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Paying Someone Else's Price

Timothy McGee sat on a bar stool next to his partner Anthony DiNozzo. He hadn't really wanted to come, but Tony had somehow roped him into it like he always did.

"Come on, Probie, loosen up. It shouldn't be that big a chore," Tony joked.

"Tony, I shouldn't be here. I have to be up at the crack of dawn to go help Abby," Tim said. Abby was helping a friend move and he told her he'd help as well.

"So you'll just regret it later. That's how drinking works. It's part of the fun," Tony said with a grin.

Just then, the bartender came over and placed a mixed drink in front of Tim.

"Uh, I didn't order this," Tim said.

"Courtesy of the lady behind you, Buddy," the bartender said.

Tony and Tim both turned to see a young brunette at the table behind them smiling. "No way. Are you sure you didn't mean me," Tony asked the bartender.

Tim rolled his eyes and pushed the drink towards the bartender. "Tell her thanks, but no thanks."

Tony immediately smacked him on the back of the head.

"Ow! Tony, what the hell?" Tim asked while glaring.

"Don't be stupid, McGrumpy. A beautiful woman just bought you a drink. Now take it and go over there.

Tim hesitated. He didn't have great luck with women. He hadn't been with anyone since Amanda and she turned out to be an assassin. "I don't know."

"What's to know, Probie? A beautiful woman wants you. This might never happen again in your life," Tony said jokingly.

"Well, I suppose having a drink with her won't hurt anything," Tim said. Really, what was the worst that could happen? It couldn't get much worse than an assassin.

Tony clapped him on the back. "That's the spirit, McLucky. Now get out of here."

Tim smiled before grabbing his drink and going to meet his new admirer.


Less than an hour later, Tim was staggered out of the bar in a haze. He felt extremely dizzy and he could barely walk. He didn't know what happened. One minute he was talking to this woman and then he was feeling like he drank most of the bar.

Tim walked, well, more like stumbled over to a bench right outside the bar and basically fell onto it. He put his head in his hands and tried to think about how this could've happened so quickly. The problem was he couldn't really think. He was getting more and more disoriented by the second.

Tim soon looked up to see someone in front of him. He vaguely recognized her as the woman he was with earlier.

"You okay there, Handsome," the woman asked.

"I…I don't know. I don't feel right," Tim said.

The woman immediately grabbed his arm to help him up. "Don't worry. I'll take good care of you."

Tim couldn't do anything but let her lead him away. He was in too much of a haze to think properly, let alone realize that going with this woman might be a very bad idea.


Tim woke up to find himself in his room at home. He sat up and looked around in confusion. How had he gotten here? The last thing he remembered was being at the bar with Tony. Well, actually Tony had left before him with some girl. He'd stayed with his own girl. But he didn't remember leaving. He couldn't pinpoint exactly what he last remembered, but coming home was definitely a blank.

Tim didn't have much time to contemplate it because his phone soon began to ring. He grabbed it out of his pocket, which, he just realized he was fully clothed, and answered it. "Hello?"

Tim immediately recognized Tony's voice. "Probie, where the hell are you? Gibbs is pissed as hell!"

"What?" Tim asked in confusion. Why would his boss by mad? He hadn't done anything.

"You're three hours late. You'd better get in here before he goes over there and kills you where there are no witnesses," Tony said

"What the hell are you talking about? It's Saturday," Tim said. They didn't work today. It was the weekend and they weren't on call. What kind of game was Tony playing?

"What are you smoking, Probie, it's Monday," Tony spoke as though Tim had lost his mind.

Tim gaped in shock. Monday? How could it be Monday? It had been Friday when he had gone to the bar with Tony. There was no way he could've slept for two days straight. He didn't care how much he drank. Tony had to be messing with him. It was the only explanation, and it wasn't like Tony wasn't capable of it. "Very funny, DiNozzo. Look, I'm not in the mood, okay?"

"Mood? What…?" Tony trailed off and there was a shuffle with the phone. Soon Gibbs' voice could be heard. "McGee, if your ass is not in this building in the next half hour, I will have you pushing paperwork for the rest of your life!"

Tim soon heard the 'click', indicating that Gibbs had hung up. Apparently it wasn't a joke. Somehow he'd lost the last two days. He didn't understand how though. Everything inside him screamed that yesterday was Friday. He was even wearing the same clothes from Friday. Yet somehow it was Monday. How was that possible?

Tim shrugged off the questions. He didn't have time to contemplate them right now. If he didn't get to work soon, Gibbs would surely kill him. Hell, he might kill him anyway just on principle.

Tim quickly got up and showered. He then got dressed, grabbed his gear and headed out the door. Even as he left though, one question remained on his mind. What the hell happened to him this weekend?