Title – Halfway To Anywhere

Summary: Naya's not sure how she ended up in her bathtub; hung-over and with Heather on top of her, but the kink in her neck suggests they slept there. Sequel to Behind Closed Doors. RPF. HeYa.

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She is sitting on the floor in her bedroom with a glass of wine in hand and Heather flat on her back next to her, and Naya's not sure why this situation hasn't become sexual, and she's also not sure why Heather 'I have a dirty mind' Morris hasn't said anything concerning something suggestive in the whole time they've been like this. But Heather is quiet and Naya finds herself just sipping her wine as she watches Zach attempt to walk over Heather's outstretched legs.

It is strangely nice to just sit in silence. Naya is happy to just watch Heather.

Even if Heather isn't actually doing anything but lying on the carpet, with one arm over her eyes and the other stretched out so she can tap-tap-tap Naya's knee with a slow rhythm. Every now and then Zach gets curious about the movement and with wide eyes he advances playfully before swiftly gaining interest in something else and bouncing away.

It's quiet and it's not yet dark, but the low light of evening shines through the window in soft grey hues, and Naya likes how the light paints itself across Heather's showing skin and hair. She has the sudden urge to take a photo. But that would ruin the calm of the room, so she takes another sip of wine, looks to Heather's forgotten glass beside the resting girl and then she swallows.

"You forgot about your wine." She informs, softly.

Heather's tapping stops for a moment and Naya can see Heather looking sideways even though her arm is across her face.

Heather exhales, "I'm letting it breathe." She tells.

Naya likes how Heather's voice sounds when she is tired. Heather gets quiet and slow and everything about her, from her movements to her words spoken becomes softer. It makes Naya feel like tiptoeing around and speaking in whispers.

It's probably why her amused chuckle comes out hushed and hidden behind a whispered tone. "You're just too lazy to sit up and drink it."

Heather hums. Her lips press together and she stops tapping Naya's knee completely. "For sure." She mumbles.

"You're tired." Naya whispers.

Heather laughs and it's lethargic and airy, "Mm."

From near Naya, Zach ambles around. His little legs carry him towards Naya's bed, and then he is wandering under it with a curious squeak. Naya watches him for a moment and then she looks back to Heather.

Heather's chest is rising and falling slowly and her breathing comes out even. Naya shifts and with one leg outstretched she pokes Heather's side with her toe.

"Are you falling asleep?" She asks.

Heather flinches from the contact, and grunts.

Naya changes tactics. She sets her glass on the ground, gets to her knees and shuffles closer to Heather. "You can't fall asleep on the ground, Morris." With decidedly more effort than what is needed, Naya crawls over Heather until she is straddling the blonde. She sits down gently, squeezing Heather's waist with her thighs.

Heather grunts again, but Naya can see her smiling.

"Hey," Naya breathes, she pokes Heather's ribs lightly. "Wake up." She pokes her again and Heather wiggles.

"Don't." Heather quietly laughs.

Naya smiles at the sound, before she reaches for Heather's arm and tugs it from her face. Heather's eyes are shut tightly.

"Come on, stand up and do five star jumps. It'll wake you up." Naya says.

Heather seems to disagree because the groan she makes sounds like she is dying.

Heather huffs and Naya's eyes fall to her chest momentarily as she watches the action.

"Just lie on top of me. You can be my blanket." Heather mumbles.

"That sounds appealing. But there would be no elegance in that position."

A laugh from Heather, "And there's elegance in you straddling me?"

Putting more of her weight on Heather, Naya shrugs, not that Heather can see her with her eyes closed. "You love it."

"No doubt." Heather chuckles; she wiggles her hips and then opens her eyes. Under the low light they look pale blue. Naya wonders what her own eyes look like. Probably blown and completely black, she thinks.

Heather's body is warm beneath her and the room is quiet and peaceful. It's strange, but Naya's never felt more comfortable.

Even when she thinks about everything, and by everything she means everything.

From the trailer to the part where there was kissing, and touching, and a lot more than Naya would have ever thought! She doesn't feel anxious that Dianna knows either.

Although, if she's honest it is probably because Dianna is someone she trusts. Plus, Dianna isn't one to gossip…


There was that incident when Dianna thought Naya was with Mark, and then Heather got weird about it all, and Lea ran her mouth. But other than that, Dianna is not one to gossip.

