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The Rule

"Oi! Jiji, what do you mean?" Natsu demanded hotly, slamming his clenched fist down on Makarov's small, wooden desk. It creaked under the pressure.

Lucy frowned, half-tempted to pinch her partner on the arm for his rude tone. "Natsu," she scolded, earning herself a sideways glance that made her shiver from the intensity. "But, Master," she turned to the older man; her eyes betrayed her distraught feelings, "why is Galahad coming with us on our mission?"

That was one thing that Lucy did not want. Galahad wasn't exactly a threat, per se, but he definitely made Lucy feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it was the fact that he was simply a little too charming for his own good. Or, maybe it was the fact that he always seemed to be smirking, his lips twitching upwards at the very ends—as if he knew something that no one else did. Either way, it seemed that Natsu was displeased with the arrangement as well.

Makarov heaved a great sigh, his tiny body slumping, but his gray eyes were ever-sharp when he said rather sagely, "Galahad is the newest member in Fairy Tail, and as such, I want him to get more accustomed to missions with experienced teams…" He rubbed his old, wrinkled face with his leathery hands.

There was a low-pitched rumble from the fire dragonslayer in the room. "But why our team?" Natsu growled. Fire ignited in his fisted hands, a silent declaration of anger, and it snapped and crackled as if vouching for the dragonslayer's distaste of the idea.

"He specifically asked to be paired with you and Lucy." The Master glared at his "son", warning the impudent brat to keep his place. Then Makarov groaned and shook his head from side to side. "And I don't blame him, M'dear," he suddenly snickered, casting Lucy a leer that made her blanch. "Anyway, I don't know why you're opposing this so much, but it's time to put your personal feelings aside. He is your nakama now, and I expect you to treat him as such." And the tone that he used made it known that his word was law.

Despite his size, the Master had a tone and an aura that was bigger than all of the powerhouses of Fairy Tail combined. Bigger than Erza, or his grandson Laxus, or even Gildarts. He proved that even the smallest man could have an incredible impact through aura alone.

Galahad was joining them on their mission whether they wanted him to or not.

Lucy looked down at her twiddling hands, watching her fingers pick at each other nervously. She could handle this. After all, Galahad was nothing but an arrogant prick. Nothing she hadn't handled before. But, she thought, as she glanced at her livid partner, she didn't know if she could handle the tension between the two males. Natsu, already high strung, would be itching to pick a fight with Galahad, and Lucy wasn't sure if she could sit by and watch it happen.

She didn't know if it was just Natsu's pride, or if it was the after effects of their…night together, but every time she had seen him come into contact with the newcomer, he had been unbelievably tense. This worried her. Natsu was usually very friendly—unabashedly amiable. The after effects might have been stronger than she had originally thought which, all things considered, could be quite the problem.

"Yes, Master," Lucy replied softly, her gaze downcast to her hands. They kept wringing and wringing.

"Tch," Natsu grunted. He glared angrily at Makarov, his eyes burning with something unknown, and stormed out of the office. His hands threw the door back and it collided with the wall as it swung open, shaking the bookcases and rattling everything that cluttered Makarov's desk.

The Master scoffed as he stared after the angry dragonslayer. What an ignorant "son" of his. So disrespectful. The old lecher snorted.

"I'll…" Lucy coughed. "I'll go after him before he does anything stupid," she assured her Master, waving kindly, and then quickly left. She shut the door behind her softly. "Natsu!" she shouted after the figure stomping down the hall. "Natsu!"

And she chased after him determinedly, her clenched fists swinging by her sides. Lucy had to make a dash in order to catch up with her obviously angry partner, and, when her hand landed on his muscled shoulder, she yanked him back forcefully, trying to turn him around.

"Natsu!" she repeated, exasperated, staring into his eyes.

He was glaring, she noticed. Not at her, but at something unseen, something going on in his brain. And his hands were on fire, not just sizzling, but actually on fire. The red-orange flames dousing his hands cracked each time one of his fingers so much as twitched.

"Natsu, snap out of it. Get ahold of yourself!"

Hearing her voice, he blinked…and the sudden rage was gone, along with the flames. Dissipated. Like they had never been there in the first place. Startled, he looked down at Lucy, feeling her grip on his shoulder tighten a certain degree.

Natsu took a deep breath and shook off her hand. His tanned fingers worked themselves through his salmon-pink hair, tugging and pulling. "Sorry, Lucy…I just…" He let out a hissing breath, eyes narrowing once more. "I just don't like that Galahad guy…he…there's something off about him."

"Natsu, I know. Believe me, he's arrogant and vain, but like Master said, we need to put our personal feelings aside for now and just get this over with. It can't be that bad, anyway. The mission should only take about a week, maybe even less if we're lucky."

