if it wasn't for the loud knock that fills the room. A knock that has Naya and Heather separating like magnets in reverse, quickly and blindly. Naya's certain had she not stumbled on her lame jog backwards that whoever interrupted them wouldn't have known any different other than assuming the two of them were talking, she does trip however, and with drunken elegance she clings to the sink to steady herself. Heather's still against the wall and watching Naya with an almost entertained expression.

Dianna stands in the bathroom doorway.

"You scared me." Naya breathes out so quickly her words sound like a low rumble. She's directing the statement at Dianna, but not actually looking at her.

She hears Dianna cluck her tongue, amused. "I've interrupted something, have I?" She asks with a knowing little smile. This time Naya meets her gaze.

"We were talking." She defends. Heather's not moving, so Naya unconsciously stands as still as possible as well.

Dianna looks to Heather slowly, "You were talking really closely."

Not knowing how much Dianna saw, Naya shrugs indifferently. Pushing down her adrenaline and the sudden urge to blush she lets go of the sink.

"It was an intimate conversation."

"Gathered." Dianna says lightly. Heather's gaze is on Naya, well, Naya's shoes anyway. "What's on your face?" Dianna adds with a grin, looking back to Naya.

Naya's quick to wipe at the cream with the back of her hand, thankful for the change in topic. "Nothing, just cream. Chris must have brought it over or something." She explains.

Dianna's lips pinch together, "and it just jumped on your face or something?"

With a half amused smile, Naya points to Heather. "Blame her."

Seemingly recovered from the shock of Dianna interrupting, Heather tilts her head, raising her eyebrows quickly. "You got me too!"

"Yeah, but you started it." Naya states.

"You pretty much ended it,"

"Because you made me spill my drink."

Heather cracks a smile, "you were the one holding it, so how am I responsible?"

"You went all hands-on, HeMo…"

"I grabbed your wrist."

Naya nods, "and I spilled my drink because of it."

"It was a nasty tasting drink anyway, thank me for it." Heather says and Naya smirks at how genuine Heather sounds.

With a quick look to her drink that's still sitting upon the ground, Naya shakes her head. "Lightweight."

"Gasoline guzzler."

"Drink spiller!"


"It was a nice drink."

Heather laughs breathily, and Dianna joins her.

"You guys are such idiots sometimes," she says light-heartedly, "now quit talking and come back to the kitchen, Lea wants to do a last round of shots before we call it a night."

Naya shrugs, grabbing her drink from the ground. "I'm in, but only if it's body shots."


Naya's watching Heather throw back a shot glass full of tequila quickly, swallowing with a heavy gasp and sucking on the slice of lime offered to her by Chris. They're in Naya's kitchen. Lea still sits upon the stool and is still laughing randomly. Chris is standing near the sink, where Heather's sits upon the bench. And Dianna is next to Naya, she's got Naya's bottle of tequila in one hand and the salt shaker in the other, and up until a few seconds ago she had been fully immersed in watching Heather lick a trail of salt up Chris' neck.

Naya on the other hand, had been less enthusiastic and more irrationally possessive. She didn't state that out loud though, although her sceptical glare probably gave a lot away. The fact that Heather had been reluctant and insanely fast in her actions calmed Naya somewhat. Plus Chris during the whole ordeal had been giggling without control, the kind of giggle that suggests he's not drunk enough to be doing body shots without feeling a little insecure.

If Naya thinks about it, it's really only herself and Lea that are at the stage of not being self-conscious. Heather's hardly had anything tonight, and Dianna surprisingly can hold her liquor. Chris, although a bit further gone then HeMo and Di, still isn't classed as drunk.

"Heather…. Heather, it's my go now, so – so you need to come closer, annnnd I'll do my shot…, o- on you. Okay?" Lea stumbles around her words. Chris is just quieting from his giggles and pats the dried green cream that's on his face softly, slapping his jaw.

Heather looks confused and she licks her lips, placing the lime slice on the bench next to her. "Why is it me?"

