Sup, guys? I'm back! With a new HHaW story! If you thought 'Circle of Friends' was dramatic, wait until you read this new story! This is dedicated to my best buds and fellow pack members; vampire1031, lightfaith0606 and Whozonegirl. All thanks to lightfaith0606 and vampire1031 for helping me with the story ideas. I hope you all love it! Enjoy! May include violence and language.

Finding Reason

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: Pack of Gangs

It was just another normal day in Whoville and Cyrus walks home from school by himself, listening to his Who-pod hoping to wind himself down after a long day and while he was walking there, he became unaware that a couple of random teenage who's were looking at him as he's walking by like a hawk stalking its prey.

One who, 18 years of age, black and grey fur, short hair with a fringe that covers half of his face, 5'8, 170 pounds, wears a black and grey shirt with two japanese symbols on the left and right side, black pants, wears a japanese headband on his head and a skull bet buckle on his waist; draws out his samurai sword and whispers, "Everybody ready?"

"Yeah, Ren! We're up for it!" another japanese who shouted.

Ren angrily turns to the person that shouted and said, "Keep it down! You are not gonna blow our cover again!"

The other japanese who muttered in japanese and as Ren continues to see Cyrus passing by, he lets out a sinister chuckle and said, "Follow my lead."

With that, a group of 6 teenage japanese who's walked towards the street and they headed where Cyrus was going and as they got to him, Cyrus had no idea who they were and he asked, "Can I help you?"

Ren stuck out his sword and he said, "Where are you heading?"

"Home." Cyrus answered.

Another japanese gang member stepped up to Cyrus; stands at 6'1, 200 pounds, wears a grey undershirt, black pants, 18 years of age, brown and black fur and wears a black japanese headband; cracks his knuckles and said, "You looking for a fight?"


"Well, you're gonna get one!" he shouted, then punched Cyrus in the face.

As Cyrus fell down on the ground, two other japanese gang members got on top of Cyrus and crushed him down while he was screaming for help. Cyrus struggles to get free, but Ren got in front of him with a rope on his hand and he said, "No one is gonna hear you scream! You almost stepped into our turf!"

"Your turf?! I don't know what the hell is your problem, but you need to get away from me!" Cyrus shouted.

"Shut up! Ari! Lief! Tie him up!" Ren shouted.

Cyrus realized that they're gonna do something to him, but what the leader says next is quite more disturbing. He then said, "And bring in the knife too! The good one!"

Cyrus kicks the two members that got on top of him in the face and runs further away from them, provoking Ren and the others to follow him so they can finish the job. They ran out right behind him and as Cyrus turns around, he can see that Ren and the other gang members were carrying knives and swords and he ran faster and faster until Cyrus trips on the ground, scraping his right arm.

Cyrus groans in pain and tries to get up, but when he saw the gang coming towards him, he quickly grabs his Who-phone and sent a very frantic text message to his friends or his brothers and before he even sent it, Ren stands in front of him with that knife and grabbed him by the collar and places the knife on his throat to slit it and he said, "This is for stepping into our turf in the first place! Now you will pay the price!"

"Listen...I don't want any trouble! Just let me go!" Cyrus pleaded.

Ren cursed at Cyrus in japanese and then barks orders to the members in japanese and they immediately responded while Cyrus tries to break free from his wrath. Ren then got to Cyrus' face and said, "You have messed with the wrong people! Now you'll get yours!"

"No...please..." Cyrus whimpered.

Just when he was gonna do it...

"Get the hell away from him!"

Ren looks up and they see Marcus and Diego along with Sam and Hawk coming running by to end this and he said, "Get back! Or the intruder gets it!"

"I don't know who the hell you are, but if you get anywhere near my brother, I'm gonna..." Hawk shouted, angrily.

"You'll what?" Ren snorted.

Diego comes up to his face and he said, "Let my friend go or you'll get a serious ass kicking!"

Marcus went towards the other gang members and he gives them an angry glare at them and said, "We've saw what you were doing with Cyrus."

Two other japanese members went towards Marcus and one tells him, "Stay out of this! We are going to murder this intruder!"

Marcus cracked his knuckles and he said, "Not if we have something to say about it!"

One comes up to punch him in the face, but Marcus and Sam kicked him in the nuts hard and does an air-kick to the head as one falls to the ground. The other members joined in too as they started fighting Marcus where one punched him in the face and another swung him to the ground, but Marcus kicks two straight in the jaw and another in the chest.

Cyrus tries to get away from Ren, but the leader refuses to let him go and Cyrus ends up shoving him down and runs off while Diego nd Hawk each swung a punch on Ren and does an aerial kick to the face. Ren broke out his karate moves and punched Diego in the face and chest while Hawk bashed him on the head, but both Hawk and Diego refused to give up as he grabs a hold of Ren's wrist and flips him down to the hard concrete and Hawk kicks him in the nuts, but even that didn't bother Ren.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Sam go after three of the japanese members and continues to punch them and kick them and he even bit one member in the hand and shoved him down to the ground. Suddenly, Lief; 16 years old, 5'6, 149 pounds, grey and black fur, wearing a red and white japanese vest and dark grey pants and an orange/white japanese headband; comes towards Marcus and said, "You shouldn't mess with us."

"Well, you damn sure shouldn't have messed with our friend either!" Marcus shouted.

Sam got one of the japanese members in a headlock and said, "This is what happens when you mess with my brother!"

Diego wrestled Ren to the ground, grabbing ahold of his neck while Ren said, "Lief! Don't just stand there! Show him who's boss!"

"I dare you to try me!" Marcus shouted.

Lief looked at Marcus and he seemed a little nervous about doing this, but he puts his fear aside and places his fists and punches Marcus in the face, but missed. Marcus managed to dodge his moves and went straight to punching him in the jaw, face, chest and head.

Just then, Ren releases himself from Diego and he said, "Enough!"

The whole gang looked to Ren after they stopped the fight and he angrily cursed out in Japanese at his members and Marcus, Cyrus, Hawk, Sam and Diego looked at each other and Cyrus asked, "Anyone know what they were saying?"

"Not a damn clue." Diego answered.

Ren seethed at all three of them and said, "This is far from over! We will come for you...tomorrow! Whoville High Gymnasium after school! 3:00! Be there!"

Ren and the rest of the gang walked out of there but not before looking back at them, giving them an evil glare as they walked off.


Marcus, Sam, Hawk and Diego managed to get Cyrus home, despite a few bumps and bruises and scrapes and both of them, plus Jonah helped out by cleaning a few wounds out of Cyrus. Jonah asked them, "Are those the same japanese guys that wear different colors, but all wear grey pants?"

"Pretty much. We caught them before they could even slit Cyrus' throat." Marcus answered.

"We kicked their hibachi asses though." Diego said, gritting his teeth.

Jonah then wrapped some bandages on Cyrus' arm and he said to them, "You know, these guys go to school with us."

As soon as they heard that, Diego lets out an angry groan and said, "Great! Now they're gonna harass some of us here. We've already dealt with stupid-ass posers and jocks and now we got those gang punks? I freakin' hate school right now."

"We're just gonna have to keep our guards open just in case they come onto us." Jonah said.

"And if it's a fight they's a fight they'll damn sure get." Marcus said, angrily.

Great way to start off the story, huh? Well...this is just the beginning!