"We'll just put a few strands in your hair, Doctor Cox, everyone's doing it!"

Oh no. He'd flicked his finger off his nose. Doctor Cox was about to begin an angry monologue about kids jumping off a cliff, which would lead into kids having sex, which would lead into how JD never had any sex, which would end him getting called a girl's name and Doctor Cox sweeping out majestically- he would look amazing with a cape- no, focus!- and then JD would be late for rounds and there would be no tinsel in Doctor Cox's hair anyway. He had to stop this before it got started!

"And that is why none of your college friends ever wanted to have passionate, nerdy sex with you, Samantha." With that, Doctor Cox swept away from the nurse's station majestically.

Dammit! JD checked his watch- held by braided strands of tinsel- but he was already late for rounds. As he ran toward the open ward, he entertained a fantasy of Doctor Cox sweeping away from the nurse's station with a cape, dressed entirely in a tinsel suit. Maybe they could dance to disco music as well.

"What a wonderful Christmas that would be."