I love this chapter. I had so much fun with it. C: There is a bit of skipping around, but it should still be understandable

"Why do you keep saying that?!" AJ snapped at him.

"AJ, you know being together right now is just hurting you!" Punk yelled back.

"Then stop hurting me!" AJ snapped again.

"I'm focusing on my career right now AJ. I don't have too many years left here." Punk sighed. Forcing himself to remain even though she was more pissed than he had ever seen. "I can't give you what you need right now. Maybe you should see someone else." Punk had to swallow the vomit in his mouth after saying it. He didn't know why he even suggested it cause he didn't really want her to.

"I can't!" AJ snapped throwing one of the hotel pillows at him.

"AJ, you can. Anyone would love to be with you." Punk didn't even know what he was saying anymore. It all sounded stupid to him yet he couldn't shut up.

"I don't love anyone else!" AJ yelled again.

If Punk's heart was broken before. Now it was shattered. He kept saying they should break up, but AJ still loved him. After all the shit he had pulled within the last months. And all the things he did that pissed her off. She still loved him.

He cupped her cheeks in his hands pulling her to a kiss. It was light and gentle. Before it could get heated he pulled back. Giving another kiss to her forehead. "Good-bye, AJ." He said. He didn't deserve her.

Those were the last words he said to her till after Kaitlyn came to him.

AJ hated to admit that he had been right back then. It was hurting her to see him torturing himself over his career. But she had been right too. She didn't love anyone else. And she hated that she couldn't.

"Punk...Punk get up." AJ nudged the sleeping man. Poking his face, arms, chest. He still hadn't budged a bit. She didn't know how his crushing weight fell asleep next to her, but he had turned over and half his body was laying on her...And as said before crushing her.

"Punk!" AJ whined. She paused her movements trying to figure out the best way she could get out of the situation...Her eyes drifting to his shoulder not far from her face.


Punk was up instantly. Rubbing the injured arm, he glared at AJ. "What was that for!?" He questioned.

"You were squashing me!" AJ aruged back.

"Not my fault your so tiny." Punk muttered. "OW! AJ, didn't we talk about biting."

"...I was pretty sure that time you liked it...And we were biting me." AJ countered. "Now get up! I have an idea that I wanna do today!" AJ order him. She already out of bed and trotting off to the bathroom.

Punk groaned throwing a pillow over his head and sinking into the sheets.

Punk was mildly surprised when they walked into the tattoo parlor. It wasn't his first time being there, but it he knew AJ had never been there before. He never thought she wanted a tattoo.

"You want a tattoo?" Punk questioned looking at her closely.

"No, we're getting a tattoo." AJ corrected.

Punk smiled. He had matching tattoos with people he was close to. Including his sisters for the tattoo behind his ear. "So what are we getting?" Punk asked.

"Hmmm, I have no idea." AJ said flashing a large smile. She seemed so clueless right now. Like a kid in a candy store who didn't know what to choose.

Punk gave a few seconds of thought. "I have an idea." He smiled.

"And that would be?" AJ questioned. She wasn't sure if she trusted his expression.

"Crazy Chick" Punk answered running a finger along the skin of her forehead.

"If you want me to tattoo Crazy across my forehead then you have to tattoo 'Property of AJ' on your ass." AJ shot at him giving a glare that said she wasn't kidding.

"Sure." Punk answered. His confident smile never breaking.

"Shut up!" AJ slapped his chest. There was no way she was getting 'Crazy Chick' tattooed on her body...At least not today.

"OK, I was kidding. How about your first label, 'Geek Goddess'?" He suggested. He watched her eyes glow with interest as she thought of the idea.

AJ loved the idea, but she pouted slightly. "Then what are you gonna get? I want them to match." She said.

"Then I'll get 'Geek God'. And we can get a small symbol of a comic to go with it." Punk explained.

"OK, now just where are you gonna get it?" AJ questioned looking at the over loaded amount of ink on the man.

Punk thought for awhile. He was thinking of all the remaining empty skin on his body, which wasn't a lot. The most free areas were his back, legs, and some of his torso. He looked down at his one hand that had yet to be covered in ink. "Here." He held his hand up to her displaying the uncovered area.

"OK." AJ said.

"You?" Punk asked. His eyes roaming over her entire body. None of it yet marked by ink. She was a blank canvas.

"Here." AJ's hand ran over the flat of her collar, the area of her chest just above her breasts.

Punk smiled lightly. "OK."

Punk picked out an artist for himself and her. He knew the shop pretty well so he knew the work they did. It was the same shop he got the number 31 and stars plastered on his skin behind his ear. He wasn't even paying attention to the artist as the needle went over his skin.

He was watching AJ in complete fascination as she got her first tattoo. She was laid back with her eyes closed. She had a light grip on the arm rests of the chair that only tightened in small moments that the needle was probably closest to the bones beneath her skin.

"You OK, Pikachu?" Punk asked.

"Yeah." AJ sighed as the artist passed for a moment.

Punk had been done quickly. He studied his hand. Labelled in a diagonal across the back of his hand was 'Geek God'. The curves of the letters elegantly displayed across his palm. And with the lettering the small batman symbol laid next to it. His lips curved upward as he imagined adding more of the comic and gaming symbols he liked in the future.