But, Natsu only scowled. "I don't like him, Luce. He…you…" And he broke off with another growl, appearing frustrated.

"What about me?" Lucy pressed as she bridged her pale arms across her ample bosom.

"Yesterday…I think he might have threatened you," the dragonslayer muttered darkly. His pink eyebrows were pulled downwards over his narrowed eyes, a twisted frown upon his lips where a smile usually sat.

Lucy paused, thinking this over. "Threatened me?" she asked in an unbelieving tone.

"He said that he had no intention of being friends with you. It was weird."

Lucy felt a chill run down her spine. Such ominous words…and so confusing. It almost didn't make sense. Galahad had been nothing but friendly towards her, if not a little too friendly at times. So, Lucy wondered; had he really said that? Or was Natsu, because of certain circumstances, making up rumors about Galahad without even knowing why himself? Perhaps he was acting defensively with his intentions buried in his own subconscious.

"What's weird?" a smug voice asked.

Both parties in the hallway, Lucy and Natsu, jolted at the familiar presence of Galahad, standing there. His frame was slightly intimidating as he leaned over and pressed his face dangerously close to Natsu's, so close that Lucy swore, with just a tiny push on either end, the two males would collide head first. Galahad was smirking.

"You know, I'm beginning to think that you really don't like me," his voice lilted to Natsu, crude amusement laced underneath in an almost teasing manner.

Natsu's fingers twitched, the muscles in his forearms reacting with vigor. Oh, how he wanted to rip this bastard to shreds. So badly. So, so badly. But, a small hand on his rapidly clenching fist halted him, and pale, clean fingers closed over his own. Lucy pulled him back.

"Sorry, Galahad," she said. "Natsu's been…out of sorts lately, hasn't had much sleep so he's grumpy."

"Oh, I see, I see…that must be it," the illusionist replied with a small laugh. But, despite this acknowledgement, his eyes were knowing, glowing with unhidden humor. He enjoyed seeing Natsu get all riled up.

Lucy scowled at him lightly, trying oh, so hard to keep her appearance civil and neutral. "We'll see you later for the mission."

"Yes, indeed." Galahad waved, a smile on his handsome face, green eyes alight again.

And Lucy turned around, tugging on Natsu's hand, forcing him to leave the very obviously tense-aired hallway. It almost felt that at any second, one of the two would snap and suddenly lunge at the other in animalistic rage. It was an unpleasant feeling, Lucy decided.

"Lucy," Natsu grunted, try to pull back, "what are you doing? I need to talk to him."

She only huffed and kept tugging, rounding the curves of the upper floor until she finally found the stairs leading to the bar hall. "No." She looked over her shoulder at him, a hard look set on her face.

"Lucy!" Natsu shouted. He yanked his hand back again, effectively making the blonde stumble and let go, grasping the wall for support as she lost her balance.

"Natsu," she said equally exasperated as she straightened herself. "You can't go back, you'd just get into a fight, and that's the last thing you need right now. Just let it go."

"How can I let it go? He's challenging me, I can see it in his face…"

Feeling defensive now, Lucy grabbed onto his bicep, her grip crushing. "I don't care if he's challenging you, you're acting like a baited dog… Just stop, okay? You're letting him get to you, and honestly, I highly doubt he's trying to challenge you," she told him sternly, her brown eyes hot with passion.

Hardly anyone, in the guild or outside of it, was stupid enough to purposely try and start a fight with Natsu. Though he was an incurable idiot, he was practically unbeatable when he was serious about something. And she was sure Galahad knew this.

"Even if he's not, he's acting like a prick, especially around you," came the dragonslayer's retort. "It's my job as your nakama to protect you from guys like him. What if he tries something? He's already made a threat."

"Natsu, stop treating me like a child," Lucy ordered, her face turning red from anger and embarrassment.

How dare he suggest that she couldn't look after herself!

"I'm not," he insisted, eyes burning, mouth in a gnarled frown. "You're obviously defenseless around guys like him with pretty faces. I'm just trying to protect you."

Defenseless? Lucy fumed silently. Was that what he thought? That she let her guard drop around other, good-looking men? That she had such low dignity?

"If he tries to hurt me, then I'm perfectly capable of handling it on my own. You're my best friend, Natsu, not my keeper." Lucy glared at him, a scowl on her tight, full lips, and her brows furrowed together. The expression held so much pent-up emotion, like a tiger in a cage just waiting to be released. However, the tiger would stay dormant for now.

She promptly turned on her heel, still glowering at him, and thundered down the stairs, leaving Natsu by himself in the hallway, stunned.

What had he said wrong?


