Authors Note: So this is clearly going to be a bit AU the trip mentioned is mentioned in an episode of Supernatural where Dean talks about spending his trip with a bendy yoga instructor instead Dean will be spending it with Harry. Later we will skip ahead several years and while I'll keep it as cannon as possible this won't be one were they just take Harry along on all their existing adventures rather they will have a new adventure.

July 1st 1999

It was supposed to be a road trip five states in five days and meet up with his Dad and Sam down in Florida. That was the plan but Dean never was great at sticking to his own plans. Dean stopped at a motel just outside St. Louis and got himself a room. He'd planned to crash but just after ten, the party started.

Loud music poured through the paper thin walls along with the unmistakable cadence of dozen's of voices for a moment Dean considered staying in his room but only for a moment. Out on the balcony three or four people were hanging around smoking and drinking about four doors down. As soon as he poked his head out Dean was spotted.

"Hey! Want a beer?" Dean's first instinct is to wonder why somebody Sammy's age is at this sort of party but he quickly pushes it away. Instead he nods and walks over to join them.

"Thanks man, I'm Dean" he says raising his can in salute. The kid grins and upon closer inspection Dean realizes he's not really that young. His eyes are wide and green but far too serious. Even as he stands obviously among friends he looks troubled. It's his height that had thrown Dean off about the age. Standing a full head shorter than Dean himself he looked tiny compared to those that surround him.

"I'm Harry," which is about the time Dean notices the accent. It doesn't take long to realize that everyone gathered has one. Odd considering they were in the middle of the US and he appeared to be the only American at the party.

Harry remained on the balcony with Dean through most of the party. He knew that somewhere inside his room was a furiously scowling Hermione. She didn't approve of the way her DA galleons were being used. Harry didn't much care but didn't want a lecture. He knew that A. Inviting a muggle and B. Staying near said muggle made him immune to anything more then a few furious glares.

Hermione couldn't very well lecture him about randomly choosing a hotel and sending out the coordinates to all the surviving members of the DA with a time. Sure International Apparition was a bit dangerous but there were still floo and port key options for those who couldn't handle it. Besides its not like they had to come it was a party if they wanted to be there they would be.

Harry had been hosting these Parties since a few months after the Battle of Hogwarts. He'd held the first on a whim idly curious if anyone would come. Everyone had and it had been such fun he'd kept having them every couple of weeks. He notified people the day of alternating days of the week and chose the location using a sort of divination spell telling him where he'd have the most fun. Truthfully he'd wondered if the spell was a bit off when he arrived at this tiny broken down motel earlier in the day. The last party had been on a beach on some island in the middle of the ocean.

The spell had never led him wrong before however and when he tried it again the same motel showed up believing he could have fun anywhere he decided to trust it. The moment the gorgeous muggle had stepped out of his room Harry was glad he had. Only a few years older them himself Dean looked like he was made for sex. Poured into beat up blue jeans and a white T shirt with a leather jacket thrown over his shoulders he was just what Harry had always thought an American should be.

Dean reminded him of a movie he'd seen with Hermione about a bunch of American boys in the 1950's, the only thing missing were the cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve though they could be hiding under the jacket. Harry made no effort to hide that he was shamelessly checking the other man out he was aware of the stigma of homosexuality in the US but it's not like the guy could really make trouble. If he had an issue he didn't have to stay and if he tried to start something he was a muggle in a room of battle hardened wizards in other words. Harmless.

As the night progressed several things became obvious to Dean. It was Harry's party, he'd clearly planned it. Everyone there knew Harry and seemed to defer to him, even a strange brunette girl who would occasionally drift over casting furious glances at him but seemed hesitant to complain. Dean felt very much the interloper and the other guests seemed to agree but Harry didn't seem to mind. In fact he spent a good part of the night laughing and joking with Dean.

"You know what Dallas? I've decided to call you Dallas." Dean grinned at the slightly slurred announcement.

"But I'm not from Texas."


"Yes that's where Dallas is, it's in Texas." Harry wrinkled his brow in confusion.

"No you're not . . . you're confused that's not what I meant. It's from that-that thing. Err. . .Where's Hermione? She'll know." Harry looked around as if expecting his friend to materialize next to him then yelled in the general direction of the room. "Oi! Hermione I need you!"

There was a pause where everyone turned to look at Harry and then to Dean's surprise began calling out to each other to locate Harry's friend. Finally someone shouted back.

"Hermione and Ron are snogging!"

"Well get her she can snog Ron anytime! I need her help!" Harry demanded in a tone that suggested the fate of the world rested on finding his friend. Less than two minutes later the glaring brown haired girl, probably Hermione and a lanky red head joined them.

"What's wrong?" Hermione inquired looking worried "Do we need to go?"

"What no! Don't be silly! I just need your brain. I've named Dean Dallas. Do you remember from the thing at your house. . . I can't remember what it was called. We saw it and he keeps talking about Texas. I dunno where that is." Dean enjoyed watching the concern on the girls face morph into confusion than annoyance as Harry continued to ramble drunkenly. She huffed angrily when he finished.

"Honestly Harry, we really need to work on your definition of need. Texas is a state to the south right now we're in Missouri which is also a state. From what I can glean from you're rambling and judging by his clothes I can only assume that you are remembering 'The Outsiders' that movie I made you watch while you and Ron visited."

Harry grinned broadly at his friend.

"Thanks 'Mione! I knew I could count on you! Also I got enough rooms for everyone. Here's your key hope you and Ron don't mind sharing a bed" Dean watched as Harry tugged a keycard out of his pocket and tossed it to his now violently blushing friend. The tall, red head grinned widely at Harry.

"Thanks Harry! Hope you have a good night too." He said patting his friend on the back and throwing Dean a rather pointed glance before walking off. Dean took this in and had yet another realization. Harry wanted to fuck him. In hindsight this made a lot of sense. Dean was after all, sex on legs. Checking Harry out with this in mind Dean decided he could go for that. He'd been mostly with girls but was pretty open to anybody hot and Harry was definitely hot. Dean took a step closer deliberately putting himself into Harry's personal space and leaned in.

"So The Outsiders huh? Now remind me, which one was Dallas?" Dean's voice was deliberately husky and he was now standing close enough to hear Harry's breath catch. Harry gives him a sly smile and responds.

"The hot one obviously." Dean grinned and moved in closer angling his face to kiss the smaller man when Harry's hand on his chest stopped him.

"Not here, let's go back to your room." He cast a pointed glance at the still open door of his motel room where nearly a dozen people were still standing about drinking and talking despite it being closer to sunrise than sunset. Dean was a little surprised but didn't argue as Harry moved past him to walk toward his room.

Once inside the room Dean found himself pressed against the wall and Harry's mouth descended onto his. The kiss was rough and aggressive taking Dean by surprise along with causing heat to rush through is body. He'd been with boys before and while not always the instigator he was usually the more dominant. With that in mind Dean wrapped his hands around the smaller man's hips and began to push him backwards. Taking over the kiss and thrusting his tongue into Harry's hot mouth as he backed him slowly toward the bed. Harry moaned and bucked his hips against Dean's causing a shudder to rush through the hunter's body.

After they collapsed onto the bed clothes quickly disappeared and Dean was lost in a haze of skin and mouths. Just touching, tasting and exploring each other's bodies before he knew it he was thrusting into Harry's tight body getting drunker on his moans and little exclamations than on the liquor he'd consumed earlier. They came in a frenzy of screams almost as one being. After a hurried clean up both men collapsed into each other's arms, falling into a blissful sleep.

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