A/N: Note that there are new characters added besides the main ones and will be featured throughout the story.


Peachstar: No...you're being included. Read the fine print.


Martin: *steps into room* Um...Chris ate your Forbidden Chocolate ice cream...


Chris: Martin ate half of the ice cream!

Martin: Did not!

Peachstar: *superflyingtacklepounces on Chris* Oh, hush puppy. Go and play. *gets off Chris, goes back to computer after grabbing Smudge (my real-life cat XD) and types madly* Enjoy the chapter!

Martin: Hey! That's my line!

Peachstar: Too bad, Mr. Poutyface.

Martin: *to Chris* Mind if I kill our sister?

Chris: Go ahead, but remember: 15-FEET-LONG CLAWS.

It was a cold, hard night. Everyone was sleeping, and as far as Peachstar Kratt was concerned, she had already been through a lot today: scratched by Scourge (Zach's assistant), bitten almost in the eye by Adriennestar (Donita's assistant instead of Dabio)...it was just crazy. She tossed and turned but couldn't get any sleep. As always, she carried some melatonin with her, although she didn't want to take that. Across from her were her older brothers, Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, both snoring lightly.

Peachstar lashed her tail and went out for a walk. Sadly, her wolf friend, Little Howler, was asleep. Or was he...?

Peachstar had arrived at a strange place. She looked around. This doesn't even look the slightest bit like the Snow Pack campsite!

"Hello, my little Peachy."

She stepped back.

"Little-little Howler? Is that you?"

"Why of course! Who else would it be? Now come in, come in."

Peachstar did as he said, although she felt an uncomfortable twinge in her belly.

"Taste this!" He gave a Dixie cup full of 'juice' to Peachstar.

"Okay." She drank it. "It tastes really great! But I have to go." She looked at the rising sun, knowing that if she didn't get back soon her brothers-and the Crew-would be worrying.

"Oh, no! You-" But before he could say any more, Peachstar had left.

"Hmph...oh well, then. I know the best way to catch her too." He cackled, his siblings Storm and Frost cackling with him.

Chris yawned as Peachstar padded in wearily, her eyes blurred with sleep.

"Peachstar! What-"

"I know, I know. I stayed up all night just to talk with Little Howler because I couldn't sleep." She yawned, her eyes closing but then snapping awake.

Just then Martin awoke, yawning, only to be in the face of his sleepy younger sister. "Sis?! You look so tired!"

"Peachstar..." Aviva stepped outside. "You KNOW cats like you need 18 hours of sleep every day."

"Uh, excuse ME! I operate on TEN hours of sleep quite well thank you! And I'm a catgirl, not a full cat. You know that, Aviva. I'm Martin and Chris's younger sister" Peachstar padded into her sleeping bag, stuffed with cotton, and started snoring as soon as her head hit the pillow. (MUCH like me XD)

"More tired in thoughts than looks!" Chris said, laughing.

"Nice, bro. Come on, let's play some checkers. After that, I heard that there's a new cat species somewhere around here..." The two brothers kept on talking while Aviva led them inside.

Little Howler, Storm and Frost padded up to the Tortuga.

"Strom and Frost, sneak around inside and see if you can find any of Peachy's belongings. I'll grab Peachy myself and take her back to my den." His siblings nodded and they crept off to the Tortuga.

Little Howler dragged Peachstar, who was still sleeping, out of her sleeping bag by the scruff and hauled her back to his den. "Oh, she is SO going to be dead." he snickered as he neared his campsite. (Actually he was a mile away from it XD)

As Storm and Frost snuck into the Tortuga, they noticed 2 grown men playing checkers.

"Must be Peachy's brothers." Frost whispered to Storm, who nodded. They crept a little further so that they could see the others, but the others couldn't see them. As they did so they saw a woman with grayish eyes and hair tied back into a ponytail, another woman with poofy black hair, another man with red hair and...4 CATS?!

"Storm, there are COUGARS residing in here!" (I like how they refer to every species of cat as a cougar and every baby cat a cougar cub XD)

"I know! But why would a catgirl like Peachy be hanging out with cougars?"

"Maybe we should find a typy thing." (a.k.a. a computer)

"Yes! And I see one!" Storm pointed with his paw to Aviva's personal monitor that she used to check in on the Kratts.

"Let's sneak." The 2 pups snuck over to the monitor.

"Ha! Checkmate, bro!"

"Aw, come on, Chris. Everyone knows you're the 'king' at checkers!" Martin rolled his eyes then laughed. Chris gave his "lame joke, wrong subject" face. (Considering the fact that there are no 'kings' in checkers-it's in chess XD)

"Of course-born and raised."

Grasspelt looked at the two brothers. She was Aviva's assistant, helping her to invent things and come up with new ideas. Currently she was fixing Peachstar's Creature Power Suit.

"Chris, when I first saw you play, I was astounded." Grasspelt nodded. "Ugh...if only cats had opposable thumbs-"

"Tag! You're it, Grasspelt!" Thunderpaw, Chris's apprentice and assistant to Jimmy Z, tagged Grasspelt, a sign that he wanted to play.

"Not now, Thunderpaw. I'm fixing up Peachstar's Creature Power Suit. Go play with your brother."

"Aww! But I wanna-"

"Peachstar's gone!" Lightningpaw, Martin's apprentice and the other assistant to Jimmy, who was outside the Tortuga, yowled before he was slammed against the Tortuga and blacked out.


Martin: Aww! Did you have to leave us with a cliffhanger?

Peachstar: Yes I did, and don't forget we're going to Whole Foods tomorrow so I might not be able to type the second chapter. Plus a bunch of other places. (Many of you probably don't know what Whole Foods is since it's in New England, particularly in Maine.)

Chris: Can't we stay in the Createrra?

Peachstar: No. My mom is driving us, silly! But I call shotgun every time because I'm the youngest and I'm her guide to making sure she doesn't fall asleep at the wheel.

Martin: Not fair! I want shotgun!

Peachstar: Now you listen! I happen to be 4'10''! I would be out of a BOOSTER SEAT by now! So on my tail, NO!

Chris: Plus it's cold in there. And the smells...meh.


Peachstar: *says in singsongy voice* We're going at night!

Chris/Martin: *both perk up* Cool! NIGHTTIME CREATURES!

Peachstar: But no story.

Chris/Martin: *pout*

Peachstar: *to readers* The white box will give you a virtual mystery prize if you type in there! So please do, on behalf of my brothers. CHRIS! MARTIN! GET BACK HERE WITH MY CAT! NOW IS NOT THE TIME...BROTHERS KRATT!