"Oi, Flame-brain…stop your brooding and just apologize already," Gray groaned, watching as his idiot of a rival gorged himself on everything he set his sights on.

Food shoveled into his mouth, Natsu only gurgled out, "Why should I apologize?" Bread crumbs, charred chicken meat and soggy vegetables spewed from the young man's mouth, landing in chunks on the table, on his over-filled plate, and, much to the ice mage's disgust, on Gray's shirt.

Without thinking twice, Gray discarded the loose-fitting apparel, feeling much more comfortable in his naked skin.

He groaned again, however, when the dragonslayer beside him obviously gave no recognition to the fact that he had been very in the wrong. "Look, idiot, you were wrong, alright? Just tell Lucy you're sorry, it's that simple."

Natsu looked up, his mouth still piled full, food bits and crumbs clinging to the skin of his tanned face and around his mouth. He swallowed noisily. "But I'm not sorry," he said blandly, licking his fingers afterwards. "That guy, Galahad, obviously has it out for her, and I'm just doing my job as her friend. I'm not going to be sorry for protecting my friends."

Gray sighed as he pinched the area of his nose that laid between his eyes. "Galahad is our nakama now. And you know that we don't have to protect each other from nakama. It's the first unspoken rule of the guild."

Hearing this, Natsu slowed in his eating and frowned. He wiped his face. "I know he wouldn't try to purposely hurt Lucy, at least, he better not," he snorted, crossing his bare, well-built arms.

"Then what's the problem?" Gray lifted one of his eyebrows and it disappeared behind his mess of inky black hair.

"I…" Natsu frowned, his eyebrows pulling together in a tell-tale sign of contemplation. What exactly was the problem?

Galahad didn't seem like he wanted to physically hurt Lucy, and that was usually Natsu's biggest concern with men hanging around his partner. But, in his heart, there remained this tense feeling as though he didn't want men surrounding the small blonde… He just couldn't sort the reason out.

"I don't know," he grumped after a long pause.

Gray snorted with a roll of his dark eyes. This was going nowhere, and fast. "Okay, well, whatever the issue is, you were wrong. Just go tell Lucy that you're sorry and that you were wrong and everything will be fine."

"But I wasn't wrong!" Natsu protested heatedly, glaring at his food and then at Gray, who slapped a hand over his face and rubbed his eyes.

"Idiot. The first rule when dealing with women: when you're wrong, you're wrong and when you're right, you're still wrong."

Confused, the dragonslayer only scratched the top of his head. How did that make any sense? If he was wrong, then of course he was wrong, but if he was right…he was still wrong? What kind of rule was that? And why hadn't he heard of it before?

"So…" he muttered. "No matter what happens, I'm wrong and I have to apologize?"

The ice mage pursed his lips, and cast his eyes skywards in a speculative manner. He shrugged after a while, his whole body flowing with the movement. "Basically," he said.

Grabbing another handful of food, much to Gray's annoyance, Natsu scoffed—a deep, throaty sound. "And where did you get that from, you womanizer?" He crammed another load of spicy food into his mouth, chewing for a brief half-second, and swallowing his bite almost whole.

Gray Fullbuster wasted no time by responding quickly, almost fearfully, with, "Erza."

A splutter, then, a quiet, "Oh…"

"Why aren't you going to apologize?"

"Dammit, you freaky stripper, I'll go when I'm ready!"


How could he? Lucy thought furiously. How could he even think to suggest that she would…lower her defenses around some pretty-boy? She was a girl, yes, and she did like men, but she would never, ever degrade herself like that—like some dirty street rat that had nothing better to do with her time. What did he take her for? A boy-chaser?

The thoughts were bitter in her mind, leaving her mouth twisted in anger.

She had fallen in love with an idiot; that was for sure.

Did he not see that she wasn't interested in Galahad, or that she was more than capable of handling her own situations? She thought that she had made herself pretty clear. Though, when it concerned Natsu, clear wasn't clear enough unless she had told him specifically what she was thinking, quite blandly and simply, to his face.

Impossibly frustrated, with both herself and Natsu's oblivious behavior, Lucy let her head fall onto the wooden table in the bar hall and it collided with a nasty-sounding thunk that left her wincing in regret. "Ow…" she whined miserably. The blonde turned her head to the side so that her cheek rested on the table and she stared out into the throngs of people in the hall.

Sunlight streamed from the outside world, illuminating the smoke curling in the air, as ale spilled on the floor and the music played softly in the background while simultaneous spats and arguments broke out here and there, and of course, covering everything else like a blanket, there was laughter. And then there was Natsu… She could see him sitting at a table with Gray in the mess hall, gorging himself with food that he probably didn't need to eat. He didn't look even a bit remorseful; in fact, he looked just as hyper and as obnoxious as usual. He just kept eating and eating, pausing only a few rare times to answer a question that Gray had asked, or to burp.

