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District 1 Reaping

Finn Hudson, District 1 Tribute

This isn't the first time I've found myself doing this, wondering what I'm doing here in the training center. Is it worth it? Earning the glory that comes with winning the Hunger Games, is it worth killing twenty-three people over? My mind can't decide if it is or not.

But what else can I do? Society's really screwed up these days, apparently. District 1 is a place for Careers, and it's made very clear that if you don't train, you're an outcast. A freak. A loser. I don't know if I could handle being called those things.

That's why you're here, I tell myself. To fit in, to be cool. You want that, don't you? Of course, the answer is yes.

Still, a part of me wants this all to stop. I try to convince myself that I enjoy this, that I get pleasure out of my training. But how can you lie to yourself? I know that I hate this process. I know that I would much rather be myself than what the district expects of me. And I'm sure I would be if I actually knew who I really was.

The ways of District 1 have blinded me from the time I was born. They've turned me into a Career, and even though I know that's not who I am, I can't find anything else inside of me. I guess I'm in too deep to ever get out.

I should probably be feeling like crap right about now, but strangely, I don't. It's my last year. Come next reaping day, I'll be nineteen and too old to compete, and more importantly, to train. I can finally be whoever I truly am.

Well, that was my mindset before I showed up at the training center this morning, at least.

I leave the building as quickly and quietly as I can, avoiding my peers who are probably in the locker room. I don't think I could tolerate their congratulations or pats on the back or lame jokes today. I just need to get out.

Still in my training shorts and white T-shirt, I push through the front doors of the training center and into the crisp morning air. I can almost taste the fog that surrounds the misty air. A sudden breeze brushes by and sends shivers down my spine, making me want to turn back and grab my jacket from my locker, but I refrain from doing so. After today, I won't be needing it anyway.

My sneakers crunch against the gravel of the road behind the training center as I walk swiftly in the direction of my house. I can feel sweat from my workout dripping off my body as I lose control and break into a steady jog, which eventually becomes a full-out sprint that carries me all the way to my porch. The plank of wood nailed to the second step shifts as it always does, but this time, I don't pause to reposition it. Instead, I desperately shove open my door until it slams into the wall behind it, its rusty hinges rattling on impact.

"Jesus, Finn!" shouts my mother. As I step inside and close the door, I can see her in the kitchen, preparing some breakfast for what's supposed to be my day of celebration. My final reaping. "What's the matter with you? You know we can't afford to replace that thing again."

"Mom," I pant, walking through the archway and into my kitchen. Standing before her, my precious, caring mother, I clench my fists and take a deep breath. "He asked."


"Ken. Mom, Ken asked me."

With a sudden gasp, she drops the pan of eggs she was holding and they go splattering across the floor. Her right hand flies to her mouth as she lets out a muffled scream. "Finn, you can't do it, you can't! It's your last one. Then you're free!"

I can't bear seeing her like this, and I immediately regret my decision to inform her of the news. But I couldn't just leave without telling my own mother what I was doing.

"I have to," I say with pain in my voice. "Mom, what other choice do I have?"

"You could say no."

"It's not that easy. Do you know how many other boys would kill, literally, to be in my shoes right now? When your instructor asks you to volunteer, you don't turn him down. Imagine what people would say, Mom. We'd be the laughing stock of the district. Do you want that?"

Her response doesn't surprise me. "If it means having my son alive, then yes."

I struggle with what I'm supposed to say next. We both stand there for several minutes until she throws herself at me, wrapping her arms firmly around my lower ribs. I'm much too tall for her to hug properly anymore.

"Finn, honey," she sobs into my shirt. "Oh Finn, please. Just please come back."

"Of course I will," I assure, resting my head in her frazzled hair. "And when I do this will all be over. We can go on and live a normal life, just like we wanted. We could even get a new house, a nice one, nothing like this old dump."

