It was after noon when Dean finally answered his cell phone. Sam had been calling every fifteen minutes since he woke up.

"Hey Sammy, What's the emergency? You've been calling me off the hook." Dean's voice sounded lazy and unconcerned to Sam clearly he was under some kind of spell.

"What's the emergency? Dean you're the emergency! I haven't heard from you since I left you alone with that magic user. What happened? Are you okay?"

"Uh yeah, I'm good. You should uh probably come over here though. We need to talk."

"I don't even know where you are Dean! And you have the keys to the Impala still."

Sam heard some muffled talking and was horrified to realize his entire conversation was being eavesdropped on by the magic user.

"Harry says Hermione can evaporate you over here. What," "Apparate not evaporate!" "Oh sorry Apparate whatever it's like teleportation Sammy. Just hang up and she'll bring ya over."

Before Sam could answer Dean had hung up the phone.

"Ready to go?" Sam jumped; Hermione was standing right next to him.

"No! No way am I gonna let you-" before Sam could finish his body felt like he was being squeezed through a straw and suddenly he was back at the hotel.

"Sorry," Hermione said in a way that suggested she wasn't before turning and calling out "Harry we're here."

Sam turned to the door that he knew led to the bedroom. Moments later the door swung open Dean was standing there thankfully unharmed but his arm was thrown casually around Harry's waist and he was grinning. Not smirking, not smiling full on grinning. It was a grin Sam hadn't seen Dean look so happy since he'd been back from hell and for a moment he was struck speechless.

"Hey Sammy, Sorry about last night." Dean said as he sank down onto one of the chairs and gestured for Sam to sit across from him. "We gotta talk little brother."

"Hermione and I are going to go pick up lunch for everyone." Harry said moving the leave the room. To Sam's surprise Dean caught the other man's hand and pulled him down for a long slow kiss.

"Alright baby, don't take to long."

Harry flushed and smiled before he and Hermione left the room. Sam watched them go his brain whirling with confused emotions. This had to be a spell, Dean didn't act like this. Was he possessed maybe? No they got those tattoos to prevent that. It had to be a spell or maybe some sort of potion.

"Dean we've got to get out of here before they come back." Sam said urgently standing up to pull his brother toward the door.

"Sam calm down. We need to talk about some stuff. I know what you're thinking and I'm not under a spell or any kind of influence."

"Isn't that what you'd say if you were under a spell?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Yes but it's also what I'd say if I wasn't under a spell. Just sit and listen. Harry doesn't want to hurt me or you. In fact he wants to help us."

"Help us? Help us with what? What did you tell him Dean?"

"Everything. Look Harry's a good guy and he's powerful. He can help us with these stupid seals." Dean was leaning forward and speaking earnestly as if willing Sam to believe him.

"He's powerful yes that's the problem Dean. We don't know whose side he's on. What if he's just trying to manipulate you into trusting him?"

"Of course we know. He saved my life less then 24 hours ago. Cas knows him and knows he not a threat. There is no danger here Sam."

"No! No absolutely not! I don't trust him Dean and I'm not having him coming along. It's dangerous and you're not in your right mind. He's done something to you we need to get you to Bobby so he can undo whatever mojo this is."

"Look Sam you're wrong about Harry. It doesn't matter though. I wasn't asking permission I was telling you the plan. Harry is coming with us deal with it."

"Just come with me to Bobby's please Dean if he says you're clean I'll never say a word against the guy."

"Okay but Harry's coming with us."

Two Weeks Later

Bobby had given Dean a clean bill of health. No spells to be found and Sam had taste tested everything Dean ate for two weeks afterwards just to be sure there were no potions. So far he'd found nothing but he still didn't trust Harry. Dean was acting different, he was mellow in a way he'd never been before.

Harry was off as well. Sam had tried twice to sneak into their room and search his things only to have Harry wake up the second he cracked the door. Didn't the guy sleep? Sam was running out of ideas he was going to have to go to Ruby.

Harry heard Sam leave next door and turned to his lover. Dean lay sprawled half asleep on their bed watching television. The last two weeks with Dean had been almost perfect. There was sex, adventures and food it was pretty much the best thing ever. Except for the Sam issue, Sam didn't trust him and he made no attempt to hide it. Harry wouldn't have minded except it really seemed to weigh on Dean's mind.

"Dean, I think I'm gonna catch up with Sam tonight and have some bonding time."

"Oh baby, I don't think that's a good idea. Sam still doesn't trust you I don't know what he'll do or say." Dean said sitting up and taking Harry's hand in his.