Okay. Maybe a little.

But Naya still trusts her.

Lea however, Naya isn't one hundred percent sure about. Mainly because she's not sure if Heather is just paranoid like she herself had been around Dianna, or if Lea outright said she knew. Maybe Lea was being funny in her own way, or maybe she was referring to the script. Yes. The script and Brittana! That would make sense, sometimes Lea isn't always clear when she chats.

Is it reality? Is it a wildly believable performance? Naya isn't always sure. Because Lea is hard to read, but blatantly obvious at the same time.

Maybe it's Naya who is just bad at reading people.

She's just comfortable in this moment. It's nice. It's stress free and Heather is beneath her.

Naya smirks, and then Heather's hands reach to grab her hips.

"I'm not tired anymore." Heather tells.

Naya goes to reply. With what, she hasn't decided, when Heather sits up. Naya's about to move off Heather's lap, but Heather holds her in place with a small smile.

"Thank you for looking after Zach." She whispers.

Tilting her head, Naya wraps her arms around the back of Heather's neck and settles more comfortably against Heather. "Random. But okay."

Heather grins, "I was just going to kiss you, but…."

"But…?" Naya continues. She's leaning closer already and her voice is hardly above a whisper.

"Sometimes the second before the kiss deserves its moment." Heather's hands slide up Naya's sides, and then back down and she licks her lips. Her eyes stay on Naya's. Soft and fierce and so, so very blue.

Naya's leaning closer still. "Of course." She breathes. "But do you know what is even better than the moment before the kiss?" she asks.

If Heather's grin is anything to go by, then, yes Heather does.

"I think I know the answer." She whispers. It's nice. The whispering that is. Naya thinks she could honestly listen to Heather speak in whispers all the time.

Mainly because Heather's voice gets tiny and it's almost secretive and Naya has an excuse to get really close to Heather to hear her.

Smiling back at Heather, Naya shifts a little. She pulls back and cups Heather's face. "You do know this isn't a test right?"

"If it were, I'd know the answer."

"Mm, sure."

"I'd totally ace it, baby." Heather giggles around a whisper, her eyebrows shooting into her hair line and then back down.

Naya holds back a snigger, "did you just call me baby?"

Heather shrugs and the action bumps Naya's arms and causes her to drop her hands from Heather's face to her shoulders. "Playfully." Heather explains. But she's smirking so much, Naya's sure Heather dropped the word in intentionally.

"You still said it." Naya teases. Despite trying to joke around, a warm smile decides to take over her face instead. So her words kind of die on her tongue with little zest.

But even if Heather had squeezed the term of endearment in with a playful nonchalant attitude, she still said it. It totally counts. Plus, Naya's been called an array of names from Mark, Matt to even Kevin at times and none of them caused her stomach to fill with butterflies like hearing Heather call her 'baby'.

Oh God, she sounds like a teenager.

Heather is making her stupid.

Well, making her act stupid.

Actually. No. Heather's just making her stupid in general.

Naya's okay with that.

"Can I give you my answer now?" Heather asks. Her voice isn't whispered anymore and her hands squeeze Naya's hips. She's doing a fine job of ignoring how mushy Naya's face probably looks right now.

Naya can practically feel herself melting from the inside out.

She manages a nod, and her smile grows when Heather's face scrunches up in determination.

Slender hands run up Naya's sides again, and then leave her body altogether before Heather returns them to cup Naya's face. Heather's palms are warm and her eyes drop to Naya's lips as she playfully draws Naya closer.

They're both grinning when their lips meet and Naya feels Heather laugh a little into the choppy kiss. It makes Naya more determined to kiss back, so with a tilt of her head, Naya grabs for the back of Heather's neck and crashes their lips together more firmly. It stops the smiles and Naya hears Heather's surprised moan of shock and lust as the kiss is deepened.

There's the taste of wine that Naya had been drinking, and the soft smack of lips as Heather tilts her head and holds Naya against her. And then there is Heather's soft hair tangled in Naya's fingers, and Naya's shirt bunched between Heather's fist, and the kisses grow bolder. They've kissed enough times for Naya to feel comfortable changing the kiss every few seconds, and for Heather to bite on Naya's bottom lip and they've gained confidence since the first tentative lip lock, that Naya's almost positive she's never felt more relaxed kissing someone in her life.