"Because you just did a shot off of Chris, a-and so now someone has to do one…, do one from you." Lea explains with a very noticeable slur. She holds her index finger out in an upside down hook and beckons Heather's. "Now come closer…."

Obediently Heather slides off the bench. She doesn't go any further though and instead looks to Naya. "Salt?" She questions.

Dianna's quick to hand the shaker over, and Heather looks away from Naya with a grateful smile. Dianna actually seems excited. Naya on the other hand can't shake the heavy feeling in her stomach, a ball of something akin to jealousy.

Does she even have a right to be jealous?

She's pretty certain the answer isn't black and white. Neither yes nor no.

When Heather grabs the salt and walks closer to Lea, Dianna nudges Naya.

"I want to talk to you later." She says simply. It's not a threatening statement by any means and actually comes across as friendly, if not curious. But Naya still side-eyes the blonde actress warily.

"About?" She asks quietly. Heather's handing Lea the salt a moment later and Naya's eyes flick back to the two women.

From her peripheral vision she sees Dianna shrug, "I just want to talk, that's all."

"That's not all."

"Cross my heart it is, Naya."

Naya keeps her gaze on Heather and smiles sluggishly. "Fine. But later, I kind of really want to see Chris do a body shot with you." She grins even more and Dianna breathes a laugh.

"I don't think that'll be happening."

"Think we all know it will be."

"Pour the salt on." Lea whispers to no one in particular, the salt is shaken in the direction of Heather's neck and the grains fly out everywhere. Heather shuts her eyes with a smile and Lea drunkenly squints to make sure there is salt on the dancers' neck. There must be because Lea is grabbing her own shot glass full of tequila and standing recklessly from the stool a second later.

Naya's stomach tightens unpleasantly.

"Remember, salt first then the shot and finally the lime…, Heather where's the lime?" Chris asks, still touching his face.

Heather's eyes open warily, almost as though she expects Lea to throw more salt her way, and she shrugs.

Dianna is moving to pick up another slice from the kitchen table swiftly, and she hands it to Heather. Naya kind of hates that Dianna is helping, and she isn't even sure why but the feeling makes her swallow bitterly.

Heather takes the lime with another kind smile and Lea clumsily places her hands upon Heather's shoulders. She's smiling so wide that despite Naya's random jealously she can't help but smirk at Lea. Lea is so entertaining when drunk.

"Okay…okay, we all r-ready now? We all ready?" Lea asks needlessly.

Heather nods. "Don't throw your head back too quickly though, when you take the shot. I don't want you passing out."

"I-I'm not that drunk, 'eather. Trust me, okaaaay. Mmmh, n- now tilt your head back please."

Heather does, not much, but enough to grant better access. Naya's body screams out possessively to intervene. It's so strong that she actually takes a step forward. She catches herself before she goes any further and ignoring Dianna's raised eyebrow she crosses her arms.

"We're definitely talking later." Dianna hushes.

Naya looks to her quickly, "you said it wasn't about anything."

Dianna doesn't get a chance to reply because Lea is for some reason counting down, and her voice is abnormally loud.

Naya grimaces and chuckles simultaneously although quite quickly wipes any emotion from her face when Lea leans in and licks the salt from Heather's neck. It's done quickly, nothing lingering too long or seeming to slow. It's what one would expect from a co-star and friend. And even though Lea is wasted beyond remembering the next morning, she still manages to make the action polite and in a sense graceful.

She pulls back, takes the shot of tequila and picks the lime from Heather's hand before sucking on it. It's all done swiftly and easily considering how drunk Lea is and Naya's moving again, this time she doesn't stop herself.

"Okay…. Okay ladies, my turn. Heather I'm using you. Lea, hand me the salt. Dianna, pour me a shot." She orders. Without really thinking she wipes at Heather's neck, getting the salt Lea left over off her skin. Heather's quick to join her, wiping lazily.

On her way to drunk and still feeling the effects of jealously, Naya eagerly snatches the slice of lime Chris hands her. Dianna's filled shot glass is being held out to her as well, and Naya ignores the amused smile she's getting from the shorter blonde as she takes the drink.