Instead of answering, she continues to cry, and I can feel her tears seeping through my shirt. We hold this position for much longer than we should until she pulls away, wiping at her eyes with her hands. "You need to shower," she says, her broken heart making itself evident in her shaky voice. "You can't show yourself to the Capitol looking like that. Show them how handsome you really are." She brushes her hand across my cheek and disappears into her bedroom, and I can hear her body hit her mattress seconds later.

For a few moments, I have to lean against the archway to keep myself from toppling over. My mind is buzzing with all sorts of emotions. Self-pity, sorrow, sympathy, determination, anger, depression. I don't know which one to settle on actually feeling.

As soon as I can stand on my own, I drag myself up the stairs and into the shower, where I stay for long over an hour. I can't help but hum the tune of a song I remember hearing as a baby. My mother played it all the time before she was forced to trade her radio for food.

Turning off the water, I run my fingers through my thick black hair as I wrap a towel around myself. Pulling open the bathroom door, I jump when I'm greeted by my mother, leaning against the doorframe.

"You know," she struggles to say, some of her strength returned to her voice. "You've really got a lovely voice."

"Right," I mumble. "I was only humming."

"I mean it Finn. You've got talent."

"Well, singing isn't the kind of talent you can use in this world," I respond, slipping past her and toward my bedroom. "If any of the guys knew that I sang in the shower, I'd be dead."

"Quinn is downstairs," she continues before I can close my door. "She heard about the…good news."

I nod as I begin to close the door. "I'll be down in a few."

I can hear the voices of the two conversing downstairs, occasionally laughing. My mother is a great actress. I can hear the excitement she forces into her voice, the way she and Quinn exchange small talk so casually. You would never be able to tell that on the inside, she's practically dying.

Hastily, I dry off and slip into my tight-fitting black dress shirt and pants, grabbing my belt from my dresser. I step into my nicest pair of dress shoes and wrap my gold tie around my neck as I start down the stairs. I'm not even at the bottom when I'm greeted by Quinn.

"Don't you look handsome," she says with a wink, catching me with a kiss as I fumble with my tie. "Let me," she offers. I drop my hands and let her go to work. Why girls are the only ones able to tie a tie properly, I'll never understand.

"She's right," my mother agrees, looking at me from a distance. "You're going to impress everyone."

"Thanks," I grumble, trying my best not to sound miserable.

Quinn finishes up with my tie and takes a step back. "Perfect," she comments, giving me a once-over. I notice her begin to bite her lip before she turns to my mother. "Mrs. Hudson, thanks for having me, but we've really got to get going. We can't be late today of all days."

My mother nods. "Right, of course. I'll let you two be on your way." Before we leave, however, I have to hug her one more time. "Good luck, Finn," she says quietly. "I love you."

"Love you too, Mom."

She gives me one final squeeze before letting me go, adjusting my shirt a bit. She smiles as Quinn and I step out the door. "I'll be there in a few minutes. I just need to take care of a few more things."

"See you, Mrs. Hudson," Quinn says cheerily, either not noticing or not caring how torn we are right now. She grabs my hand and we begin to make our way to the square. "I wish all guys were like you," she says when we are out of earshot of my mother.

"What do you mean?"

"You're so sweet. The way you treat your mom, it's the relationship ever mother wants to have with her son. I bet the other girls would do anything to have a thoughtful guy like you." Before I can speak, she says quickly, "I'm lucky to have you all to myself."

"I'm not all that special."

"Don't downgrade yourself. You're perfect. The only thing left for you to do is win the Games. Then you'll be truly flawless."

"Yeah, I guess." I don't mention the fact that winning wouldn't make my "flawless." It would put the deaths of twenty-three other teenagers on my head.

Once we sign in at the square, Quinn kisses me on the cheek, making sure we're in the position where the most people could see. "Good luck."


She disappears into the crowd of girls as I turn to face the boys. As I make my way through the throng of people, I'm greeted by several of my friends, telling me how great I'll do and cracking stupid jokes I don't find funny, but I laugh anyway. I push through them all until I reach an area of younger boys who barely know me, the place where I'll find the most silence.