Heather's kisses are soft but demanding and Naya kisses her back tenderly yet just as forcefully.

Naya can't help but think they both make good kissers.

She kind of wants to gloat to Dianna about it. Although it's kind of too early to be saying stuff like that, and Naya isn't completely ok with discussing her kissing habit with Heather to Dianna anyway. So she'll stay quiet.

Besides if the whole Brittana story line goes ahead everyone would see them kissing, in character of course. But it's still them kissing.

Would there be kissing?

Naya breaks back abruptly and Heather's pulls a disgruntled face.

"Do you think we will have to kiss?" Naya asks, quickly. She licks her lips.

Heather breathes in, and then scrunches her face. "I'm completely confused, Naya, we were just kissing." She whispers.

Oh, right, Heather doesn't read minds!

Don't think out loud, Naya.

Naya shakes her head, because she feels kind of foolish for asking the question now of all times. "No, I meant on set."

"Not if you didn't want too. And honestly doesn't that seem a little soon to you?" Heather's eyes jump from Naya's own, watching and studying.

Scrunching her own face, Naya licks her lips again. She suppresses a smile and sits back a bit on Heather's thighs. "I'm talking about acting, Hemo. Not actually us kissing on set, but what if we had to kiss while in character."

"If our characters even end up in a relationship, that is." Heather adds.

Naya shrugs. "I'm like ninety-nine percent sure they will."

"Confident, huh?"

"Completely." Naya smiles, Heather's lack of one makes Naya chuckle and she reaches for the back of the dancer's neck. "Oh, c'mon, Hemo… Where's the excitement?" She asks, pulling Heather closer until there's easy access to place a mouse kiss on her jaw.

Heather breathes out and it sounds like a laugh, so Naya kisses her again.

"I thought you were okay about it all." Naya says between her kisses, she moves down Heather's neck slowly.

Heather makes another sound, and this time Naya's sure it was a laugh. "I totally am. But like, it would mean so much more than just dancing in the background y'know?"


"And that's a good thing, but it's also I don't know, big…."

"That's what she said." Naya mumbles against Heather's neck.

"Stop hanging around Kevin."

"But he's fun-uh-ny!" Naya whines purposefully, she pulls back to give Heather a quick smile.

Heather's looking at her with amusement. "I'm funnier." She states.

"That's what you think." Naya chuckles. She stops when Heather pouts, and then she leans in to give her a chaste kiss. "Kidding." She appeases.

Heather smiles, "you better be. Now before I forget, weren't you going to help me with my acting?"

"I was. First, stand up." Naya says, she makes an effort to stand herself so that Heather is free of her body weight and then she waits for Heather to get up.

Heather does so reluctantly, picking up her wine glass in the process. She takes a small sip, eyeing Naya over the rim of the wide glass with a little grin, and then tilts her head.

"What next?"

Honestly, Naya's not sure. So for a good second she just hums a random tune and enjoys the slight buzz she has gotten from the alcohol in her system. Heather's amusement is palpable.

With a breath out Naya stops humming in thought. "Ok, so you took a couple of acting classes before glee, right?"

Heather nods. "Affirmative."

"So at the very least you know the basics." Naya looks to her own wine glass on the carpet, and then back to Heather as she clasps her hands together. "Method acting," she suggests, rapidly. "It's like the easier way to get a great scene down."

"Yeah, Lea mentioned that."

Naya smacks her lips together, excited and smiling. "Ok, so do you want to try it?" She encourages.

Heather takes another sip of her drink. Her shoulders shrug heavily, undecided. But then she bobs her head. "Sure. What do I do?"

"Alright, so, I'm going to give you an emotion that I want you to 'act' out." Naya explains. "So say, if I said angry, you just have to think of a time when you were angry and let the emotion you feel come through into your performance."

"Sounds easy enough."

"It's effective. Trust me it works. Are you ready?" Naya's eyes roam over Heather's entire body as she asks the question, and Heather returns the look with her own elevator eyes before she raises her eyebrows just slightly. It's a silent invitation for Naya to continue. Naya hums again, "easy one first… happy."

Heather takes a brief pause before she starts to smile. It's strained and completely put on.

Naya chuckles, "I said happy, not tense." She lightly teases. She totally gets Heather's reaction. It's weird having to conjure random emotions from a memory within seconds, plus Heather isn't exactly confident when it comes to her acting. Despite the bravado she shows, Naya can see past it more than she thinks anyone else can when it comes to Heather.