"Heather just went though," Lea states, her attempts at grabbing the salt shaker from the kitchen table fail when it topples over, spilling grains everywhere. "Really you should pi – pick someone else." Lea adds. She tosses salt over her shoulder superstitiously.

Naya frowns, "There isn't rules, Lea."

"Just the ones that say, lick it, slam it, and suck it." Chris pipes up.

Naya waves her hand signalling she heard him before she speaks again, "Besides we get to choose whoever we want. I pick HeMo."

She looks back to Heather and raises the lime, Heather goes to grab it but Naya moves it out of her way.

"Want to make this interesting?" Naya adds. "Open your mouth."

Lea makes a low cheering sound from near Naya and she thinks Dianna actually claps, but she's too focused on Heather and her reaction to register it properly. Heather for her part doesn't look completely horrified at the suggestion, in fact she's grinning, cheekily almost.

Taking it as a good thing, Naya pinches the lime tighter and holds it near Heather's mouth. "Just bite down on it." She instructs pointlessly. Heather knows what to do. She doesn't need to tell her.

Tilting her head to get a better angle, Heather takes the lime between her teeth carefully. Biting down on the peel and leaving the flesh of the lime showing.

Naya's grabbing for the salt a moment later, taking it from Lea hurriedly. She doesn't throw it at Heather like Lea did, instead she leans forward. Salt in one hand and tequila in the other.

"Just so it sticks," Naya whispers, and before her mind can catch up to her actions and scold her for them she licks a trail of saliva just under Heather's jaw. Heather jumps a little, and Naya hears her laugh around the lime. It's muffled but still loud.

Pulling back and quite easily ignoring Dianna's raised eyebrows and open mouth, Naya shakes the salt carefully onto Heather's neck and jaw. Making sure she doesn't get any on her face or near her eyes. The salt sticks easily to the path she licked and Naya smirks with pride.

"All good?" She asks around alcohol numbed lips, putting down the salt. Heather nods.

Satisfied, Naya wraps one warm hand around the back of Heather's neck. An action she's becoming familiar with. Leaning up slightly on her toes she holds her shot glass out to the side and moves closer to Heather's neck. It doesn't register with her how quiet the room suddenly is, or that Heather has her eyes shut, and so with a drunken giggle she licks at the salt.

It's bitter on her tongue and Heather's skin feels soft and warm. Naya's fingers twitch at the nape of Heather's neck excitedly and she licks up to Heather's jaw, getting every last grain of salt.

When she pulls back Heather's still got her eyes closed and hurriedly Naya swallows her shot, it burns all the way down her throat and hits her stomach like she swallowed a bullet but the warm feeling it leaves has her grinning happily, it's either the alcohol or Heather she thinks.

"Now the lime!" Chris reminds. He sounds overwhelmed, out of breath maybe or just enthusiastic.

Naya's quick to oblige and in a very practised motion her hand on Heather's neck moves to cup her face and she pulls the dancer forward.

Her lips wrap around the lime easily, brushing against Heather's with the slightest touch, and she bites into the fruit. Juice floods her mouth almost sweetly and Naya swallows it. It calms the burning from the tequila.

Trapping the sucked lime between her teeth Naya pulls it from Heather's mouth and steps back.

She gives Heather a quick, encouraging, smile and Heather licks her lips before replying with her own grin.

Chris looks absolutely thrilled, in the drunken way, the kind where he also looks tired and bored and somewhat confused. But either way he's smiling at Naya.

Clearing her throat, Dianna swallows. "Chris and I can't follow that." She says simply.

Lea giggles, "Then I'll do it with you…."

Smiling at the warm feeling in her stomach, Naya places her empty shot glass on the table.

"You girls get busy with that body shot. I'm going to turn up the music." She says to Dianna and a wobbly Lea. Dianna looks unsure about the prospect of doing a body shot, even if it's been tame with the others, but Lea's quick to snatch up the salt and a clean shot glass.

Naya stumbles from the kitchen soon after.

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