It's not long before William Schuester takes the stage. Will's been the official escort for all twelve districts ever since the Games began. He has to take a train to the next district immediately after the reaping is over, but he manages to finish all the districts in two days, sometimes three. District 1 is always the first to go down, making us the first tributes to arrive at the Capitol.

"Hello District 1," he says enthusiastically at the microphone in the kind of voice you'd hear an announcer using. "How's everyone doing this morning?" He's awarded with multiple cheers and shouts while everyone else simply applauds. He grins at the response. "Alright, I like it! Who's ready to get down with the reaping. After all, this year's a special one. The fifteenth Games already, can you believe it? It's sort of like the Quinceañera of the Hunger Games." He laughs at what he probably thinks is a joke.

Another round of cheers erupts as Will says casually, "Let's start with the ladies this year." He makes his way to the large glass bowl containing the name of very girl in the district, that is of reaping age of course, and picks one at random, returning to the mic stand quickly.

The square goes silent as he reads the name clearly. "Do we have a Marti Adler?" Everyone claps as a younger girl, probably around the age of fifteen, emerges from the crowd, obviously a little shaken up, but not scared in the slightest.

That's when I hear a familiar voice say smoothly, "I volunteer." It's not until the bubbly blonde reaches the stage that I realize who it is.

"Excellent! And who might you be?"

"My name is Quinn Fabray."

Quinn Fabray, District 1 Tribute

The crowd's reaction is perfect. Several people chant my name while a few boys whistle loudly. I guess they have every reason to. I mean, my slim white dress doesn't exactly cover up much of my body. Of course, I could have chosen something much less revealing to wear, but this is the type of thing the Capitol likes. Sexy and dangerous.

However, my favorite face in the crowd is that of Finn Hudson's. He stares at me in shock. He wasn't expecting me to volunteer, not after finding out that he was going into the arena. But it had to be done. I've been planning this longer than he's even been training, and if I didn't go through with it, Daddy would be so ashamed.

"Well, Miss Fabray," Will says charmingly as he kisses my hand. "I wish you luck in the arena. Are you ready to find out who your district partner will be?"

"No need," I say with a smile. I pick out Finn in the crowd (which isn't hard considering how tall he is) and motion for him to come forward. "Come on up, Finny."

Will looks at me a little strangely as Finn steps forward. "Uh, Quinn-"

"Relax," I interrupt. "He was going to volunteer anyway. Besides, don't you have to get to the next district soon?"

Shrugging, Schuester allows him to come up and stand beside me. As he's closing the ceremony, I grip Finn's hand. He takes that as an opportunity to lean down and whisper in my ear.

"What the hell are you doing Quinn," he spits, fire in his voice.

"Look," I answer calmly, making sure not to lose my composure while being filmed. "Ken told you to volunteer today, right? What, you think the girls don't go through this, too? It just so happens that Sue wanted me to go in this year."

"Well you could have refused."

"You could've, too."

"But I didn't know-"

"Tributes?" Schuester asks. "Did you hear me? I said you can shake hands now."

"Chill, Finn," I say with an innocent grin as I turn to face him. "We'll do this together." I stand up on my toes and instead of shaking his hand, kiss him on the cheek. The crowd goes wild as Finn catches on to the act and scoops me up in his arms and carries me toward the justice building.

Unfortunately, we're not permitted to say our goodbyes in the same room, so Finn drops me in front of a door which we were led to by a Peacekeeper. "Tell your mom I'll try and keep you safe," I say with a flirtatious wink.

The Peacekeeper opens the door for me and lets me inside, closing it softly behind me. I'm a little surprised to see that my visitors are already here.

"Mom, Dad," I say crisply, trying to sound like the professional young lady they want me to be. Under normal circumstances, they'd reply with their own form of etiquette, but today, they rush over in tears. My mother is the first to reach me, and she wraps me in a bone-crushing hug while also trying not to wrinkle either of our dresses.

My family isn't normal by a long shot. Rumor has it that my great grandfather opened up the very first jewelry store in the district, just after Panem was split into all thirteen. Since then, the business and money has been passed down to the next generation, making our family one of the wealthiest and most powerful in District 1. My father even gets to visit the Capitol sometimes.