"I know that's the whole point. I think Sam is just having an issue with you having someone new in your life. Not just romantically but with the hunt. We'll hang out, talk and drink. I really think we can learn to get along."

"Well okay but be careful and if he does anything I want you to call me. I love you." Dean said pulling Harry in for a kiss.

"I love you too. See you later."

As Harry exited the room he checked to make sure he had the supplies he needed. He knew a simple talk wasn't going to change anything but he hoped that what he had planned would resolve the Sam issue for good.

Sam met Ruby next to a bar down the street from their hotel. He kissed her quickly before she pushed him back.

"Sam why did you call me here? It's dangerous Dean might suspect something." Ruby asked glancing around the area nervously.

"Dean's the reason I contacted you. There's something going on and I need your help."

Before Ruby could respond she was hit with a sudden jet of light and collapsed into Sam's waiting arms. Another jet had her bound. Sam turned and was shocked to see Harry standing before him his wand held in front of him.

"Hello Sam, Ruby." Harry's voice was cold and his eyes were glinting dangerously.

"What the hell did you do to her?!" Sam demanded. Ruby was unconscious but seemed to be breathing.

"I knocked her out and tied her up. It's what one usually does when dealing with demons."

"You don't understand!" Sam exclaimed, how did Harry even know he was here?

"No Sam I think it's you who is confused here. Come on we're leaving," before Sam could respond Harry had grabbed his arm and Ruby and they were being squeeze through a straw once more.

He found himself in what appeared to be an abandoned building, he stumbled as Harry let him go and found himself seated next to a devils trap. Inside the trap Harry was humming to himself while tying Ruby to a chair. Sam scrambled to his feet and moved forward to free her.

Harry's wand was pointed at him before he could blink.

"Don't Sam, I don't want to use magic against you but if that's what it takes I'll do it." Sam stepped back and a moment later Harry did as well.

"Please listen to me Harry, she's helping me. She wants to kill Lillith if you really cared about Dean at all you'd want that too." Sam hated that he was pleading with this man but he couldn't risk him hurting or exorcizing Ruby.

"I love Dean, Sam that's why I'm doing this. As for what she wants, that is what we're here to find out. I know you don't trust me Sam and that hurts Dean. We need to be on the same side so I'm solving a problem. Dean thinks Ruby is dangerous, I know he's asked you not to see her. Yet you continue to do so because you believe she has good intentions.

This potion is called Veritaserum. It is the single most powerful truth serum in the world. If Dean is right and she is a threat to you or to the world we'll kill her. If you're right we can go back with her to Dean and tell him so. Either way we win."

Sam stared at the clear bottle in Harry's hand.

"How do I know it's not just poison?"

"Because if I wanted to kill Ruby I would have done so, I am the Master of Death I could mark her for Death without ever seeing her face."

Sam thought about it. He knew Harry was telling the truth he could have easily just killed Ruby. After a moment he nodded. Harry stepped forward and tipped the vial over Ruby's mouth and then woke her with his wand.

Ruby's eyes were wide as she took in the ropes and Devil's trap. Her head snapped to Sam.

"Sam what's happening?"

"It's okay Ruby, Harry just has some questions." Sam said encouragingly, her head whipped around to face Harry and if possible her eyes got even wider.

"What is your name?" Sam watched fascinated as Ruby's eyes seemed to glaze over.

"Ruby, Daughter of Lillith."

"Why have you been working with Sam?"

"To help him kill Lillith." Sam felt relief rush through him.

"See I told you." Harry held up his hand and Sam was quiet though he didn't know what else Harry could possibly need to know.


"B-Because. . ." She trailed off.

"She's fighting it!" Harry said and stepping forward forced Ruby's mouth open and poured more of the potion in.

"Why are you helping Sam kill Lillith Ruby?" his voice was hard as steel.

"Because killing Lillith is the last Seal, Lucifer will walk and I will be his most trusted servant." Seemingly against her will Ruby grinned at the thought. Sam felt sick, Harry however seemed unfazed.

"Can anyone kill Lillith or does it have to be Sam?"

"Anyone but Sam is Lucifer's vessel. He wants him nearby."

"Nearby? Does this have to happen in specific place in order to break the Seal?"

"In a church." Ruby said but it was clear she'd begun to fight again. Her words were halting.

"Where?" But Ruby shook her head and before either of them could stop her fled her meat suit, the girl she'd been slumped.

Harry could tell by looking at the girl she was not long for this world. Death would claim her within minutes. He turned to Sam and could see the emotion's flashing across his face. He'd been betrayed by someone he trusted and Harry knew that was never easy.

"So, now we have a choice. Should I tell Dean about this or will you?"


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