One night at Duel Academy, Everyone was sound asleep in their beds. All but a few stay up if they have the will power. But one student, has left his room in the Obelisk Blue dorm, and has gone to the roof of the school. His name is Syrus Truesdale. He's a third year at this school and has gone through so much. From Shadow Riders to Society of light. But this in Syrus' opinion is just the worst and last straw.

(Syrus' POV)

Of all my time here in Duel Academy, this is one of the worst times yet. Not only does Jaden have a new best friend Jesse, but that's all he talks and thinks about. It pisses me off day and night. Well I have decided to change all of that. In my darkest hour the only people around to know was me and the darkness. Well lucky the darkness was there to help me, because it got rid of all the pain I was going through.


I lie in my bed in the empty dorm room, again. Do you know why, I'll tell you because Jaden and everyone else abandon me to hang out with Jesse. Well I've had it with all the hurt and abandonment. So I decide to take it to my own hands. I don't want to live this life any longer. I walk over to the kitchen, pull out a knife and slit my wrist. And I'll tell you it hurts, but not as bad as the pain in my heart. As time goes on I grow weaker, and no one has come to check on me. I'm not really surprised, actually. Suddenly I'm engulfed in darkness. You would think I panicked, but I was so weak I stopped caring. As I was completely engulfed a figure appears in front of me. I'm not even scared, I just want to die. I look it in the eyes and he walks over to me.

"Hello child, I felt darkness in young heart, what seems to be the problem?"I look at him confusingly. Who is the guy and how does he know me.

"Who are you, Where am I." He looks at me with a smirk.

"I am the king of Darkness, but you can call me Bakura." Okay I'm starting to like this guy, but what does he want with me.

"What is it you want with me?"

"I want to help you rid the pain you feel inside by getting revenge." He said with a serious tone. I look back at him.

"Revenge does sound good, but am I really going to hurt people for my own amusement and self expense." I thought. "What do I have to do." He smirked and said.

"Pay your soul to the shadows and you will be given that power, that simple."

I smirk and say, "I'll do it, it's not like they don't deserve it." He steps back and snaps his fingers, a contract appears in front of me, and I look it over and grab the pen and sign my name. Then he snaps his fingers again he disappears. The next thing I know, I'm back in my dorm room and have black clothes and a new attitude.

(End flashback)

And now here I stand on top of the roof and look down on the dorms in which my so called "friends" are sound asleep not even aware of the pain that will so commence. The wind begins to pick up and I sense a presence in the area. I turn around to find the unexpected.

"Syrus, what happened to you?"