Title: The Devil You Know

Author: Mlee Write

Rating: T for now

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Mentalist in any way and am not making a profit.

Summary: Set post Red John. "He just sort of moved in with me," Teresa said. "Like a cat I fed, who won't leave now."

Author's Note: Don't worry, I'm working on the end of Rumor Has It as we speak. Please review! Please!? Do I need to beg for validation? LOL


"I'm the man of your dreams," he says with such confidence and bravado that she feels her heart melt even as she wants to smack him.

"Are you now, Paddy?" she asks, placing one hand on her hip.

He grins at her, that fallen angel grin that makes her knees weak. "Of course."

Angela sighs. He's absolutely everything she doesn't want in a man. He's the embodiment of the game, so embroiled in his own lies that he even believes his own BS sometimes. He's never going to reform. He's never going to be the family man she wants.

Of course she loves him, that's just the way fate works.

As he leans forward and kisses her she relents. At least she understands him. Sometimes outsiders confuse her. She understands his motives, what drives him. Better the devil you know…

As he kisses her, his hands slide up the back of her shirt, over the skin of her back, then higher.

"Hey now," she says, and shoves him hard.

He grins, unrepentant. "Just you wait, Angela Ruskin," he says huskily. "Someday you're going to marry me."