"This is happy." Heather defends; she chuckles like Naya, stops it midway and then swallows.

Naya's smile grows soft. "Don't overthink it or it'll come across as weak acting. Just take the emotion in its simple form." She tries to coax. "What makes you happy?"

Heather wiggles her eyebrows at the glass of wine she's holding, jokingly.

"I'm serious." Naya giggles.

Heather covers her heart and looks offended. "So am I."

"Well you can pull off offended easily." Naya remarks and Heather sends her a pointed look that somehow changes into elevator eyes again. It's distracting and delicious and Naya almost forgets herself amidst Heather's hungry gaze, but then Zach emerges from under the bed and it breaks Naya's trance.

She claps her hands together and clears her throat. "Stop distracting me." She chides Heather.

Heather for her part looks beyond amused. "I ain't doing nothing."

"Happy. Show me happy." Naya cuts in abruptly. She's sure she has something in her throat because her voice sounds raspy, and it's dry.

Heather's second attempt at happy is so much better, that Naya is genuinely surprised by the intensity behind Heather's smile.

She grins back and unclasps her hands, "wow, that was perfect." She praises.

There's a little frown forming on Heather's lips that Naya zeros in on. It's confused and yet entertained. "I hadn't started yet. I was just laughing at how low your voice sounded." Heather says.

"Well it was spot on, what were you thinking about?" Naya asks. She wants to lick her dry lips but she's smiling too much.

Heather deadpans her gaze, "Your voice…" She repeats, and then she shrugs like she just thought of something. "You…, I don't know." Her appeasing chuckle makes Naya's heart flutter like it wants to fly away. Heather takes a sip of wine, "give me another." She says after swallowing.

Naya is starting to think they're both so cheerful because of the wine. Because she seriously can't stop smiling, and Heather's grin is so beautiful Naya wants to be kissing her again. Is it weird that they are both just standing in her room? Drinking wine with Naya teaching Heather the tail ends of method acting?

Or is it weird that Naya never wants to leave the room, because when she does reality will get in her way.

Heather snaps her fingers in front of Naya's face and Naya flinches back to see blue eyes watching her.

"Give me another emotion." Heather repeats.

Naya clears her throat again, "Angry."

"That's too hard."

"It's acting, Heather. Go, just try…. Show me angry."

Heather huffs, "I can't. I'm not angry, it won't work." She whines.

"That's why it's called method acting. Think of something that makes you angry, remember?" Explains Naya, she encourages Heather with a nod, and Heather breathes in and looks away in thought.

Blue eyes squint and soft lips press together in concentration. Zach wanders around near Naya's feet, and Heather lowers her wine glass as her expression becomes serious.

Naya waits.

A smile cracks Heather's façade all too quickly and she giggles. "I can't. I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh." She grins and hushes a laugh and Naya's own smile grows large.

"It's fine, you dork. Don't over think it."

Heather suppresses her giggles. "Ok, ok, I'm serious…" She tries to say, her laughter mixes with her words. She waves her hand at Naya, "don't look at me because you make it worse. It's hard to think with you staring like a creeper."

Naya can't contain her own chuckle and it comes out raspy and airy as she breathes out, "creeper…." She repeats Heather's choice of words with amusement.

Heather waves her hand again, holding it up in a stop sign. "I can't think when you watch me." She says again.

"Heather, when you're acting you're surrounded by like a room full of people." Naya laughs. It's cute that Heather is totally blushing from Naya watching her, but if she's like this when they're alone in the security of Naya's room, then how would Heather go in a room full of people on set.

So far all Heather's scenes had been background appearances with a few spoken words at the very most. Naya has had more screen time then Heather.

She's kind of worried that Heather would lose her feet if they ended up with a big scene. Which is strange because Heather is not someone Naya sees as being the nervous type. Not in a group situation anyway. Heather, from the moment Naya first saw her on set, has always had an energetic confidence. It's the kind of confidence that comes from within, it's not fake or arranged to look like anything it's not, it's just pure confidence.

Naya has always been attracted to confident people.

Confident but not arrogant people, Heather ticks the boxes.

Only right now Heather is far from confident. She's giggly and red and almost awkward, if it were possible for Heather to look awkward that is. Which it's not, at least in Naya's opinion, it's not. But she's damn close to the awkward stage.

