Germany got the ultrasounds of the little girl growing inside of me, and turned to face me with those eyes that told me right away that I was not going to like anything that was coming from his mouth. "Feli, we have to tell everyone, they will be bound to find out at some point from you going to meetings in the state you're in. We have to inform them in person, at least to the people who deserve it." I looked down at my shoes and he sighed, "I know you are thinking about telling your brother, and I'm on the same page as you on that one. He's going to want to murder me when he finds out."

My head jolted up to quickly and I felt incredibly dizzy for a moment as I supported my weight, and then some, on Germany, "I won't let him. This baby inside me is important, and I love it a lot…even though it can be a downright pest."

Germany gave me that gentle smile he barely showed anyone and escorted me to the car. Once I was all buckled in and safe he got in the driver's seat and looked over at me, "I think we should tell Kiku first, he won't tell anyone."

I nodded in agreement, not only at Germany's explanation of why we were telling Kiku first, but because I hadn't seen him in a while and really missed him. After the car started up and Germany turned his attention from me to the road, I realized something, we hadn't talked about names. Ever. I looked over at him, but I guess I had a funny look on my face because he started to snicker, "Yes Feli?"

I was concentrating so hard on this as I spoke as seriously as I could, "We haven't talked about names, and since the little bambino inside me is a girl, we have to think of girl names." Germany opened his mouth to respond but I didn't give him the time of day, "No. We are not naming her Alica. I'm sorry Ludwig, but I can't let you continue to throw yourself into that world anymore. I can understand that you feel guilty about her death, but there is nothing more you can do. Besides, if we did name her Alica, would you be able to look at our daughter without comparing her to the girl who died in the camp?"

Germany's face fell; he knew I was right, which was a rare occurrence, but still. I stared at him intently until he finally spoke with a voice weaker than his usual, "No…I couldn't…"

I nodded, "Then we will not name her Alica, no part of her name will belong to that time, okay?" I smiled at the end to lighten the mood as I stretched out my hand and placed it on Germany's hand. He gave a weak nod as he stared blankly into the distance of the road in front of him. I decided to start coming up with girl names for our little girl, staying far from names that were related to the girl that Germany was trying to take revenge for and names I didn't like.

After quite some bit of time, we arrived at Kiku's house, and before Germany could even get out of the car, I was already bouncing to the front door of the house to give my friend a big hug. I knocked on the door, waited a few seconds, and then Japan answered the door with a look of confusion on his face at seeing my face, but it contorted even more we he saw the rest of me. I tried to ignore it as Germany walked up, "Kiku, can we talk to you inside, Feliciano and I have something to tell you."

Japan just nodded as he led us inside, closing the door behind us. We walked inside the warm home, being led to a small table where we all sat door. Kiku then started the conversation, "Feliciano, I see that the carbs have finally caught up to you."

I puffed out my cheeks at that statement, he was calling me fat. Jerk! I'm with a kid, I'm not fat! Before I could even vocalize the rage I felt, Germany stepped in, "That's what we're here to talk about Kiku. You see…Feliciano and I…well…how do I explain this when I don't even understand the situation completely either. It's just-"

I cut him off before he could continue because he was beating around the freaking bush, "I'm not fat! I'm with this Potato Bastard's child! I. AM. NOT. FAT."

Kiku sat there stunned at my sudden outburst of anger as he looked over at Germany who just sighed, "Yes…he's been doing that a lot recently, but's he telling the truth. Feliciano is…with child and it is indeed mine."

I don't think Japan's face could turn any redder as he looked at us both with amazement. After a few seconds of awkward silence though, he spoke up, "I see…so…do you know what gender?"

Germany nodded, "Yes, it's female."

Japan retained that dead stare as he tried to continue the conversation, "Ah…and do you know when you are due to…deliver, Feliciano?"

I smiled happily, having gotten over my earlier fit of rage, "Yes, I'm due in mid to late January."

Japan smiled at me, finally getting over the shock I assumed, "I'm glad for you both."

I grinned from ear to ear as Germany glared a bit at Japan, "Danke, but you have to keep this a secret, no one must know until we tell them." Japan gave a gesture of understanding, which was good enough for Germany since he got to his feet and reach his hand out to me, "Gut. We should get going now, the most important person to know is next. See you Kiku."

Japan waved as we left his house, got in the car, and drove off to the place I was dreading to go the most, Fratello's house.

After another long car drive and more rambling of baby names, we arrived at Fratello's house noticing the other car in the driveway that belonged to Spain. Good, two birds with one stone. We walked up to the house, rang the doorbell, and waited for Fratello to answer, and answer he did, "Who the Hell is…Feli what the Hell happened to you?! And why the Hell is the Potato Bastard with you?! I told you I don't want him anywhere near my house!"

I shuffled my feet a bit as I started to mumble, "Ciao Fratello…um…I have something really important to tell you…"

I saw the expression change before the words I didn't want to say left my mouth, "No…HELL NO! This Bastard got you…and…you two! Mio Dio! For Fuck's sake Feli the Potato Fucking Bastard got you pregnant?!" He growled his next sentence, "I'm going to murder you. Feli get in the house!"

Fratello pushed me into the house as he glared up at Germany trying to one up him like he always did. I panicked in the house as I ran to go find Spain. I didn't have to go far though, Spain was laying on the couch in the living room. I yanked him up before he could comprehend what was going on and quickly dragged him to the door where he saw Fratello attacking an unfazed Germany.

Spain walked over and wrapped his arms around Fratello's waist and pulled him back, "Lovi~ Lovi~ What is the matter this time?"

Fratello growled, "This dick got my baby brother pregnant!"

Spain looked over at me and after about five seconds noticed the bump in my middle. "Ah…but is that really a reason to hurt him? Think of Feli. Feli loves him and you know that very well, do you want Feli to be sad? And then there's the child, it would grow up without knowing its father."

Fratello sighed and after a moment gave up, "Get out. I want to think about this. Just get the fuck out of my house." I hurried out the door to Germany and turned to face him as he said one last thing, "I'll…call you later…maybe." He slammed the door in our faces; however I saw the hurt flash through his eyes before he did so.