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Rose just got kissed by Glitch, well actually she is in a kiss with him. Where will it leave her?

My eyes instinctively closed. I didn't know what to expect, but this was better than anything I could have ever hoped for. He slowly pulled back, I kept my eyes closed for a minute before opening them. When I did open my eyes Glitch was grinning at me.

"I thought so," he said still smiling.

"Thought what?" I asked as I touched my lips. They didn't burn, just tingled a little, it was amazing.

"Nothing," he smirked turning around.

"Hey that's not fair, you can't just say something like that and not tell me about it," I insisted walking toward him.

"Yes I can," he smirked as he started walking away.

"No you can't," I said as I grabbed his arm, I forgot for a second that he was made of iron. I remembered after I touched him, but my hand didn't burn. He turned around and his smile widened.

"You didn't get burned," he said in a soft voice filled with excitement.

"How?" I asked in astonishment as I inspected my hand.

"It's an old prophecy," he said moving back toward me.

"You knew this was going to happen?" I asked as he placed his hand on top of mine.

"Maybe," he smirked leaning forward again as if he was going to kiss me again. Suddenly I heard a weird static sounding sound from Glitch's waist. He groaned and backed away.

"Glitch, are you there, this is Virus, come in,"a voice said from the static thing. He pulled out a large triangle thing made of metal and spoke into it.

"Virus this is Glitch, what is it?" he said in a business type voice.

"Lord Machina wants you back at the castle immediately," the voice said back.

"I'll be there," he said before pressing some button. I reached up to touch the weird item but he grabbed my wrist. "Just because I won't burn you doesn't mean other types of metal won't," he said putting the object away.

"You have to go?" I asked as I pulled my wrist away from him.

"Ye.." he said right as a shout came from the hallway.

"Rosy where are you, I have a present for you," Puck's voice came from somewhere close by.

"You have to go," I said right as Glitch said 'I have to go.'

"Rosy, come on I know you'll like it," Puck's voice came again from right outside the door. Glitch started walking away but I grabbed his arm again.

"Promise me we'll see each other again, soon," I said as I looked into his beautiful violet eyes.

"I promise," he said after some hesitation, I sighed with relief knowing he couldn't break a promise. He quickly leaned down and kissed me and vanished.

"There you are," Puck said from behind me, I turned around and smiled forgetting that I was supposed to be mad at him.

"I've been here," I said still smiling, I spun around in a circle.

"What happened in here?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

"What do you mean?" I asked with a nervous laugh.

"Oh nothing," he said as a smug grin went onto his face.

"You said you had something for me," I said changing the subject.

"I do," he said before pulling something from behind his back, it yelped. When I could see what it was I saw he was holding a puppy.

"Oh my god," I said running toward him and grabbing the dog. He licked me.

"I got him from the human world," he said from over my shoulder.

"He's so cute," I said rubbing my nose with the puppy's.

"Does that mean I'm forgiven?" Puck asked eagerly.

"Only if you stop treating me like such a little kid, I can take care of myself, I've living in the winter court my entire life I kind of have to know how to take care of myself," I said looking into his eye's.

"Only if you stop going off on your own," he said turning serious.

"No deal," I said looking away from him and back at the puppy.

"Fine," he said as a smile cracked his face.

"I'm going to name him King," I said as I looked at King. He yelped again licking my cheek.

"Okay, weird name," Puck said moving away from me and toward the door.

"If you say so," I said putting King down on the floor.

"You coming to get something to eat?" Puck asked as he turned around.

"Defiantly, I'm starving," I said running to catch up to him.

"Hey where's your dagger?" he asked looked at my waist. I looked at my waist where my dagger was usually and found it wasn't there.

"Must has left it, can you help me look?" I asked turning back and looking around.

"Sure," he said with a sigh. Apparently King understood what that meant because he turned around and started running around and sniffing everywhere. We looked around for awhile without finding anything.

"Where could it be?" i asked myself in a quiet voice.

"Aha," Puck finally said popping up with my dagger in his hand, unfortunately my blood was still on it. "Wait why's there blood on it?" he asked looking at me with suspicion.

"No reason that we need to worry about right now," I said reaching for the dagger. Puck raised it holding it above my head.

"Tell me," he demanded.

"Puck didn't we just discuss this, you have to trust me, I promise it's over with and you don't have to worry about it," I said reaching for the dagger again.

"Fine," he said as he lowered my dagger and gave it tome. I was about to say something when I heard King yelp.

"What is it boy?" I asked going over to him. He was circling an object that lay next to the book Sherlock Holmes in the floor. Which was weird since I distinctly remembered putting the book back. When I got a closer look I saw that the object was a white rose. i picked it up and sniffed it and smiled. It smelled like Glitch.

"What is it?" Puck asked walking to me.

"A rose," I said as I started walking back toward the door.

"Must've been left here on accident," Puck said sounding suspicious.

"Yeah, it must've," I said with another smile before putting the flower in my hair.

"You are acting really weird today," Puck said looking at me.

"Really I didn't notice," I said. My stomach grumbled and i laughed, it was time to get something to eat.

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