She sighed. Maybe she just needed a little time away from this all in order to collect her feelings. Maybe she really did need that day out shopping—nothing but her, new clothes, and maybe a close friend or two.

It certainly sounded nice.

Lucy hummed to herself, picturing it in her mind, a silly smile on her face as she gently let her eyelids fall.

The sunlight outside, birds singing as they flutter by, a cool breeze, bags upon bags of new clothes, and not a care in the world. Especially not a single care about what Natsu was doing, or what he was thinking about, or if he was angry with her. And especially not a single care about whether Natsu thought she was angry with him. Nope. Just her, and her clothes, and her thoughts—that would have nothing whatsoever to do with Natsu Dragneel. Yeah… She hummed delightedly, relishing the feeling that washed over her.

But, that feeling didn't last long; she didn't miss the harsh sound of boots striking wood. Or the deep, throaty chuckle that came not long afterwards. "Feeling down, Lucy?"

She knew that voice, Lucy decided, her blonde brows crinkling in distaste. Galahad. Perfect.

The blonde groaned, peeling open a single eye to peer at him, trying to guess what he could have possibly wanted with her. But, his smug poker face was as good as ever, unfortunately. She could only give out a sigh and close that one eye again.

"That's too bad…" she heard him say. "A fight with Natsu, was it?"

She stiffened, her jaw clenching at the thought of Natsu—the fire breathing, food cramming, idiot that she associated with by choice.

"I see…" he murmured, his voice getting closer and closer. She breathed evenly through her nose, trying to ignore the very obvious fact that he was sitting down in the chair right next to her, and that he was much too close for her taste. She heard him chuckle, as if amused by her conspicuous ignorance of his presence. "Is there any way I can help?"

Bristling, she impulsively muttered, "Not if you can't take me out to go shopping." She sat up then, eyes wide, realizing that she had just given him an open invitation.

Galahad, perched in a chair to her left, his green eyes gleaming with what looked like interest, puckered his lips and left one of his brows to drift upwards. "Is that a request?" he mused aloud, searching her face as if he would find the answer stamped on her forehead in bright red ink.

Lucy bit her lip, eyes darting elsewhere. "Actually, I – "

"Because I'd very much like to take you out."

The blonde sucked back whatever she had been about to say, her lips practically shriveling. She blinked. "I'm…sorry?"

He thought this was funny, it seemed, as he only began to laugh, a broad smile stretching across the tanned skin of his young face, showing perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth. Lucy swallowed roughly, her gaze much like that of a hawk's as she gawked at him. If it weren't for his cocky attitude, she knew that he probably would have been the all-around perfect man. And Lucy hardly ever handed out the term "perfect", nothing was ever perfect in life.

"You look upset," Galahad said with a simplistic shrug after calming himself. "I want to take you out for a good time, because I like seeing you smile."

How could such a vain man say such irresistible, heart-melting words? Was he trying to make her swoon? Lucy thought hard about this. He probably was.

She only coughed though, feeling a blush spread across her cheeks, up to her ears, and down her neck. Twiddling a few fingers in her hair, tugging at knots, she tentatively asked, "Take me out…as in a date?" Her tone squeaked up a few octaves, much to her utter mortification.

She hadn't been on a real date in…what felt like years. But, in actuality, it was probably only around six months. Still, for her, that was a remarkably long time to be single and stay single. Though she wasn't one to brag, Lucy knew that if she wanted a boyfriend, she could get one. Getting the right one, however, proved to be a problem for her.

Had it really been that long, though, since she'd had a date?

Galahad took her surprised tone as one of that of distress and he quickly, but nonchalantly, covered himself with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Not a date, per say, just…an outing, between friends of course." Suggestively, he cracked a smirk, as if to say: You interested?

"Friends?" Lucy repeated slowly, unsurely, her brown, chocolaty gaze sweeping him over.

He frowned at her clear hesitation. "I'm very aware that Natsu doesn't like me, for whatever reason. I hoped that I could be friends with you at least, unless he wouldn't like that, in which case…" He trailed off, appearing…disappointed. Genuinely disappointed.

Suddenly…she felt almost ashamed of herself. He was making it sound as if he were the victim of unfair judgment. Which, when she thought about it…he kind of was. She hadn't even given him a true chance, just because she had caught him leering at Mirajane—as if every man didn't do that anyway—and she thought he was a little bit stuck up. Lucy huffed. Her late mother would have been appalled.

"No, no," she assured him quietly. "It's not that…"

Then, she sucked in a breath, feeling like she would regret the decision she was about to make.

"We can…go out for dinner, if you'd like. As…friends."

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