Naya probably isn't helping with her dry voice and blatant leering. Actually if Naya thinks about it she seems like the awkward one, she's laughing just as much as Heather is, and not even a minute ago her voice completely broke like she was some hormonal teenager. Plus she's not even holding a glass of wine, which at a time like this could be her defence for acting so joyful.

At least Heather has wine.

Oh God, it's Naya who is awkward!

"Ok, ok, stop laughing…." Attempt one at regaining her composure. "Stop laughing, Hemo. We've got this. We've got this. Angry, go, now! Show me angry."

Heather's laughter just grows in volume, breathy chuckles that have her dipping her head and shutting her eyes.

Naya looks to the ceiling to hold her composure. "This isn't angry. This isn't what angry looks like." Attempt two. Check. And failed.

Heather slows her breathing, taking a massive gulp of air.

Naya bites her tongue. "We're idiots." She concedes through a soft chuckle.

Heather looks to her quickly with rosy cheeks and bright eyes. "I'm so bad at acting."

If Naya wasn't buzzed on wine and tipsy beyond controlled laughter, she would probably disagree. Because Heather wasn't a bad actress, she was just inexperienced. Instead, Naya finds herself nodding like a seal performing tricks as she steps closer to Heather.

"Maybe you'd be better without the wine." She suggests, clasping her hands together.

Heather looks to the half full glass she's holding, "I've barely had any."

"Then you're just really tired." Naya says as though it's as simple as that.

Heather takes a little shuffle closer, "I think I need to take more acting classes or something. Ash is a better actress than me, and I'm the one on a TV show." She states incredulously.

"At least they haven't asked you to sing yet." Naya teases.

Heather's face tenses. "Oh God, Naya, the horror." She jokes. The face she pulls is somewhere between shocked and crazy psycho who peeps through your window at night.

It's amusing.

Naya reaches up to cup Heather's face with a soft scoff. "You are seriously the biggest dork I know." She tells. A giggle breaks up her sentence and she leans forward with a smile.

Heather reacts swiftly and does the same, securing a quick kiss to Naya's lips before she pulls back and holds her wine in between them.

"I think we should drink more." She states.

Naya nods. "Yes. Good plan. I have a second bottle of wine in the kitchen…." She says, her smile is large, affected by alcohol and strong under the low light of the room. "But we can't drink too much," She warns as she turns on her heel and heads for her bedroom door, "we have work tomorrow." She explains.

She is after all a professional.


Professional kind of goes out the window for Naya around her fifth glass of wine, and by fifth she means eighth and by eighth she means a third bottle has been opened, the first and second bottles are gone – and she's now on all fours on her kitchen table – singing wildly to Beyoncé as Heather aggressively break dances with a couch cushion.

This is what happens when she and Heather get drunk together and there's no one else around to control their wild ideas. This is how Naya ends up injured and how Heather has a great story to tell the next day on set. Because when you get them completely out-of-their-minds drunk, Naya is sure they both become oblivious to danger, and she's also sure they can party harder than a whole fraternity of guys.

Sure, so maybe she is on the table and now precariously cat walking the length of it in her socks, and maybe Heather is rosy cheeked from the impressive moves she's busting out. And ok, so Beyoncé has been on repeat for the last hour as Naya escalated from humming to singing, to physically having to get on a table in the first place to express her drunken love of 'single ladies'. But at the end of everything, Naya is too drunk to even care.

Because there is a point you reach during the night where everything is kind of fuzzy, and you can only focus on one thing and you are so blinded by this drunken haze that everything is in its own little world. Naya has reached that point.

Which is why being on her kitchen table seems logically, genius. It's also probably why she and Heather have only really communicated through lyrics the past half hour. Heather's been too busy dancing with cushions and random objects and Naya's honestly been preoccupied with climbing on things.

Zach scurried off to a safe place around the same time Naya started singing, so she's not even sure where he is.

But at one stage Heather almost stepped on him and Naya had a heart attack.

She's kind of glad he's not around to see her table-dance to a Beyoncé song, because his judgemental kitten eyes would make her feel stupid. At least Heather encourages Naya's behaviour, with a silly grin and impressed nod.

The song ends, tapering off until there's a brief pause of silence and Naya and Heather's heavy breathing.

"Get on this table, Morris, and dance with me!"


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