He glanced over at AJ. Most of the tattoo was actually finished. The female artist was working quickly, but still slow enough to not mess up any. He sat down in a chair by AJ going unnoticed with her eyes closed. She almost looked like she was fast asleep with how her breathing had even out. She seemed to have gotten used to the feel of the needle rather quickly.

He looked at her face. Her wild brown hair was tied into a pony tail since it always had a mind of it's own and they didn't want her hair ruining the permanent mark on her skin. "Not that bad is it." Punk said looking at her calm features.

"A lot easier than last time." AJ sighed.

"Last time?" Punk eye brows knitted together. "You have another tattoo?"

Her body tense up. "No..." She said obviously lying.

Punk pinned her against the wall of the apartment. AJ was quivering against him. "Where is it?" He asked. His eyes wandering her covered skin of the most recently mark made on her body.

He was inexplicably turned on. AJ had always been sweet and pure, he took some pride that he had found that badass side of her during their time together.

"When did you get it?" Punk asked.

"A week before we broke up." AJ wasn't looking at him. The way her breath let out in pants she was just as turned on as he was.

"Do I get to see it?" Punk asked. His hands already beginning to tug up on the hem of her shirt.

"If you can find it?" She whispered.

"Come on, you can't let me do this by myself." AJ whined almost dragging her best friend into the tattoo parlor.

"I can't believe you made me leave Skylar with dumb and dumber just so you could get a tattoo." Kaitlyn said rolling her eyes.

"Skylar will be fine with Zack and Derrick." AJ assured. "Please, I really wanna do this."

"I don't know why. Punk and you have been fighting on and off for almost a month." Kaitlyn crossed her arms.

"Come on. I'll buy, you can even get the tattoo you wanted for Sheamus!" AJ convinced. Her smiled growing at the heated blush that rose to Kaitlyn's otherwise paler cheeks. "I'll take that as a yes."

AJ cheered turning around to talk with one of the artists there. "OK, we're ready." AJ said smiling at the female artist.

"Do you already know what you want?" The woman asked. She was covered with tattoos like most of the other artists walking around the place.

"Yeah. Ummm...Do you know poke'mon?" AJ asked hesitantly. When the woman nodded in understanding AJ smiled. "Well I want a little Pikachu." AJ said. Her hand running over the back of her neck in the space she wanted to put it.

The woman gave her a smile before looking to Kaitlyn who still seemed mildly reluctant to be there. "You're getting one too?"

Kaitlyn made a heavy sigh, but she gave into AJ's desire anyway. Plus she had been wanting the tattoo for awhile. "Yeah, a Great white on the side of my calf." Kaitlyn said.

"Patrick does well with animals, so he'll take you. He probably has a few different designs you can pick from already." The woman said motioning a man over. She told him the details and he took Kaitlyn to on of the stations. "My name's Chelsea." The woman said introducing herself to AJ.

"AJ." She answered her smile growing more timid.

"First time?" Chelsea inquired.

"Yeah. My boyfriend is really passionate about tattoos. He kinda influenced me to wanna get one." AJ said nervously ringing her hands together as Chelsea lead her to another station. To AJ's relieve she could still see Kaitlyn from the position.

"You don't wanna put his name or anything do you? Cause these things are basically forever." Chelsea said carefully.

"Oh no. I've been told a lot that getting a name of a boyfriend is a bad idea. Probably even the worst idea right now since we aren't having the best of times right now." AJ explained. She tied her hair up. She turned on her side facing away from Chelsea, so the work would be easier for the woman.

"You're not getting along, but you're getting a tattoo for him?" Chelsea mused.

"I know it sounds stupid, but I love him." AJ said. The smile on her face growing for a moment. "OW!"

"OW!" AJ cried out as Punk bit against the previously tattooed spot on her skin. "You're gonna give me a bruise!" She complained as his tongue ran over the across the area without a care.

She was still pinned to the wall. Only now she was facing the wall. Her shirt had been tossed aside in Punk's venture to find the hidden marked flesh. Even though it hadn't even be covered by the shirt to beginning with. He pushed her hair aside carefully.

He continued to kiss and bite at her neck. She made no move to stop him. She was too busy trying to suppress the moans that were trying to escape her throat.

"Why didn't you show me back then?" Punk questioned. He stopped the assault he had on her neck. His chin gently resting on her shoulder. Starring into the wall. His hands covered over hers as they rested on the wall. He allowed her some space so she wouldn't be pressed against the wall.

"I was afraid. Plus by the time I got the guts you said we should break up." AJ answered. Her eyes beginning to fill with forgotten tears as Punk pulled her into his chest. She continued to cry in Punk's embrace. "Why do I love you?!" She cried out painfully feeling the remains of her heart twisting.

Punk stayed silent listening to her cry. He couldn't answer her. He didn't know why she would love him. He only knew why he loved her.

Small notes:
Pikachu is a nickname I had for AJ from Punk.
Chelsea is the name of the tattoo artist since I met a girl in high school named Chelsea who is trying to become a tattoo artist. She does amazing drawings and I want her to design a tattoo for me one day.