"I'm so proud of you, sweetie!" my mother cries. "That was so brave of you. We'll finally get to see all that training pay off!"

"Mom," I gasp. "I need to breathe."

"Right!" She releases her grip on me and dabs at her eyes with a handkerchief. "I'm sorry sweetie, I just can't believe you went through with it. You're really a true Fabray, let me tell you. You're going to bring great honor to your family, young lady."

I smirk, imitating my mother almost perfectly. "That's the plan."

"Come here, kitten," my father interrupts, puling me close into a firm, yet relaxed hug that makes me feel safe. My smile widens at the sound of his nickname for me. Something in his voice always makes me happy. It calms me down.

"I love you Daddy," I say out of nowhere, a single tear falling onto his dark brown jacket.

"I love you too," he answers in a low, raspy voice. "More than anything."

After a few moments, we all take a seat on the couch. "Listen Quinn, we don't have much time, so let's get this over with." I nod, knowing where this is going. "Don't you worry a bit about getting supplies. You'll be with the Careers, so they'll get you all the food and water you need. Don't waste your time with that. As soon as that gong goes off, you need to get yourself to a knife, you hear? When you need it, you know we'll have no problems sending some sponsor money to your mentor. We'll keep you taken care of, just focus on the killing, okay?"

"I've got it, Daddy," I say.

Seconds later, a Peacekeeper comes in to inform us that my parents' time is up. They each hug me once more. Just before they disappear behind the door, I stand and call after them, "I'll be back before you know it."

Falling back into the couch, I mess with my hair for a moment, waiting for my next visitor. As soon as the door slams open, I know exactly who it is.

"Quinn Fabray," she says in a powerful voice. "Little Miss Quinn Fabray. I'm gonna be honest, I didn't think you had it in you."

Rolling my eyes, I look up and spit, "Thanks for the support, Sue."

"Listen, Tits McGee," she growls. "I am supporting you. After all, who's been training you all these years?"

"Thanks," I manage to say. "I guess…I don't know, this may be our last time together. You think you could drop the insults?"

"I will as soon as you get all thoughts of getting it on with the Incredible Hulk out of your mind."


"Quinn, you need to focus. You can't let yourself get distracted by that boy. He'll only steer you away from your goal. I mean, only one of you is coming out of this anyway."

Honestly, I hadn't thought about what to do with Finn. Hunger Games or not, we're still dating, and I still love him. What if it comes down to the two of us?

"You're right," I say.

"You know what you have to do," Sue says as she starts for the door. "Use that boy until you've sucked every ounce of usefulness he's got right out of his saggy little manboobs."

I nod. "Okay."

"Good luck in there, kiddo. You might just pull this off."

"Thanks, Sue."

With that, Sue Sylvester is gone. Before the Peacekeeper outside can close the door, I call, "Excuse me? Hi. Could you do me a favor and not let anyone else in? Just, uh, call Finn down if he's done talking to his mom."

Raising his eyebrows, the man says, "I don't know if I-"

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's fine." I cut in. "I'll just go ask my father to-"

The look of terror on the Peacekeeper's face is priceless. "What? N-no! I'll get him right away, just sit tight."

Sweetly, I answer, "Thank you very much!"

And just like that, Finn is in front of me, the door closed behind him. Man, that guy moves fast.

"Hi Finny."

He brushes his fingers through his hair in the cute, quick motion he always does and sits down next to me. "You know, I still think you're insane."

"I know. I don't care."

He laughs, and I join him. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and turns to face me. After glancing at my lips for a second, he leans in and kisses me passionately, pulling back only long enough to say, "Dear God, Quinn, what have we gotten ourselves in to?"

Grabbing his shirt, I lie down on my back and pull him close to my face. "I don't know, babe. But whatever happens, we're going to stick together, okay?"

"Of course."

I grin and he kisses me again. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely in love with the kid, but let's face it. Only one person can come out of this alive. As much as I hate to say it, Finn Hudson is going down.